How To Watch Nishabdham Movie Online For Free?

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How To Watch Nishabdham Movie Online For Free?

If you want to relax and chill, then you can do that with some amazing and latest movies which Amazon Prime Video keeps uploading on the app and web. Yes! You heard it right, and this time it is a Telugu movie Nishabdham. 

The best part about the Amazon Prime Video is that you can download the movie and watch it later. With so many advantages and latest uploads, you can now watch the movie Nishabdham for free with Amazon Prime Video's 30-days free trial. Also, you can watch the Nishabdham Telugu movie on Prime for free with the subscription plans of telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone, and Jio

Nishabdham, a Telugu suspense flick, has been shot and released simultaneously in Tamil and English as Silence (there's a dubbed Malayalam translation, too).

The film, commencing off on a spooky note with the goal of a gripping haunted house adventure, begins losing focus soon enough and, after spending a couple of hours attempting to look like a sleek Hollywood flick technically. To know more about the movie, keep reading as we have mentioned everything in this article only for you.

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How To Watch Nishabdham Movie Online For Free?



Nishabdham Movie Online

Nishabdham is a film that spins around a murder mystery that takes place in a haunted house. The film focuses on a couple, named Sakshi (Anushka Shetty) and Anthony (R Madhavan), who move into a new house in Seattle. Sakshi is mute and deaf, but she is a classical musician. 

Her husband, Anthony, is also a musician. While the couple is staying happily in their house, a tragic event changes everything.

A murder-mystery thriller. A world-famous cello expert is murdered and tortured in a Seattle Villa that has a status for being frightened. 

His friends and family attempt to figure out if a spiritual being actually killed him or if he was killed by someone he recognises. His dumb and deaf wife and a policemen agent are pinned against each other as they find the victim's dark past.

Nishabdham Release Date

The most current movie on Amazon Prime Video India Nishabdham got released on 2nd October 2020 for you all to watch. You can watch the Nishabdham Telugu movie on Prime for free with the subscription plans of telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone, and Jio or with the 30-days free trial period. 

This free trial is valid for all new users! So, if you are into thriller movies, then watch out the movie now and treat yourself with the best movies of 2020!!


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Nishabdham Trailer

Here we have mentioned the Nishabdham Trailer for you just in case you have not watched the trailer yet. The movie is available at Amazon Prime Video for you to watch but before that create some excitement while watching the trailer!


How To Watch Nishabdham Telugu Movie?

  • Go to Amazon Prime Video

  • Sign up for a new account

  • Click on the 30-days free trial

  • Complete the payment details to start your free trial

  • And then watch Nishabdham Movie for free


Nishabdham Movie Download For Free

  • Open Amazon Prime Video App

  • Register or Log in with your Amazon account

  • Click on try Prime

  • Enter payment details to confirm your subscription

  • Sign up for a free 30-day trial

  • Select "Nishabdham Movie Online" 

  • Click on offline to download the movie.



Nishabdham Telugu Movie Cast

Here is the super amazing cast of Nishabdham full movie watch online which has made this movie a worth watching for everyone on Amazon Prime Video. Also, if you want to know more about the Hollywood Web Series, The Boys Season 2 then CLICK HERE.


Anushka Shetty, R. Madhavan, Anjali, and Michael Madsen


Hemant Madhukar

Release Date

2nd October 2020


Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam




Mango Mass




Nshabdham Review

The story spins around a deaf and mute artist, Sakshi, who is the only eyewitness to a frightful murder of her fiancé (Madhavan). That is also the reason why the movie is titled so (it means ‘silence’) because the leading character cannot talk. 

It could also be a story to all the things in the time that we are silent about or turn a blind eye to what is falling around us. This is what the movie tries to be, but as the story unrolls, you understand that it is so underwhelming and tiresome that to stretch the finish line itself is itself an performance of achievement.

Notwithstanding its best purposes, the writing and performance are so worldly that it makes you wonder who is silent in the movie and if there is any sign of silence at all because that feature unusually assimilated in the story. 

More than anything, the title is strangely predictive about the state in which it is going to give the viewers in the end. Maybe the best acknowledgement to seize the entire existence is silence itself because it is so tedious.

You can view all this happening right from the beginning. The story opens sometime in the beginning of 1970s when a young couple is killed under strange events in Seattle. 

The unsolved crime fuels report that it is a haunted house and that it was purchased by a Colombian businessman in 2019, who utilises it into Airbnb rental investments! Interested? We are only getting fired. 

One day, Sakshi (Anushka) and her husband-to-be Anthony (Madhavan) go on a short vacation to this haunted residence because it is the only area where Sakshi can discover a canvas, which she wants to replicate. Misunderstood? You have not seen anything yet. And before we know it, Anthony is killed, and Sakshi leaves for her life.

Away in Seattle, Maha (Anjali), a spy with the Seattle Police Department, and Richard Dawkins (Michael Madsen), a cop, take over the search to find out how Anthony was shot. But the problem appears to be transferring a lifeless end every single time. 


Do not be, because all this looks strangely silly while watching the movie. Then we are presented to a host of other beginnings, Sonali (Shalini Pandey) and Vivek (Subbaraju), who survive for a reason but do not extract enough understanding for us to worry about them.

There are way too many points that are heavy in Nishabdham to place out. But more than anything, there is no obvious reason why Sakshi has to be deaf and mute. 

Because her silence or weakness to reach does not seem like a barrier when there is an editor next to her in nearly every other view. Even Maha chooses the sign language within moments after meeting Sakshi.

And the limited we talk about Madsen, and how he is demoted to a cartoon, the more beneficial it is. Even his pronunciation is out of sync, and the conversations feel like they were transcribed from Telugu to English because apparently, his sense of humour and the outbreaks are far from what you foresee from a character like that.

So, if the movie is okayish to watch and since it is available on Amazon Prime Video, then you must watch the movie to know the end and how it all happened. 

This was all about the Nishabdham Movie which you can watch on Amazon Prime Video India now. If you do not have the app, then download the app now and watch your favourite movie anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Nishabdham a remake?

A1. Nishabdham is not a remake; it is the original version which is being made in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam version. It is also available in English subtitle.

Q2. Where can I watch the Nishabdham movie?

A2. You can watch the nishabdham movie on Amazon Prime Video for free with its 30-days free trial period. 

Q3. What is the star cast of Nishabdham movie?

A3. The star cast of the movie is Anushka Shetty, R. Madhavan, Anjali, and Michael Madsen

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