How to Watch Ek Mini Katha Online for Free?

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As we know, OTT platforms have been ruling Indian Entertainment since the pandemic started last year. A number of movies and web series are coming on OTT platforms with new faces and fantastic content. Here is another half-baked comedy Telugu movie released today on Amazon Prime named Ek Mini Katha. 


Debutant director Karthik Rapolu and screenwriter Merlapaka Gandhi have a relevant and compelling subject in Ek Mini Katha. And they both have turned in a movie that offers genuine moments of laughter and a few unexpected comedic twists. That, alas, is all the film has to offer. You laugh at a series of jokes concerning rather a common complaint among men about the size of their penis. Let’s check out how to watch Ek Mini Katha online for free and other details too. 


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How to Watch Ek Mini Katha Online for Free?


Ek Mini Katha Release Date 


The half-baked comedy Telugu movie has been released today 27th May 2021, on Amazon Prime, and you can watch it. 


It all begins when a seventh-grader looks at the private part of his friend while both are at the school toilet and asks, “Why is your penis is so small?” Now the kid is understandably dazed and confused by his friend’s assessment of his pee-pee. And he makes the right choice to seek clarification from his father.


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Ek Mini Katha Movie Trailer 

Check out the Trailer of this Telugu Comedy Ek Mini Katha (2021)




 The father is more than happy to help him but only if his doubts are in maths, science or social. The father loses it and lets him have it when the boy says, “My doubt is in my shorts.”

That doubt of the seventh-grader remains unresolved even after he becomes an adult. And it has infested every aspect of his life and continues to torment him even in his 20s. Santosh (Santosh Sobhan) suffers from small penis syndrome.


How to Watch Ek Mini Katha Online for Free? 

Let’s check out how you can watch this movie for free on Amazon Prime. 


If you are an Airtel user, you can get access to the Amazon prime Mobile edition. Airtel Prepaid Rs. 349 recharge plan giving you access to Amazon Prime on multiple devices. 


If you are a Vi Postpaid customer then there are some plans that offer the first 12 months of your Amazon Prime membership included in your plan and you do not need to pay anything additional.


Ek Mini Katha Movie Star Cast 

Check out the star cast of this Telugu Comedy Movie. 

  • Karthik Rapolu (Director)

  • Santosh Sobhan

  • Kavya Thapar

  • Shraddha Das

  • Brahmaji

  • Saptagiri

  • Sudarshan

  • Posani Krishna 

  • Harsha Vardhan


Ek Mini Katha Review 


This movie is a good comedy movie, but the filmmakers only try to stretch the humor around the misconception that size matters the most. It is an entertaining movie and worth watching. 

Ek Mini Katha Telugu Movie Review:  8.7/10 as per IMDB


This is all about this Telugu-based movie and the second of this movie is very generic. As we all know that everyone wants sex, but nobody wants to talk about it, and this movie is all around this with shame and stigma attached to it. 


Deprives the children of the most basic and vital knowledge that would go a long way in making their adolescent years a bit less challenging and confusing. 


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Questions You May Have 


Q. When will this Telugu movie be released?

This Telugu-based movie has been released today, 27th May 2021, and you can watch it on Amazon Prime. 

Q. Is this movie available in Hindi?

No, this movie is available in Telugu only with subtitles in English on Amazon Prime. 


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