How To Watch Absentia Season 3 On Prime For Free?

You can watch the Absentia Season 3 on Amazon Prime for free with its 30-days free trial.

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How To Watch Absentia Season 3 On Prime For Free?

Amazon Prime Video is coming up with another season of Absentia very soon on your screen. The Amazon Original Web Series also has 2 seasons, and now they are coming up with Absentia Season 3 On Prime. You can watch this web series for free with the Amazon Prime Video 30-days free trial period. 

Absentia is an American thriller series which you all can watch on Amazon Prime as Amazon Prime Video keeps us excited with all the new Indian and International web series, movies, and original coming on it. Also, there is one Indian Original web series coming up with its season 2 which is Breathe Season 2 and if you want to know more about the Indian Web Series CLICK HERE.

So, if you want to know more about the Absentia release date, episodes, trailer, and much more then keep reading as this article is full of information regarding the best Amazon Original Series which is coming soon. Also, if you want to know more about the upcoming movie Shakuntala Devi then CLICK HERE.

Absentia Season 3 

Absentia Season 3 strikes up after the Tense turns of Season 2 with Emily nearing the completion of her FBI stoppage. Everything is upended when one of Nick's illegal cases terrorizes the lives of Emily's family. Her attempts to resolve a deadly plot take Emily to Europe, examining her like never before and pushing her to learn to believe and love afresh as she eventually recognizes her correct place in the world.

Just in case you have not watched the Absentia Season 1 and 2 then here we have mentioned the season's plot below!! Also, there is a good news for you all which is KGF Chapter 2 is releasing on 23rd October 2020 on your screen and if you want to know more about the upcoming tollywood movie then CLICK HERE.

Absentia Season 3 Trailer

Here we have mentioned the trailer of the upcoming Amazon Original Absentia Season 3 which is coming really soon on your screens. 


Absentia Season 3 Release Date

The Absentia Season 3 is coming on 17th July 2020 on Amazon Prime Video worldwide. So, all the episodes will be out on 17th July for you to watch that too for free with Amazon Prime Video 30-days free trial. 



How To Watch Absentia Season 3 Series For Free?

  • Go to Amazon Prime Video
  • Sign up for a new account
  • Click on the 30-day's free trial period
  • Fulfil the payment details to start your free trial
  • Get theAbsentia Season 3 watch online for free



Download Absentia Season 3 For Free 

  • Open Amazon Prime Video App
  • Register or Log in with your Amazon account
  • Click on try Prime
  • Enter payment details to confirm your subscription
  • Sign up for a free 30-day trial
  • Select the Absentia series episodes on 17th July 2020!
  • Click on offline to download the show.

Absentia Season 2

Absentia Season 2 is all about centres on an FBI representative who vanishes without a spot while investigating a serial criminal. The season 2 comes with 10 episodes for you to watch on Amazon Prime Video for free with its 30-days free trial period. 

Absentia Season 2 Trailer

Here we have mentioned the trailer of Absentia Season 2 just in case you haven't watched the trailer yet. So, we are making your work a little easy!!

Absentia Season 2 Episodes

In this section, we will tell you about the episodes of Absentia Season 2 which are already live on Amazon Prime Video for you to watch. There are 10 episodes available on Prime of Season 2 for you to watch.

Episode 1:

Casualties: Emily Byrne strives to make knowledge of her time in detention and her disturbing past. Meanwhile, a dangerous terrorist attack rocks the centre of Boston, carrying Special Agent Nick Durand and the FBI onto the fact.

Episode 2: 

Madness: As Nick hunts for the Federal Annex criminal, Emily struggles a shadowy figure from her past, whose approach endangers to shatter her delicate restoration.

Episode 3: 

Guilty: Rolling from an unexpected loss, Emily must revert to the FBI to get answers.

Episode 4:

Offenders: Nick's search for the Federal Annex enemy fires up while Emily and Cal track down contacts on the Fentanyl Killer.

Episode 5: 

Bolo: With the Fentanyl Killer's spree heightening, Emily and Cal dread the next sufferer will be someone they cannot manage to lose.

Episode 6: 

Cover: Emily and Cal visit to Moldova to track down the Fentanyl Killer - a business that declares to be even more dangerous than expected.

Episode 7: 

Boom: As Emily and Cal travel into rural Moldova, Nick fights stateside to pour a huge lie.

Episode 8: 

Aggression: Back in Boston, Emily's discomfort provides a way to confidence as she uncovers a clue that relates Rex Wolfe to the story of her imprisonment.

Episode 9: 

Committed: Emily realizes that Rex Wolf was operating for someone related to both her past and her now. She finds she can rely on Nick for guidance, but how to make understanding of the problem? Emily resorts to desperate actions when she understands the warning is close to home.

Episode 10: 

Accomplice: Emily goes a dead end, but speculates it's not over and follows the surviving shreds of proof to a wrenching season climax.

Absentia Season 1

Absentia Season 1 is all about, after being pronounced dead in Absentia, an FBI representative must rescue her family, personality, and honesty when she finds herself the prime defendant in a series of killings.

Absentia Season 1 Trailer

Here is the Absentia Season 1 trailer which is already live on Amazon Prime Video for you to watch. 

Absentia Season 1 Episode

Here we have mentioned the episodes for you to watch online for free. The Season 1 of Absentia has 10 Episodes for you to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Episodes 1:

Comeback: After years of thinking FBI Agent Emily Byrne was a potential victim of serial killer Conrad Harlow, she is miraculously returned to her family. Emily, however, has to cope with the stories of her imprisonment and the experience that everyone has gone on without her.

Episodes 2:

Reset: Emily's alleged serial killer, Conrad Harlow, is being discharged from jail, and Emily has not come near to unlocking the story of her kidnapping and time in jail. 

Episodes 3:

The Emily Show: When the testifying eyewitness against Emily is murdered, all signs hint that Emily performed the crime. While Tommy Gibbs and the Boston Police Chief are involving Emily, she and Nick look for an FBI agent who took the witness to lie. 

Episodes 4:

Me You Him Me: The proof against Emily is too much for the FBI and Boston Police Department to neglect, so they ask her to use herself in. Among the chaos, old feelings come to the covering between Nick and Emily. Emily determines she would willingly flee and try to resolve the mystery that is ruining her life.

Episodes 5:

Dig: The quest for Emily escalates when one of the FBI's agents is found killed, protecting Nick to question everything about Emily and her appearance.

Episodes 6:

Nobody's Innocent: After close(ly) fleeing from the officials, Emily returns to Boston to find that the only person who can support her may be the one attempting to kill her.

Episodes 7:

A & B: Provided with new knowledge encompassing her abduction, Emily's research guides to her childhood - while Nick faces different drama.

Episodes 8:

Brave Boy: While Emily binds closer to unlocking the mystery of her abduction, Nick is a man on fire, hunting for Alice and Flynn - will their searches stop them?

Episodes 9:

Child's Play: With Nick and Tommy hot on her feet, Emily gets a significant point from Jack that takes her back to where it all began.

Episodes 10:

Original Sin: Emily's now and past conflict in a climactic crisis - can she save Alice and Flynn and eventually prove her honesty?

Absentia Cast

Here we have mentioned the absentia cast for you. All the characters are played very well which we have seen in the Season 1 & Season 2 and through the trailer of Season 3

Absentia Cast

Stana Katic, Patrick Heusinger, Matte Le Nevez

Audio Language



Deutsch, English, Espanol, Espanol (Mexico), Francais, Italiano, Netherlands, Polski, and Portugues. 

Supporting Cast

Neil Jackson, Natasha Little, Christopher Colquhoun, Patrick McAuley, Paul Freeman




Amazon Studios

So, this was all about the Absentia Web Series which is coming up with the season 3 and the other 2 seasons are already uploaded on Amazon Prime Video for you to watch. So, you can watch all the episodes of Absentia Season 3 from 17th July 2020. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When can I watch Absentia Season 3?

A1. You can watch the Absentia Season 3 on 17th July 2020 only on Amazon Prime Video worldwide. You can watch the Absentia Amazon Original Series for free with its 30-days free trial. 

Q2. Where can I Watch Absentia Seasons?

A2. You can watch the Absentia Season 1, 2 and 3 on Amazon Prime Video only. The Absentia is coming with Season 3 which you can watch from 17th July 2020.