Google Meet App - Now Free for Gmail Account Users 

Checkout how you can use Google Meet app for video conferencing free now!

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Are you looking for a video conferencing app? Then you must download the Google Meet App today. Google Meet app was a subscription-based video conferencing app where you host group or team meetings.

Video Calling is a big saviour, in situations when you cannot meet and discuss thing with people. Video Calling helps you to overcome communication barriers while social distancing. 

Therefore, understanding the need for Video Calling Apps in India, Google Meet App is now free! As of May 2020 Google Meet App is free for Gmail Account Users. To know more about Google Meet App keep reading.

Google Meet App for Free Video Conferencing

Google Meet is the best video conferencing app which is going to keep you safe as well as connected with people. This powerful video making app is designed to help people connect with their family, friends, office colleagues, doctors, and more.

You can host a meeting using this video conferencing app and connect with whom so ever you wish too. It is an easy to use application which was exclusive for business and education purpose only is now free for all users.

Google Meet App Features

Google Meet App is the most preferred video conferencing where you can connect, collaborate and celebrate from Anywhere around the world. The features which contribute to making Google Meet, the best video calling app are mentioned below:

  • Google Meet help you host HD video meetings across the globe. 

  • At a time 250 people can join a meeting.

  • It is the safest video meeting app with encryption and proactive anti-abuse measures

  • It is easy to use as you can host a meeting just by sharing a link and any guests can join with one click from both - desktop web browser and Google Meet mobile app

  • You get share screen option to present documents, slides and more

  • The app uses  Google speech-to-text technology and generates real-time captions.

How to host a meeting using Google Meet App?

  • Click on the link to download the Google Meet App.

  • Now log in using your Gmail id.

  • Once you are logged in You will get the option to start meeting.

  • Click on start meeting and copy the meeting invitation.

  • Share the invitation code to send invites


Once the guest receives your invite and joins the meeting you will be asked whether to let the participants in or not. The host of the meeting has to give permission to each of the guests.

How to join a meeting using Google Meet App?

To join a meeting on Google meet app you can click on the invite link or you can open the Google Meet App and click on join meeting. Then enter your meeting code to join the meeting. Once the host gives you access you will join the meeting. 

Google Meet App Free Access

The Google meet app is free for Gmail users until September 30. Any Gmail user can start using Google Meet App using their Gmail id. Host or join a meeting from anywhere around the world in one click.


So, this is all about the Google Meet App that can help you connect with more people remotely every day. Use this app to connect with people securely at any time anywhere.