Best Car Battery in India With Price - Review and Guide

Get the best car battery in India for a safer ride and at great price. Keep reading to know more about the car batteries in India

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Best Car Battery in India With Price

We have and always will dread the minute when our car suddenly stops due to a dead battery so to not get dread we have mentioned the Best Car Battery in India. We all know if the car stops in between it is really a tragedy.

So picking the right car battery that runs for a long time without any difficulties is necessary so here we have mentioned the Top Car Batteries in India - Review and Buying Guide. The car battery is the primary power centre in our vehicle. 

The primary purpose of the car battery as the name implies is it saves power. The battery gives basic electricity to start your car and makes sure every single electrical element in your car has needed jolts of energy to keep it going easily.

This method keeps your car running smooth and uniform without any breakdown. So it makes battery an essential and essential part of your car.

You can replace the car battery in a matter of battery malfunction or other disasters. In this case, you need to pick a good car battery that will work for a great time.

Because there are many battery brands available in the Indian market, it can be a bit difficult to select the best brand for your vehicle. In this article, we present some of the best car battery that you can decide on without stopping online.

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Car Battery Online

Here we have mentioned the best Car Battery in India, which is perfect for your car and readily available online for you to buy. You can also get a discount on purchasing your Car Battery Brands, 4 Wheeler Battery Brands which are available online on Amazon and Flipkart.

Car Battery Online India
Battery Car Price In India

Amaron Car Battery

Rs. 5,200

SF SONIC FFS8-FS40B20L 35 Ah Battery for Car

Rs. 4,675

Luminous Solar 40 Ah Tubular Battery

Rs. 11,500

Power Zone PowerZone Car Battery (AUC-PZ-00PZ8000R)

Rs. 6, 500

Exide Matrix Mtred 45L 45AH Battery

Rs. 8, 100

EXIDE SF Sonic MOBIKER 1440 - TZ4 3AH - Battery for Honda Activa and Shine

Rs. 1,155



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1. AMARON Black BL400L Car Battery

The Amaron car battery online is the famous car battery made by the Amara Raja Group. Based on Tirupati, Amara Raja Group is an India-based multinational corporation.

It owns a residence in the automotive battery business, packaged foods, and beverages, electronics goods manufacturing, support sector, energy policy product and the invention of covering metal goods and bars. But the car battery brand Amaron is the commercial product produced by this company as they are known for these goods.

It is a factory-fresh battery that is wet-sent and available to ship. This a simple guide to buying the best car battery in India as it is provided with many specialities such as high-heat tolerance, vibration resistance, and high reserve capacity, and much more.

So Amaron will be perfect for Indian cars. The high cranking power being in the battery helps to start your car even in severe weather conditions.


Car Battery Specification:

  • Battery capacity: 35 Ah
  • With Electrolyte: Yes
  • Types: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Voltage Output: 12 V

What did We like?

  • Long life
  • Maintenance-free
  • High guarantee period
  • Compact size and weight

What Did We Not Like?

  • None

Amaron Car Battery Price: Rs. 5, 200


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2. SF SONIC FFS8-FS40B20L 35 Ah Battery for Car

If you are looking for the SF Sonic car battery, then you can buy this which is the Top Car Batteries in India 2020 for you to buy online. The SF Sonic Battery for the car is suitable for all cars, be it of any brand. 

This battery has a patented Japanese C21 alloy to resist strict performance circumstances. Superior starting power, instant ignition. Arrestors to prevent acidic corrosion and sparks.

It has dual plate security against traumas and vibrations—no topping up.  If you are planning to buy this car battery, then let me tell you it has zero maintenance. It has a factory charged battery.


Car Battery Specification:

  • Suitable For: Car
  • Battery Capacity: 35 Ah
  • Battery Type: VRLA
  • Maintenance Free: Yes
  • Vehicle Brand    Universal For Car
  • With Electrolyte: Yes
  • Voltage Output: 12 V
  • Warranty Summary: 48 months
  • Covered in Warranty: Warranty of the stock is limited to manufacturing errors only.

What did We like?

  • It is made to keep the weather and warranty in mind
  • Very easy to use
  • It comes in the warranty period

What Did We Not Like?

  • None

Battery Car In India Price: Rs. 4, 675


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3. Luminous Solar 40 Ah Tubular Battery

The new battery car in India is the Luminous Solar batteries are C10 rating deep cycle batteries specially designed for longer backup time and solar home applications. Solar Batteries are low maintenance batteries and require small water top-up. However, you should check the water level at least twice in a year. Car battery buys online is also an available option for you.

Luminous principally produces inverters and car batteries. These batteries from Luminous are intended to meet the needs of power from all the electrical elements in your car and can start your car with no trouble.

Luminous is one of the biggest battery companies in India for the past 30 years. Aside from inverters, and car batteries, Luminous Energy Technologies also offers a variety of innovative advantages in power backup, residential solar power, home electrical, and inverter batteries


Car Battery Specification:

  • Tub Flooded Solar Batteries Specifically Intended For Solar Applications
  • Low Resources With Covering Up Frequency Once In 8-10 Months
  • Self-Discharge Rate 3% Per Month @ 27C
  • C10 Rated Capacity With Higher Ah Efficiency >90%
  • Inverter Guide 900Va - 10 Kva

What did We like?

  • High durability
  • High cranking course
  • Quality goods
  • It has a good car battery warranty

What Did We Not Like?

  • It is an expensive car battery in India.

Battery Car In India Price: Rs. 11, 500


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4. Power Zone PowerZone Car Battery (AUC-PZ-00PZ8000R)

The PowerZone is the other battery brand which is administered through pan-India sales and retail service chains. Primarily known for lead-acid batteries for mechanical and automotive designs, the Amara Raja is the chosen supplier of batteries to important telecom assistance providers, telecom devices companies, UPS sector, Indian railways, and oil & gas businesses.

The PowerZone battery essentially caters to the agricultural and semi-urban India's restrained power needs through its retail terminals. The PowerZone 80 ah car battery capacity has good success with excellent durability. It also packs characteristics such as non-stain resistance, non-foldable design, among others.

With a 12 v power capacity, it provides the energy needed to get your car going without any difficulty. There is no equipment required for this battery. So you are getting a good car battery by taking the PowerZone.


Car Battery Specification:

  • Best car battery in India 2020
  • Non-foldable design
  • Non-stain contrary
  • Equipment not required
  • Strong production

What did We like?

  • Non-stain resistant
  • Non-foldable design
  • Stable performance
  • No assembly demanded
  • It is the best quality car battery in India
  • It is one of the best car battery brands in India

What Did We Not Like?

  • None

Car Battery Price: Rs. 6, 500


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5. Exide Matrix Mtred 45L 45AH Battery

If you are thinking which is the best car battery in India then Exide Matrix Mtred 45L 45AH is one of the famous car batteries in India from Exide.

As the name implies, it is a 45 AH capacity battery with 12 V battery voltage. It begins at a small dimension with the weight weighing only at 14.5 kilograms. This output is good with an increased Ca-Ca system which delivers it unique among other car batteries. 

It also has a higher charge receiving system. The double-clad polyethene and glass mat division started in it improves the life of the battery. So you won't get influenced by any queries for a long time. You can buy these goods from the approved seller or online to get a guarantee for good months. Overall, this is one of the best batteries from Exide for your car.


Car Battery Specification:

  • Product Type: Battery
  • Vehicle Type: Cars and Utility Vehicles
  • Capacity - 45AH
  • Ca-Ca alloy system – This system already in the battery guarantees no topping up is required during the whole service life of the battery.
  • Enhanced battery life – The double-clad polyethene and glass mat detachment now in this battery ensures it lasts for a long time.

What did We like?

  • It has a cool cranking capability of 12 amps.
  • Best battery for car in India begins with a unique alloy system. 
  • Safety standards in this battery are very high, with dual plate division and double security against traumas and vibrations.
  • In case of occurrence, the battery can also be used as an inverter and a UPS.

What Did We Not Like?

  • This best car battery in India 2020 is a bit expensive

Battery Car Price In India: Rs. 8, 100


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6. EXIDE SF Sonic MOBIKER 1440 - TZ4 3AH - Battery for Honda Activa and Shine

Exide Inva Tubular it Information Exide in tubular batteries are next-generation tubular batteries, which are designed to resist long and frequent power cuts. The latest tubular batteries wonderfully created with thick tubular plates are best satisfied for areas with frequent power cuts.

These long-lasting batteries have 30% more acid volume per ampere hour than ordinary tubular batteries. Exide Invatubular batteries can also withstand overcharge better.

Its excellent features have made it the most asked inverter battery. Features a robust battery with thicker plates for tough conditions. They are made with Exide's torr tubular technology.


Car Battery Specification:

  • Batteries are next production tubular battery, which is meant to withstand long and frequent power cuts
  • The ultimate tubular batteries, specially designed with thick tubular plates, are best satisfied for areas with regular power cuts. These batteries have 30% more acid sound per ampere-hour than ordinary tubular batteries
  • Batteries can also withstand overcharge better

What did We like?

  • The best battery car in India comes with the high warranty period
  • Good quality car battery
  • High battery capacity
  • You can easily buy car battery amazon at a reasonable price

What Did We Not Like?

  • There is nothing wrong with this best car battery in India 2020.

Battery Car In India Price: Rs. 1, 155


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Best Car Battery Charger

Here we have mentioned some of the best car battery chargers which are very much useful for your cars. So, keep reading to know more about the car charger which you can buy online. All the car batteries which we have mentioned are the best car battery brand in India for you to buy online.

Car Battery Charger
Car Battery Charger Price In India

Soni Enterprise PJP 12v 7 AMP Battery Charger with 7AH to 220AH Charging Capacity

Rs. 2,499


Electrify SMPS Battery Charger 12v 7 AMP Battery Charger with 7AH to 220AH Charging Capacity

Rs. 1,499


SkyTech Battery Charger 2A12V - Fully Automatic, Copper Transformer

Rs. 1,500


Electronicspices 12V 10A Generator/Charger Compatible with Automatic Battery

Rs. 2,500


Electomania® 500AMP car battery line emergency fire line ignition line start battery cable

Rs. 599


Top Car Batteries in India 2020 Buying Guide

  1. Warranty:

You are seeing this either because your car battery is now dead or because you know its time is coming! You might have also searched through the internet regarding your next car battery and attempting to decide whether the new one will last at most limited as long as, if not more, than the current one. 

But the question still lingers – Which car battery should you buy? Worry not. This guide will take you by all things you need to think before you buy your next car battery. Let’s begin off with warranty front. 

Why? Because it is the only most important symbol of how good your car battery is expected to be. If you want your car to be working trouble-free for more extended duration of time, buy a battery with a more extended warranty.

  • Higher the warranty, higher the price

If a company is giving a longer warranty period on its battery, the kind of stuff will be more reliable, and the battery will last extended. If the kind of elements is better, and if the battery has more characteristics on offer, the amount will be higher. But you knew that already.

  • Free of cost? Pro-rata? What is that?

Batteries in India normally come with a mixture of warranties – the first half is the full free replacement guarantee, and the other half is the pro-rata guarantee. 

Normally, if a car battery comes with a 48 months guarantee, the first 24 months will be the full free replacement warranty time, while the surviving 24 months will create the pro-rata warranty period. 

Some fixed models also come with only a full free replacement and not the pro-rata guarantee. Be sure to understand the fine picture.

  • A little more explanation

A free replacement guarantee offers full replacement of the battery without you having to spend anything to the business. A pro-rata warranty also offers a replacement warranty, but you have to spend some amount for it. 

This amount is based on your usage. Longer the battery is used for, more secondary will be the refund given and vice versa.

  • Examples always help!

Let’s say a business gives a 60-month guarantee on its car battery, of which the initial 30 months is the unrestricted replacement guarantee and the surviving 30 months is the pro-rata warranty. If the battery breaks within the first 30-months, the business will return it for you free of cost. 

However, if the battery breaks within the pro-rata period, the business will give you a new replacement at a reduced rate. 

Many businesses have different ways of determining the discount. While some organisations such as Amaron employ a formula-based program, others such as Exide use fixed parts for consideration of the pro-rata period discount.

  • So which battery should I buy?

Since the price differential within a battery with a longer guarantee and a comparable battery with the somewhat lesser guarantee isn’t much, a battery with a more extraordinary total warranty (free replacement guarantee plus pro-rata warranty) is justified. 

A car battery normally remains for as long as the posted total guarantee. But if you prepare on trading your car, you may think paying somewhat less and buying a battery that gives a lesser guarantee and hence costs more limited.

2. Battery fresh stock

In this next part of our pattern, we speak about battery lifetime. Now, you can ask why the lifetime of a battery is essential if you are getting a proper bill and warranty card to guard against harm to your battery. 

Good question! The warranty will surely take care of things should something go wrong with the battery, but only when the free replacement period. 

A car battery normally lasts for as long as the total warranty period, which covers both the easy replacement as well as the pro-rated guarantee. 

  • Batteries have a shelf life.

There is a good chance that an old battery might not continue for as long as it should, and might fail much quicker than demanded. All batteries discharge when remained still for long, something that can possibly decrease the setting life of the battery. Since all batteries have a specific shelf life, it is prudent to linger away from old car batteries.

  • Taking a really low battery? Beware

If a roadside seller is marketing you a battery that is much more reasonable than outside, be careful. The initial thing you should examine is the manufacturing date. The date is normally given in the month-year form and is written on the battery packaging.

  • How old should a modern car battery last?

As you need your car battery to work for as long as feasible, it is hence significant that you purchase the newest battery possible. This will keep you both time and money in the long run. A maintenance-free battery should, ideally, not be more than six months old.


Things To Keep In Memory While Buying The Best Car Battery

Suppose you are new to the automotive experience and are querying how to purchase a car battery. Here are some elements to check out for in the car battery.

Battery Shape and Size

Car batteries come in different sizes and shapes. So you should pick the one that fits correctly in the battery tray of your car. You can check the handbook of the car or ask a mechanic to find the size of the battery that goes in your vehicle.


There are two kinds of resources available in the car battery model. The low maintenance batteries are unlocked with covers so you can add purified water when needed. The maintenance-free type is sealed and has no requirement for replacement as the fluid electrolyte now can continue throughout the battery life. Try to purchase a maintenance-free battery for your car as it will give a hassle-free adventure.


It is advised to purchase a battery that has a more extended warranty period and free replacement interval. With this, you can get free replacement of your car battery in case of any queries.

Power Specification

It is the power to begin a car at different temperatures. CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) is the power to begin a car at 0-degree Fahrenheit whereas CA (Cranking Amps) is the power to begin a car at 32-degree Fahrenheit. Sets with more powerful CCA are advised to purchase.

How To Choose The Right Car Battery?

Let us know how we can choose the right battery for our cars as we have to maintain the vehicle in a proper and best way.

  • Every vehicle is traded along with the Owner's Manual, which has data about all the regular parts the car requirements for proper preservation. You can determine the battery size and the CA, ampere-hour ratings, CCA ratings there. If you do not have the Manual, then you can check the top of the body of the current battery for all the necessary evaluations.
  • Never prefer a battery that has Ah rating more economical than your current battery or as specified in the handbook. It will cause you trouble, particularly when it becomes too cold. Also, the battery life will be transformed.
  • A battery with more important Ah rating will run, but if you choose a much higher rating battery, it will begin to slow charging and load on the alternator.
  • You have to pick a battery with greater CCA if you live in climatic conditions where the temperature gets considerably low.
  • A battery with proper Reserve Capacity shall come convenient in case the alternator of your car breaks, to have the car and lamps running for a more extended period.
  • Do not neglect to check the battery dimensions. Most battery mounts/battery boxes are regulated, but it is always suitable to check on the area if it fits your car snugly.
  • Also, if you plan to keep your own car, buying a battery with handles/loops will be useful.
  • Most generally available batteries are Lead Acid batteries and Dry Cell batteries. Dry cells are somewhat more costly but have a greater life than lead-acid batteries. Normal car battery life in India is approximately 3-4 years.
  • When you order a battery, you need to suppress the production date, which will be stated on the battery. In case the date is not defined, there will be a system that registers the date of manufacture. 
  • A battery obtained within 6 months of manufacture is regarded as fresh. 
  • Keep the Warranty Card safe just in fact the battery gives way in the guarantee period to get replacements.

Get the Right Fit Of The Best Car Battery In India

Batteries come in a variation of sizes. It's necessary to pick the right one to assure that it fits securely and gives sufficient power. If the extremities are in the wrong place, your car's wires might not arrive, or they might not fit securely. Review your owner's manual or an in-store fit guide. Many retailers will install the battery free of price.

  • Size 24/24F (top terminal): Fits many Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles.
  • Size 34/78 (dual terminal): Fits many large Chrysler vehicles and many 1996 to 2000 GM pickups, SUVs, and mid-sized and large sedans.
  • Size 35 (top terminal): Fits most Japanese nameplates, including many new Honda vehicles and most Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota vehicles.
  • Size 47 (H5) (top terminal): Fits many Buick, Chevrolet, Fiat, and Volkswagen models.
  • Size 48 (H6) (top terminal): Fits many European as well as American vehicles from Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Volkswagen, and Volvo.
  • Size 49 (H8) (top terminal):  Fits many European and Asian vehicles from Audi, BMW, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz.
  • Size 51R (top terminal): Fits many Japanese cars from Honda, Mazda, and Nissan.
  • Size 65 (top terminal): Fits large cars, trucks, and sport-utility vehicles from Ford or Mercury.
  • Size 75 (side terminal): Fits some General Motors mid-size and compact cars and a few Chrysler vehicles.

So, this was all about the Best Car Battery In India in which we have mentioned every bit of detail for you. Now there is no problem while buying the car battery as we have mentioned all the information which you should know. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which car battery is best in India?

A1. The Best car battery in India are Power Zone PowerZone Car Battery (AUC-PZ-00PZ8000R), EXIDE SF Sonic MOBIKER 1440 - TZ4 3AH - Battery for Honda Activa and Shine, SF SONIC FFS8-FS40B20L 35 Ah Battery for Car, and many more which are available online for you to buy.

Q2. What is the car battery life?

A2. The car battery life is for 3 to 4 years. Resent depends upon the use and care you take off. 

Q3. What brand of car battery lasts the longest?

A3. The brand of car battery which last long are Exide, SF Sonic, Power Zone, Amron, and many more brands are there which have a long-lasting battery. 

A4. Which is the Best Car Battery Brand?

A4. The best car battery brand in India are Amaron, Exide, Luminous, and many more which are available online for you to buy.