10 Best Water Heaters in India 2022 [Updated]

We have mentioned some great geysers. Also, some tips to consider a good geyser for your need.

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“Winters are coming”, Some of you may get this reference. Although, the reality is that they have arrived. Mornings these days are chilling and if you don’t want to abstain from bathing then the only option you have is of hot water.

Although, preparing hot water for bathing is itself a task. Therefore, what can be done? Simple, buy a water geyser as per your need.

There are many great companies that give you water geyser at a great price. Although, choosing the right one as per your needs can be a daunting task.

We have written this article to tell you about some of the best water heater in India that you can buy in the market. Also, we have mentioned some tips that can be read to give a sense of clarity regarding the product that you are buying.

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Top 10 Water Geysers in India Comparison

This is the list of best buy water geysers online in India that we feel you can buy this winter. Therefore, let’s have a look at the list of Best Water Heater in India 2022 with the price.



Hindware 15L

Storage Geyser


6.5 Bar Pressure

24 Month Overall and Heating Element, 5 Years on Tank


Candes 25L

Storage Geyser


8 Bar Pressure

5 Years Warranty, 1 Years on Components


Bajaj 3L

Instant Geyser


8 Bar Pressure

2 years on the product


Racold 3L

Instant Geyser


6.5L Bar Pressure

2 Years on Product, 3 Years on Heating Element, 5 Years on Tank


Bajaj 25L

Storage Geyser


7 Bar Pressure

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Candes 6L

Storage Geyser


8 Bar Pressure

5 Years Warranty on inner Container, 1 Years Warranty on Components


AO Smith 25L

Storage Geyser


8 Bar Pressure

7 Years on inner Tank and 2 years on product


Crompton 3L

Instant Geyser


6 Bar Pressure

2 Years Warranty on Electrical Parts


Usha 15L

Storage Geyser


8 Bar Pressure

3 Years on Element and 7 Years on Tank


Kenstar 25L

Storage Geyser


8 Bar Pressure

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Note: The mentioned priced of the products below might change from time to time.

1. Hindware 15L Storage Water Geyser

A great product by Hindware. The product is suitable for you in case if you are looking forward to a Storage Geyser. The 15L Storage tank stores enough water for your bathes.

The Water Geyser can handle a pressure above 6 bar and is suitable for high rise buildings.


Flipkart: Rs.4725/-

Amazon: Rs.4899/-

  • The installation of the product is free.
  • Excellent Service from the manufacturer.
  • One of the best deals at the price point.
  • The Product might start leaking.
  • Flipkart Might give a hard time.

2. Candes 25L Storage Water Geyser

If you want your water geyser to store more water and comes cheap in comparison then this is probably the best bet. It can handle a pressure above 6 bar and is another suitable candidate for high-rise buildings. It uses heat retention technology for giving that suitable temperature for bathing. The winding used inside is made of extra heavy copper.


Flipkart: Rs.4199/-

Amazon: Rs.4199/-

  • Good product at a really affordable price.
  • It can heat your water in 3 minutes to an optimum temperature.
  • The product will save you money on Power.
  • No installation provided by the company.


3. Bajaj 3L Instant Water Geyser

This geyser can heat water for you almost instantly. The capacity of the tank inside the water is kept at 3L for the same reason. The pressure rating on the Geyser is 8 Bar.

The product is suitable for installation in the kitchen. The design of the Geyser is also great and as it will surely enhance the aesthetics anywhere you place it.


Flipkart: Rs.3075/-

Amazon: Rs.2896/-

  • Elevates your bathroom aesthetics once installed inside.
  • In case of any issue, replacements are easy.
  • This is the best buy if your usage is limited.
  • There has been a leakage problem with some customer’s product.

4. Racold 3L Instant Water Geyser

Racold is a great company for Water Geyser. The product mentioned here is an instant geyser. The capacity of the geyser is 3L. Also, the pressure it can handle is above 6 bars.

This is one of the Best Water Heater in India 2022 and comes with a great price at which it is offered. The geyser features an Italian design and is superior both in terms of style and technology. If you don’t like waiting then this will get you hot water in a jiffy.


Flipkart: Rs.3759/-

Amazon: Rs.2940/-

  • No issues with the product even after using it for a long time.
  • The quality of the Geyser is really good.
  • The product will great with your modern bathroom.
  • The build quality of the product is good.
  • Some of the products started rusting.
  • It doesn’t have a plug.

5. Bajaj 25L Storage Water Geyser

The product listed by Bajaj is relatively expensive because of the superior quality they offer. This particular product has a tank size of 25L and can store an ample amount of water for your needs.

It is among the best buy geysers online at best price in India. The pressure rating of the product is 6 bar and more which is something it can handle. Also, the inner lining of the geyser is made of Glass.


Flipkart: Rs.7289/-

Amazon: Rs.7165/-

  • You can manually adjust the heating on the Geyser.
  • Heating Power of the Geyser is really good.
  • The product looks simple and elegant.
  • The build quality of the Geyser is excellent.
  • Expensive in comparison to other Geysers in the market.
  • Installation not provided along with the product.

6. Candes 6L Storage Water Geyser

If your budget is not much and you are a single bachelor living alone then this is the appropriate product for you. The tank capacity of the product is only 6L and along with that, it offers you great styling.

Also, the product is simply inexpensive in comparison to its counterparts. The geyser also comes with a pre-set thermal heater.


Flipkart: Rs.2849/-

Amazon: Rs.2749/-

  • Excellent quality and will last longer.

  • The product is incredible in terms of performance.

  • The power consumption of the product is limited.

  • Hose Pipes and Screws are not provided with the product.

7. AO Smith 25L Storage Water Geyser

This is the only product by AO Smith in this list although it is a great company, to begin with. AO Smith offers some great cutting edge technology in their products.

The inner tank of the Geyser is made of Blue Diamond Glass that makes it strong and resistant to corrosion. The tank capacity of the Geyser is 25L also the product can handle pressure above 6 bar and is suitable for high-rise buildings.


Flipkart: Rs.7644/-

Amazon: Rs.7499/-

  • It comes with a variable temperature system.
  • The product looks nice and beautiful.
  • Great product at the price.
  • Some of the product had after sale issues from the seller’s side.

8. Crompton 3L Instant Water Geyser

Another Instant Water Geyser with a capacity of 3L can give you hot water in an instant. This product is by Crompton which is a leader in its segment.

The inner heating element of the geyser is made of Incoloy(Blue Glass) which makes it resistant to Calciferous Accumulation. If you want instant heating then this is a great product for your likeness.


Flipkart: Rs.2519/-

Amazon: Rs.2899/-

  • The performance of the product is satisfactory.
  • It is a great product by price, working, and looks.
  • The perfect product even if you have a family of six.
  • The product may have issues from the seller.

9. Usha 15L Storage Water Geyser

A great product by Usha and is ideal for your bathroom. The Geyser looks very simple yet intriguing. The capacity of the geyser is 15L and the pressure that it can handle is 6 bars and more.

The anode used for heating is made out of some heavy magnesium which protects it from rust and corrosion. The geyser can withstand a pressure of 20 floors above it.


Flipkart: Rs.5833/-

Amazon: Rs.5820/-

  • The product has a really nice design for the bathroom.
  • The quality of the product is great.
  • You get a temperature adjusting knob on the product.
  • The product is being offered to you at a great price point.
  • The customer support service could be bad at times.

10. Kenstar 25L Storage Water Geyser

A great product by a great company, Kenstar. This Water geyser can store hot water up to 25L. It means that you can make the water hot and store it for using it after a while.

The water heater uses technologies like Heat retention, Hexa-Safe, and Penta-Safe. The warranty that is offered in the product is for two years.


Flipkart: Rs.5999/-

Amazon: Rs.6499/-

  • The overall quality of the product is really nice.
  • You can keep stored water for long hours.
  • Build quality of the product is also great.
  • Customer support can be an issue.

Types of Water Geyser

Water Geyser is a utility that every home needs especially during the winter season. The geyser gives you the luxury of not explicitly heating the water for bathing on a stove.

There are many types of water geysers that are available in the market. Although there are only two prominently used geysers that can be fitted inside your home and not on a massive scale, these are:

  • Storage Type: This one comes with a storage tank. The water is first filled in the tank and then the heating elements heat the water periodically. The temperature of the water in the tank is maintained using a thermostat.

  • Instant Type: In this type, you don’t really get any tank as such. The geyser consists of a burner, heating element, and inner pipeline. The water is passed through the pipeline and is heated with the help of the burner. This in return gives you hot water almost instantly.



Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Water Geyser

  • It is important to note the capacity of the water geyser. If you have a family of 5 members then it will be best to have a geyser with a capacity of 25L. Although, if you have a smaller family then 15L would be adequate. Also, in case you are a bachelor then 6L would be adequate and not so heavy over your pocket.

  • The type of water geyser that you purchase is also important. In case if you need water geyser for your kitchen then buying an instant type would be the best choice. Also, if it’s for the bathroom then a storage type would be better. Instant is not really preferred for the bathroom as the amount of water released depends on the geyser.

  • The brand of the geyser that you are purchasing is also necessary. If you buy cheap stuff at a cheap price then chances are that the inner filament will die before its due date. Although talking about a branded geyser they are provided with sufficient coating to ensure that corrosion is the last thing that happens to it.

  • Another important aspect of a geyser is the energy rating over it. It takes a lot of energy to heat the filament and your geyser will be ON mostly in the morning hours.

  • You can also check out the kind of features that the geyser offers. Some of them would be automatic thermal cut-off, Adjustable thermostat settings, Valve for pressure release, a Heating element with glass coating, and rustproof body.

  • The warranty on the product is another serious aspect to look at. The most important thing to note is that the inner element and the drum have been taken care of. These two equipment are the most important equipment among all.


This was our list of some of the best buy geysers online along with prices in India 2022. Also, we have mentioned some tips to help you choose the best products. Also, thank you for reading this article until this article.