Room Heater Buying Guide: Types, Features, and Review

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Winters are already upon us and we need to prepare ourselves for the season.

What is the best solution to stay warm & cozy amid the freezing temperatures?

Yes, room heaters.

Using a room heater is the most convenient way to fight the shivering cold and adding warmth to any space.

Don’t let the dropping temperatures haunt your everyday life.

There are tonnes of room heaters available in the market from various leading brands providing ample choice to every kind of buyer. But buying the right heater requires some considerations to make most of your hard-earned money.

First Explore the different types of room heaters.

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On basis of operation, the main forms include radiant, convection, and oil-filled. All these types are slightly different from each other providing buyers the freedom to choose as per their use.

Types of Room Heaters 


room heater types




Hot air gets circulated around the room with the help of a fan. Instant heating, ideal for a small room but not very efficient because of high power consumption.


Uses infrared rays to heat the nearby area and generate warmth. Ideal for small heating space, inexpensive, energy-efficient but not child safe.


The oil acts as a heat reservoir to warm the surrounding air. Useful for rooms of all sizes, energy-efficient, but is an expensive choice.

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Convection or Fan heaters - Key Features & Review 

These heaters may be fan-assisted. A fan distributes hot air around the room in an even manner. They are widely used for residential heating because of their portable size & high efficiency.


  • They provide a better coverage area as compared to radiant room heaters.
  • Better to warm a room instantly as compared to radiant heaters.
  • Very inexpensive in cost when compared to oil-filled heaters.
  • Typically convection heaters cost around Rs.2000 to 3000.


  • They are not very energy efficient consuming around 2000 watts of energy.
  • Overheating is a major concern of convection heaters.
  • Lesser heat at the bottom results in energy wastage. 

Top Convection Room Heater in the Market with Comparison: 

Room Heater1




Key Remarks

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater

Ideal for a small/medium sized room.

Safety cut-off.

Thermal cut-off.

Two heat settings-1000 W/ 2000 W.




Can work as a blower as well as like a fan.

The product causes a little noise due to the fan inside it.

Use a normal socket of 15-16 Amp.

It's good for a single person.

Size is tiny, you can carry in a travel bag.

Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater

Ideal for a small/medium sized room.

Two heat settings - 1000W/2000W.

Completely noiseless operation.

Thermal cut-off.

₹ 1,874


Compact Design.

Easy for mobility.

It requires the "larger pin" socket like the one for your oven and refrigerator.

16 Amp socket.

First time will generate some smoke.

It will take some time to get rid of the paint smell.

Usha HC 812 T 2000-Watt Heat Convector

Twin Turbo Design for fast & efficient heating.

Operating voltage of 230 volts.

Thermostat control.

Allows you to adjust temperature precisely.



Item Weight: 3.4 Kg which makes it little heavy.

Good convector but wattage is too high 2000 watts.  

Need to use power plug like the one for oven & refrigerator.

Usha 3620 White Fan Room Heater

Power Consumed: 2000 W.

Overheat Protection.

Auto-revolving Heater.

Weight: 1.26 kg.



Less noisy & compact.

Use a 15A socket.

The temperature control works for cut-off only.

Good for small room, less noisy than others.

Power consumption is little high at 2000 W.

Singer Fan Heater 2000 Watts

2000 Watts.

Cool Touch Plastic Body.

2 Heating Positions.

Thermostat and Thermal Cut-Out.

Vertical/Horizontal Standing Model with Easy to Carry Handle.



Plastic smell for first few days of use.

Plastic is not that good.

Satisfactory performance.

Morphy Richards Tipsy Fan Room Heater

2000 W output.

Thermostat with frost protection.

Choice of heat settings.

Cool air setting.

Unique self righting design.



Power plug is 15A.

Two heat options. But fan speed is low.

Takes at least 30 mins to heat the room.

In India, Bajaj is responsive for after sales service.

Radiant or Infrared Heaters - Key Features & Review  

These are for small heating purposes and are also inexpensive as compared to other types. Better pick for a person with allergy because of no or low-powered fans. Image below shows a radiant heater.


  • Automatic temperature control features make them safe & effective.
  • Most common to provide heat to a specific area.
  • Perfect to keep bedside on a chilling night.
  • Very energy efficient consuming 400 to 800 watts.
  • Quieter operation when compared to forced air blowers.
  • Economical variants Cost As Low as Rs.1000


  • Radiation or infrared heaters are not child safe.
  • They won't work for heating a large space.
  • They don't provide instant heat.
  • No filtering of the air.

Top radiant or halogen room heaters  

Room Heater




Key Remarks

Maharaja Whiteline Quato 800-Watt Quartz Heater

Two heat settings: 400/800 watts

Easy to carry and safe tip over switch

Quartz tubes

Power: 800 watts

Operating Voltage: 230 volts



No automatic power cut.

Before buying check if service center is available nearbuy.

Load selection switches to activate one or both quartz.

Can produce burning smell after heavy usage.

Bajaj RHX-2 800-Watt Halogen Room Heater


Two heat settings - 400 /800 W.

Noiseless operation

Dual safety device.

Safety tip over switch.

Thermal Fuse.



Heats well and very light weight.

You have to deal with brightness, an expected with halogen heaters.

Automatic switch off when picked up adds to safety of the heater.

USHA 800W Steam Heater SH 3508H Halogen Heater

Safety Tip-Over Cut-off Feature in case Heater Falls

Humidifier function to prevent dryness.

Power Consumption 800W.

High Grade Reflectors.

Cool Touch Body.



Also acts as a humidifier. Add water to steam heater to prevent dry heating.

Not much powerful to heat a very large room.

Hytec Double Rod HRX2 Halogen Heater

800 W Power Consumption

Two Heat Mode 400/800W.

Noiseless Operation.

Faster Heating.

Compact Design.



Requires a 5 Amp wall socket.

USHA 3503H Halogen Heater

Compact and portable.

Long (210 mm) halogen tubes for effective heating.

Three tubes for varied heating needs.

Oval shape base for better stability.

Tip over switch for safety.



Halogen light source may be too bright during night hours.

Height is less and it's not very useful if you have a very large room.

Item Weight: 3.5 Kg.


Eveready QH800 800-Watt Room Heater

Safety tip over switch cuts off power to avoid accidents.

Twin quartz tubes for direct heating.

Easy to carry design.

Heating indicator.

Power: 800 watts.



6 amp socket size.

Plastic body not suited for high temperature of heater.

Oil filled heaters: Key Features & Reviews  

Oil filled heaters are the most popular in the market today owing to their effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. Inside the body is diathermic oil which serves as a heat reservoir. Electric energy channeled in is converted into heat. The heat is absorbed by the diathermic oil and is circulated through the fins and columns.


  • The oil inside the heater is not used as fuel therefore never gets used up.
  • Best suited for heating large space.
  • Oil filled heaters retain heat for a long time even after turning off.
  • They have a comparatively longer life span.
  • Price is around Rs.10000


  • Oil filled heaters are expensive when compared to other types.
  • They Don't provide instant heat.
  • Heavy to move around in the house

Top Oil-filled room heaters: 

Room Heater




Key Remarks

Usha OFR 3209 Room Heater

9 fins oil filled radiator.

Three heating positions.

World class oil grade ED/HD 300 for better performance.

In built tip over switch and overheating protection for safety.

Power: 800, 1200 and 2000 watts.

Operating voltage: 220-240 volts



Slow in heating, no fan to accelerate heating.

Built in power cable is short.

High electricity consumption.

Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator

9 fin oil filled radiator.

Adjustable thermostat to maintain desired room temperature.

Castor wheels for easy mobility.

Power selection knob.

Warranty: 2 years on product

Power: 2000 watts



The cable is short about a metre length.

No Fan so if you want quicker heating is not possible.

No smell, no harm to your skin, & works without any noise.


Over heat protection and tilt over switch for safety.

Thermostatic heat control and castor wheels for easy mobility.

Thermostatic heat control

PTC heater with fan.



The heating effect takes little time.

You must have special triple pin plug point.

3 power modes & it works even on 0 mode.

Noiseless and strong

Bajaj Majesty Rh 13 F Oil Filled Room Heater

Power Consumed: 2500 W.

Overheat Protection.

Auto-revolving Heater.

Tip-over Switch safety feature.



Power consumption is high.

Does take some time to heat the room.

No problems in operating or handling.

Orpat OOH-9F 2500-Watt Oil Heater

9 fins with three heat setting .

PTC ceramic heating element with motor for faster heating.

Adjustable thermostat.

Caster wheels for easy mobility

Warranty: 2 years on product.

Power: 2500 watts.

Operating Voltage: 230 volts.



Power cable provided is small.

Power button, on/off fan switch are not printed on unit.

Check for the after sales service in your area.

Optimus 700-Watt Electric Portable Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

700 watt heat output. Automatic thermostat control.

Power indicator light

Sealed diathermic oil

Heavy gauge sheet metal cabinet.

Carry handle.



Small in size but powerful.

Suited for a moderate space not a very large room.

Comparison between Oil FIlled vs Radiant vs Convection Heaters  





Oil Filled

Radiant or Infrared

Convection or Fan

Large Space Heating Ideal For Heating a large room More Suited for a Small Area More suited for small area.
Price Costly than other two types(Rs.10000 approx)  


approx. (Rs.1000)

Energy Efficiency Yes   No
Instant Heating No   Yes
Noise Level Low   High
Child Safety High   High
usage Retain Moisture in the air   Can Dry Out the Air


Choosing the Best Room Heater Suitable For Large Room



Considering all three types of room heater, radiant heaters are not suitable for large room. They produce infrared radiations to heat the space around withouting heating the air.

Convection heaters generate heat instantly which is pushed out with a fan. They are very economical in price but high on energy consumption with around 2000 watts.

Oil filled heaters are best suited for large room. They are most expensive of all three types but can help you save on electricity bills.

Choosing The Best Room Heater Suitable for a Small room


When buying a room heater for a small room. Radiant heaters come to the mind because of low power consumption. They are also very inexpensive costing around Rs.1000.

Fan or convection heaters are also suited for a small space as they provide instant heat and at the same time are very economical. Only factor against fan heaters is their operating cost which can be high. But they are also safer in comparison to radiant heaters.

In case budget is not a concern, you can also consider buying oil filled heaters which are high on safety as well as operating costs. However, Oil-filled room heaters can cost anything around Rs.10000.

Key Features to Consider When Buying Room Heater:

Timers: Allow you to set heater turn on and turn off times. This helps you save energy and also is very convenient.

Wattage: Wattage of a heater defines the area it can heat. High wattage indicates large area heating capacity,

Portability: Providing mobility wheels or handles make transporting your room heater a breeze. Portable room heaters are appropriate for use at different places very easily.

Automatic oscillation: It helps to evenly distribute the heat in room. This feature is most common in fan heaters where oscillation spreads hot air across the room.

Multiple heat setting : It gives you more control to heat different sized spaces. Multiple heating settings also add to the functionality as the heater can be used in variable temperatures conditions.

Safety Settings: Overheat protection switch is a must-have feature to keep the internal components at a safe temperature. Heater automatically shuts off after reaching a predetermined temperature.

Light Levels: A heaters may emit bright light which can cause discomfort during night hours. Look out for the level of light emitted by the unit.

Safety Mesh: Most heaters come with a safety mesh in the front. Check whether the slats are close enough for safe usage with children and pets in the room.

Type of Plug: Check whether the heater uses a standard or power plug. For safe operation, additional wiring may be required with a power plug.

Top Room Heaters in India: Deals, Price Comparison & Offers 

Based on the above mentioned types here are top room heaters that are easily available and also come with all the necessary features. You can buy one depending on the heating space, features, or price.


Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator:

This oil filled radiator keeps your room warm for a longer time. With premium looks and low operational cost, it is a good choice for heating purposes of a large room.

Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator

₹ 6400 ₹ 64400

Product Detail :

  • The oil-filled heater has an additional PTC heater and fan.
  • 9 fin oil filled radiator Adjustable thermostat to maintain desired room temperature
  • Castor wheels with mounting plate for easy mobility
  • Power selection knob.
  • Warranty: 2 years on product.
  • Power: 2000 watts

Bajaj Majesty RFX 2 Fan Room Heater:

This convection heater is compact in size weighing only 1.1 kg. It can also be used as a personal fan in summer. In addition, you get 2 year Bajaj India warranty on this heater.


Bajaj Majesty RFX 2 Fan Room Heater

₹ 2099 ₹ 2099

Product Detail :

  • Product Details: Two Heat Settings - 1000 W / 2000 W.
  • Convenient Grip for Easy Mobility.
  • Adjustable thermostat for Temperature Control.
  • Overheating Protection. Can be Used as Personal Fan in Summer.

Usha 3303 Halogen Room Heater:

This room heater from Usha is portable and an easy way to stay warm in winter. The wide angle oscillation result in even heating of room.


Usha 3303 Halogen Room Heater

₹ 3199 ₹ 3199

Product Detail :

  • Wide-angle oscillation function to spread warm waves to a wide surface.
  • Cool-touch body, you don't have to worry about accidental burns.
  • Three halogen tubes for effective & varied heating. Stable oval base.


Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater

A compact size makes this heater from Orpat adequate for heating purposes for a small to medium sized room. The variable thermostat setting add to the functionality of this fan heater.


Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater

₹ 1304 ₹ 1304

Product Detail :

  • Powder coated finish to prevent corrosion.
  • Designed for low power consumption.
  • Two heating positions to suit your comfort.
  • Power: 400 and 800 watts.
  • Operating voltage: 230 volts.

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Which Room Heater Suits your needs ? 

1.Coverage area: It is the most crucial factor when buying a room heater. Before buying a heater consider the area it has to cover and how fast it can warm a room. Choose wattage of heater keeping in mind size of the room.

2.Insulation: The heating system of a home is a critical comfort factor. The level of insulation has a huge impact on the heating system. More insulated and airtight the room, lesser is the need of heating. If your room has normal insulation you will need 1000 W per 10 metre square.

3.Safety: You also want to consider whether kids or pets will be in contact with the room heater. A heater with safety measures is better suited when dealing with small kids or pets in the house.

4.Allergies: It is better to avoid fan based heaters for persons with allergic conditions. Fan based heaters draw air over the heating element, make it warm, and then use a fan to distribute the hot air around the room evenly. In such case radiant & oil-filled heater prove to be better choice.

5.Placement: Much before buying a room heater, you got to figure out what is going to the ideal place to keep the unit. If you have a small place you want to measure it so that the heater can be placed without any hassles. Dimensions of a heater are mentioned in the specification so do read them carefully.

Tips to consider while  Buying a Room Heater Online? 


Before buying a room heater know the types, compare them and buy the best. It is true that not every heater works for every type of home. Room heaters are available based on size, style, and operation.

Different technologies are used by room heaters to provide warmth. Today home heaters are affordable, efficient, and compact. You can choose a room heater as per requirements like size of the room, extent of usage, etc.

When you are buying a room heater and want a portable one, convection or fan heater is best choice in such case. However, radiation & oil-filled heaters can also be used as portable options provided they have wheels or handles to easily carry around. If you want a portable room heater also consider to have a look at the weight as a heavier one may be difficult to move

Power consumption of room heaters is calculated on the basis of watts. Pick a room heater with lower watts consumption to reduce your electricity bill. Power consumption will be mentioned in the product specifications

In case you have children, go with a fan-based room heater. They are also quite inexpensive and you don't have to invest a large amount. Check for advanced features like thermostat or timer so that heater gets switch off after some duration.


Frequently Asked Question

Which heater is best for room?
It depends on the size of your room. For a small room, convection or fan heater is the best choice, You can choose one depending on your budget. In case the heating space is more, radiation & oil-filled heaters will be better suited. 

What size heater do I need for my room?
The first thing you need to do is to calculate the size of your room. You also need to consider other factors such as noise, energy efficiency, and safety. However, the most critical factor remains the size of the room. Here in the chart, we have provided room heater sizes as per room Size. 

Room Size


20 square feet


40 square feet


60 square feet


80 square feet


100 square feet


120 square feet


140 square feet


160 square feet


180 square feet


200 square feet


220 square feet


240 square feet



What size room will a 1500 watt heater heat?
As per the general standards, a 1500 watt heater is appropriate for a room size of 120 - 140 square feet. 

Do room heaters consume a lot of electricity?

To calculate the energy consumed by room heaters follow this simple method. Let us consider that you have a 2000 watts room heater. It converts to 2000 joules per second.

There are 3600 seconds in an hour. If you use a 2000 Watt heater for an hour, the energy consumed will be 7.2 million joules. 

Electricity is measured in Kilowatt-hours. One Kilowatt-hour is 3.6 million joules.

Therefore, your room heater is using 2KWh every hour. if the charge is Rs. 10 per KWh, you spend Rs. 20 per hour. 

Does room heater burn oxygen?
Convection and halogen room heaters burn oxygen to reduce humidity in the air. It is one of the cons of convection and halogen heaters. 

Can AC be used as room Heater?

Air conditioners that can be used as a room heater have a specific heating mode. The setting allows AC to be used as a room heater.

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