How to Use Cred Coins? Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

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If you don't know about the CRED app, you are behind. 

It is one of the leading credit card bill payment and rewards applications for individuals with good credit scores. Do you know what's the most amazing thing about this top-notch app? It never fails to share mind-blowing rewards in the form of CRED Coins. 

In this article, I will explain how to use Cred coins. You might also be wondering how to use Cred points to pay credit card bill.

You don't need to search on the internet as I will mention the steps that will help you to do this process promptly. If you are interested to know about the CRED app, read the content until the end.

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How to Use Cred Coins

What is CRED?

Cred is one of the leading online payment apps that is linked to Credit cards. The founder of the company is Kunal Shah, who was also the founder of Freecharge. The app offers a wide range of rewards for using credit cards and making payments through it. 

The online platform only accepts credit cards that have a credit score above 750. When a user makes a payment using the Cred App, he/she will get the rewards, and these rewards can be used to grab offers on online shopping and more. 

How to Use Cred Coins?

There are many ways in which you can use your Cred coins. It includes utility bill payments, shopping, ticket booking etc. 

  • Online Shopping-  Cred is a digital online platform that helps in purchasing shopping products online. The process is providing excellent discounts on various products and the Cred App user can redeem their Cred points for all of their shopping needs. 

  • Rewards- as the Cred App user makes their payment of credit card using cred, they are offering deals like a Mega Jackpot. The system will update the app to keep the user up to date. 

  • Travel-  The Cred users can also avail of discounts on travel packages using the Cred Coins. 

How to Use Cred Coins to Cash?

This is the gist of this article. I know many of you don't know the actual benefit of this application, i.e. you can earn Cashback and Reward points through the CRED app. To make access more easier, you can link your credit card with the CRED app. Besides credit card bill payments, you can do so many things like-

1. Booking tickets

2. Payment for goods and services

3. Online Shopping

All this would be possible while using the CRED app on your smartphone. Now, the question here arises: How to Redeem Cred coins? It is not that complicated, as you need to select the "burn" option. Suppose a user uses a credit card to pay a bill; the role of the system is to transfer cash value points quickly to that card. For verification, the CRED App will charge Rs.1.

How to Use Cred Coins for Shopping? 

Like many other things, you can do online shopping with Cred points. From lifestyle to gadgets, you can shop for anything and everything with Cred coins. However, there is no straight way to do that. The Cred coins are transferred to the rewards section of shopping apps, and from there, you can use the coins to buy the products. Big shopping giants like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. allow you to use Cred coins for shopping. Not only this, you can also earn cashback and get huge discounts and offers by using the Cred coins. 

How to Use Cred Coins in Amazon?

You can use CRED coins to Shop at the best online stores like Amazon. To know how to Redeem CRED Coins on Amazon, follow these steps-

  • First off, open the CRED Application.

  • Click on the “Rewards” section.

  • It will highlight rewards available for redemption, including Amazon discounts. 

  • Select the Amazon offer as per your choice. 

  • Tap on the “Redeem Now”.

  • It will give you a coupon code that can be used for shopping on the Amazon app.

How to Burn Cred Coins? 

I know many of you are searching for the process of “How to Burn Cred Coins”. Your search ends here as I will share the easiest way to burn CRED coins. Check it out-

  • Open the CRED app and click on “Club” at the bottom.

  • Scroll down below and go to the Rewards section now. 

  • Select the Cashback of your choice and pull down on the circle that appears.

  • The process is done as you have burned your CRED Coins. 

How to Use Cred Coins to Pay Credit Card Bill?

Check out the step by step process for paying the Credit card bill via Cred App. 

  • Download the CRED App. 

  • Log in using your Credit card details.

  • Open your account and access your page.

  • The page will display the bill amount, minimum due, etc. 

  • Now select the payment mode. 

  • Users can also view the amount paid for the bill.

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Who says Credit Card payment has been complicated online? CRED Application has made this process much easier for users. If you are using this application, you can shop online, book tickets, and can do multiple things. This article has talked about how to use Cred Coins in Cash, how to use CRED Coins in Amazon, Steps to Burn Cred Coins, etc. If you have any doubts or have questions related to this application, I suggest dropping them in our comment section. 

Questions You May Have 

Q1. Can I convert CRED coins to cash?

A1. You can not directly convert Cred coins to cash but you can redeem the coins for various offers and discounts. 

Q2. How much are 10 0000 CRED coins worth in Indian rupees?

A2. They are worth 436026.49 Indian rupees. 

Q3. What is the value of CRED coin?

A3. The current value of 1 Cred coin is 0.05 US dollars. 

Q4. How to use CRED coins on Amazon?

A4. You can opt for Amazon vouchers, discounts, cashbacks or any other available offer. 

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