How To Redeem Cred Coins in Cash: Offers and Details (2022)

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Cred is one of the leading apps for offering cashback and reward points and the users can enjoy a wide range of credit card services that allows them to earn more Cred points. You need to link your credit card with the Cred App to avail yourself of the amazing rewards and offers. 

Anyone can use the rewards points to clear the utility bills and other bills, the Cred App users can gain offers on online shopping, booking tickets for flights, or movie tickets. You can redeem the cashback and rewards using the app. Here in this article, check out how to Redeem Cred Coins along with more details about the App.

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How To Redeem Cred Coins: Offers and Details (2022)

What is Cred?

Cred is one of the leading online payment apps that is linked to Credit cards. The founder of the company is Kunal Shah, who was also the founder of Freecharge. The app offers a wide range of rewards for using credit cards and making payments through it. 

The online platform only accepts credit cards that have a credit score above 750. When a user makes a payment using the Cred App, he/she will get the rewards, and these rewards can be used to grab offers on online shopping and more. 


How to Redeem Cred Coins 

Check out the step-by-step process for redeeming the Cred coins into cash here. 

As mentioned above, it is one of the leading online payment platforms for credit cards, and it is an open cashback and reward point. 

To redeem the Cred Coins, the user needs to check on the Burn option. The system will automatically credit the points to your credit card in the form of cash, and you can use it to utilize the credit card for bill payments. Cred App users should redeem the coins to cash through the Kill the Bill option. 

The system will credit the amount to the user’s credit card.  Also, check out Cred Republic Day Sale by clicking here


How to Redeem Cred Coins in Flipkart  

Cred coins can be used on Flipkart also in the same way they are used on Amazon. Simply go to your club tab in your Cred App, and as you scroll down through the various offers and deals, you come across a voucher that you can redeem when using Flipkart. 

Go to Flipkart, and after you make a purchase just add the voucher code, and you can now redeem the CRED coins that you had accumulated over the past couple of transactions. 


How to Redeem Cred Coins in Myntra 

As there are different ways of earning cashback offers or redeeming different offers, in the case of Myntra, the users burn a certain amount of CRED coins to avail of the offer. Simply burn a minimum of 1000 CRED coins and go to the club section of the CRED app. 

Once you find the Myntra Mystery banner and open it, you can avail yourself of anywhere between 15% to 100% off on your purchase at Myntra. This type of offer tends to change from time to time.



Note: CRED app allows for CRED RentPay, CRED cash, CRED pay, CRED store and CRED travel store.

Cred App Download 

Android-  Click Here

For Apple Users- Click here


Where to Use Cred Coins 

Check out how to use cred coins in using the Cred App. the user can redeem cred coins into cash for the following details. 

  • Online Shopping-  Cred is a digital online platform that helps in purchasing shopping products online. The process is providing excellent discounts on various products and the Cred App user can redeem their Cred points for all of their shopping needs. 

  • Rewards- as the Cred App user makes their payment of credit card using cred, they are offering deals like a Mega Jackpot. The system will update the app to keep the user up to date. 

  • Travel-  The Cred users can also avail of discounts on travel packages using the Cred Coins. 


How to Pay Credit Card Bill in Cred App 

Check out the step by step process for paying the Credit card bill Via Cred App. 

  • Download the Cred App by clicking here

  • Log in using your Credit card details.

  • Open your account and access your page.

  • The page will display the bill amount, minimum due, and etc. 

  • Now select the payment mode 

  • Users can also view the amount paid for the bill 


This is all about the how-to redeem Cred app coins, What Cred is and more details about the brand. Also, check out how to pay credit card bills using the app, and the download link is also available for the same.

Personally, I am using Cred, and it is one of the best online payment platforms for credit cards that offers amazon rewards and cashback offers. The cred coins redemption procedure is quite simple and easy for everyone.  

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Questions You May Have 

Q. What can I do with CRED coins?

The Cred Members can redeem their cred coins within the app to claim the rewards and cashback for online shopping and travel packages. 

Q. Do CRED coins expire?

No, the Cred coin will not expire till one year from the date. 

Q. How do you shop with CRED coins?

Simply open the website or the app and go for the payment. Unlock the offers using Cred coins and confirm your details to pay your credit card. 

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