Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

If you have a plan of roaming around the country during the time of Christmas to get the better of the festivity then these are some places that can be taken seriously.

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“Joy to the world, the Lord has come!

Let Earth receive her King

Let every heart prepare Him room

And Heaven and nature sing

And Heaven and nature sing

And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing”

Personally speaking, thinking about Christmas delves me into a lot of nostalgia. Although being a part of a Hindu family Christmas was something which has always been very special and dear to me since the beginning. I guess it’s less about the faith and more about the vivid imagination that I had regarding Santa. From the Candy that I used to get on Christmas while petrol refills to the gifts that I got from our school on the festivity, everything has a special place in our heart. Also, I forgot to mention about the Chocolate Cake that the Sisters of our school used to make which was an inexplicable delicacy.

Enough Said I know Christmas rings a bell of “ho ho ho” in your head too. We may understand it or not, the festivity holds a special place in our heart. Although, in India Christianity although being considered as a minority has an ample population. Adding to it the previous population that ruled us before independence were Christians in Faith. Therefore, we have the privilege of enjoying the festivity to the fullest in many parts of our country. And in order to make this Christmas of yours the best we have mentioned some of the Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India. In case if you wish to know about some great Christmas Online Offers then click on the link provided.

1. Goa

If you are into wild parties and full moonlight chats with people then Goa is among the best Christmas Celebration Places in India. Goa is already considered the hippest place in India for its extensive modern culture. Although, visiting Goa on Christmas is another kind of experience. The place has a large influence of Portugal people who had a Christian descent so you can feel the vibe there. Also, that is the reason why is it the best place to celebrate Christmas in India. You can visit Basilica of Bom Jesus, watch endless fireshow during the shoreline, or just drink up and get crazy, Goa gives you endless opportunities to enjoy your Christmas.

Things Not to Miss on Christmas in Goa

  • Attend a Christmas mass as the city has got the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the midnight masses in the church would be a whole new experience to Savour.

  • Be a part of the tradition which is known as burning the old man. The old man is a fire created by dressing the hay in your old clothes and making them burn. It is the basically the representation of burning your old bad memories.

  • Catch the fireworks during the night that the city is famous for. You can witness fireworks both in the north and the south part of the city. In the north, there are Baga and Calangute beach while if you go south Colva and Bogmalo would be the destination.

  • Try Bebinca which is a popular Christmas dish served during the time and even at weddings. It is basically a pudding made of Rice Flour, Coconut Milk, Egg Yolk or maybe butter.

  • Indulge yourself in the endless treats that are offered on the street. The food, in general, is very refreshing in Goa although during the festival it is way better. Therefore, you can give yourself a treat in a great restaurant or a shack at the beach, the choice is all yours.

  • Attend Sunburn that happens right after the festivity. You can enjoy great EDM music from the topmost DJs from the world and India itself. The Sunburn festival is very popular and is a must visit if you are an Audiophile.

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2. Kerala

Kerala has many places to visit during the Christmas time. The city offers you endless options to explore. It can be visited during any time of the year although the city has its own colour during the Christmas. The celebration for the festival begins from the fourth Sunday before Christmas. You can see the miniatures of the whole Christmas story depicting the birth of Jesus Christ in many churches. You can easily listen to the hymn “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”. The local people exchange sweets and plan Luncheons & Dinners with great dishes like Achappam Cookies, Unniappam, Kappa Stew, Kappa Biryani etc.

Itinerary for Kerala during Christmas

  • Trivandrum: There are many places that you can go during your visit like L.M.S Compound for overwhelming Christmas decorations, Chalai market, Palayam Market for your shopping of Christmas. You can also check out Ambrosia, Little Flower Hall, St.Michaels etc.

  • Wayanad: The scene for the Christmas is truly lit at Wayanad. The place has a beautiful landscape along with that you can witness Christmas Decoration on the houses.

  • Kollam: Kollam has its own way of celebrating Christmas. Fishing is the most prominent business around there and the fisherman are mostly exclaimed as their neighbours. This is the time the fishermen perform their ritual of giving their young ones to the sea. Kollam also has other great places to visit like Lake Ashtamudi, and various other beautiful churches.

  • Munnar: There are various Christmas events that are conducted around the area. The place is widely known for the beautiful tea plantation and the great weather condition to set the mood right. Other places that you can visit are Christ Church, Christian Shree, and many other places.

  • Kochi: Well mentioned last, it would be the best place to be in Kerala during the Christmas Season. The place offer, you Shopping Carnivals like Kochi Muziris Biennale and Cochin Carnival. You might also be witnessing the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, Holy Coonan Cross Church, St.Francis Church, Koonan Kurishu Church, Malayattoor, St. George Forane Church and lots of others places in Kochi.

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3. Shillong

Shillong has its own vibe during the Christmas season. There is a reason why people call it “ the music capital of India”. The place is truly lit during the Christmas and can be a great Christmas Getaways in India. You can see masses at various destinations and churches. The whole place smells of festivity with decorations here and there, well a little bit of overindulgence too. You can listen to people singing all over choirs and various bands performing all throughout. If you are looking for a little bit of fun alongside the relaxation and the change of heart then Shillong is the best place where you can be during Christmas.

Plan for a Christmas Day in Shillong

  • You can taste the unique delicacies that are served during the Christmas season especially the fruitcake for your holiday celebration.

  • Witness the Christmas Carols that are sung by the different locals during the time. Remember what I told you about Shillong being the “Music Capital of India”.

  • Get to see the local Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia Tribes that converted to Christianity and come together every year to celebrate the festival by their dance and food.

  • If you eat pork then you can taste Dohneiiong which is a local delicacy and tastes like black sesame paste. There are also other dishes that you can try like Jastem, Putharo, Jadoh snam etc. I would like to tell you that Jadoh Snam is made of pig’s blood so that I am not luring you into something you don’t wish to do.

  • You can also visit the local community feast known as Bamkhana. Although most of the dishes prepared there are pork based so it may not be your thing.

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4. Delhi

Well, If you are a Delhite then good and if not then it is the Best Place to visit at Christmas. Delhi is all about partying and what better time to be in Delhi than Christmas. You’ve got great bazaars, great complexes, great malls, great bars, great food, everything great basically. The beauty of Delhi is its diversity of different people and that is why it gets your attention. Besides the fact that Christians are a minority the place still offers a wide hospitality to the community. If you are in Delhi this Christmas then you can check out Vatican Embassy Chapel, spend time in the Christmas market, go to Connaught Place, and have endless food with great brewed booze.

Things to do on Christmas in Delhi

  • You can visit the Sacred Heart Cathedral Church where you will be able to sing the various carol and the end of mass with delicious Cake and Coffee.

  • Get access to one of the clubs in Delhi where you can visit various music events as per your likeness. Getting high and dancing to the last of strength could also be a great way of celebrating Christmas Eve.

  • Visiting Vatican Embassy Chapel for the midnight mass can also be another great idea. The chapel has a beautiful Roman Architecture and well at the end of the mass they also serve fruitcake and hot coffee.

  • You have the option of doing a whole lot of shopping for your Christmas Party. You can visit the Christmas Bazaar, Khan Market, Promenade Mall etc. for all your shopping on Christmas.

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5. Manali

Manali is a family destination and the place has its own aura during December. Manali is mostly known for its white Christmas where you get to see the snowfall. Although, the snow has disappointed last year although you never know. The place has numerous places to visit like the Hadimba Temple, Manali Sanctuary, Mall etc. Although your eve would be well spent on the Mall road itself. You will be able to witness people around singing choirs, playing the guitar, all the shop and restaurants will be decorated. It is the time when people visit the place so you will witness a lot of tourists during the time. The place has some really nice restaurants with great ambience and a whole lot of bakery. Also, who knows maybe this year your visit might make the snow fall.

What to do in Manali during Christmas

  • Visit the many exquisite temples that the place has for you to offer like Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, and Ghatotkach Temple.

  • You can also visit the Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk art to understand the culture and its history in truest essence.

  • There are various clubs and cafes that you can visit in Manali in case if you are a party animal.

  • Giving a visit to the Solang Valley and Gulaba because Rohtang Pass is closed during the time. The place gives you endless opportunities like Skiing, Zorbing, Horse Riding, and various other snow-related activities.

  • You can try going to the heritage village of Manali, Nagger. Nagger was the place where the prince of Kullu decided to live. You are able to see mountains that are covered with snow. Also, the great view of the River Beas.

  • Another place to visit would be the Roerich Art Gallery. This is one place where you can visit great natural beauty.

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6. Kolkata

Kolkata is a place known for its culture, the city has an identity of itself be it the people, the food, or the more than 100 year old tram. There are many places that you can visit in Kolkata like Victoria Memorial, Eden Garden, Indian Museum etc. The place is lit during the Durga Puja festival but same is the case with Christmas, maybe a little less. Although, the Park Street Christmas is what Kolkata is actually famous for during December. The whole street is decorated with lighting, you can witness various cuisines of food, do some really great shopping, and the best part is the band performances.

What so Special about Kolkata’s Christmas

  • As mentioned before Christmas in Kolkata means Park Street. You just have to ask people the best place to visit and that will be the answer. Park Street during Christmas is having a blast with endless great food, a whole lot of crowd, great music. If you are in Kolkata then your Christmas cannot get better than Park Street.

  • There are various Christmas Delicacies that you can taste during the time. Although in order to get the table you may need to get the reservations done on time.

  • If you wish to attend the midnight mass than the St.Cathedral Church would be your ideal place to go. The church is decorated with Christmas Trees, lights, silver bells, and streamers during the time.

  • Bow Barracks is another special place that you can visit. You will feel the Christmas vibe as soon as you enter the place. The place offers Hymns, Carols, Music, and most importantly the food by the local people.

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7. Daman and Diu

Daman & Diu is another great place to visit during the Christmas Season. The city has a number of places for you to visit by the day. Daman & Diu is located at the west of India. These are two separate area divided by the Arabian Sea. The place has a variety of options to visit during the daytime like Diu Fort & St.Paul’s church, Vapi, Historic forts, caves, and many other beaches. Christmas is one festivity for which everyone in Daman, as well as Diu, waits for very eagerly. The place was the last to be left by the Portuguese so it inherits all those aspects. Daman is famous for the Portuguese dance during the Christmas time. Be it the houses or the commercial places in Daman everything is lit up with millions of colourful LEDs and decorations. Same is the case with Diu where you can visit many Public Fair and also attend Christmas masses during the night. Daman & Diu can truly be an eccentric location to visit during the time of December.

Daman & Diu Places to Visit During Christmas

  • Get to see the European styled St.Paul’s Church which like all churches hold a midnight mass. Although, this one can be a memorable one.

  • The local Portuguese alleys and colonies are another spectacle to witness because of their immaculate architecture and great decoration.

  • You can witness the local Portuguese dancing and the refreshing food that can only be tasted there.

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8. Shimla

Shimla just like Manali is also known for its white Christmas. Not only for Christmas but in general it is among the Best Places to visit in December in India. There are various places that you can visit if you are in the city. Places like Mall Road, Jakhoo, The Ridge, Christ Church, Rashtrapati Niwas etc. can be in your itinerary for the day. Although, the Christmas here can be a whole new great experience and especially for people who have never seen snow or snowfall. The place looks like heaven on earth as it is fully covered with snow. It is among the best bet if you want to witness the snow during that time. The place has a nicely lit market, a great number of crowd, great stalls for food and yes even they got band performances.

To do List in Shimla during Christmas

  • As the place is known for its white Christmas, the place can get you a whole lot of opportunity to play with snow. Although, this is somewhat dicey as because of the high temperatures it didn’t snow but chances are this time it might.

  • You can visit the Ridge where the people usually gather around during the time of Christmas.

  • Mall road is another place where you can visit in order to see the Christmas festivities.

  • During the time of Christmas special parties are arranged for the tourists although the prices of the hotel rooms are spiked up a little bit.

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So these were some of the Best Places to visit in India during Christmas.In case if you wish to know about some about the Most Beautiful States in India then click on the link provided.. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end.

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