Top 15 Gift Ideas For Christmas

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The best time of the year is heading fast towards you as Christmas is almost here for you to have fun, party, and much more. During Christmas time, people gather together for some fun and gossip. Christmas is all about party decorations, gifts, and games with your friends and family. 

Christmas is the season to spread appreciation, love, happiness, joy. The best way to show your gratitude towards someone special is by giving a surprise with some unique gifts. So make sure to check out these Top 15 Gift Ideas For Christmas. These can be bought for your friend or family bsed on what they like and need the most. 

This year, give the gift that someone would really want it and loved it. Let your friends and family unwrap the box with excitement and surprise. After all, who does not love to get surprises?

Let's just say NO to chocolates, showpieces, and any other common gifts this Christmas, and let's surprise with some unique and different Christmas gift idea to the lovely friends and family. 

Top Gift Ideas For Christmas

List Of Best Gift Ideas For Christmas 2022

So here are the top 15 uniques gift ideas for Christmas this year in India for your special ones. Here we will give you every bit of the gift idea so that it will be easy for you to buy and gift it.

Best Christmas Gifts Online

Offer Price

Itsy Bitsy- Christmas Snow Globe Waterball

Rs 420

Merry Christmas LED Cushion

Rs 575

Chocolate Rum Balls 6

Rs 799

The Story Of Jesus Christ

Rs 765

Foliage & Air Purifying Plant Set

Rs 1,199

H&B Multipurpose Waterproof Jute Lunch Bag

Rs 599

Pleasing Christmas Gift Set

Rs 799

Christmas Creative Christmas Socks Gift Bag

Rs 1,199

Greeting Card With LED Christmas Tree

Rs 624

Cuty Kraft Lovely Baby Girl 11 pcs hair clip set

Rs 525

Cutie Santa Claus Soft Toy

Rs 299

Christmas LED Hurricane Lamp

Rs 1,499

Indigifts Table Mat

Rs 599

Cute Christmas Reindeer Tealight Holder

Rs 699

Kurtzy Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

Rs 599

1. Itsy Bitsy- Christmas Snow Globe Waterball

A snow globe is a perfect charmer and goes with Christmas theme. It will definitely impress your loved one. Snow Globe is a pretty, classy and traditional festive decor item that you can gift your family or friends. It is a great item for gifting. If you are searching for something adorable then this is it. You can find this online on Amazon just for Rs 420. 

2. Merry Christmas LED Cushion

Why to gift a standard cushion set to someone if you really wanted to give a gift on Christmas. So, as we said NO to a regular gift, so do not give a simple cushion to anyone. Instead here is the LED Christmas Cushion. This cushion has an LED in it, which is yellow and available at Fern & Petals for Rs. 575 only. The battery for the LED can be placed again if it stops working, so the cushion will never get too old or unused. It will stay with the one till they want.

Let Santa bring happiness & brightness in your life!

3. Chocolate Rum Balls 6

Normal chocolates are a big NO-NO this Christmas, but a Rum chocolate balls is a YES YES for a gift. Here on the 3rd number, we have given some sweet gifts for all the people who love Rum Chocolates. You can gift the chocolate lovers chocolate rum balls as they are unique, and during Christmas, a rum ball chocolates is a ritual. The Chocolate Rum Balls are something I am sure none of your friends or family members will expect as a gift, so give them a surprise. 

You can buy these Chocolate Rum Balls for Rs. 799 from Ferns and Petals. As they can get delivered to the place, city you want. 

4. The Story Of Jesus Christ (Set Of 2) For Christmas

This is an incredible gift for the people who are a bit of religious or to the bigger age group people in your family or friends. It is a cross in which there is a story of Jesus Christ engraved in it. It is a set of two, so if you want, you can either give both together or save one for someone else!! 

Since Christmas is celebrated keeping Jesus Christ in prayers, so why not let people know the story of him through this gift. It might not tell you the whole, but the gesture will give you and the one you gift a lot of happiness and smiles. You can buy this gift from Amazon for Rs. 765. 

5. Foliage & Air Purifying Plant Set

Let’s think about the place we live in as we can gift anything and everything, but if we gift the Foliage and Air Purifying Plant set, then there will be a little contribution to the earth too. Due to which we all are getting to celebrate this beautiful festival called Christmas. This is a perfect Christmas gift ideas for friends. 

  • Let’s give the luck with the Money Plant as it provides Health, Wealth, Prosperity, and more at home. 
  • Then Syngonium Plants have a high transpiration rate, which is why they help with increasing humidity within a room.
  • Jade plant is considered a strong symbol of good luck and is often referred to as “Money plant,” “Dollar Plant,” & “Friendship Plant.”

Let’s all breath fresh by gifting this Air Purifying plant set to friends or family. This beautiful plant set is available at Ferns & Petals for Rs. 1,199. 

6. H&B Multipurpose Waterproof Jute Lunch Bag Cum Handbag for Women

Some people really love homemade Christmas gift ideas, so for them, here is the Bunny Jute Lunch Bag. In this bag, you can put some homemade food, sweets and more and gift it to your friends or family. Even better, take it to your friends or family as a gift and have the same lunch you made with her or him. This will be extra special for someone this Christmas.

This will make you spend some time together as well as a pure heart out the gift. This Bunny Bag can be bought from Amazon for Rs. 599 and get delivered at your doorstep. 

7. Pleasing Christmas Gift Set

Let’s please it with the potli and a cup as it is one o the gift ideas for Christmas this year. As might, your friends or family love to have tea or coffee with chocolates. So you can make some homemade chocolates for your friends or family keep it in this Potli with some wishes note in it to add a little surprise in your gift. 

This potli and cup set is available at Ferns and Petals for Rs. 799. So, to gift it, someone will be quite excited about receiving such interesting gifts. The delicious and rich taste of chocolates will lift their mood, and they could enjoy their hot coffee or tea in the ceramic mug any time of the day.

8. Christmas Creative Christmas Socks Gift Bag 

If you are looking for a brilliant Christmas gift ideas, then thanked me because here I am giving you one good idea, which is a Christmas sock gift bag. Yes!! it is a decorated sock bag which can carry chocolates or cookies for your loved ones. It is one of the best ideas to gift this Christmas. 

It has a Christmas theme design and can be used not only to hold gifts but also to decorate the Christmas tree.It is stylish and simple, yet a beautiful choice of gift for Christmas. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,199. 

9. Greeting Card With LED Christmas Tree Hamper

This Christmas, pick this pleasant gift hamper to send your loved ones. This unique hamper consists of items such as 1 Greeting Card and 1 Golden LED Christmas Tree. This is one of the Christmas gift ideas for him and he would really like this idea. As you can put some sweet Christmas message in the card.

It is available on Archies online for Rs. 624 and due to Christmas, there will be some amount of discount on it if you order online. 

10. Cuty Kraft Lovely Baby Girl 11 pcs hair clip set with box - pink

It is a perfect Christmas gift ideas for Kids (Girl) I am sure if you are planning to gift a baby girl then this cute goodie with Unicorn hair clips and more is perfect for her. Every little girl loves to have some cute little stars and hearts, unicorn and more clips for their hair. 

This can be the best and prettiest gift one baby girl can get, and if you give them will add more happiness. So buy this Hair Clip set for the Kids and gift them this Christmas so that they can wear it and enjoy it! It is available on Amazon for Rs.525. 

Buy Now

11. Cutie Santa Claus Soft Toy

Who does not like soft toys? Yes!! Everyone loves to have a cute little Santa soft toy this Christmas, so if you are looking for a Christmas gift idea for kids, then this is the one for you to buy for the kids as it is too cute to say NO.

You can buy this cute little Santa from Archies for Rs. 299. A lovely  Santa Claus with a white beard and a tiny hat is an extra cuddly soft toy to play with, and I am sure it will lighten up the mood. He, for sure, will make anyone smile, be it a kid or an adult, which makes him a great Christmas gift.

12. Christmas LED Hurricane Lamp

Get the stunning LED Hurricane Lamp for this Christmas as a gift for your loved ones. The LED Lamp has an adorable Santa inside with sparkles and a gift box. You can buy this pretty Lamp piece for Rs. 1,499 only at Archies online. So you can get it now and gift to the one who loves having different types of Lamps. 

This piece is the most adorable one and will be loved by all. So, it is an easy gift option to buy during the Christmas Shopping, but it is an awful gift. 

13. Indigifts Table Mat 12X18 Inches Set of 4

I know there might be slightly nodding of you heading while reading this Table Mat as one of the Christmas Gift Ideas in India. Why give something which people might not use later. But these Table Mattes are the ones that can be used again and again.

Table Matts are Hand Washable, Non-Slip, and easy to clean. Ya! I mean, what an easy gift to choose plus to give to the loved ones. Table Matts are available on Amazon for Rs. 599. 

14. The Purple Tree Cute Christmas Reindeer Tealight Holder

If we are taking a Christmas Gift and it has no Reindeer in it, then the gift won't get completed, so buy these cute little Reindeer tealight holder of 4 pieces. They are adorable to gifts for someone you love. You can decorate it during the Christmas nights as they will hold your candle for a long time, plus while you decorate, it will be eye-catching. 

You can buy this pretty piece from Amazon for Rs. 699.

15. Kurtzy Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

Okay, so this is the last Christmas Gift Idea, which I am sharing with you is the Christmas Tress Decoration Items. Yes! I have kept this in last as when you cannot figure out what to gift to, so this is the one which anyone can love. During Christmas time, everyone has a Christmas Tree at Home, so if you are planning a Christmas gift, then this can also be the one for you to buy. 

It is a simple yet beautiful gift to give!! It is available on Amazon for Rs. 599. 


These are the Top 15 Gift Ideas For Christmas for you to grab for your loved ones. This Christmas make everyone happy and Joyful. Celebrate Christmas with your friends and family with a lot of laughter, food, and dance because Christmas without a party is nothing. 

Merry Christmas!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I find Christmas presents?

A1: There are many stores both online and offline where you will find amazing gifts for your loved ones. Some of the best stores you can check for Christmas gifts are - Ferns and Petals, Archies, Amazon, Flipkart, Floweraura, IGP, OyeGifts, Giftcart, IndiaGift, and more.

Q2. Why do we give gifts at Christmas?

A2: Christmas festival has a very warm and personal touch to it. We celebrate this with our family and friends and the reason we give away gifts is to share the joy and bring happiness into the life of our loved ones.

Q3. Where to shop Gifts online in India?

A3: There are many online shopping sites where you can find gifts in India like - Ferns and Petals, Archies,, Amazon, Flipkart, Floweraura, IGP, OyeGifts, Giftcart, IndiaGift, and more.

Q4. When is Christmas Celebrated?

A4: Christmas is celebrated every year on the 25th of December. It is the day Jesus Christ was born and we celebrate his birthday with joy and happiness.


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