9 Best Christmas Gift Under 500

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If you are looking for the best Christmas gift under 500 then you are at the right place as here we have mentioned some of the amazing gifts which you can give to your friends, family, and many people as per your budget. While choosing the perfect gift, we all have a lot of options but what remains the question is the budget. 

We often want to give gifts in bulk, especially on a festival like Christmas, celebrated with all. So, we consider the present's price an essential part of our gift shopping. So we look for the best at the best price. Rs.500 is regarded as a decent amount if we wish to give our long list of friends and relatives something they can cherish for a long time. 

So, to help you out we have curated some of the gifts which you can give that are under Rs. 500. This budget is something good for every buyer, and it is decent enough to get a perfect gift for your wife, husband, brother, sister, friends, mother, or anyone.

Also, if you are thinking of going out and looking for pocket-friendly gifts, then there is no need to go out as you can order your Christmas gifts under 500 online, which are very reliable and easy to buy. They will surely bring smiles and happiness to the receiver's face in the best and pocket-friendly way. So, keep reading for the gifts under your budget for everyone. 

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Christmas Gifts Under 500 Rupees

Christmas is the time when you all party at home or clubs and give your loved ones gifts to make them happy. Christmas is all about spreading happiness and filling the lives of others with selfless love and joy. It is the festival where we become the secret Santa of others' lives and present them with gifts that can make them feel our love and help us express it completely.

Budget plays an essential part in deciding what to give. Especially when the occasion is as happy as Christmas, we have to buy gifts in bulk, determining the maximum limit of the gift amount. Thresholding the limit to Rs.500 is a decent amount, and purchasing gifts under 500 for Christmas is a good and pocket-friendly idea.

Various websites help us buy gifts for Christmas under 500. They help us choose from a list of products that we can choose from to buy for our loved ones. We have a list of products that can be thought of as an ideal gift to be presented.

So, to help you and make your work easy, we have mentioned some of the gifts you can buy online from various sites like Ferns N petals, Amazon, Flipkart, and more.

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Top 9 Christmas Gifts Under 500

Christmas Gift Idea Under 500



ALDIVO Ceramic Coffee Mug With Coaster 

Rs. 225


Indigifts Christmas Home Decoration Items Merry Christmas Printed Wall/Door Hanging

Rs. 249


ASN Christmas Wreath  

Rs. 297


Webelkart Pine 91.44 cm (3.0 ft) Artificial Christmas Tree  (Green)

Rs. 465


PATPAT® You are My Sunshine Wood Music Box

Rs. 399


TIED RIBBONS Christmas Tree for Table

Rs. 399


Best Wishes Personalised Calendar

Rs. 499


Personalised UV Print A5 Notebook-Grey

Rs. 399


Christmas Luck 2 Layer Bamboo Plant

Rs. 499



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1. ALDIVO Ceramic Coffee Mug With Coaster - 2 Pieces

Here are the first Christmas gift ideas under 500, which are being brought to you by ALDIVO, which delivers you a perfect combo of a mug, and a coaster, the identical design on both goods adds charm to your place. 

Expert printing on both sides of the ceramic mug With High-Quality Digital Printing, the high life of Prints is confirmed; the print will never dull no matter how many times the mug is cleaned. Fine Quality MDF is used for coasters with high-quality fade-proof printing to guarantee the long life of the edition.


  • It is one White Ceramic Coffee Mug With one Coaster,

  • Provides grip for hot and cold beverages.

  • Print is anti-fading.

  • It is Microwave And Dishwasher Safe

  • Quantity-350 ml 

  • Dimensions- 9.5 cm X 8 cm.

  • Coaster Made of MDF -9x9cm

  • It has Glossy Finish

Original Price: Rs. 599

Discounted Price: Rs. 225


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2. Indigifts Christmas Home Decoration Items Merry Christmas Printed Wall/Door Hanging 

Here are other unique, great gifts under Rs 500 for you all, which you can gift to anyone you want. This is readily available on Amazon for you to buy and gift it to some you wish to. It is affordable, durable, and looks super classy to give it. 

If you have any doubt regarding this gift, then get over with the thought because it is the one for you. It is a wall hanging decor which can get placed anywhere in the house or outside. It will give a charm to your home. 


  • It is a Christmas themed Designer Wall Hanging Sign Board

  • Size: 8.5 x 13.5 

  • Colour: Black

  • It is made of medium-density fiber made of wood.

  • Matte finishes.

  • The chain is made of stainless steel.

  • The back is of Black Color

  • It is an Artistic Piece

  • It is Anti-Corrosion

  • The quality is high, and it is highly durable.

Original Price: Rs. 899

Discounted Price: Rs. 249

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3. ASN Christmas Wreath  (Pack of 1)

Beautiful green colour Xmas wreath with golden silver bells and Merry Xmas is a perfect Christmas gift for friends which comes under your budget too. This Christmas gift can get purchased from Flipkart at an affordable price. 

This gift can be placed anywhere and if you think of something which id of no use, then this is a perfect gift as it can get placed at the main door, giving you a perfect feel of Christmas. You can gift this amazing green colour Xmas wreath with golden silver bells and Merry Xmas to all your friends during the Christmas party or anytime during the Christmas Secret Santa at the office.


  • It is from the ASN

  • The Model Number: IACH0033, to help you choose easily and quickly.

  • It is a Christmas Wreath that helps you decorate the home beautifully.

  • The shade of the item is Green

  • There is no Light

  • The shape of the item is round

Original Price: Rs. 450

Discounted Price: Rs. 297

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4. Webelkart Pine 91.44 cm (3.0 ft) Artificial Christmas Tree  (Green)

What can be the perfect Christmas gifts for office staff than the Christmas tree as it can get placed in the office and looks stunning by decorating with the little things? Artificial Christmas Tree, covered stand holds your Xmas tree shelter on any exterior model for use in a sitting room, kitchen, conservatory, drawing room, or bedroom.

Standing at 1 foot high, full branches and pins, eye-catching accessories to any room or office. It is very Conveniently sized for living room, dining room, or any other indoor area Sturdy, foldable Plastic base gives the confidence to keep your tree tall.


  • It is from the Bband: Webelkart

  • The item's model Number is- XT3FT, to help you purchase quickly.

  • It is made of Plastic

  • The colour of the article is green

  • It is a Pine type tree

  • It is best suitable For Indoor but can be used in theOutdoors too.

Original Price: Rs. 999

Discounted Price: Rs. 465

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5. PATPAT® You are My Sunshine Wood Music Box

If you wish to buy Christmas gifts for the wife, this gift is perfect for her as it will show her love for her with some fantastic songs and 'YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE' engraved in it.

This lovely wooden music box with a powerful message carved from the interior of the box. Made of excellent quality and ideal as a gift to kids/friends, perfect for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, wedding, Mother's Day, Christmas, Father's Day and Valentine's Day.

It comes under your budget, too, so buy it from Amazon and gift it to your wife with a happy face and see her loved reaction.\


  • The beautiful exterior is carved by hand in the picture of ancient times and includes modern colour printing. 

  • Inside, carved hidden message "You are my sunshine "--To that particular someone who is the ray of light in your life. Give Christmas gifts for her in this music box and show your inner gratitude.

  • Hand crank: Prevent cranking the holder to play the music without any battery.

  • The handle is comfortable moving, and kids can also do it quickly. 

  • This unit plays the 18 note song only while you turn the handle; playing the music at a steady but slow pace lasts about 30 seconds, and then you can repeat it!

  • Perfect size: Size:2.55"×1.97"×1.5", 

  • Portable and easy design can put it on the palm of your hand, small bag, bedroom desk, etc. Fit in your pocket and amaze your family or friends at any time.

  • They are made of excellent quality and ideal as a gift to kids/friends for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, wedding, Mother's Day, Christmas, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day.

  • An excellent music box for your friends, wife, sweetheart, relatives, or yourself as a gift. 

Original Price: Rs. 720

Discounted Price: Rs. 399

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6. TIED RIBBONS Christmas Tree for Table

Giving perfect Christmas gifts for office staff during the secret Santa is always a task as you think a lot about what to give and what not to give. So, to make our job easy, here is the 1 feet tree which is perfect to gift to your office people. 

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without Christmas trees and Santa Claus. So bring home this stunning 1 feet tree with various decoration ornaments. Excellent for Christmas decor with a tree at home, shop, showrooms, malls, etc. 

Christmas Tree with the box of decoration elements. Decorate the tabletop with this mini decorated Christmas tree and experience this Christmas festival With "TIED RIBBONS."


  • It is 1 Foot Christmas Decorated Tree used for Christmas celebrations

  • It is of 1 Feet Height and made of Plastic

  • It is Ideal for highlighting homes, offices, etc.

  • It is a classic Christmas Choice to decorate the house and settings

  • It is one of the Excellent Gifts for your friends, family.

Original Price: Rs. 799

Discounted Price: Rs. 399

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7. Best Wishes Personalised Calendar

There are many Christmas Gift Under 500 for you to get, but if you are looking for Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, this Best Wishes Personalised Calendar is perfect for you.

It will always remind you of the best dates of your life and the picture you can put in the center. But if you think you have to do something, there is nothing you can do. All you have to do is send your picture, and they will customise it and send it to your doorstep. 


  • It is a personalised Calendar

  • It is made of Medium-density fiberboard

  • Its Dimensions(L x W) are- 8 x 8 inches

  • It can be personalised easily by just providing your image

Original Price: Rs. 499

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8. Personalised UV Print A5 Notebook-Grey

If you have a friend who loves to write or maintain a diary, then this personalised UV Print A5 notebook is a perfect gift. Worrying about the Christmas gifts for friends is now over with this diary as you have an option to put the name of the friend on the notebook. 

This Christmas, make our friends have and unique with this diary in which you can add notes with friendship quotes or a picture of your gang and so much more. 


  • It is a personalised A5 Notebook

  • It is made up of PU Leather

  • The shade is Grey

  • It also has a Mobile Pocket.

  • It has a Card Holder Pocket and a Pen Loop

  • It can also hold money, cards, and other belongings.

  • The diary has been made using high-quality UV printing

  • It can be personalised with one name.

Original Price: Rs. 399

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9. Christmas Luck 2 Layer Bamboo Plant


Plants are a great gift to present, and when they are specially decorated for Christmas, they become more memorable. This small plant is one of the ideal gifts to be given this Christmas to your loved ones. 

You can bring the joy of happiness with a miniature decorative plant in a vase that can help the receiver decorate their tables in homes, offices, etc., with beauty in green decorated with a red christmas caption.

It has a merry Christmas peel-off sticker so that you can use it even after the festival's celebrations come to an end. The vase of the plant is made of glass and is square.


  • The plant name is -Two Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

  • It is a lucky bamboo type plant

  • It can be placed indoors to beautify the surroundings

  • It is 6 inches tall

  • The vase is made of glass 

  • Its shape is square

  • The dimensions of the vase are- 3X3 inches

  • It has a merry Christmas peel off sticker

Original Price: Rs. 499

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So, these are some of the amazing best Christmas gifts under 500 for you all to buy and enjoy the Christmas! We wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is Christmas celebrated?

A1. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year and not just in India but all over the world.

Q2.Which gift is best for girlfriend under 500?

A.2 To present a special gift to your girlfriend, make sure to know her preferences. If she is a nature lover, giving her a miniature decorative indoor plant is a great choice.

Q3.What is the most popular gift for Christmas 2021?

A.3 Assorted chocolates and personalized gifts are very popular as gifts, as they present love in a special and unique way.

Q4. What can I gift someone on Christmas under Rs. 500?

A4. If you want to gift someone on Christmas then you have plenty of option out of which some are Trends Pack of 68 pcs Mix Christmas Tree Ornaments, Personalised UV Print A5 Notebook, TIED RIBBONS Christmas Tree, and many more which are available online for you to buy.

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