How to Cancel Ticket on BookMyShow?

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Are you searching for a way through which you can cancel your ticket on BookMyShow? If yes, this is the perfect article you are reading now.

In this article, I am going to provide you with all the details regarding How to cancel tickets on BookMyShow

There are times when you have got your tickets, and there’s a change in plan. In situations like that, you can cancel a Ticket on BookMyShow. For that you can also connect to  bookmyshow customer care.

BookMyShow Movie Offers are rewarding, but the chance to cancel your ticket and get a refund makes BookMyShow the best place to book movie tickets online.

If you don’t know how to cancel a ticket on BookMyShow App or website, I will help you. To understand the steps to cancel a Ticket on BookMyShow, keep reading.

How to Cancel Ticket in Bookmyshow?

Can We Cancel BookMyShow Tickets?

If you have booked your movie ticket on BookMyShow App or website you can rest assured as BookMyShow has ticket cancellation and refund options available for users. While booking tickets on BookMyShow please carefully read the terms and conditions as BookMyShow has the cancellation option for you but this option is valid only on Selected Cinemas.

In some Cinema theaters, there is no cancellation policy and so you cannot cancel your tickets and get a refund. Therefore, if you book your tickets for those movie theaters then you might end up in trouble. If you are unsure about your plans then you need to simply avoid those theaters while making online movie ticket booking.

BookMyShow Ticket Cancellation Process: Step By Step Guide

To cancel tickets in the BookMyShow App, you need to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

  • Open your BookMyShow App.

  • Login with your registered email address

  • Go to the Profile option and click on Purchase History

  • Scroll down to the booking you want to cancel.

  • Click on the Cancel booking option (if available).

  • Next, select your refund option.

  • And confirm your cancellation.

What Could Be The Reasons For Canceling Movie Tickets On BookMyshow?

On BookMyshow you not just get tickets to your favorite film, but you will also find tickets to concerts, events, shows, etc. Also, you get to watch trailers, read reviews, get discounts, and much more. 

However, there are times when you have booked a ticket and want to cancel it. There can be many cases where you might want to cancel your tickets on BookMyShow. If you have troubles like - 

  • Booked Your Ticket On a Wrong Date: This can happen if you are making your booking in a hurry or you just didn’t pay attention while booking your movie and you end up booking them on a wrong date.

  • Booked More Tickets than you actually Needed: There are times you have a big group and you end up booking more tickets than you need or some people opt-out from the movie plan and therefore you end up with extra tickets that you don't need.

  • If you have Changed of Plans: Change of plans is one of the big reasons as we have a busy day to day life. There can be a case where you have a major change of plans and you are left with movie tickets you don't need anymore.

  • You don't find the Movie Good Enough: Many of us have a habit of checking reviews online and also getting inputs from family and friends before we watch the movie. And it can be a case where you don't find the movie any more interesting but you have got movie tickets already.

Bookmyshow Cancellation Policy

To get BookMyShow Cancellation Policy, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Cancellation feature is available only on selected cinema 

  • You will receive the refund according to the cancellation policy. 

  • You can cancel a ticket only when you are registered on BookMyShow and you were logged in when you made the purchase. 

  • Also, you need to be logged in to avail the cancellation feature.

  • You have two options to get your refund back.

  • You can receive the refund in "Refund to Original Payment Mode" where you will get your money in your source account using which you made the payment.

  • The second option is to receive your refund as BMS cash in your BookMyShow Wallet.

PVR Ticket Cancellation on BookMyShow

You can easily book PVR Tickets on BookMyShow and the same way you can cancel it too. There are a few simple sets of rules you need to follow when you cancel your PVR ticket on BookMyShow app or website to get BookMyShow Ticket Cancellation Refund. Also, following the same process you can cancel your split tickets as well on BookMyShow.

  • You have to cancel the ticket 20 minutes prior to the show timing. If you don’t do so the cancellation window gets closed.

  • To cancel your ticket you need to log in to your account using your registered email ID.

  • Then go to your Purchase History and click open the booking you wish to cancel.

  • Now click on the Cancel Booking option present on the page and select your refund option.

  • You will have two refund options - Refund to Source and BMS Cash.

  • If you cancel your tickets 2 hours before the show timing then you have to pay a 25% cancellation. The cancellation amount will get deducted from the refund amount and the balance will get credited as a refund.

  • If you cancel the tickets 20 mins before the show, then you will have to pay a 50% cancellation fee and only 50% of the base ticket price will get refunded.

  • You will receive your refund within 5 to 7 working days in case you go for Refund to source option.

  • If you choose the BMS Cash option your cashback will reflect within 4 hours of your cancellation.

Bookmyshow Ticket Cancellation for Superstar Customers

Superstar is a loyalty program on BookMyShow where if you make 10 bookings on BookMyShow within 365 days then you become a SuperStar. Once you become a Superstar on BookMyShow you get huge privileges.

Also, the BookMyShow Ticket Cancellation Refund policy is different for the superstars. If you are a Superstar you have the privilege to cancel your tickets and get a full refund. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below.

  • Open your BookMyShow App.

  • Login with your registered email address

  • Go to the Profile option and click on Purchase History

  • Scroll down to the booking you want to cancel.

  • Click on the Superstar Cancellation option.

  • Next, select your refund option.

  • And confirm your cancellation.

BookMyShow Ticket Cancellation Refund Policy for Superstars

  • If you are a superstar you will receive a complete refund of your movie ticket on cancellation.

  • You need to cancel your ticket 120 minutes prior to the showtime.

  • Your refund will be excluding IHF, offers, payback or any other loyalty points you might have used at the time of booking.

  • You will receive your refund amount within 5-7 working days depending on your bank.

How to Get 100% Refund on BookMyShow Ticket Cancelation?

If you want to get a 100% refund on your BookMyShow Movie Ticket then there’s a way you can do it. But you can get 100% offline only there’s no way you can get 100% cashback online. 

Now What is the bookmyshow cancellation charges? These types of questions come to mind. I have a trick that can get you a 100% refund on BookMyShow ticket cancellation. This trick needs you to physically be there to receive your refund on the spot. Just follow some simple steps and get a 100% Refund on BookMyShow Ticket Cancelation.

  • Search on Google for the contact number of the particular cinema theater that you have booked your tickets with.

  • Call the Cinema theater number and explain your situation to them.

  • Once you explain to them why you want to cancel your tickets, ask them if it is possible to resell them.

  • Usually, the support agrees to request and if they do they would ask you to come down to the cinema hall ticket counter 30 minutes before showtime.

  • You have to go there and show them your ticket details. Then you have to wait for the executive at the counter so that they can sell your ticket to someone else.

  • Once they do you will get a 100% refund of your money.

  • If in case, the cinema executive or support team doesn’t  agree to help you out. You can simply sell them to the people in the queue for buying tickets to get the ticket from you. 

If it’s not possible for you to go down you can ask a friend for help. And if there’s no way then you have to make sure you cancel your tickets online and get as much refund possible because even a little something is better than nothing.


So this was all about the BookMyShow Ticket Cancellation Process. If you were wondering how to cancel the ticket on BookMyshow then now you have your answer. The cancellation process is simple and less time taking but you have to make sure you abide by the cancellation policy in order to get a refund. If you have any query then you can also connect with bookmyshow customer care. Here, you also read about bookmyshow cancellation charges, how to cancel movie tickets on bookmyshow, can we cancel bookmyshow tickets, how to cancel movie ticket in bookmyshow and bookmyshow cancellation policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the cancellation charges in BookMyShow?

A. If you cancel your ticket before 2 hours from the show, 25% of the base ticket price would be deducted as the cancellation charges.

2. Can we cancel the booked movie tickets?

A. Yes, you can cancel the ticket. I have shared movie ticket cancellation process above. 

3. Can I cancel my movie ticket in Paytm?

A. After getting the seat information and movie booking ID, requests cannot be cancelled. If you cancel up to two hours before the start of the movie, you will receive a 100% refund of the movie ticket cost only in your original bank account within seven to ten working days.

4. Can I change my tickets on BookMyShow?

A.You can’t change tickets on BookMyShow when tickets are already booked. 

5. Will we get refund from BookMyShow?

A. Only Superstar Customers of BookMyShow will get a 100% refund on a movie ticket cancellation.

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