8 Best Car Pressure Washer in India 2021

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Cleaning our houses and our appliances are very necessary for their well-being and long term use.  Pressure washers were famous industrial appliances, but nowadays they are reinvested as one of the famous domestic appliances.  You can use it in multiple ways like gardening, outdoor vacuum cleaning, or essential cleaner cars. Check out the best car pressure washer in India here. 


They are one of the high-pressure water sprays that help clean the tough stain from your cars and two-wheelers. For the best results, you need the best pressure washer that has a long life and comes from a reputed brand. Here we are sharing with you the 8  best car pressure washer in India. 


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8 Best Car Pressure Washer in India for Car Washing


Best Pressure Washer for Cars in India 

Check out the best pressure washer for cars in India here with their buy link and price. For further information, continue reading. 

Best Water Pressure Washers in India 


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AllExtreme AE-60217M Portable Electric High-Pressure Car Washer


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Bosch Easy Aquatak High-Pressure Washer


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American Micronic 1500 Watts Pressure Washer


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Bosch  Home and Car Washer


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KARCHER 1400 Watt High-Pressure Home and Car Washer


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iBELL  1900-Watt Home and Car Pressure Washer


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Vantro High-Pressure Washer


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Review of Best High-Pressure Washer in India 

Get the detailed information about these 8 best high-pressure washers in India, including their Pros and Cons. 

1. AllExtreme Portable Electric High-Pressure Car Washer


8 Best Car Pressure Washer in India for Car Washing

It comes from a multi-national company that offers cost-effective products with innovative designs. India’s best electric pressure washers that is the ideal deal for home cleaning and car washing.  It has various modes as per usage from light to heavy-duty. 

This high-pressure washer has a powerful motor that can generate maximum water pressure of 1450 PSI at 3000/L. That amount of power is quite enough to remove the stain from household items and cars. It comes with a detergent tank and a sprayer accessory, which makes you clean faster and more efficient than others. 


  • Comes with high-pressure nozzle feature a 0-degree pencil jet that rotates to 360 degrees for maximum dirt removing action and increasing cleaning actions. 

  • It is very easy to assemble this pressure washer as you need to connect the desired accessories. 

  •  One of the main advantages of this machine that can draw water from the pressureless water source. 

  • It comes with adjustable power spray wand that allows you for a measly watch rom low to high pressure and it is one of the Best pressure washers in India for Cars and Homes

  • It is perfect for cars, motorcycles, caravan, and bicycle cleaning.


  • One of the best portable pressure washers for cars. 

  • Comes with the affordable price.


  • The lack of a washing brusher. 


2. Bosch Easy Aquatak  High-Pressure Washer


8 Best Car Pressure Washer in India for Car Washing

Bosch is one of the reputed brands in the Indian market. Its Easy Aquatak 110 1300 watt high-pressure washer comes in a sleek design with a bit high price from others. This pressure washer comes with multiple added advantages. This one is smartly designed with a broad base that makes storage easy and enhances its stability. It is one of the best pressure washers for India’s home that comes in a portable size and light in weight. 

It comes with a 1300 W motor which generates a fantastic water pressure up to 110 bars. The unit can be easily used for the moment of unpacked. 


  • This machine comes with a plethora of nozzles and accessories like a high-pressure detergent nozzle for cleaning up. 

  • It is one of the ideals for home cleaning requirements for the small and medium-sized house. 

  • It is one of the most efficient motor pump that produce quick and effortless cleaning performance and one of the Best pressure washers in India 2021 

  • It comes with a simple push fit connection for quick and easy setup. 


  • No assembly required and comes with 6 months warranty. 

  • One of the best outdoor furniture cleaning as it inevitably cleans them. 

  • Offers great heaps to clean the outdoor furniture. 


  • It is slightly noisy as compared to others. 




8 Best Car Pressure Washer in India for Car Washing

This pressure washer is another choice that would please you with its features and cleaning capacity. Its motor consumes the highest power discussed so far of 1800 watts, but it still gives you great energy savings. This is because of its induction motor having copper windings and auto start/stop feature.

The design of the equipment is stylish, attractive and portable for both easy usage and storage. With a maximum water jet pressure of 120 bars ( 1750 PSI), the machine is powerful and versatile for your numerous cleaning needs. Vehicle cleaning walls and window cleaning, driveways, patio and even your AC can be cleaned by this washer machine effortlessly and it is the Best pressure washers for cars and homes


  • The water consumption is low as compared to others. 

  • The machines are less noisy as compared to others. 

  • Comes with auto-stop technology switches the motor and pumps off automatically when the trigger is released. 

  • This pressure washer machine comes with a Venturi system that offers Autostop, self intake suction, pressure gauge, and adjustable fan spray. 

  • A durable product that comes with sturdy material with ceramic-coated pistons. 


  • Comes with the self intake functions.

  • Comes with the adjustable fan spray and water filter. 


  •  The hosepipe is too short. 


4. American Micronic 1500 Watts Pressure Washer


8 Best Car Pressure Washer in India for Car Washing

American Micronic is one of the reputed and trusted brands in this niche of vacuum cleaners and pressure washers. The quality and efficiency of this washer machine make your cleaning time effortless and minimum possible duration. 

This machine comes with ample space and saving ergonomic design with wheels and flooding handles, moving the machines is a child play. The fighting of the machines offers hassle-free mechanisms and thus plenty of time while cleaning.It comes with a 1500W powerful motor that generates a maximum of 120 bars of pressure with a superb flow of 390I/hr. Buy pressure washers online at low price in India at Rs. 7886. 


  • This motor comes with an auto stop system which along with IPX5 water protection class. 

  • It helps to save water and power consumption that also increase the lifespan of the motor. 

  • One of this washer’s advantages is that it can use water up to a maximum temperature of 50-degree celsius. 

  • It comes with 1500W power with a flow rate of 390 l/l and pressure of 120 bar that provides a great cleaning experience. 

  • It comes with a multi-function nozzle that is designed for providing different cleaning jobs. 


  • This machine comes with all standard user manual and accessories like spray guns and other accessories. 

  • It takes up to 5 minutes to wash a two-wheeler and up to 10 minutes for a four-wheeler on a regular day. 


  • Does not have a soap dispenser. 


5. Bosch AQT  Home and Car Washer


8 Best Car Pressure Washer in India for Car Washing

This machine comes with beastly washing powers. It is one of the best-pressure washer brands in India and one of the leading online eCommerce sites. This Bosch pressure washer does not come with a space-saving design but its running rubber wheels make it easily portable equipment to clean all outdoors and even indoor spaces like a bathroom or kitchen floors. 

It comes with flow rates of 350I/hr, and an intensely powerful 1500W motor creates a maximum pressure of 120 bars. It is effortless to connect accessories and three in one nozzle. The three in one nozzle helps to reach the unreachable areas for a professional-looking cleaning experience.  You can Buy Car pressure washer in India online through Amazon, Flipkart and from other leading E-commerce websites. 


  • It comes with a 5-meter length of power cable, and the hose enhances to reach crevices shine like new. 

  • It is equipped with a powerful gun and soap dispenser and other needed accessories. 

  • It is one of the best Pressure washers for your cars and motorcycles 


  • Comes with the pressure washer is capable of taking care of both your light and heavy cleaning needs. 

  • Comes with a water filter for efficient cleaning. 


  • Has no tap connection with kitty. 


6. KARCHER 1400 Watt High-Pressure Home and Car Washer


8 Best Car Pressure Washer in India for Car Washing

This pressure washer is a machine too, not for taking care of all cleaning needs and all those annoying jobs that take time and procrastinating. It is redesigned into a walker and fantastic model, it comes with wheels and telescopic handles, allowing easy mobility.  Th also has an onboard storage compartment to store all parts and accessories of it. 

It has 1400 watts power that can generate a water pressure of maximum 120 bars. A practical, resilient place body plays a significant role in protecting the motor and the nozzle for enhanced durability. This pressure washer machine comes with a safety valve that blocks any pressure load on the machine and it's the best High pressure washer to clean car 


  • All in one compact machine with 6M long high-pressure hose to cover more area. 

  • Comes with a special injector detergent as one of the best applications of low-pressure detergent mode. 


  • Comes all standard accessories

  • The gun of these washer machines makes cleaning more fun and hassle-free. 


  • None. 


7. iBELL Wind 1900-Watt Home and Car Pressure


8 Best Car Pressure Washer in India for Car Washing

This iBell Wind induction motor 1900 Watts home and car pressure is the best time-saving machine we got on the list. It helps clean the dirt, dust, grime and other tough stains to keep the cleaning job easy. This iBell pressure washer comes with an induction motor with 1900 W having high pressure of 150Bar. It has powerful tools and gardening tools with itself. It is the best induction pressure washer in India. 

iBell is one of the Indian multinational companies dealing with various consumer goods, including power tools and household appliances. 


  • It comes with the sturdy wheels that make it a portable device. 

  • It comes with 5 meters hose length and wheeled chassis for easy movement. 

  • Comes with auto stop function for prolonged motor life. 


  • Its fan jet nozzle allows you to clean outdoor furniture. 

  • Very easy to handle and comes with quick-connect fitting. 


  • None. 


8. Vantro High-Pressure Washer with Induction Motor


8 Best Car Pressure Washer in India for Car Washing

It is made with 100% copper induction motors. It comes with a powerful PCB and durable ABS plastic that allows you to use the pressure washer for longer durability. It has a powerful 1800 Watt induction motor that generates 135 Bar, Vantro high-pressure washer and ideal or quick and easy removal of dirt. 

The brand is known for innovative ideas that transform them into creative products with a sense of style. All of their products are constructed to provide the utmost satisfaction when using the products. The copper induction motor generates less heat and requires less power for generating higher power as compared to others.  


  • It comes with a less noise operation system with the help of a powerful pump. 

  • Comes with advanced Total Stop System technology that enables automatic shutting off when the trigger is not in use. 

  • Vantro pump pressure washer is the best for car washing. 


  • Comes with dual-purpose suction for efficiently cleaning tasks. 

  • Best for removing insect splats from cars, grease deposit from concrete. 


  • None. 


How Pressure Washers Works 

Usually, you require an electrical pump to force water at high pressure through a concentrating nozzle to blast away the grime and dust from crevices, kitchen and bathroom tiles, BBQ grilles, car mudguards, and so on.

You can also use these washers to clean outdoor furniture. It can amaze you that you can do the cleaning job in minutes. Using a mop and brush would have taken hours to do the same job, but with a lesser degree of efficiency. Instead of an electric motor, you can also use a gas-powered engine. It depends on the usage.


Are There Any Potential Risks in Using Them? 

Yes, these pressure washers deliver water at a very high pressure in the range of 100 to 130 bars which is quite enough to cause a serious injury. It is advisable to use the appliance very carefully and you need to practice  a bit to handle the appliance. 

A mis spray can smash a glass window within no time. It also can cause injuries to other people in the vicinity. Always start to use the sma;ller nozzle, the higher is the pressure and the force.  It is very important to handle this appliance with care. 



This is all about India’s best car pressure washer; these above mentioned are the best available in the market with the best pressure washer pumps. They help in effective cleaning and also come within affordable price ranges. It is very important to choose the best quality products and the best brand available in the market. 

The nozzles in this pressure washer machines play a major role in different sizes for high and low pressure. Almost all appliances come with replaceable nozzles. 

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Questions You May Have 


Q. What is the best psi for washing cars?

PSI between 1200-1900 is safe and best for cars. Choosing the right pressure washer setting is very important. 

Q. What is the best car washer?

All the above mentioned are the best for car washers, but Karcher brands car washers are best available in the market. 

Q. Which is the best pressure washer in India

Bosch and Vantro car washer in India is the best currently. They are one of the best commercial pressure washers in India. 


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