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A good gadget is always not pricey, this means there are certain electronics products which are worth and comes at a very reasonable cost. Let it be clear more with a statement, it not always necessary that only an expensive will always be better than a budget phone. Or, it cannot have the same features or lack in any aspect from the costly phone. Same goes to gadgets, there is an ample number of best gadgets under 1000 budget that we need a lot but we unsee them thinking they might be costlier. So, if you are trying to figure out a list of gadgets that are under your budget yet interesting, then you’re on the right page. With lots of research, I had prepared a list of top 10 gadgets available online under Rs.1,000. Amazon discount offers can make you score a discount on the latest gadgets.

1. Cup Warmer: To keep your Coffee, Tea, and Milk Hot

Do you often forget to drink your coffee or tea and it lefts un-drunk because you’re busy with your work? And you’re too lazy to get up and rewarm it again.? If I say your cup of tea or coffee can rewarm again on your desk? I know you must get excited and wondering how? Well, this can happen with a USB cup warmer, and it’s shaped round. All you need to do is to plug it in any USB enabled device like computer or laptop, and place your cup(ceramic) filled with tea, coffee or any other beverages and can have a warm drink whenever you like. Moreover, this gadget comes at a very handy price and available on numerous sites including Amazon.



Main Highlights

  • Keep your drinks warm with the USB cup charger

  • Simply hooks up to the USB enabled device

  • Keeps your beverage temperature in between 40 to 60-degree Celsius




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2. Egg Boiler- Instant Egg Boiler and Food Steamer

Hate having cracked, soggy eggs in breakfast? Boil them perfectly, without any fuss in an electric egg boiler which is also enough good to steam up your veggies. It is able to boil eggs up to 7 with utmost perfection in one time. This egg cooker is a life savior for who loves egg. It is the new innovative product which is available on numerous online websites including Amazon, Flipkart at very affordable rates. This multipurpose boiler can be used for making your favorite momos, steaming up the veggies and more.




Key Features

  • Can boil up to 7 eggs in one go.

  • Indicator switch light which blows on the completion of boiling.

  • Can be used as a food steamer.

  • Unbreakable Crystal Clear Top Cover.

  • Double Thermal Protection for Safe Application.




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3. Screen Magnifier- For the Decent Viewing Experience

Don’t like to take bother of carrying large smartphones but like to watch videos and movies on the larger screen while traveling? Here’s the role of screen magnifier comes in. Simply slide it on your phone when you want to watch something and enjoy your favorite movie or video at the larger screen. Also, screen magnifier is very compatible and portable to carry around wherever you’re going.



Matchless Features of Screen Magnifier

  • Compatible with most of the smartphones and tablet.

  • Enlarges the smartphone screen 2 to 4 times.

  • Perfect alternative for alleviating the inconvenience and visual fatigue.




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4. All-in-One Travel Universal Adapter- For the Hassle Free Charging

No matter where you’re traveling in all over the world, this universal adapter will help to charge your devices. This universal adapter works regardless of what kind of socket in your room has. As long as you have electricity supply, and a charger, this adapter is going to work for you. This all-in-one travel universal in more than 150 countries including US, UK, EU, China, and more. It works with iPad, iPhone, Galaxy phone, laptop, camera and more.



Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for equipment with ungrounding plugs(2 pole).

  • Get connected in more than 150 countries worldwide.

  • Equipped with built-in safety shutters.

  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Galaxy phones, laptop, cameras.




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5. LED Light with USB Power Bank- One Stop Solution for the Electricity Outage

Imagine your home get suddenly filled up with darkness due to electricity outage. Now, you will use your mobile phone’s flashlight, what if it is too low on battery. Don’t worry, you have a solution right here for emergency light which can also act as a battery bank. This means with a single device you can lighten your home and can charge your phone as well. So, go spend money less than Rs.1,000 to buy this magnetic base LED lamp which can also be used as an emergency power bank for your USB devices.



Main Features

  • Advantages of using LED light with USB Power bank.

  • Can charge up your USB devices.

  • Perfect for lighting up your home in the electricity outage.

  • Equipped with a lithium-ion battery.




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6. 4-in 1 OTG Card Reader- One for all

The 4-in 1 OTG card reader comes with four ports including a lighting connector for iOS devices, Type C port, micro USB port for Android devices and Type C port. This gadget is compatible with all major mobile devices including iPhone, with its four interfaces. Micro USB connector is for Android devices; USB connector is for computers/Macs; Type-C connector is for lightning devices. It helps you in managing data directly including playback videos, music, images back, documents and more.

Main features of 4-in 1 OTG card reader

  • Lightweight and portable.

  • Amazing data reading and writing speed.

  • Lightning connector is included for iPhone devices.

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7. Optical Zoom Kit - For the More Clear Pictures with the Smartphone

Now click far-off objects with your mobile phone camera even without losing any minute detail. Capture your favorite moments at live events, concerts, sports matches, adventure trips as like you take selfies. A clip-on optical zoom is all you need to have for the perfect & flawless pictures. You can buy Optical zoom kit from the online websites like Amazon, Flipkart and more in below Rs.1000.



Highlights of Optical Zoom kit

  • 8X lens kit is a perfect fit for all smartphones.

  • Best use for live events, concerts, sports, adventure, and birthday parties.

  • Compatible with most of the smartphone brands including iPhone, iOS, Samsung, Sony, Htc, Lg, Google Nexus and more.




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8. Car Power- Charge your Devices while traveling

As the name suggests, Car power is the ultimate solution for charging your mobile phone while you’re driving. Most of the car powers come with five USB ports this means two ports serve the front passengers and three ports are for the passengers sitting at the back. This device is compatible with all android, iOS, windows phone. Moreover, you can also use this device for charging your fitness bands, power banks, and digital cameras.



Key Features of Car power

  • Compatible with all smartphones including Android, iOS, and windows.

  • Can be used to charge fitness bands, power banks, digital cameras.

  • Comes with 5 USB ports that multiple devices can be charged at once.



9. Power Banks Upto 13000 mAh- Chat even on low battery

Power banks are very useful when you have to charge your phone when electricity is not around you. Even, Power banks support fast charging because they are high powered devices. You can recharge the power banks by attaching to any USB port. In short, it is such an electronic device which gives the freedom to use the smartphone without worrying about its battery. So, no more trouble while chatting on battery down condition. Travel without worrying about charging point or phone’s battery. You can find Power banks up to 1300 mAh of brands like Mi, Intex, Lenovo, Syska, Samsung on online websites that too under Rs.1000.



Advantages of using Power Banks

  • Faster charging as these are high powered devices

  • Can be recharged easily by attaching to any USB port

  • Power banks always give freedom to use the smartphone without worrying about the battery drainage




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10. Bluetooth Speakers- For the Amazing Music

You won’t believe that in less than Rs.1000 you can buy Bluetooth speakers of the brand like Boat. One of the main advantages of Bluetooth compatible speakers is they’re portable. This means you can have your own music system wherever you want. Most of the speakers are dust and water resistant so fits best for outdoorsy lifestyle. Buy one and take it with you when camping, cycling, drifting, hiking, drifting and more. These portable speakers can be paired with all types of devices that use Bluetooth technology. You can buy them from Amazon websites at very pocket-friendly prices.



Main Features of Bluetooth Speakers

  • Produces a very decent amount of bass

  • Can be paired with any device which posses Bluetooth technology

  • Perfect to carry on outdoor locations



Note: If you’re looking for the best budget headphones under Rs.500, then check out this article.


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Discounts, offers, deals, cashback, home delivery are some awesome perks of online shopping that we all enjoy. So, buy the above-given best gadgets under 1000 from online stores and make your shopping a budget-friendly affair. All the products aforementioned can definitely make your everyday life easier and can add a lot more fun.


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