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Gadgets always attract us to themselves, and why should they not? They are helping us in many ways in our everyday life, from waking us up in the morning to going to the bed at night. We use gadgets in almost everything that we do. Imagine a day in your life without any gadgets, including your mobile phone, could you? Nor me, either.

When discussing gadgets, we think about the cheaper or affordable devices we can easily buy without stretching your budget. Is it not so? Well, indeed, we often crave new gadgets, but when it comes to buying them, most of us become hesitant, and that is because of the price tags that come with those gadgets.

And this is where I thought to research and find out some of the best and worth-having gadgets under ₹500.

If you are looking to buy some new and cool gadgets but are thinking about what to get or not, worry not because in this article, we got you covered.

Read the article till the end and explore the best gadgets under just 500 rupees!

Best Gadgets Under 500

List of 11 Best Gadgets Under 500 Rupees

Here, this list contains the best gadgets under 500 rupees!


Price, in INR

Universal Mobile Holder


Touchscreen Mobile-Friendly Gloves


Phone Charger Cord Protector


Webcam Cover


Smart Water Bottle with LED Temprature Display


2-in-1 Laptop and Mobile Stand


Automatic Wireless Water Can Dispenser Pump


Portable USB LED Mini Tubelight


Multi-Function Electronics Cleaner Toolkit


Portable Re-Writtable Writing Pad


Gadget Disinfect Wipes


1. Universal Mobile Holder, ₹127

We cannot deny that almost everyone, except newborns, owns a mobile phone because it is one of the necessities of life. And this is the reason this beneficial yet super inexpensive device, Universal Mobile Holder, tops our list of the best gadgets under 500 rupees.

This Universal Mobile Holder, which comes at a price of ₹127, would be helpful for everyone. It will not only help us hold our mobile phones but also add to the beauty of our study table at our residence or the worktable of our office.

Now you do not need to worry about where to keep your mobile phone if and when your desk is cluttered; let this fantastic mobile phone holder make the job easier.


Can we not resist using our mobile phones even when this chilling winter makes our hands freeze? Well, most probably, not. And at the same time, our touchscreen mobile phones do not work when our gloves are on.

But now, we do not need to worry anymore because Touchscreen Mobile-Friendly gloves are here to give all of us a favor. We can now smoothly use our mobile phones with our gloves on while keeping our hands from getting frozen at the same time.

Is it not something we have wanted to get for so long now? And finally, there is no more need to wait, and we got the power to use our mobile phones with our gloves on. Hurray! Its importance in life earned it the 2nd spot on the best gadgets under the 500 rupees list.


It is another one of the best gadgets under 500 rupees on this list. As the name suggests, this gadget helps keep our phone charger cord safe from getting bent and damaged.

It is one of the most beneficial things every working professional should have with themselves. Why am I saying this? The reason behind this is that all working in a profession keep their mobile chargers in their backpacks all the time.

And by being kept in the backpack for a couple of hours every day, the cord of the phone charger tends to bend. Then stop working smoothly and starts giving issues while charging our mobile phone as often the cord wire breaks from the end.

This is where The Phone Charger Cord Protector comes into play. It prevents the wire cord from breaking from their ends.


Those for whom privacy is their topmost priority and owning a laptop cannot afford not to have this Webcam Cover to cover the webcam.

Having this on their systems will keep them on the safer side so that their privacy can be maintained.

Believe it or not, we are being recorded and heard 24 by 7, so it is always better to do our best to protect our privacy. Here, I would like to refer to the famous quote from George Orwell’s Dystopian Novel 1984: “Big Brother is watching you.”

Also, Webcam Cover not only help to maintain privacy but it keeps our webcam clean from the dust particles that damage it and can further hamper its performance.


This Smart Water Bottle is made so that it can be used in both winter and summer. Its LED temperature feature helps us know the temperature of the liquid inside the water.

During the winter, you can carry warm water above 42 degrees Celsius, and this bottle will keep the water hot for upto 6 hours. And during the summer, you can have cold water below 10 degrees celsius in the bottle, which will remain cold for upto 5 hours. These feature of the water Bottle made it one of the best gadgets to buy under 500 rupees.

So whether it is chilling cold or the burning summer afternoon, this bottle can give you pleasure in quenching your thirst in both situations.


2-in-1 Lapton and Mobile stand are beneficial for students and the ones working in the corporate sector.

It is a premium quality product with an anti-skid feature that keeps your laptop and phone stable. It has been designed to keep the safety of users’ eyes and help them maintain correct and safe posture while using it. 

Its mobile holder is suitable for all touchscreen phones, and the laptop stand supports laptops of upto 15.6 inches.

So if you are looking for a great deal at an affordable cost, this two-in-one laptop and mobile stand can be one of the best gadgets to have for under 500 rupees.


Now you can say no to the effort of lifting the weight of heavy camps to get water out of them because this Automatic Wireless Water Can Dispenser Pump is capable enough to dispense water out of those pumps in a single finger tap without you required to lift them.

It is exceptionally beneficial for children and old-age people for whom it is not easy or possible to lift the water can up every time they have to drink water.

This incredible gadget is effortless and safe to use, even for children, as it comes with a waterproof silicon-capped button.

If you are looking to gift something to your grandparents or children, consider gifting them this Automatic Wireless Water Can Dispenser. It will make your children feel safe and happy, and your grandparents will give you their blessings.

Also, this is the most innovative gadget that you can buy under 500 rupees.


There are still many who do not have inverters in their home and sudden electricity outage may create a trouble in their homes. So, having this Portable USB LED Mini Tubelight can be beneficial in such conditions.

Though it will not be that beneficial as the inverters but still, something is better than nothing. Also, using this USB tubelights is good for the environment, too because if you use thi then you will no longer be required to use matchsticks to light candles and kareosene lamp during the electricity outage.

And one more benefits of having this USB LED Mini Tubelight is that it is portable so you can take it anywhere you feel like.

In case someday you plan to go for camping, you must not forget to take this USB LED Mini Tubelight with you, as it will help you at night.


There are many gadgets that we carry every day with us such as mobile, earphone, smartwatch, laptop, etc. but we rarely clean them. And when we clean it, we do not clean them properly and that is because we are not able to do the same.

This Multi-Function Electronics Clener Toolkit enables us to clean our gadgets, especially the aforementioned ones, with ease.

Along with the gadgets that I have mentioned above, this cleaner toolkit can also clean our keyboard, etc.

Using this toolkit, we can often clean our gadgets and make them more durable and long lasting, because clean gadgets tend to be more durable and gives us a long time usability.


If you are in the haunt for something useful to gift children then this portable re-writting writing pad can be one of the best things you will find at affordable price.

This portable writing pad is like a digital slate using which children and  even adults can write anything and at any time. This slate features an one-touch button that allows the user erase  whatever they have written or drafted on the slate.

And in my opinion, I think it is safe for children who are in their nursery of similar classes because they are not required to use cholks to write on the slate as it comes with its pen. So, the children’s guardian are no longer required to be worried about their children eating cholks and doing harm to their health.

If you are looking for safest gadget to buy under 300 rupees for children then this can be the best choice for you.


Like the Multi-Function Electronics Cleaner Toolkit that we discussed above, these Gadget Disinfect Wipes also helps us to keep our electronics such as mobiles, laptops, television, etc. clean.

These wipes are non-alchoholic products that are made to disinfect many other gadgets that we uses every day.

It helps us maintain our gadgets’ hygiene and keep them safe to use, which ultimately keeps us same. Becasuse the more clean products we use in our daily life the less chances are there for us to get in contact with any harmful bacteria.

Each packet contains 90 wipes that costs you only 299 rupees.


We are all fond of gadgets, and they are everywhere around us. And here, we discussed and learnt about some of the best gadgets under 500 rupees. You can either buy this for your personal use or buy these products to gift someone, as per your requirement and convenience.


Q. What is the best gadget to buy under 500 rupees?

Under 500 rupees, you can get a good few gadgets such as touchscreen mobile-friendly gloves, 2-in-1 laptop and mobile stand, webcam cover, universal mobile holder, etc.

Q. What are some useful gadgets to buy under 500 rupees?

Answer to this question depends on what you need the most at the moment. For me, it would be touchscreen mobile-friendly gloves that costs only 199 rupees because it will enable me to use my mobile phone without needing me to remove my gloves in this chilling winter.

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