Amazon Pay Bharat Gas Booking Launched For All Users

Now book your Bharat Gas Cylinder from Amazon and pay via Amazon Pay.

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  • UPDATED ON: 18 Nov 2019

Amazon, the saver for all the users, is back with another amazing surprise for all the users, be it new or existing. Now via Amazon Pay, you can pay your amount for a fresh booking of a Bharat Gas LPG Cylinder.

Your problem is solved by Amazon as you can pay online and get your Bharat Gas LPG Cylinders at home with no hassle. Recently, Amazon movie ticket booking feature was also launched on its app.

Amazon Pay Bharat Gas Booking

You can pay the amount with Amazon App or Web. Currently, this service is available only for Bharat Gas LPG Cylinders. Amazon is one of the most trusted apps in India, and while booking a Cylinder for your home, you have to trust Amazon as all trust it.

Now you don't have to worry about the cash when your Cylinder comes home as via Amazon Pay, and you can pay online.

Also, if you want to know more about Amazon Pay Recharge offers click on the link.

How To Pay For Your Bharat Gas Cylinder Through Amazon Pay?

  • Go to Amazon App

  • Log in to your Id or create one

  • Go to Amazon Pay

  • Click on the Bharatgas Cylinder banner

  • Then, enter your registered mobile number or LPG ID

  • In the next step, pay for an active booking or create one.

  • The gas provider will send you the booking ID

  • You will receive your Gas Cylinder from the distributor at your home.

Why Pay On

There is always a question for everyone that why do people need to pay on Amazon, but here we are answering your questions so that you are clear before you pay on

  1. You do not have to call or SMS for your payment.

  2. There will be no convenience fee

  3. You do not have to look for exact change.

Kitchen Safety Tips After Booking Through Amazon Pay

Here you have to follow these simple tips for you and your kitchen safety as safety is more important than anything else.

  • Do not accept the Cylinders without the safety seal and safety cap.

  • Make sure you keep your LPG Cylinder in an upright position.

  • Don’t change your Cylinder near sources of ignition.

  • If you are not using your Cylinder, then make sure that you turn off the regulator while leaving home or not using it.

  • Hold a lighted match-stick over the burner and then turn on the knob.

  • In case you smell LPG call the emergency helpline number 1906.

Here is all about the newly launched Amazon Pay Bharat Gas Cylinder booking launch. Now you do not have to wait for your Cylinders at home as once it is booked with Amazon Pay, and you will know the exact time and date of the delivery.


Q1. Can we book Bharat gas online?

A1. Yes! You can now book your Bharat Gas Online via Amazon and pay the amount through Amazon Pay.

Q2. How can I change my Bharat Gas registration number?

A2. To change your Bharat Gas registration number, you have to dial the IVRS number from the registered mobile number and then select the option 'Change of Personal Registration Number.' The next step for you is press 1 to cancel your Registered Personal Number.

Q3. How can I change my Bharat Gas distributor?

A3. Approach your current Bharat Gas distributor with your domestic gas consumer card booklet, Scalar Value (SV), LPG cylinder, and pressure regulator. Surrender your LPG cylinder and pressure regulator along with the SV, and the distributor will process a Termination Voucher

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