Amazon Pay Offer On Bharat Gas Cylinder Get Flat Rs. 50 Cashback

Now book your Bharat Gas Cylinder from Amazon and pay via Amazon Pay.

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Amazon, the saver for all the users, is back with another fantastic surprise for all the users, be it new or existing. Now via Amazon Pay Offer on Bharat Gas Cylinder, you can pay your amount for a fresh booking of Bharat Gas LPG cylinders. So, you can make the BillPayments-LPG Cylinder Payment - Amazon. in online payment to get the BillPayments-LPG Cylinder Payment - Amazon. in.

Amazon solves your problem as you can pay online and get your Bharat Gas LPG Cylinders at home with no hassle. Recently, the Amazon movie ticket booking feature was also launched on its app, and if you want to know more about it, then CLICK HERE. 

Amazon Pay Bharat Gas Booking

You can pay the amount with Amazon App or Web. Currently, this service is available only for Bharat Gas LPG Cylinders. Amazon is one of India's most trusted apps, and while booking a Cylinder for your home, you have to trust Amazon as all trust it. 

Now you don't have to worry about the cash when your Cylinder comes home via Amazon Pay Offer on Bharat Gas Cylinder, and you can pay online.

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Bharat Gas LPG cylinder Amazon offer

If you are booking your Bharat Gas Cylinder from Amazon Pay, you can get Bharat Gas Cashback Offer: Get Flat Rs.50 Cashback. The Bharat Gas Cashback Offer is valid only on the 1st Bharat Gas Cylinder Payment. 

  • The Bharat Gas cylinder Rs. 50 Cashback with Amazon Pay Booking offer is valid once per Amazon user. 
  • Only Amazon-selected users to whom the offer is shown are eligible for this cashback offer.
  • The cashback will get back to you within three working days after your payment is completed.
  • The Amazon Gas Offer [2021]: Get Rs 50 back on Cylinder Booking is valid till 1st April 2021

Amazon Pay LPG Gas Cylinder Offer

NOTE: LPG refills can only get booked 14 days after delivery of your last refill. Temporary measure during the lockdown

Here is another Flat ₹50 Cashback on 1st ever LPG Gas Cylinder payment adding to the list in which you can get flat Rs—50 cashback on the month's 1st LPG gas cylinder payment. The offer is valid for a limited period only. Now you can pay the insurance premium on Amazon. The e-commerce company has added one feature under its utility payments service, and if you want to know more about it, then CLICK HERE. 

  • Only select customers to whom the offer is shown are eligible for this offer.
  • The Bharat Gas Amazon Pay Offer is valid once per user.
  • The offer is valid on a minimum bill value of Rs. 500
  • The Amazon Pay Offer is valid till 1st April 2021
  • You will receive your cashback within three business days of completing your payment. 


How To Pay For Your Bharat Gas Cylinder Through Amazon Pay?

  • Go to Amazon App

  • Log in to your Id or create one.

  • Go to Amazon Pay

  • Click on the Bharatgas Cylinder banner.

  • Do the Bharat gas login.

  • Then, enter your registered mobile number or LPG ID.

  • In the next step, pay for an active booking or create one. 

  • The gas provider will send you the booking ID.

  • You will receive your Amazon Bharat gas booking offer from the distributor at your home. 



Why Pay On Amazon India?

There is always a question for everyone that why do people need to pay on Amazon? But here we are, answering your questions so that you are clear before you pay on Amazon. 

  1. You do not have to call or SMS for your payment.

  2. There will be no convenience fee.

  3. You do not have to look for exact change. 

Kitchen Safety Tips After Booking Through Amazon Pay

Here you have to follow these simple tips for you and your kitchen safety as safety is more important than anything else. 

  • Do not accept the Cylinders without the safety seal and safety cap. 

  • Make sure you keep your LPG Cylinder in an upright position.

  • Don't change your Cylinder near sources of ignition. 

  • If you are not using your Cylinder, then make sure that you turn off the regulator while leaving home or not using it. 

  • Hold a lighted match-stick over the burner and then turn on the knob.

  • In case you smell LPG call the emergency helpline number 1906.

  • You can use the Bharat gas customer care 1800 22 4344 for any query.

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Bharat Gas Subsidy

The central government has launched the ability to directly give the subsidy amount to the bank account of the receiver of the PAHAL DBTL scheme. There are two different ways in which the subsidy amount is conveyed into the receiver's bank account.

  1. Via the Aadhaar card
  2. Without the Aadhaar card

Check Bharat Gas Subsidy Status Online

  • If you get Bharat Gas, to verify the registration status, you will have to visit the official website of Bharat Gas.
  • Then you have to click on the tab ‘My LPG.’
  • Then click on the ‘Check PAHAL status’ tab.
  • You will then have to give details of your Aadhaar card number, 17 digit LPG ID, and mobile number.
  • You can also pick an added title if they do not have an Aadhaar number wherein you will need to present details regarding your state, district, distributor, and consumer number.
  • Once you click the ‘proceed’ button, your status will be given.

Where Can You Find The LPG ID?

You can find your 17-digit LPG ID on your Domestic Gas Customer Card (DGSC) or Subscription Voucher (SV) that you strength have taken at the time of asking for a new joint or at the bottom of the payment memo/receipt. You can also communicate with your Bharat Gas LPG distributor or Bharat Gas at 1800224344 (toll-free number) to know your present LPG ID.

Will the subsidy rate be implemented at the time of giving for the LPG cylinder?

If you are qualified for the government subsidy on the Bharat Gas LPG cylinder, it will get credited to your bank account by Bharat Gas within 2 working days. The amount you pay on Amazon when booking the Bharat Gas LPG cylinder does not cover this subsidy. In case you have not taken this subsidy, please contact your Bharat Gas LPG seller or Bharat Gas at 1800224344 for support.

Why is the price on the real bill separate from what I paid on Amazon?

The price of the Bharat Gas LPG cylinder changes each month. In case the price you spent for the Bharat Gas LPG cylinder is not meeting with the price on the real bill handed over to you by the delivery official, please pay the variation of amount/to get the variety of price from the delivery executive. 

For example, you have paid Rs. 750 on Amazon. However, the price on the physical bill you got at the time of delivery of the Bharat Gas LPG cylinder was Rs. 700. Then please accumulate the outstanding amount of Rs—50 from the delivery manager. In case you need further support with this, please reach to Bharat Gas at 1800224344.

When will I get my Bharat Gas LPG cylinder?

Once you have given for your Bharat Gas LPG cylinder booking on Amazon, please communicate to your Bharat Gas LPG publisher to know when they can surrender the Bharat Gas LPG cylinder. It can take up to 7 days for the Bharat Gas LPG cylinder to get given. For further details, please communicate with your LPG distributor or Bharat Gas at 1800224344 (toll-free number) for help.

Can I remove my Bharat Gas LPG cylinder pay for a return?

Currently, Bharat Gas does not permit the removal of cash made for the Bharat Gas LPG cylinder's online booking made through Amazon. Please communicate with your Bharat Gas LPG distributor or Bharat Gas at 1800224344 (toll-free number) to support cancellation inquiries.

Amazon Pay Will Manage Your Amazon Account Information

If you previously have an Amazon account and buy stuff from Amazon through the equivalent, Amazon Pay will be using the knowledge from that account.

It means that you require not to enter all your data, be it the name, shipping address, or card-related features. How many times did you feel angry when the site you have been shopping from asked you to enter amounts of information ere you could put an order or pay bills?

Now with Amazon Pay, all those problems and long checkout methods are histories. Your online purchasing is just a few clicks away. What is even more exciting about the Amazon Pay account is getting magnificent Amazon Pay proposals and cashback when you utilize it! You can also pair it with other Amazon transactions and get additional discounts.

Why Should You Use Amazon Pay?

There are more numerous than one advantage of using the account. You can encounter Instant Checkout when you use this Pay account. It doesn't even ask you to register any OTP or banking passwords. 

You benefit from Balance Tracking, which makes it more comfortable for you to find out how much you have been paying. You can do that by directly checking the balance statement section under your account. You can also experience quicker payments. 

If you are replacing any item purchased via this account, the payment will get credited to your account within 24 hours. So, is it not the most advanced and comfortable way to make your online payments.

Of course, you can also utilize them to make your social buying with the swipe of a finger.

More Safe Pay Opportunity

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You need not suffer anymore about your pay, signifying withdrawal or loss while you buy or sell things online.


Here is all about the newly launched Amazon Pay Bharat Gas Cylinder booking launch. Now you do not have to wait for your Cylinders at home as once it is booked with Amazon Pay, and you will know the exact time and date of the delivery. 


Q1. Can we book Bharat gas online?

A1. Yes! You can now book your Bharat Gas Online via Amazon and pay the amount through Amazon Pay. 

Q2. How can I change my Bharat Gas registration number?

A2. To change your Bharat Gas registration number, you have to dial the IVRS number from the registered mobile number and select the option 'Change of Personal Registration Number.' The next step for you is to press 1 to cancel your Registered Personal Number.

Q3. How can I change my Bharat Gas distributor?

A3. Approach your current Bharat Gas distributor with your domestic gas consumer card booklet, Scalar Value (SV), LPG cylinder, and pressure regulator. Surrender your LPG cylinder and pressure regulator along with the SV, and the distributor will process a Termination Voucher.