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If you are a person who has music all around and loves music so much that you want music to define your mood, even to the people who are calling you, then the caller tune is not a new thing for you. You must be an active caller tune user. And being a loyal Vodafone Idea customer, you must be well aware of the charms of a caller tune in your mobile phone. But still, if you wonder how to set caller tune in vi, then this article is just for you.

Caller tune is a tone or music played when someone calls you. So, whenever someone calls you, your mobile has a specific caller tune to make your phone call stand apart, and the other one enjoys your sense of music. If you haven't set any caller tune in your mobile phone until now and are a Vodafone customer, all you need to do is read the article till the end.

Here we will tell you how you can set the caller tune in your Vi sim and give a musical start to every conversation.

Also, click here to know how to set the caller tune in vi in the Hindi Language.

Vi Caller Tunes


How To Set Caller Tune In Vi For Free?

We all love to have our favourite music as our caller tune. And when you are a music lover, you wish to change your caller tune often or customise it according to the caller. Various service providers now provide caller tune facilities to their customers. But, Vodafone-idea is one such provider with varied services in this category.

There are various profile tunes in the app that may help you know how to set caller tune in vi free of cost . But for many others, all you need to have is a Vi caller tunes app.Vodafone provides caller tune via Vi Caller Tune app, Its website, and services like setting name tunes, profile tunes, and much more. 

So, if you wonder how I can set caller tune in vi, you need to have a Vodafone caller tune app. This app also helps in letting us set the caller tune according to the name, and as well as also set caller tune for profile statuses.

Let us see how to set caller tunes in the Vodafone idea.

How To Set Caller Tune Via Website?

You can set your Vi caller tune via the official website of the company- Vi

The following steps may help you set caller tune in vi.

  • Open the official Vodafone website.

  • Go to Vodafone caller tune service

  • You will be prompted to provide your registered Vodafone idea movie number

  • Put your mobile number; you will receive an OTP

  • Fill OTP and proceed.

  • You will get a list of options from varied genres to select your favourite Caller tune.

  • Select your caller tune

The selected caller tune will be set.

How To Set Caller Tune Via Vi Caller Tunes App?

Alternatively, if you are a smartphone user, you can download the VI caller tunes app, which will make things very easy for you.

If you wonder how to set caller tune in vi sim for free, the following steps need to be followed to set the caller tune in your Vodafone Idea number for free.

  • Download the Vi Caller Tunes App.

  • Install the app.

  • Log in using your registers Vi sim number

  • Go to the Home

  • Go to the trending list to see the trending caller tunes that are free

  • Choose from the list

  • Click on Set

  • Your caller tune gets activated

This is how to set caller tune in vi app.

You can download the app from the button below too.

Download App

Vi Caller Tunes App Special Recharge Plans

We have been discussing the ways and methods of how to set caller tune in vivo; we also need to understand that not all caller tunes are free. The caller tunes can be chosen for your callers by having some basic plans on your mobile packs. Vodafone Idea has special recharge plan packs available in its entertainment section where you can avail yourself of the special caller tune services with 28 days to 89 days validity.

These packs are priced at Rs.47 and Rs. 78, and can help you enjoy unlimited song change service for 28 dates and 89 days, respectively.

You can refer to the same in the table below.

Special Recharge Plans For VI Caller Tunes

S. No

Plan (Price)

Song Change Availability

Validity( Days)

Other Services Validity


Rs. 47

Unlimited Song Change


Not Available


Rs. 78

Unlimited Song Change


Not Available

Note- These recharge plans are subject to change with time, as per the company's discretion.

How To Set Name Tune In Vi?

A special and unique service is provided by the Vi Caller tune app that allows you to set the name tune in Vi sim and mobile number. We can easily set a name tune in which you can greet the callers calling you with the customised name caller tune like- ‘Thank you for calling -Your Name, You can wait for a while your call gets answered’., pre-set and recorded. This is an innovative way to have your customised caller tune.

If you wonder how to set custom caller tune in vi, follow these simple steps.:

  • Open your Vi Callertunes App.

  • Log in with your mobile number.

  • Open Home section

  • Go to the Name Tune section

  • Now Enter Your Name at the top and search

  • There will be a list of Vi Name Caller Tunes with your name, Pre-recorded

  • Choose and select the tune of your choice.

  • Select the set button.

  • Your customised caller tune gets set.

Now you can enjoy and flaunt your customised name tune as your new caller tune.

How To Set Profile Tunes In Vi ?

Vodafone Idea also offers the profile Tune option to its users in that they can set their profile status in the form of caller tunes. In this way, the subscribers can set free profile status tunes to let their callers know their status.

You can follow the following steps to set the profile tunes in Vi

  • Go to your Vi Callertunes App.

  • Log in with your mobile number.

  • Open Home section

  • Go to the Free profile tune section

  • There will be a list of pre-set profile statuses

  • Choose your status like- busy, cycling, driving, etc

  • Choose and select the tune of your choice.

  • Select the set button.

Now you will have your personalised profile tune to tell the world about your current status.

You can also Sync Caller Tunes with your calendar to automatically set the free Profile Tunes when you are in a meeting or any other event.

How To Deactivate Vi Caller Tune?

You have already learned how to set caller tune in vi India, but wonder how to deactivate it, then here are the few steps mentioned below to help you do that effortlessly and quickly.

You can deactivate the already chosen caller tunes and change them to a newer one by deactivating the existing ones. 

The steps to deactivate the caller tune are:

  • You can go to your messaging app

  • Create a text message- STOP

  • Sent it to the number - 155223

  • A reply message will come

  • The caller tune deactivation message will follow

By following the above steps, you will deactivate your caller tune.

So, this was all regarding the caller tune and their activation and deactivation in your Vi mobile phone.

Frequently asked Question

Q. Can I set free caller tune in vi?

A.You can set the caller tune for free via the caller tune app in Vi.

Q. How can I set my own caller tune?

A.There are different ways to set your caller tune. With the Vodafone idea, you can quickly and conveniently select your caller tune via the Callertune app.

Q. Is caller tune free in VI unlimited pack?

A.There are various unlimited plans. The details of every plan and pack differ and may change from time to time.

Q.How to set caller tune in vi app?

A.There is a Vi caller tunes app that allows you to choose and set your favourite caller tune.

Q.How to set caller tune in vivo?

A.You can set the caller tune of your wish in your vivo, vivo y11 by choosing and selecting it from the app or website of your telecom network services provider. The procedure to set caller tune in Vi is discussed above. Similarly, different service providers have various apps and steps to follow to set caller tunes on various mobile phones.

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