Valentines Day Gifts For Friends - Top 21 Picks for Your Bestie

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Looking to buy Valentine's Day Gifts for your bestie? Worry not as we are here to help you out.

In this article, we have mentioned our top picks for Valentine's Day Gifts For Friends. From our given list choose a unique gift for every type of friend. You can save on Valentine's gifts for your friends as well with the Valentine's Day offers. 

Valentine’s day is the day when we all celebrate love - Love among friends and families and Love between two lovers. Make this day of love more special by gifting special gifts to your special ones.

Top online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, FNP, IGP etc have already announced Valentine's Day offers for the occasion.

Valentines Day Gifts For Friends

Gifts For Besties On Valentines Day

Let us have a look at all the gift ideas for friends on Valentine's Day. These are some amazing options that you can never say no to. 

1. Yellow Rose Bouquet

Yellow roses are widely called symbols of friendship and most people offer them to each other to celebrate the love among good friends. The yellow rose gives a message of joy, caring, cheer,  and platonic affection to the people you are friends with. That is why giving yellow roses to your bestie on valentine’s day can surely make him/her feel special and happy. You can easily buy the bouquets from the market or you can order them from Fern N Petals

2. Selfie Stick 

With the growing selfie craze. A selfie stick can be a useful gift. You can find some really cool ones online. And with the Valentines day offers you can get discounts on all mobile accessories including Selfie sticks.

3. Fitness Band 

Fitness bands have become a trendy accessory. Gift your friend a fitness band. And you can get good discounts as well on Valentines Day. Popular brands like Mi, Intex, Fast track, Lenovo have some really good fitness bands at very affordable prices.

4. Order Food Online

Everyone has a friend who always has food on his mind, You can order food to please your friend on Valentines Day. Share a burger or any other favourite dish of his or her. Ordering your favourite food is possible with the click of a button and on Valentine's day, you can expect special offers on food as well.

5. Gym Bag and Sipper

In your friend circle, there is likely to be a friend who always talks about fitness. But his promise to join Gym has never been fulfilled. You can motivate him/her by gifting a cool sipper or Gym Bag. You can find some really good options online. And also the budget is not a concern.

6. Funkie T-Shirts

Funkie T-shirts are an in-thing. You can get one very easily. There is also an option to customize one as per your wish. Online sites like badtamees, chumbak, and happilyunmarried are a few sites that you can check.

7. Biker Key Chain

Everyone has that one friend who loves riding bikes and travelling to new places on their bikes. So get a special biker key chain for your biker friend, and make them feel appreciated. You can find these biker key chains on any online store easily.

8. Photo Frame

Do you have that friend who constantly keeps reminding you of past incidents and makes you laugh out loud? Then there is the perfect gift that you can give to this person and make them feel loved. all you have to do is to gift them a beautiful photo frame. In that frame, they can store their treasured memories and can see them every day to remind them of the past days of joy and happiness. 

9. Party Mug

Is there a friend of yours who has a party every other day at home? Well, there is something you should definitely gift this friend of yours. How about a party mug? Gift your party friends a party mug and whenever they use it during a party, they will remember you and all the great times you all spent together. 

10. Premium Pen 

Your friend loves writing and many pen down their thoughts regularly. You can find their stories or poems on various social media platforms, where they have shared their works for everyone to read. Maybe, they have written and published their works. This Valentines Day, gift a premium and designer pen to this friend of yours and appreciate their talents and hard work.

11. Travel Bag 

There are many people that love travelling and exploring new places. There might be few of your friends, who travel a lot and are always looking to discover a new destination. For these friends, you can get a strong and durable travelling bag, which they can use every time they plan to head out to a new location. 

12. Running Shoes

Everybody loves sports, but most of them only watch it on television. However, there are many people who have been actively involved in sports and are looking to get selected into their favourite side. If you have such a friend, then get a pair of running shoes for them. These shoes can be used at any time, during jogging, gym session or any practice session. You can find these shoes easily on multiple online stores. 

13. Indoor Plant

Everyone is concerned about the growing Climate Change problems, but we have many such friends who are actively involved in the safekeeping of the environment. Appreciate the great works and efforts of such a friend by giving them a beautiful plant for their room. The potted plants for indoors are readily available on various online sites. 

14. Doodle Marker

Every individual has an artist hidden in themselves. You would have seen some of your friends sketching or doodling in their notebooks during a class or an important meeting. They are oblivious to the things happening around them and are totally engrossed in perfecting their little piece of artwork. For such an artistic friend, you can gift a set of doodle markers to assist them in sketching even better doodles. 

15. Designed Pillows

Is there any friend of yours who loves to sleep? Are they stuck to their beds for the most part of the day? weel, there is something you can gift such a friend, who has been with you through thick and thin. Gift a personalized soft cushion or pillow. You can add images or quotes on the pillow design according to what you have in mind. 

16. Office Bags

You might have that friend who works late at his or her office, who take office work wherever they go. They are ambitious and dedicated to their work and are equally dedicated to their friendships. For such great friends, you can gift an office sling bag, which they can carry everywhere and also carry with them the important office items carefully.

17. Aviator Glasses

We all have that friend who loves to wear the latest designer eyewear and keeps adding a new one to their tally regularly. Surprise this friend of yours with an extremely stylish pair of aviator glasses that you can purchase easily online at very affordable prices. 

18. Bluetooth Speakers

Something that every music lover wants to own is a Bluetooth speaker. This amazing piece of technology is very portable and very convenient. It is available at very affordable prices from some of the most sought after brands. Give this to your friend and make them known how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

19. Premium Notebooks

Do you have that friend who always carries around a notebook in a bag, ready to jot down anything worth remembering? Be it a simple note or a reminder, they will always be ready to write it down in little notebooks. For such a friend that you have, gift them a beautifully designed notebook, that very readily available everywhere.

20. Coffee Mugs

If your friend is a fan of coffee, then there is the perfect gift that you need to give. It is a personalized coffee mug, designed with either a picture of your friend or a group picture of your last outing. You can easily get it designed online at budget-friendly rates.

21. Bestselling Books

Books are the best way to explore new aspects of life. If you have a friend who can be categorized as a bookworm, make them feel special by gifting them an amazing book that you can purchase very easily at discounted rates online. 


I hope you have got all the information regarding Valentines Day Gifts For Friends. This Valentine’s Day, make your friends feel special as well. Get some really cool gifts to say them how much you care. Don’t worry about the budget as you can get great deals online to save on unique Valentine’s Gifts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Can I Buy Valentine's Day Gifts?

A. You can buy valentine's day gifts online from websites such as FNP, Floweraura, Amazon, and Flipkart among others. 

Q. Where Can I Buy Valentine's Gifts on Budget?

A. Leading online shopping sites have come up with Valentine's Day offers. You can buy the best valentine's gifts online at very affordable prices on Amazon, Flipkart, and FNP among others.

Q. How to save money on Valentine's Day Gifts?

A. Save on the valentine's day gifts with the best online offers. The top websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, FNP, and IGP have come with offers on Valentine's Day Gifts.

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