How to Cancel UberEats Order

The cancellation option is available in order tracking menu on Uber Eats app. Once an order is confirmed, you can contact Uber Eats customer care to cancel the order.

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There are situations when we order food online only to realize that we will not be able to receive the order. Or due to some other reason, we need to cancel the order. To deal with such a situation, you need to know how to cancel the order.

If you cancel the order at the right time you get a full refund. Today, I will tell you how to cancel Uber Eats order.  It can be helpful if you order the wrong items or forget to change the delivery address. 

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Steps to Cancel Uber Eats Order

  • Tap the receipt icon found on the bottom menu bar

  • Tap "CANCEL ORDER" at the bottom of the order tracking screen

  • Confirm the request by tapping "CANCEL ORDER" again in the confirmation screen



You can cancel an order before the restaurant has confirmed it. In such a scenario, you can cancel order yourself and a refund will be issued. The option is available in the cancel order section. In case the order is confirmed you will not see the cancellation button.

In such a situation immediately contact the customer support team to cancel your order to get a partial refund. Recently, I canceled an order because I forgot to use the Uber eats promo code. It was not confirmed so cancellation was quick and easy.

Uber Eats Order Cancellation Policy

Uber Eats cancellation policy depends on your order status. If the order is canceled before confirmed by the restaurant, you will receive a full refund. If an order is canceled after it is accepted by the restaurant, only a partial refund is issued.

So after placing your order, quickly check the status if you have any doubt, you can cancel your order before it is accepted by the restaurant.

Uber Eats Customer Care

You can also contact the customer service in case of incorrect food or missing items. Find the customer support number from UberEats app. You can also try and reach out to the restaurant for order cancellation.

While ordering food online is hassle-free sometimes it also gets you in trouble. There are situations where we want to cancel an order seperately. You can cancel an order by reaching out to customer care.

Once an order is confirmed by the restaurant you can cancel it in such case cancellation charges will be deducted from the refund amount. The cancellation charges will vary from restaurant to restaurant.

Also, the charges levied for cancellation may depend on the order amount. These charges are variable in case of Uber Eats. Also, check Uber Eats promo codes for first users for an assured discount on your order.