How to Book Train Tickets Online within Budget?

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Getting your train reservations done is no way less than fighting a battle. Before online train ticket bookings, there are a lot of questions that revolve around our mind.

  • Would I able to manage the tickets at best price?

  • Which site should I prefer to get the best deals?

  • What is the best time to make your tatkal bookings?

  • Am I doing through the right app?

  • Whether I am receiving a right amount of cash back?

These are some of the obvious things that everyone thinks while getting their reservations done. With increasing airfares, railway ticket is something that Indian audience rely upon. So, getting the right amount of information is very important to keep yourself within budget. Let’s focus.

Book Train Ticket Online: Things you must have

It is very necessary to know the basic details while booking your train tickets online. Keeping your documents along is one of them. Here’s what more not to avoid.

1.Make sure you have proper internet connectivity.

2. A proper IRCTC account( register first in case you don’t have by filling up the valid details).

3. A valid ID proof(Aadhaar card/PAN card, Voter ID)

4. Debit/Credit Card or e-wallet account(for making your payments)

5. Train Codes of both the source and destination(for making the site to identify the specified stations for better search results).



How can you Book your Rail Tickets through IRCTC?

IRCTC(Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is the supplement to the Indian railways to manage the catering and tourism operations. It is internet-based ticket booking platform and you can also do the reservations with your mobile device using GPRS, Wifi or via SMS. Not only this you can also download the IRCTC app through Google Play store to get the latest updates. Monitor your train status by just entering your PNR number and other details.

If you are about to book train tickets online through IRCTC, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. First Login to your IRCTC account (create if you don't have one).

2. Once you had logged into your account, you would be asked to fill the journey details

  • Source Station Code

  • Destination Station Code

  • Date of Journey

3. After submitting the following details click onto the “Find Train” button. It will show you all the trains that lie to your destination.

4. Now choose the train and the class you wish to travel. Then the system would show you the seat availability in that particular class.

5. Once the “Book now” button is visible to you carefully fill up the passenger details. You would be required to fill up:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Sex

  • Berth Preference

  • Food(If applicable)

  • Senior Citizen details

  • ID card number(the one you are carrying)

  • Phone number(for verification SMS)

6. After submitting the above details, you will be automatically redirected to the payment gateway page.

7. Choose your payment option i.e. debit/credit card or e-wallet(if any). Once you successfully complete your payment option then you would receive the verification SMS at the registered mobile number.



Popular Train Ticket Booking Websites

There are a lot of online railway ticket booking websites that are worth to rely upon during the peak seasons when you are not able to settle your bookings with IRCTC.


MakeMyTrip is one of the leading brands in Indian travel industry founded in the year 2000. The company provides heavy discounts at domestic as well as international flight bookings, hotel bookings, and holiday trips. But, here when we are concerned to train tickets, it serves the better purpose for you.

Just follow the below simple steps to get your bookings done through MakeMyTrip:

  • Log into your MakeMyTrip account(register if you don’t have one)

  • Enter the source and destination station and the date you wish to travel.

  • Now fill up the passenger and boarding details

  • Then choose the payment method and you will be automatically redirected to the IRCTC page where you need to log in as IRCTC user and complete the processing.


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2. Cleartrip

Cleartrip is a popular travel management tool that was founded in the year 2006. By setting its mark into the India, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia, it is ready to lead globally. However, you can get your train reservations done through the site by following some of the simple steps.

  • Log into your Cleartrip account

  • Go to its train and tourism page

  • Fill up the details like name of source and destinations.

  • Click on the “Search Train” button and you will get the list of trains leading to our destination.

  • Fill up your personal details and you will be redirected to the IRCTC page. From then, log in to your IRCTC account and proceed further.

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3. GoIbibo

GoIbibo is just next level when we talk about the flights, hotels as well as train bookings offers. Also, the discounts that you expect from your train reservations are much relatable from this site. Let us look at the steps of the booking the train tickets.

  • Log into your GoIbibo account.

  • Then you will be asked to submit the journey details and click on the “Find Train” button.

  • After that, you would be redirected to the IRCTC page for the further proceedings.


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It is an online travel agency and a popular travel search engine based in Gurgaon. You can definitely get the best travel deals and lowest air as well as train fares online. Steps to be followed are.

  • Log into your account.

  • Enter the journey details i.e. the name of source and destination you wish to visit.

  • Click on the “Find Train” button and check out the seat availability options.

  • Enter your details and click to submit button. You will be redirected to the IRCTC page, then log in to your IRCTC account and proceed further for the bookings.


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Benefits of Booking Train ticket through IRCTC website

1.You only need to do one-time registration with the website. Also, if you register through other apps, you are likely to redirect to the IRCTC page.

2. Ease of Booking as you don’t have to wander from one site to another in order to get your bookings done.

3. Payment options are easy-  A nominal booking fee is charged and you don’t have to pay an extra amount which you give while getting your bookings through agents.

4. Booking on the connection trains- This is one of the most added benefits of IRCTC in which you can book the full ticket in one stroke. Suppose you have to catch 2 trains for reaching to a destination. You can book both the tickets at one go.





IRCTC Train Ticket Offers: Get Cashback through Paytm App

How about getting cash back onto your train ticket bookings? Well, nothing could be more exciting than this if you can manage your budget on this because you have a lot to look while planning a trip. With paytm railway ticket booking offers, you can save a lot. Trains are still considered as the most economical way, this is also the reason for Paytm partnership with the seamless travel network. Avail Zero transaction fee while making your bookings and get up to 50% of cash back if you are making your payments through this digital payment app.


Tips to Manage your Tatkal Ticket Bookings

It becomes very tough to manage your train tickets during the peak seasons, therefore, we look for another option i.e. tatkal bookings. But, tatkal bookings also require skills as it is just a play of seconds and you have to win the game. Also, most of the time we spend a lot of amounts while booking the tatkal tickets sometimes through agents or we don’t know the right steps to follow. By following some of the steps you can definitely win the game of tatkal bookings.

  • Be ahead of Time - While booking tickets through IRCTC website you have to keep yourself prepared a few minutes ago before the online window opens. Log into your account suppose at 9:55 am and fill all the required details. As soon as the clock ticks 10 am, just press the click button.
  • Log in with more than One Credentials - We all know how much busy IRCTC servers are, so you always have to keep yourself prepared. While doing your login, you can also ask for the credentials of your family or friends in order to not miss a chance. Make sure you are logging in with the multiple browsers and not the same as the server will surely detect if you are doing so.

            Also, don’t use the same credential again and again from the multiple browsers as it would also get detected by the                    server and you would be logged out of the session. Moreover, don’t use the same IP address again and again.

  • Try to do the Booking in 2 AC First - If you can overlook the budget, then surely go for the 2 AC first. The reason behind is most of the customers firstly look for the 3 AC tickets, so it gets filled easily. Also, it has lesser berths as compared to the 2nd class.
  • Use Quota wherever Applicable - Everyone knows railways has provided a certain quota for the ladies. You can take the benefit out of it. If you are the member of the same family, then surely look for the alternate ways if your seats are not getting confirmed.


Hence, prevent yourself from standing in the long queues for hours by doing your train reservations online. Hope the article was helpful. Kindly give us feedback.

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