Swiggy Super Membership: Price, Benefits, and Exclusive Promo Codes

With Swiggy Super, you get free delivery, no surge fee, and more.

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Do you order from Swiggy? Then what are you waiting for? Subscribe to “Super” to get unlimited free delivery and a lot more. The membership program has been rolled out in select cities. There are two subscription plans for one and three months. 

With Super, Swiggy is offering benefits like free delivery, surprise treats, and no surge fee. Swiggy Super membership cost differs from city to city.

The swiggy super membership is for Rs. 149 for 1 month. The membership program of Swiggy is available for purchase in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai.


Note: Currently the Swiggy Super is not working once it will be back we will keep you upated



The membership has been introduced to minimize the hassles related to delivery charges. With Super, get free delivery on Swiggy for all orders above Rs. 149.

Usually, the users ordering are worried about the delivery charges on orders of Rs. 100; if you have to pay Rs. 30 or Rs. 40 for delivery sounds way too much.

But with a Swiggy Super membership for Rs. 149 for one month, you get unlimited free deliveries for a full month. Typically, the delivery charges vary from Rs. 20 to Rs. 40. So it makes sense if you are ordering multiple times a week or month.

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Swiggy Super Membership Fee

Swiggy Membership


1 Month

Rs. 149


For one month of Swiggy Super, you can pay Rs. 149 for the membership. Buy Super for Unlimited Free Delivery, No Surge fee, Exclusive Offers & more.

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Swiggy Super 1-month Subscription

The subscription is available for 1-month Swiggy Super membership is Rs. 149. If you want to test the service, then a one-month subscription should suit you. If you are satisfied with the benefits, you can extend your membership at the end of the month.

Swiggy Super 3-month Subscription - [Expired]

Another option is to get a 3-month subscription to Swiggy Super. At this time, it will cost Rs. 179. The introductory price is available for a limited period.

Typically, the three-month subscription will cost you anything between Rs. 249 to Rs. 349, depending on your city. Whether you choose one month or three months of membership, benefits remain the same.

How to Get Swiggy Super Membership?

  • Download the Swiggy app on your mobile.

  • Check for the Swiggy super banner in your app.

  • If your city has Swiggy Super, then a banner will be shown in your app.

  • Click the Swiggy Super banner.

  • Get redirected to its main page.

  • Click on the 'Get Super Now' button.

  • Select  the 1-month membership

  • Buy your Swiggy Super subscription.

Get Swiggy Super


Benefits of Swiggy Super Membership

  • Swiggy Super at a super value price of Rs. 149 per month.

  • Enjoy no surge fee on orders placed during rain or high demand.

  • Priority issue resolution through a dedicated customer support team

  • Free shipping available on a minimum cart value of Rs. 149 across all restaurants for Swiggy Super members.

  • Enjoy occasional surprises with Super Delights.

Note: Recently, the food delivery platform launched a standalone app "Swiggy Daily" to offer homely food at affordable Prices. Swiggy Daily offers meals starting Rs. 50 with subscription plans for 3 days, 7 days and 30 days. 

Swiggy Super Offers

With the MakeMeSuper Contest, Swiggy offered one year of free deliveries. All Swiggy users get a chance to participate. The contest was run on Twitter, where users had a simple opportunity to participate.

You can also get the membership free of cost with the Amazon Pay 100% cashback offer that is available from time to time. 

Free Delivery at All Restaurants with Swiggy Super

To start, the loyalty program was rolled out to close to two lakh customers across seven cities. The prime task of Swiggy Super is to solve the concerns of customers related to the delivery charges.

On Swiggy, you can find select free delivery restaurants. But with “Super” delivery is open on all restaurants for orders above Rs. 149. So with 2 or 3 orders, you recover the membership fee. 

Swiggy Super Delights

The membership program comes bundled with many benefits. The company recently started "Super Delight" for its loyal customers that promise free dessert or beverages at select partner restaurants.

Super Delight is an exclusive benefit for Super members applicable on all orders above Rs. 149. The company is also expected to launch new features under this program.

Swiggy Super Membership For Free

Currently, no offer can help you get a free subscription to "Swiggy Super." During the 100% cashback offer on Swiggy, you can buy a "Super 3-month membership" and get 100% Cashback on your membership fee.

To avail of the Swiggy Super Membership offer, you need to pay through Amazon pay balance. The cashback will be provided as an Amazon Pay balance.

Swiggy Coupons For Super Members - Flat 50% OFF

The food delivery app comes with new offers for “Super” users. Recently, with the "SUPERBHF" coupon code, you could get a flat 50% OFF on your order. The Maximum discount is Rs. 100.

In the future, you can expect similar offers as well. The user-specific coupons are also sent via email or SMS. Get a Swiggy Super membership today to avail discounts on food orders.

More: Also check how to apply coupons on Swiggy to save on your every order.

Swiggy Super vs Zomato Gold

Zomato also has a membership program called Zomato Gold. However, the two programs are very different. Swiggy Super's purpose is mainly to remove hassles related to delivery charges; it also provides occasional surprises to members. At the same time, Zomato Gold focuses on providing additional benefits to members with complimentary food and drinks.

The Gurugram based company also has a “Zomato treat” that lets members avail themselves of a free dessert with every meal. A few months back, Zomato introduced another program, “Piggybank” that gives users 10% back on every order.

Now, let us take a look at another popular feature of Swiggy that has been introduced recently. Yes, I am speaking of Swiggy POP. You can find the feature in Swiggy app. If you are yet to use this new feature let me start with a brief itroduction of Swiggy POP.

Swiggy POP

Swiggy POP offers single-serve meals in the price range of Rs. 99 to Rs. 200. The important thing is no delivery charges for the curated menu of top restaurants near you.

The POP menu is based on customer demand and preferences. The feature caters to the needs of customers seeking single meal orders.

Swiggy POP includes an array of unique meals from biryani to kebabs, paranthas, and more. Swiggy POP is convenient, full of variety, and affordable. Here are the key highlights of the feature

  • Single Serve Meals

  • Free Delivery

  • No extra charges

How to order from Swiggy POP?

You can order on the Swiggy website and mobile app. There is a separate section on both platforms where users can find a specially curated menu.

Select a dish from the available menu for free delivery at no extra charges. The single-serve meals are curated from the famous restaurants near you.

  • Click on Swiggy Pop

  • Browse the specially curated menu

  • Click on Buy

  • Select Delivery address & payment mode

  • One-Click checkout

  • No Extra charges


Subscription-based services have become a key revenue generator for online service providers. To name a few - Amazon has prime, Flipkart has plus, Zomato has Gold & Treat. The membership program of Swiggy allows people to avoid delivery charges.

Additional benefits include no surge prices and occasional surprises. Swiggy Super Subscription makes sense if you like to order food regularly.

At Rs. 149 a month, the membership fee is not an expense. But the question is, if you are ordering only 2-3 times a month, you may not even like to pay Rs. 49. But for a person who regularly calls me, I mean a least 6-7 times, and Swiggy is his favorite app, then the membership makes a lot of sense.

Apart from free delivery on all orders above Rs. 149, Swiggy also promises many exclusive offers and promo codes for Super members. Also, Check out Swiggy coupons for old users.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Swiggy super cost?
Swiggy Super is available in the 1-month subscription plan. The subscription cost will vary as per city. You can get a one-month subscription at Rs. 149.   

How do you get Swiggy super for one?
Swiggy Super is available at Rs. 1 for Times Prime Members.

Is Swiggy Super Worth It?
You get free delivery on orders over Rs. 149. If you regularly order from Swiggy, then SUper membership is completely worth it.