16 Best Punching Bags in India 2023 - Price & Reviews

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A punching bag should be sturdy and made with different varieties of materials. It is one of the best ways of training for many years. Here, check out the best punching bags in India with the best quality and under budget. 

Punching bags come with different sizes and shapes for every type of training and fighting you are looking for. In today’s world, they are one of the primary equipment in the gym.  As all the items are available online, it is easy to find the punching bags online, but choosing the best quality product under the budget is not easy. 

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Here we are giving you the complete details and information for the best punching bags in India

Best Punching Bags in India

List of Best Punching Bags in India with Price

Here is the list of Best punching Bags in India 2023, along with their price and rating on Amazon. The piunching bags on the list below are selected on the basis of their popularity in the market. 

Punching Bags for Adults

Price (INR)

Ratings on Amazon

Aurion Synthetic Leather Punching Bag- with Free Chain Heavy Bag



Lycan Punching Bag



Hard Bodies Synthetic Leather Punching Bag- Black - Filled



LEW 4FT Haptex Leather Heavy Boxing/MMA/Kickboxing Filled Punching Bag



Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag



Byson Punch Boxing Kit Set for Trainer and Beginners



Prospo Strong and Rough Punching Bag (36 inch), Boxing Glove and Heavy Bag Chain



Monika Sports Combo3 Leather Boxing Bag Set, 36-inch (Red)



Tima Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains Unfilled



SportSoul Kid's Boxing Set (Punching Bag, Gloves & Headgear)



Decathlon Punching Bag 850 - Red



KORE Phantom 2 Feet Unfilled Heavy Black Punching Bag 



Rmour Punch Bag



Body Maxx Filled Punching Bag



Sapphire Unfilled Punch Bag



Leosportz Punching Bag



Review of the Best Punchings Bag in India with Price 

Here are the detailed Best punching bags in India with buying guide 2023 and many more. Punching baghs that are mentioned below are selected based on their popularity.

Price: Rs. 1,499

9 Best Punching bag in India

Aurion is the Indian leading company for manufacturing and selling all major kinds of sports items. The brand was started in 2007 and provided world-class products to Indian customers. They are also exporting the products as per the demand.

Aurion free standing punching bag is the best seller on Amazon for punching bags. The outer side of the bags is made with synthetic leather for maximum durability. The brand is providing the best quality products from the last ten years.  Buy punching bags online at best price, whether you are a pro or a beginner. 

The price of this punching bag is Rs. 984

Features of Aurion Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

  • They provide a good quality hanging chain in the box.

  • Their bags came with a universal size of 48 inches that are mostly used by professionals or trainers. 

  • This filled punching bag is 18 inches in width, which is suitable for beginners and seasoned boxers. 

  • It comes with absolute fine stretching for better and long-lasting.


  • It has a wide range of tough and durable boxing equipment. 

  • They offer free boxing hand wraps.


  • Not a durable product. 

2. Lycan Punching Bag

Price: Rs. 749

If you are someone who is thinking to start learning and practice punching, this punching bag will suit you the best. One of the advantages of this bag is that it not comes filled so you can fill it with anything you want such as rags, old clothes, sand, etc. This bag can be used by both children and adults.


  • It is the best fit for the ones who are new to this field and starting their punching practice

  • Color options are available to choose from


  • Not found any

Price: Rs. 1,450

9 Best Punching bag in India

Hardbodies are the manufacturers and exporters of sports and fitness products. They are known in the market for giving high-quality equipment for boxing and gyming products. Types of equipment like a dumbbell, chest press, boxing gloves, punching bags, cable crossover, and many more. They are a leading brand in this category. 

They use good quality synthetic leather in the punching bag for assured to last long. They are one of the premium brands for buying a punching bag online. If you are a fitness lover? You cannot ignore this brand for sure. 

The price of this punching bag is Rs. 2500. 

Features of Hard Bodies Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

  • This punching bag online is ideal for beginners as filled with cotton. 

  • This punching bag can withstand heavy punches without losing its shape. 

  • This is one of the premium brands on our list for punching bags. 

  • They are one of the leading brands for this category under one roof. 

Price: Rs. 4,199

This LEW Haptex leather heavy boxing punching bag is one of the best punching bags under this price in India. It comes with superior quality and super thick laminated full synthetic leather. It has a beautiful leather texture with the chainset. It is one of the Top Punching bags of 2023

The price of this punching bag is Rs.3999.

Features of LEW 4FT Haptex Leather Heavy Punching Bag

  • It has extra strong welded chains and swivel assembly. 

  • It comes with triple reinforced D-rings on the top of the bag for hanging. 

  • This brand is endorsed by the international boxing player. 


  • It comes with an unbelievable high quality at a very incredible price. 

  • It is best for high intensity training and relieves all your stress. 


  • No chain provided. 

Price: Rs. 2,399

9 Best Punching bag in India

Everlast is a worldwide known company for its amazing products these days. Everlast punching bag is one of the best for everyone who is enthusiastic about boxing as a sports activity these days. This brand is making changes in the boxing world with its subtle equipment and improving them regularly. 

This is the best punching brand in India, as it also provides the biggest bag sizes. Their bags are made with excellent material for ensuring quality and longevity. 

The price of this punching bag is Rs. 5999.

Features of Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag

  • The weight of this bag is around 100 pounds, which makes it one of the heaviest ones. 

  • The new C3 technology will help to equal the surface and give a balance to it. 

  • The straps of this punching bag are made with good quality for a long life. 


  • A big, heavier and good quality product. 

  • One of the trusted brands in India that deals in heavy bags.


  • They use straps instead of chains. 

Price: Rs. 1,499

9 Best Punching bag in India

Byson provides complete products for boxing, from boxing gloves, punching bags, support wrap, ankle support, and wrist support. They are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers for sports products. The brand also exports boxing-related goods and sports items. 

Their boxing punching bag for a workout is made with good quality material with an attractive look. This Byson punch boxing kit set is for the beginners that provide complete safety during practice. 

Features of Byson Punch Boxing Kit Set

  • This punching bag comes with double stretching for long life. 

  • It is an ideal product for all beginners as it comes with a complete kit. 

  • The quality of the product is so good; it looks like an export material. 


  • It is made with top quality material. 

  • A double stitched and high quality product.


  • Not found any 

Price: Rs. 1,599

9 Best Punching bag in India

Prospo is one of the leading brands in the boxing and Martial arts sports field. They have been in this industry for more than15 years and provide the best quality products across India. They believe in providing the products which are in demand with upgrading them and with better quality. The price of a punching bag is very affordable with these quality standards. 

The price of this punching bag is Rs. 1259

Features of Prospo Strong and Rough Punching Bag

  • These punching bags come with a heavy-duty chain for holding the bag up to 6 feet.

  • The bag of this product is super strong and made with coated fabric. 

  • Their products are made using modern technology and skilled labour. 

  • They never compromise in the protection of the athletes. 

  • It comes with one pair of boxing gloves and one 36 inches heavy bag with a heavy chain.    


  • One of the best combos for punching bags in India. 

  • It comes with good durability. 


  • Quality issues. 

Price: Rs. 1,966

9 Best Punching bag in India

Monika sports is one of the leading manufacturers and exports of the finest sports products in India baes in Punjab. They have a wide range of boxing equipment, hockey sticks, baseballs, baseball bats, baseball gloves, and many more. Their customers are very satisfied with the product quality and customer services they offered to them. 

They use high quality tested material for punching bags. Their punching bag is suitable for fitness and boxing training. They also have the best punching bags for kickboxing training. 

The price of this Punching bag is Rs. 1243. 

Features of Monika Sports Combo3 Leather Boxing Bag 

  •  Their punching bag is made with the machine. 

  • High-quality syenitic material is used to make the bag. 

  • It is very easy to handle and comfortable for home too. 

  • It comes with a heavy chain and an unfilled punching bag. 

Price: Rs. 839

9 Best Punching bag in India

This defines the quality of the product with long-term and regular use. This Tima Heavy duty punching bag has a sturdy quality, which can be used by beginner and professional boxers depending upon the material you have in it. It can hold a maximum weight of 25 kg. This boxing punching bag price is affordable. 

The price of this punching bag is Rs. 799. 

Features of Tima Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains 

  • This is one of the pro-quality heavy-duty canvas punching bags. 

  • The punching bag is 48 inches long, with 18 inches wide and ideal for professional boxers. 

  • The robust fabric can handle the hardest punch. 

Price: Rs. 775

9 Best Punching bag in India

This boxing punching bag has the smallest size in comparison to others. The brand is a popular brand of punching bags for kids. They are a small company based in Delhi with limited sports products. They have a wide range of kids' sports items. As per the company, this punching bag is a gift for kids for those whose parents are inclined to set them on the journey of fitness. 

This punching bag is 17 inches in length and filled with soft foam as any harder filling will be hard to handle for kids. 

The price of this Punching bag is Rs. 775. 

Features of SportSoul Kids Boxing Set

  • The boxing gloves and helmet are made with nylon to give a sturdy and untearable feel. 

  • The bag is made with PVC on the outer side with a zipper on the top case for filling. 

  • This product is suitable for the age group of 4-10. 

Price: Rs. 3,999

9 Best Punching bag in India

Decathlon brand is one of the famous brands worldwide for its wide range of sports and fitness products. It is one of the largest sports retailers and suppliers in the world. They have more than Two thousand stores in more than 56 countries. 

The brand is eager to bring the best technology-based equipment and upgrade it in every single manner. They are known for their high-performance design and best quality products at an affordable price range.You Can Buy boxing bag online at Decathlon comes with sturdy fabric for lasting long in comparison to others. 

Features of Decathlon Punching Bag 850 - Red

  • It is an ideal product for beginner boxers.

  • The quality of this punching bag is unmatchable. 

  • It can handle the weight of 18 kg maximum. 

12. KORE Phantom 2 Feet Unfilled Heavy Black Punching Bag

Price: Rs. 1,349

Kore Phantom is one of the known and growing brands in this category.  Their bags are safe, soft and shock-absorbing with non- toxic shredded textile material. Their bags come in a perfect round shape and still maintain a good weight. 

Hitting this bag will build your stamina and you can train your arms and whole body from it. This is one of the Best punching bags in India in 2023 at this price. 

The Price of this Punching bag is Rs. 767. 

Features of KORE Phantom 2 Feet Unfilled Heavy Black Punching Bag 

  • It comes with high-quality material with extreme durability. 

  • The inner layer is made with good quality polyester which is one of the primary components remaining intact. 

  • It comes with water-resistant and offers barriers against liquid absorption.  

13. Rmour Punch Bag

Price: Rs. 1,499

If you are looking for a shock-absorbing and soft punching bag, the Rmour Punch bag would be the best fit. It is designed in such a way that it will shield you in case of an accident while using or practicing with it. This punch bag can also be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Sturdy PU Material

  • Good shock-resistance

  • It is easy to use

  • Made using durable material


  • Not found any

14. Body Maxx Filled Punching Bag

Price: Rs. 1,499

Body Maxx is a high-quality punching bag and is available in three sizes and three color variants. This simple-looking punching bag is made in such a way that you can trust its durability. Throughout your exercise, this punching bag keeps absorbing the impacts and provides safety from all the possible injuries you may get while practicing your punches and kicks.


  • Available in a good few colors

  • Long-lasting built quality

  • Comes filled with cotton


  • The stitching quality of the punching bag may not be that good

15. Sapphire Unfilled Punch Bag

Price: Rs. 599

With this punching bag, you will also get all the necessary items that you may need for your punching practice. Those items include tether straps, swivels, and hand wraps. Kickboxing, karate movements, and other relevant moves can easily be practiced with this punching bag. Synthetic twin-leather layers are used in the making of this punching bag. This punching bag is hand-stitched that makes it even stronger and long-lasting


  • Top-notch material

  • Highly shock-absorbent

  • Good built quality


  • Not found any

16. Leosportz Punching Bag

Price: Rs. 635

If you want to practice specific moves, kicks, throws, straight punches, strikes, etc., you can go with Leosportz Punching Bag, because it is built in such a way that all the methods related to boxing can easily be practised without getting hurt while practising.


  • High-quality PU leather construction

  • Everyone can use this punching bag

  • Long-lasting durability


  • Not found any

How to Choose A Punching Bag

Choosing the Top best punching bags in India is quite difficult in the Indian market, Let's check out how to choose a punching bag. 

The punching bags widely depend on the weight, the material they are crafted from and the material they are filled with. You must buy a stable and the weight must be just right to offer you some resistance. A good way is to select a bag that weighs roughly half your weight. 

Also check out the other important necessary accessories like punching gloves and hand wraps to keep your hands safe. 

Different Types of Punching Bags 

Let’s check out different types of punching bags  and check out Best punching bags in India 2023

  • Uppercut Punching Bags- These types of bags are used for training since they are light in weight. Although they are not heavier, they are essential to building up the stamina. 

  • Heavy Duty or Jumbo Punching Bags-  due to the heavy weight, this bag tones themselves and strengthens your joints. It is mostly used for strenuous workouts and for those who can do powerful hits for better performance. 

  • Speed Ball Punching Bags-  this punching bag type is used for the hand eye coordination and is essential for improving your reflexes. It bounces back when it is punched, testing how you react upon its arrival. 

  • Maize Ball Punching Bags-  These punching bags are used to train the head and are usually hung over the ceiling. It helps train defence moves. 

Few Reasons Why You Need a Punching Bag

  • This modern era is the era for unfit people, the punching bag can be hung around the house, and it can be fun doing workout rather than cardio training.

  • Punching a bag can provide a way to control all your stress and makes you feel good. 

  • As the crime rates are riding through the metropolitan cities, training a punching bag can help to ward off the attacks for both men and women. It also increases the confidence to handle rough and tough situations. 

  • The punching bag is a one-time investment for years. A decent bag can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. May the reason be competition, take advantage of it, and work on improving your health. 


So, this was the detailed review of the best punching bags in India with their brand details and features. Boxing, punching bag prices are affordable compared to other fitness equipment. All the above brands are the top brands in sports and fitness equipment that never compromise with the quality of the products.

I hope the information we have shared will help you out to choose the Best Punching bag online at best price in India.. Standing punching bags are also in demand, but the normal punching bag can cover it by its size. Check out the punching bag price, brand, and the goodwill of the brand before buying. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best punching bag to buy?

Ans. All of the brands mentioned above are good to buy punching bags but, Everlast, Decathlon, and Aurion have the best punching bags. 

Q. Which company punching bag is the best?

Ans. Dripex, Rmour, Aurion, Lycan are a few names that are the best piunching bag companies. To know more, you can read our article on the same topic.

Q. What punching bag did Muhammad Ali use?

Ans. Punching Bag used by Muhammad Ali is known as double-end or crazy bag, this punching bag help improving accuracy, endurance, and speed. 

Q. Does boxing make your arms bigger?

Ans. Boxing is an effective way to increase the muscle in your body. At some point, it will grow your muscle but is suitable for strengthening. 

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