Top 5 Best Energy Drinks in India - To Keep Yourself Refreshed and Active

Sick of losing energy and activeness quickly? Then check out the best energy drinks in India here.

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Best Energy Drinks in India

Everyone, regardless of age, loves to live life in the fast lane. Everyone is in a hurry and nobody wants to lose time. So it is obvious that water alone won’t be able to keep people energized, and this is where the best energy drinks in India come into the picture. 

Nowadays it is a common practice for people to keep themselves energized with the top protein bars, about which you can learn more by clicking here.  along with consuming top energy drinks in India. So here in this article, we have curated a list of energy drinks in India, that you can purchase very easily online and offline. 

Let us check out what are the top energy drinks in the country for sports and fitness enthusiasts as well as for those who want to stay active and hydrated at all times. 

Energy Drinks in India Price

Top Energy Drinks


Rs. 145


Rs. 110


Rs. 238


Rs. 85


Rs. 50

If you see the list above you will get to know what are the price ranges of the Best Energy Drinks in India. All of them are quite in the budget range but it is still important to note which one is the most expensive one and which one is the least. This will be really helpful once you set out to buy any of these products.

In the sections below, you will be able to understand better how each of them fares against each other and what are the particular features that set them apart. This will be vital if you are not able to select the most suitable one for yourself. 


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Now that you have the basic idea of the products and their brands, let us check out their in-depth reviews, details, features and more on the energy drinks for gym in India and for other purposes. 

List of Energy Drinks in India

If you feel tired and exhausted on a regular basis all throughout the day then you need to get your hands on the Top Energy Drinks Available In India. It has the ability to revitalize you and give you the much-needed energy and activeness to carry out your day to day tasks. Other than that you can also stay hydrated and nourished with all vital nutrients that you might need on a daily basis. Searching for the best energy drink is not a big task and in this article, we help you find the best ones easily. 

There are indeed many of the Best Energy Drink Brands in India that cater to a wide range of customers with their energy drinks. They help in many different ways. If you are looking for the Top Energy Drinks in India so that you can switch to them whenever needed then you will find a lot of helpful information in the sections below.

So here are the top energy drinks in India that you can purchase for yourself to tackle fatigue, weakness and lack of focus and concentration. 

1. Redbull

Redbull is one of the most popular energy drinks in the entire world. It has been leading the energy drinks market in India for a long time as well. It is a product that is used by many athletes and celebrities making it a very popular choice for many. It is a great drink to reduce fatigue, tiredness and weakness. 

Key Ingredients: caffeine, taurine, b-group vitamins, sucrose and glucose and alpine spring water

Why Do We Like It?

  • Redbull is one of the most popular energy and sports drinks in the world.

  • Its special formula helps in improving performance.

  • It is one of the best energy drinks for workout and gym.

  • The energy drink can be used in varying scenarios and it will be effective. 


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2. Monster

If you are looking for the best energy drinks for studying, gym, travelling and more then you can check out the Monster energy drink which is another very popular drink in India. It is a great choice for those looking to relieve themselves from fatigue and tiredness. It also helps while performing tasks that require a lot of energy and effort. 

Key Ingredients: caffeine, b-group vitamins, taurine, sucrose and glucose 

Why Do We Like It?

  • Monster is one of the most amazing sports drinks in India.

  • Its special formula helps in reducing fatigue and weakness.

  • It is counted among the top 10 best energy drinks in India.

  • The energy drink can be used to improve focus and concentration. 


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3. Samuride

Samuride is an amazing energy drink brand that brings out the best from Japan with its formula using Ginseng that helps restore energy. It is steadily growing in stature as one of the top energy drinks in India due to the brilliant features that make it very effective and popular. You can find this drink online on any major e-commerce website.

Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Panax ginseng, Star anise, Arginine and B-Vitamins

Why Do We Like It?

  • Samuride uses the best ingredients from Japan to produce an excellent energy drink.

  • The presence of Vitamin B in it boosts energy production.

  • Star Anise is known to cause improvement in overall health.

  • Ginseng, one of the key ingredients in this drink helps maintain stamina. 

  • It is one of the Top Energy Drinks Available In India.


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4. Combu

Combu is a well-known energy drink that makes use of naturally found ingredients and herbs. It has popularized the use of Kombucha, a Japanese fungus that is quite popular for relieving individuals from weakness and fatigue. Combu is one of the top natural energy drinks in India and the world. You can find it online on any major e-commerce site.

Key Ingredients: Kombucha, Caffeine, taurine, sucrose and glucose

Why Do We Like It?

  • It is a great option to use as energy drinks in India for gym.

  • The energy drink contains caffeine which helps in maintaining alertness.

  • Taurine is also present in this drink which maintains cardiovascular health and insulin sensitivity.

  • It helps improve immunity level and stamina. 

  • This product can be easily considered among the Best Energy Drink in India 2020.

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5. Gatorade 

Gatorade is one of the most sought after energy drinks in India. It is preferred by a majority of the sportspersons and athletes in the world and is considered to be a premium sport and energy drink. It contains critical electrolytes that help in replacing the nutrients and energy lost during any activity. You can find this energy drink across all major outlets and e-commerce websites. 

Key Ingredients: Sugar, Dextrose, Mineral Salts, permitted Food Colour

Why Do We Like It?

  • It has some of the best athletes and sports bodies backing it

  • The drink helps in keeping you active and energized.

  • It is a great option for sports events and activities.

  • The drink helps in replenishing the lost nutrients. 

  • It is one of the Top Energy Drinks in the country.

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What is an Energy Drink?

Before we go into all the details of the energy drinks available in India, let us first explore what these are all about, what their main ingredients are, and how you can decide which of the best energy drinks are suitable for you and your daily needs and requirements. 

So, an energy drink is basically a soft drink that contains sugar, caffeine or any other type of stimulant that is usually consumed to overcome tiredness. Energy drinks can be used for sporting events and games and can also be used anytime when an individual feels the need to reenergize after a tiresome experience. 

Many people use energy drinks in India for gym, so that they do not become tired easily while working out. There are many amazing and popular sports drinks that you can purchase for yourself to stay fit and hydrated at all times.

So without further ado, let us jump right into the energy drinks list in India, which you can check out and make some of the most amazing purchases for your own. 


Advantages of Energy Drinks

There are many benefits that one can find with the best energy drinks in India. If used in the right environment and quantity, energy drinks can bring a lot of benefits it the consumer, Here we have shared some of these benefits that you can enjoy from an energy and sports drink. 

  • They offer a good energy boost to the user.

  • Energy drinks contain Vitamin B which can uplift the mood of an individual.

  • They can also be helpful in treating muscle cramps.

  • Energy drinks can lower blood lipids and regulate digestion.

  • They also improve the nervous system in the body.

Disadvantages of Energy Drinks

Apart from the advantages, energy drinks also carry a few disadvantages that one should be aware of. By completely knowing a product you can ensure that you make the correct purchase for yourself and help keep yourself healthy and active. 

So here are a few disadvantages of energy drinks that we would like to share. 

  • These drinks contain a high amount of caffeine and sugar which can lead to increased blood sugar levels.

  • They often lead to faster dehydration.

  • They can also become quite addicting for certain individuals if consumed regularly

  • Energy drinks can make you anxious and jittery

  • They might also cause headaches as part of the withdrawal symptoms from caffeine. 



So this was all about the best energy drinks in India, along with their features, prices and other important details. If you are looking for more such articles, news and blogs then keep following our website for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which energy drink is best in India?

A. there are many major energy drinks available in India that can help you in gaining lost energy, revitalize you with stamina and all the electrolytes you need for your daily tasks. There are many popular energy drinks in India, some of them are Gatorade, Monster and Redbull. 

Q. What are the top 10 energy drinks?

A. There are many popular Energy drinks in India, you can check out all of these in the article above. Their features, prices, in-depth reviews, advantages and disadvantages are discussed in this article. Make sure that you have a close look at them before proceeding for the purchase. 

Q. Is Monster energy drink available in India?

A. Yes, you can find the Monster energy drink in the Indian market very easily now. It is available at retail stores and also on many major e-commerce websites where you can purchase them very easily at the best prices and offers. If you are looking to purchase the Monster energy drink for yourself then have a look at the reviews, prices, features and other details of the drink mentioned above.