Paytm Wishlist Cards 2022 - Easiest Ways to Unlock All 24 Cards

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Paytm is back with its wishlist game, giving users a chance to win exciting rewards and cashback. They come up with similar contests regularly to reward users. 

To begin with, you need to collect Paytm Wishlist cards 2022 to be a part of this exciting game. 

Therefore, complete simple tasks to collect wishlist cards and earn up to Rs. 1,500. Paytm wishlist game includes 24 cards. Later in this post, I share methods to unlock all wishlist cards. 

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Paytm Wishlist cards offer

Paytm Wishlist cards are divided into 6 categories - theme, things to learn, celebrate your way, discover India, Food-A-Thon, Rejuvenate, and Classic Games. 

In each category, there are 4 cards. You need to unlock all 4 to earn 100 to 1000 cashback points. Once you unlock 12 cards, win Rs. 50 to Rs. 500 cashback. While you earn Rs. 100 to Rs. 1000 cashback on collecting all 24 cards. 

So you can earn a minimum of Rs. 150 with the wishlist offer. Also, with the category-wise card, you earn cashback points which can be redeemed for Paytm Gift vouchers or exciting rewards of your choice. 

How to Unlock Paytm Wishlist Cards?

Wishlist Card
How to Unlock
Minimum Transaction

Spiti Valley Card

Pay credit card bill or rent

Rs. 2,000

Alibuag Card

Pay Using Paytm Postpaid

Rs. 198

Dosa Card

Send Money from bank account

Rs. 50

Puchka Card

Electricity, Water or DTH Bill

Rs. 100

Relax Card

Set Up add money

Rs. 500

Yoga Card

Check-in for 7 Days


Spa card

Pay on top apps Zomato, Swiggy, Bigbasket, grofers, 1MG, Flipkart

Rs. 99

Gully cricket

Pay using paytm wallet

Rs. 300

Hide & Seek Card

Gift extra card


Scabble Card

Book Movie Tickets 

Rs. 150

Investing Card

Buy Gold

Rs. 100 or more

Cooking Card

Book Gas cylinder or pay gas bill

Rs. 500 

Some of the wishlist cards are easy to unlock such as the Dosa card, Relax card, Yoga card, and Hide & Seek card. These cards can be unlocked with daily check-in, sending money, adding money, and payments at nearby stores. 

It will be more difficult to collect cards for transactions like movie tickets, rent payments, and gas bills. 

Paytm Wishlist Card List 2022

PayTM Wishlist 2022
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 4

Celebrate Your Way

Exchange Gifts

Go Shopping

Host Party

Binge Watch

Things To Learn





Discover India






Chhole Bhature



Pav Bhaji






Classic Games

Gully Cricket

Hide And Seek


Snakes & ladders

Rewards for Paytm Wishlist Cards


Collect Any 12 Cards

win up to ₹50-500 Cashback

Collect All 24 Cards

₹100-1000 Cashback

Collect All Theme Cards

100-1000 Cashback Points

Collect All Things To Learn Cards

100-1000 Cashback Points

Collect All Celebrate Your Way Cards

100-1000 Cashback Points

Collect All Discover India Cards

100-1000 Cashback Points

Collect All Food-A-Thon Cards

100-1000 Cashback Points

Collect All Rejuvenate Cards

100-1000 Cashback Points

Collect All Classic Games Cards

100-1000 Cashback Points


Paytm Wishlist check-in Reward

Open the Paytm app daily and check in for 7 days to unlock the yoga card. Users will get a scratch card containing this wishlist card on completing check-in for 7 days. It is the easiest of the cards to unlock. Collect the Yoga card at the earliest to start your journey in this offer. 

Paytm is back with one more exciting contest to reward users for different transactions. With the wishlist offer 2022, collect activity cards and stand a chance to win up to Rs. 1500. Above all, Paytm is rewarding users for daily transactions and simple activities. You can easily collect all wishlist cards and earn cashback and rewards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any New Year offer on Paytm?

Paytm has come up with a Wishlist offer 2022 to welcome the new year. You need to collect wishlist cards to win cashback and unlock various rewards. 

What is Paytm Wishlist Offer 2022?

Collect wishlist cards 2022 to win up to Rs. 1500 cashback. You need to collect 24 cards to complete the game and earn cashback.

What is free wishlist card?

Open the Paytm app and check-in the wishlist game for 7 days to unlock the yoga card. Collect all 24 cards by completing different transactions to win up to Rs. 1500. 

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