Ola Share Pass Benefits: Buy Share Pass Starting at Rs. 39/Month

Ola Share pass starts at Rs. 39 Per Month. Book AC Cabs at low fares. Enjoy flat fares to key zones in your city. Get Ola Share Pass at discount price.

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Ola is a leading cab service available in India, and there is no doubt about that. It has not just made travel convenient and comfortable but also cheap. Share pass is just another initiative by Ola to make travel budget-friendly. 

Ola has different Share Passes to suit everyone's budget and travel. You have the power to make your travel pocket-friendly with just one Share Pass. To know how beneficial a Share Pass is and how you can turn it for your good, keep reading.

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Ola Share Pass - Types, Benefits and More

Ola Share Pass is nothing complex; to begin with, it is just a simple pass that you can buy from the Ola App and have a hassle-free daily commute on Ola Share rides. With Share pass, you travel on fixed fares. 

All you need to do is check your daily travel distance and then get Share pass accordingly. You get travel options like 4km, 8km, 12km, and 20km. Travel anywhere in the city with fares starting from as low as flat Rs. 45 per ride depending on the city and the type of share pass you choose. 

Types of Ola Share Pass 

Ola Share Pass is tailored, keeping in mind travel distance, no of rides, and budget. There are 4 categories of passes based on travel distance, and for each category you get 3 choices. 

Ola Share Pass For 4 km Distance

If you travel for 4 km or less than that, then you can get Ola Share Pass for 4 km, and you will have to pay Rs 45 for every ride. There are three different categories for the 4 km pass available based on the number of rides. 

  • Pass 1 costs Rs 39 - 5 Rides @ Rs 45 each.

  • Pass 2 costs Rs 69 - 10 Rides @ Rs 45 each.

  • Pass 3 costs Rs 119 - 20 Rides @ Rs 45 each.

Ola Share Pass For 8 km Distance

You can go for an 8 km pass if you travel between 4 to 8 km daily. Again there are 3 categories for 8km Pass as well. So you have the option to choose from based on your travel pattern.

  • Pass 1 costs Rs 49 - 5 Rides @ Rs 79 each.

  • Pass 2 costs Rs 79 - 10 Rides @ Rs 79 each.

  • Pass 3 costs Rs 139 - 20 Rides @ Rs 79 each.

Ola Share Pass For 12 km Distance

For someone who travels for about 10 to 12 km, there is Ola Share Pass for 12 km. if you travel up to 12 km, you can simply get this pass and cut your travel costs. You can get a pass based on how frequent you board Ola. 

  • Pass 1 costs Rs 59 - 5 Rides @ Rs 115 each.

  • Pass 2 costs Rs 89 - 10 Rides @ Rs 115 each.

  • Pass 3 costs Rs 159 - 20 Rides @ Rs 115 each.

Ola Share Pass For 20 km Distance

If you travel for a good long 20 km, then you can go for this pass. All passes are tailored to provide a better riding experience to users. You can buy any pass as per your travel routine and budget. 

  • Pass 1 costs Rs 69 - 5 Rides @ Rs 189 each.

  • Pass 2 costs Rs 99 - 10 Rides @ Rs 189 each.

  • Pass 3 costs Rs 179 - 20 Rides @ Rs 189 each.

How to Get Ola Share Pass 

  • Click on the link to Open Ola App or Visit Ola WEbsite.

  • Go to the Ola Share Pass section from the menu bar.

  • Click on Buy a Pass button.

  • Now select a pass that suits your needs.

  • Proceed to buy Ola Share Pass.

  • Complete the payment.

  • Your Ola Share pass is ready to use.

Ola Share Pass Benefits 

  • No Extra Charges at Peak Hours: People often complain of getting overcharged during peak hours. Avoid such a scenario with Ola Share pass.

  • A fixed fare for every ride: Know the exact fare you would be paying for each ride. Ola Share pass offers fixed fares to key zones in your city.

  • Different Categories of the Pass to Suit your Comfort: Buy a pass depending on your needs. Ola Share pass comes in different distances and rides to provide the utmost comfort.

How Ola Share Pass Works 

After buying the Ola Share pass, you start enjoying the benefits. You will be charged a flat rate for the number of rides for which you have bought the pass. The price depends on the distance covered in the ride.

All you do is open your Ola app or website and book Ola Share and for payment chose share pass. It's that simple! With Share Pass, you pay flat fares for your ride. While booking a ride, you must keep this in mind that your Ola pass works only on share ride only. 

Terms & Conditions - Ola Share Pass 

  • If your travel distance exceeds the pass limit, you will be charged extra.

  • Each pass is valid for 1 month, and you have to complete the rides within that period only.

  • If the duration is over, your remaining rides will not count, and your pass will get aborted automatically.

  • Your remaining rides after the expiry of share pass are not carried forward.

  • The Pass is not valid for airport rides, toll extra.

  • Ola reserves the sole right to modify, change, and drop this offer any time without any prior notice.


Ola Share pass allows riders to pay one fixed price to cover a certain distance. You can buy a new share pass when the validity period is less than 5 days. Auto-renew is also available which you can be enabled from the Ola app.


Q.How can I get free Ola share pass?

To get the pass → Open the Ola App → Select Share Pass in the menu → Select Register a Pass →Proceed to make payment and buy pass.

Q.Is Ola Pass useful?

Yes Ola Pass is very useful especially for those wh travel everyday via Ola. You get rides at fixed discounted price so that you travel hassel free.

Q.What are the benefits of Ola share pass?

Share Pass offers the convenience of hassle free daily commute on Ola Share rides with its fixed fares. Travel anywhere in the city with fares starting from as low as flat Rs.40 per ride (depending on the city and the type of share pass).

Q.Is Ola share per person?

Ola Share allows a minimum of one and a maximum of 2 seats to be booked under one booking.

Q.How can I share my Ola referral code?

Select Refer & Earn in Ola app menu to find your referral code. - On Invite Friends screen, start inviting your friends to Ola by sharing your referral code along with the unique Ola app download link via WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, SMS, or Email.

Q. Can I book Ola for 4 persons?

Yes, you can book Ola for 4 persons. On Ola app, you will find multiple options for vehicles. You can go for Prime sedan and Prime SUV, where prime SUV is for more than 4 persons.

Q. Can I book an Ola cab for a whole day?

Yes of course with Ola Rental you can book an Ola cab for a whole day.