Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners In India - Keep Your Home Neat and Clean

Keep your home neat and clean with the best vacuum cleaners in India.

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best vacuum cleaner in india

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It is difficult to keep your house clean and requires lots of time, hard work, and patience. This is the reason vacuum cleaners were invented. A good vacuum cleaner can convert the difficult task of cleaning into a bearable one.

Buying a vacuum cleaner for the first time can be a difficult task because you have your hard-earned money at stake. There are so many models and brands to choose from, finding the best one that suits your requirement can be very difficult

You may get confused due to the same reason. So let's go on a detailed ride of the top 10 vacuum cleaners for your home to clear all your confusion.


Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

There is five primary shapes of vacuum cleaners. Each of them performs slightly different functions from others And if you are clear about the expectations of your vacuum cleaner this section will help you to choose the right one.

types of vacuum cleaners

1.Handheld Vacuum Cleaners-

As the name suggests these models can be held in one hand. These vacuum cleaners are best for Hard-to-Reach places that desperately need cleaning. They are light in weight and versatile in suctioning the dirt from tight places. This vacuum cleaner is not good for general floor cleaning.

A Handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to use and can clean up the places normal vacuum cleaner can't reach. But these type of vacuum cleaners is not the solution for vacuuming large areas. They are the best vacuum cleaners for cars since they are lightweight and can reach the toughest corners.

  • It is light in weight.
  • The cleaner is easily Portable
  • Great for quick
  • They have less power in comparison to other vacuum cleaners.
  • These cleaners have less capacity, which means they are suitable for small spaces

2.Upright Vacuum Cleaners

This is the most popular form of vacuum cleaners when you see an advertisement on TV the image that you get mostly is of upright vacuum cleaners. These models provide the most powerful clean-up to the house. Also, they have easy and understandable functioning.

  • Provide full power cleaning.
  • Good for deep cleaning Carpets.
  • This type of vacuum cleaner cannot move in small corners. Need extra attachments for small spaces.
  • it is heavy to carry from upstairs to downstairs or vice versa.

3.Stick Vacuum Cleaners-

Stick vacuum cleaners are considered the least powerful vacuum cleaners. It has a slender frame with a long stick-like handle. It will work better on hardwood floors and light carpeting. The slimness of this cleaner makes it perfect to make space in any closet.


  • It is easy to store stick vacuum cleaners.
  • Better for small apartments.
  • stick vacuum cleaners create less noise as compare to other vacuum cleaners
  • The dust cup is small so required daily emptying.
  • Not good for the floor which has wall to wall carpeting.


4.Canister vacuum cleaners-

Canister vacuum cleaners are a combination of Upright and stick vacuum cleaners. They are powerful like upright cleaners and have slender frames like stick cleaners. They have a separate canister attached to them and can be used to clean both the floor and the carpet.


  • Compact design makes it easy for you to store. It is lightweight, so it is easy to carry the cleaner from one place to another
  • Dragging the body(canister) of the cleaner behind you might be annoying for you.

5.Autonomous/Robot Vacuum Cleaners-

These vacuum cleaners have got lots of popularity recently, Maybe because of the fact that it requires very little effort from your side. They not only save your time but they also reach places where large vacuum cleaners are not able to reach.


  • They can get into small corners and clean them efficiently. The latest model of this type can be operated with the help of the required app on your smartphone.
  • Expensive than all types of vacuum cleaners. If there are obstacles in its way, then it will not work properly. Less cleaning power as compare to full-size cleaners.


Sub-Categories of Vacuum Cleaners


So once you decide that what type of vacuum cleaner is the best fit for you, now you have to choose from the subcategory of these vacuum cleaners. There are two subcategories which are written below:-

1) Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

These models have a dust bag inside the main compartment of the vacuum cleaner to store the dust, dirt, hair, and everything else that you might pick up while cleaning. This bag can be emptied and put back in place once or can be disposed of once they are full.

  • Hygienic:- Since the dirt is stored in an airtight bag so it is helpful for people who have some sort of allergy from dust or people who have asthma.
  • Easy Disposal:- You can easily dispose of the bag, without spilling anything on the floor.
  • Costly:- This type of cleaners requires installing a new bag once the dirtbag is full. So after some time, this type of cleaner will prove itself fairly expensive cleaner for you.
  • Performance:- You will clearly notice the decreased suction power once its dirtbag is almost full.

2) Vacuum Cleaners Without Dust Bag(Bagless Vacuum cleaners

The bagless vacuum cleaner is operated by using a filter attached to the canister of the vacuum cleaner. This filter captures the dirt, dust etc. by using the “Cyclonic action” to separate the dirt from the air and trap it inside the canister.

  • Cheap:- It is cheaper than those, bagged cleaners, as it has the canister(dirt cup) attached to it. that means you do not have to spend money to replace those dust bags.
  • Visibility:- Bagless vacuum cleaner has a clear canister exterior so that you can see what you are picking up.Which is beneficial for making sure that you do not accidentally suck up any valuable small thing.
  • Easy Maintenance:- Since you have the visible canister in bagless cleaners, so it becomes easy for you to notice what is the exact problem that should be fixed in a canister.
  • Costly canister/Filter Replacement:- If somehow you break the canister or the filter then, fixing that could be costly.
  • Messy:- Whenever you will clean the canister or the filter, there will be nothing to protect your floor/carpet from dust. Also, it takes time to clean canister or filter properly.


Best Vacuum Cleaners For Home in India 2021



(out of 5)









Eureka Forbes trendy nano


1000 W

1 L Dust Capacity


Not available

2.5 Kg

Rs. 3,490

Rs. 3,799

Eureka Forbes euroclean X-force vacuum cleaner


1400 W



Not available

5.1 Kg



Black and Decker VM2825


2000 W

1800 ML

6 Stage filtration

Not available

8.02 Kg

Rs. 10,499


Karcher WD3


1200 W


Cartridge filter

Not Available

5.3 Kg

Rs. 6,099

Rs. 6,295

Bissell 1273K


1500 W

1 L dirt cup

Micro particle filter cyclonic technology

Not available

3.6 Kg


Rs. 5,125

Panasonic MC-CG303


1400 W

1.2 L

Cartridge Filter

Not Available

3.3 kg

Rs. 5,404


Eureka Forbes Easy Clean plus 800 watts.



800 W


Paper Filter

Not Available




Eureka Forbes Quick clean DX-1200 Watt


900 W

0.4 L

Particulate air filter


2.8 Kg



Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner


1400 W

17 L

Paper filter bag

Not Available

5.4 Kg


Rs. 4,500

Black and Decker VH780


780 W

370 ML

3 Stage filter bag

Not available

3.2 Kg

Rs. 3,449

Rs. 4,495


Detailed Review Of Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners

1.Eureka Forbes trendy nano




If you are not techno-savvy and want a vacuum cleaner that is easy to operate, then this is vacuum cleaner is the solution for you. The vacuum cleaner from Eureka does not require any kind of installation and comes with a dust bag full indicator. It has four extra attachments and a dust bag. This is a portable vacuum cleaner and has a plastic body. According to the reviews, it is suitable for the small house because it may create noise if it is used for a longer time which is very annoying. If we consider its price and other features, then it is one of the best vacuum cleaners under Rs. 5000.

Key Features


Body And Design

This vacuum cleaner has a trendy color combination with a good body design. It is better for people who do not have space to store the vacuum cleaner. It has a long hose pipe which helps to clean the most congested place of your house.


This vacuum cleaner is suitable for small-time has a decent motor which gives a good power output. Its dust bag is adequate so you won’t have to empty the dust bag at regular intervals.

You might face difficulty while cleaning the crevice even with crevice nozzles since this cleaner does not have the blower function. Noise can be an issue if you are cleaning for a long period of time.


Motor Power and Dust Capacity

This cleaner has a dust bag of 1 L capacity and comes with a dust bag indicator. The motor of the vacuum cleaner is 1000 W which provides good power output and suction power to the vacuum cleaner.

Wide Range Of Accessories

Trendy nano is enabled with a wide range of accessories, that can be used efficiently for versatile cleaning.


  • Dust bag indicator

  • Automatic cord winder

  • Floor and carpet brush

  • Two extension tubes

  • Crevice nozzle

  • It is Good for cleaning pillow, bed, pet hairs, etc. that means it has sufficient power.
  • There are 4 dust bags with the product, so you can use them for a long time.
  • Good product built.
  • The lock of product body, near the dust bag, is weak.

pipe of this vacuum cleaner is of flimsy material.You may face the problem of twisting of pipe which may lead to clogging.The plastic of attachments is very delicate which is the common complaint of the customers.Do not use it for long run otherwise, you may face some heating problems.

Check Price on Amazon

2.Eureka Forbes euro clean X-force vacuum cleaner

If you are looking for a multipurpose vacuum cleaner then, this is one of the best vacuum cleaners of its range. You will get so many attachments with the cleaner which will provide versatile cleaning. The vacuum cleaner comes with a 3-liter dust capacity and 1400 watts of powerful suction.Net weight of this vacuum cleaner is 5.1 Kg. There are different brushes available with a vacuum cleaner. Since the cleaner is light in weight you can carry the cleaner from one place to another place.


Key Features

Body and Design

The cleaner has a portable design that helps in the versatile cleaning of your home. It has 3 L of dust capacity and a 1400 W motor which is enough to create good suction power for cleaning. Since it comes with so many accessories you do not need to buy any extra attachment for the cleaner.


Eureka Xforce Euroclean has good performance. Its 1400 W motor creates good suction power for the cleaner to remove the toughest dirt. Also, it helps in the versatile cleaning of the house since it has a huge range of accessories.


Range of accessories

This equipment is equipped with various attachments which are specially designed to make your home clean easily and faster. Different types of brushes and extensions are provided so that you can clean even the toughest part of your house easily. Since it is a canister vacuum cleaner so in that case you do not need to change the dust bag from time to time which is a big advantage for you if you buy this vacuum cleaner.



  • Automatic dustbag indicator.

  • Different types of brushes and extensions.

  • Two suction pipes.

  • Best in class filtration mechanism.
  • Twin parking position international styling and design.
  • Its suction power is not that impressive.

The vacuum cleaner has 3 suction power levels on its handle.And the 4th LED light is for the dust bag full indicator.Use its blower function from a distance while cleaning the delicate things, but the water blower of the product is not that useful

Check Price on Amazon

3.Black and Decker VM2825


The product is suitable for long run use, but the operations of the cleaner are a little bit complicated. But according to some reviews, it does not have any service center in India, so if in case you face any difficulty in the device you have to go to your local service center. This is a canister vacuum cleaner with a compact design to save the storage space.The cleaner has 6 stage filtration with HEPA filter for clean air and it comes with crevice tool, telescopic extension tube.Since this vacuum cleaner has HEPA filters so, it is good for people who have asthma problem or allergic to dust.



Key Features

Body and Design

It has stainless steel telescopic tube and compact design of the body to save the storage space.the cleaner has one-touch quick empty feature for dust canister cleaning.

If we talk about canister design then it has the translucent design so that you can see the dust collection and empty it on time.The cleaning radius of this canister vacuum cleaner is 5 meter with 6 Stage of filtration for long-lasting performance.


The cleaner has 6 stage filtration which prevents clogging in the cleaner and improves the is a bagless vacuum cleaner so the maintenance charges are less, also the cleaner has good suction power

Black and Decker VM2825 has crevice tool and furniture brush to clean your house properly.There is no blower function available in the cleaner.

Motor and Dust Bag

It has the powerful motor of 2000 W and needs the operating voltage of 210-250 Volts.It has translucent dust cup, so in that case, you can see whether your dust bag is filled or not.The canister of the cleaner is easy to clean, and it is washable.



Range of accessories

It does not have a huge range of accessories but it will work for people who have a small house and have the storage problem.


  • Crevice tool

  • Upholstery brush

  • Telescopic extension tube.

  • It Has strong suction power.
  • Can be used without paper channel too.
  • The cover cannot be cleaned viably with current food.
  • The design is compact but complicated.


Check Price on Amazon


4.Karcher WD3 

This is both dry and wet vacuum cleaaner, the suction power is also amazing. But once if you have done wet vacuuming with it, then you have to wait until the filter is not dry properly which is a drawback.  Karcher WD3 comes with a robust impact resistant container and blower function.Also, it includes different nozzles to attach directly to the suction pump, so that it can clean even the tightest is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner with a plastic dust container which has the capacity of 17 liters.Though it has good capacity still you have to buy the dirtbags and extra attachments for proper cleaning.

TIP:- Instead of buying dirtbags, you can purchase washable dirtbags to reduce your expenses.



Key Features

Body and Design

It is a bagged wet and dry vacuum cleaner and uses a paper filter which is made of high-performance but having a filter in the vacuum cleaner can be an issue over here because once the filter is wet you have to wait till it is not dry.

The cleaner has 17 liters canister for dirt storage.The weight of the cleaner is 5.8 kg which is not that heavy can you can move it easily from one place to another for cleaning.It is easy to store because it has onboard cord storage, but it is not as compact as an upright vacuum cleaner.



Karcher WD3 is a durable model and great tough jobs so if you handle the devices roughly this cleaner can be a good choice for you.Performance of the cleaner does not only depends upon its suction power so company considered this point and redesigned its floor head to ensure that it does a good job of cleaning both on the wet and dry floor.

Motor and Dustbag

As I have mentioned earlier that it has 17 liter of dust bag which is better than the rest of the vacuum cleaners. The cleaner has 1000 W motor with high suction capacity. Since this is a canister vacuum cleaner so you do not have to worry about the maintenance of dust bag.



Range of Accessories

The Karcher WD3 comes with a hose which has 35 mm diameter also, it has two suction pipes of extra extension.Apart from the floor head, the only other tool that comes as an attachment is crevice nozzle. If you want some extra accessories for WD3 then you can buy a car tool, hard bristle brush and extension pipes.


  • Hose (35mm diameter)

  • Floor head

  • Crevice nozzle


  • It has strong suction power.
  • Has blower mode.
  • The vacuum cleaner has a large capacity.
  • Cartridge filter for both wet and dry job.
  • Filter clogs quickly.
  • Difficult to push on carpets

Remove the paper bag and the wet filter while doing the cleaning in your bathroom as it becomes useless.The round filter that is attached to te motor is only for dry vacuuming so that the fine dust does not enter in the motor.

Check Price on Flipkart



This is a canister vacuum cleaner so you do not need to buy the dirtbags for it. But if you want to buy this cleaner then let me tell you that you have to use the product carefully as it is not made for rough use.

The vacuum cleaner has a compact design that means it is easy to store, also it has translucent plastic dirt cup so you can empty the dirt cup on time.The suction power of the cleaner is also very good but again there is no service center in India, which may create a problem in future.


Key Features

Body and Design

The vacuum cleaner has the compact design which helps to clean the small spaces of your house.The color combination is good and looks trendy.the cleaner comes with a floor brush and carpet brush as extra attachments.The cleaner has the translucent dirt cup which makes the design of the cleaner trendy and you can easily check if you have vacuumed any small valuable thing by mistake.


it has four filtration stage, so it can easily clean up the toughest dirt. But sometimes you may face the problem of noise from the vacuum cleaner.

Range of Accessories

It has a limited range of accessories but they are sufficient to clean your whole house. It also consists of two extension pipe with hard floor brush and carpet brush to clean each and every corner of your house.


  • Hard floor brush

  • Carpet brush

  • Extension pipe.


  • It has a compact design.
  • Cyclonic action provides powerful suction for thorough cleaning.
  • You can easily go from cleaning carpets to the floor with a simple switch.
  • There is no customer service available in India.


Check Price on Amazon



6.Panasonic MC-CG303

Panasonic MC- CG303 features eco-power so it saves energy also it has a 5m long flexible chord which makes cleaning easy.But the hose of the cleaner is short and also sometimes it may create the heating issues.The suction power of the vacuum cleaner is powerful but customers are not satisfied with its blower function.The design of this vacuum cleaner is compact and smart also it is light in weight so it's easy to move it without any difficulty.The dust bag has enough capacity to clean 2BHK apartment.



Key Features

Body and Design

The cleaner has the premium built quality, I like the design of the cleaner.Especially the wheels on its end.It will help you to move the cleaner easily.It has the eco power so saves the energy as well. The long cord of the cleaner can reach any corner of the house to make the cleaning easy for you.


If you are thinking that the size of the cleaner is small so it will not be able to clean the house properly then you are wrong. It has all the qualities of a larger cleaner.Its motor can suck the toughest dirt that you will throw in front of it.

 The motor is a little bit noisy which can become an issue, but since it does a good job so one flaw can be ignored. It's blower function of vacuum cleaner is also good.



Range of Accessories

The cleaner has a hose with two brushes and a crevice nozzle which is enough to clean a house properly, but if you need some extra attachments to clean your house then you can buy them separately.


  • Crevice nozzle

  • Floor brush

  • Carpet brush

  • Very high suction power.It has an air dust catcher.
  • Supports eco power which will help to save energy.
  • The vacuum is heavy, so it will be difficult to move the cleaner from one place to another.

This vacuum cleaner has washable and reusable dust bag, that means you do not have to spend your money in buying the dust bags.You can use the bag multiple times without any replacement.

Check Price on Amazon


7.Eureka Forbes Easy Clean plus 800 watts


1.8 Kg is the net weight of this mini vacuum comes with both suction and blower function but it has disposable dust bag which may increase your expenses.It is lightweight so you can carry it from one place to another but it does not have the proper lock system for attachments due to which you may face lots of problems while cleaning. It also has 18 feet long cord for easy reach to every corner of the house.



Key Features

Body and Design

It is portable due to its size and Compact nature. This includes both suction as well as the blower function, You can easily carry this vacuum cleaner in hand and do cleaning the house.


The vacuum cleaner has both high power blower and suction function, but it has some heating issues.Also, it starts consuming lots of electricity after some time so proper maintenance is required.

On the other hand, it has the wide array of accessories that facilitate multi-purpose cleaning.Since it has high suction and blower function, it cleans even the toughest dirt.

According to customer review section of Amazon, more than 30% people who bought this product gave it the 5-star rating, which means it is a good product for this range.

Since it is lightweight and compact, so from my point of view this is a better vacuum cleaner for cleaning Sofa, Car etc.

Range of Accessories

Eureka Forbes Easy Clean plus 800 watt has a wide range of accessories, so it provides versatile cleaning. It has 5 attachments which include floor brush, carpet brush, extension pipe, hose pipe and a crevice nozzle.


  • Hosepipe.

  • Extension rod -3

  • Crevice nozzle

  • It has both suction and blower function.
  • Lightweight that means it is easily portable.
  • 18 feet long cord to reach every corner of the house.
  • Suction is not that good.


Check Price on Amazon

8.Eureka Forbes Quick clean DX-1200 Watt


Again people who do not want to waste your time in learning the new operations can use this cleaner.This product is easy to assemble and to operate.Like other vacuum cleaners from Eureka, this one also has the dust bag full indicator, it also has suction control on the handle to control the air flow.It comes with automatic cord winder.there are a wide range of accessories available with the cleaner for complete cleaning.You can face noise issues sometimes and it also heats up very quickly. But the suction power of the product is good according to its price.

Key Features

Body and Design

Eureka Forbes quick clean DX-1200 watt has the compact design so it is easy to store at home.The cleaner has the automatic cord winder which will keep the cord safe and untangled.The cleaner also has a dust bag full indicator that warns you whenever the dust bag is full.It has 3 swivel wheels specially designed to ensure easy handling and better movability.


The overall performance of the cleaner is good. But like other vacuum cleaners, it also has the heating issue sometimes. Additional accessories will also help you to reach some difficult corner of your house. In accessories, the floor carpet brush is the best, you can clean the hard floor and carpet properly with that brush.

Range of Accessories

You will get enough range of accessories with the vacuum cleaner for versatile cleaning. All of them are effective for proper cleaning of your house.You can also get some extra accessories available in the market for the vacuum cleaner but from my point of view, you will not need them at all. 


  • Flexible hosepipe.

  • carpet/floor brush.

  • Crevice nozzle.

  • Upholstery nozzle.

  • 4 paper bags.

  • 2 extension tube.

  • Pros
    • It has powerful suction plus it also has the suction control on the handle to control the air flow.
    • It has a long power cord, that means it will be easy to clean every corner of the house.
    • It is lightweight so it is portable.
    • Sometimes it creates lots of noise.


    Check Price on Amazon


9.Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum Cleaner


This is another vacuum cleaner for multipurpose use, it has good suction power for both dry and wet vacuuming.It can clean the pet hairs from your sofa and carpet to the toughest dirt on your floor. stick vacuum cleaner can be used as 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner. It can be used as stick vacuum cleaner, handheld vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner has simple operations so it is perfect for people who are not techno-savvy they just want simple operations to operate the tool.

Key Features

Body and Design

Since it is a cordless vacuum cleaner it is not restricted to the length of the cord, you can drag the cleaner to any part of the house for cleaning. It takes less space for storing. Like any other bagless vacuum cleaner, it has a transparent dirt cup which reduces the maintenance charges.


According to customer reviews, it has satisfactory performance on bare floors. It may create some problem in picking up larger things. The base is low so larger things may get stuck in the brush/base while cleaning and may cause clogging in the vacuum cleaner.

Range of Accessories

I have searched on different shopping sites, Right now there is no extra attachment available with this vacuum cleaner. If you have any information regarding that, kindly writedown in the comment section below.


  • It has simple operations so it is easy to use.
  • This cleaner can be stored easily.
  • Ideal for cleaning large areas.
  • It is heavier as compared to other vacuum cleaners.
  • You will face difficulty in cleaning small areas.
  • Revolving cleaning head is tough to use for hard floors.


Check Price on Amazon

10.Black and Decker VH780


It is a good product with lots of attachments, Product comes in handy while cleaning sofas, curtains, floor mattress. This compact vacuum cleaner is beneficial for cleaning thick carpets and floor/tiles. 

Key Features

Body and Design

It has a compact size and weight another added benefit, so you can clean up the house faster without being too tired.It long power cord improves the functionality that means you do not have to worry about the range while cleaning. 


The motor provides the great suction power to the cleaner also it has a blower function so, cleaning those crevices and tight spots are no longer a worry.

 While doing the odd jobs you may not face any problem, but while cleaning the house in a single session, the filter of the vacuum cleaner may create a problem, because it gets clogged easily, so requires proper cleaning after a regular time of interval.

Talking about limitations, then the motor coupled with sweeper attachment might create a problem. Also, it is not that much effective in cleaning up every inch of the house due to the heating problem after repetitive use

Range of Accessories

It comes with a wide range of accessories for versatile cleaning, which is another advantage of this cleaner.


  • Blower attachments.

  • Carpet/floor brush

  • 3 suction attachment.

  • 3 piece plastic tube

  • Fabric brush.

  • Well designed and has simple operations.
  • It has powerful suction. 
  • You may face some heating issues.
  • There is no power adjusting button


Check Price on Amazon



So this is the list of top 10 vacuum cleaners with features, now you can easily get the type of vacuum cleaner that you want. let's discuss these cleaners in detail.

Points To Be Checked While You Are Purchasing A Vacuum Cleaner-

There are some points that should be checked while you are purchasing a vacuum cleaner. The standards of these points may vary according to the type of vacuum cleaner that you are going to purchase. So here is the list of checkpoints for vacuum cleaners written below:-

  1. Weight-You should always pay attention to the weight of the cleaner. If it is heavy then it will not be easy for you to move the vacuum cleaner from one place to another.

  2. Cord Length-If you are buying a corded cleaner, you should take care of the length of the cord so that you can reach the entire room without unplugging the cord.

  3. Battery- For cordless vacuum cleaner it is important to check the battery life. You should also check how long it will work in one charge. Also, notice the time it takes to get charged.

  4. Bag-Though now cleaners are available with the dust containers instead of bags, still, if you want to buy the vacuum cleaner with the bag then take the whole information about the maintenance and replacement of the bag.

  5. Energy Use-Before you purchase the vacuum cleaner please get the information about its energy consumption rate. Because if the energy consumption is high it may increase the electricity bill.

  6. Filtration Efficiency-It means how well the cleaner grabs the dust. So before buying the vacuum cleaner just try the product once, so that you can check the performance and assure yourself before investing the money.

  7. Noise-On every vacuum cleaner there will be a tag/label called DB (decibel).By checking that label you will get to know about the noise level of that particular model of the cleaner.

  8. Brand-Prefer good brands because the services of brands are good even after the sales of the product. Also, you will get a better quality of the product.

  9. Capacity-Check the Capacity of the dust container before you buy it. The capacity of the container should be according to your requirements.

  10. Dusting Brush-You should also check the quality of dusting brush and also ask the seller if he can provide you with different types of a brush to clean the different areas.

  11. Suction Power-The suction power of the cleaner depends upon the power of the motor. Sturdier the motor, stronger the suction power will be created. The power of the motor should be between 1600 to 2000 watts. So before buying the product take the details of the motor and the energy consumption by the motor.

  12. Simple Operations-The operations should not be complicated because so many people are not familiar with the latest technology. So it must have simple operations so that you do not have to waste your time to figure out the working of the cleaner.

  13. Budget-Last but not the least, you should set a budget that you want to invest in a vacuum cleaner so that you can set your mind easily to get the best deal in your budget.

Tips and Tricks to Use a Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are complicated machines and should be used carefully. Knowing how to use the vacuum cleaner properly will help it to last longer and make vacuuming a lot safer. So here are tips for safe and proper handling of vacuum cleaner:-

  1. When not in use unplug the vacuum cleaner from the wall outlet. This protects the cord and plug and also helps to prevent accidents.

  2. Lots of vacuum cleaners are not intended for outdoor use, So be careful and do not use these cleaner for outdoor cleaning.

  3. Never pull the vacuum cleaner from its cord and also keep the cord away from sharp things and edges.

  4. Keep your fingers away from all those power moving parts of the vacuum cleaner.

  5. Do not clean toxic and flammable materials with the help of vacuum cleaner, it may cause accidents.

  6. Always store a vacuum cleaner in a cool and dry place.

  7. Change the bag/empty the canister at regular interval of time.

  8. Always select the right setting, it will enhance the performance of your cleaner.

  9. Check the hoses regularly to ensure that there is no clogging or obstructions.

  10. Remove all the debris from the brush roll and their air passage.


So these are some of the best vacuum cleaners in India that are available at the lowest price with good features and effective cleaning. If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner in India then you can try your hands on one of them and you will never regret your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How often should I change My vacuum bag?

Answer: You should change the vacuum bag before it is full or you should change it once or twice every six months. Changing the vacuum bag also depends upon what you are vacuuming. Fine dust particles and pet hairs will clog the filter/bag faster than ordinary dirt and dust.

Q2) How often should I change My vacuum filter?

Answer: You should replace your vacuum filter after every six months or at least once in a year. If you do so, it will enhance the performance of your vacuum cleaner. When your filter is old/clogged the vacuum motor can overheat which may lead to the short life of the motor and reduced suction power.

Q3) What is HEPA Filter?

Answer: HEPA Filter stands for High-efficiency particulate air. This filter captures 99.97% of particles which are greater than 0.3 micrometres. HEPA Filters were developed to prevent the airborne radioactive contaminants, these filters are beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers as it captures the fine particles that can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

Q4) Do higher amp Vacuums clean better?

Answer: Not necessarily, amps are measurements of the amount of electricity that a machine uses, while cleaning ability of the product is defined by the amount of air flow that vacuum cleaner produces.

Q5) Do generic vacuum bags works as well as name-brand bags?

Answer: Many generic bags are made up of thinner paper than name-brand bags, this can reduce the amount of dust trapped. The use of generic bags may also void some manufactures warranties, so be sure to check the warranty before switching to generic bags.