Top 20 New Year Gift Ideas for Special One

Here are the Top 20 New Year Gift Ideas for Special One which you can buy it or make it at home.

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It's somehow hard to imagine a New Year without giving or receiving gifts. Isn't it? After all its "new year" which is celebrated with full zeal and fervor all over the world. New year gifts are a perfect way to wish the special people in your life. Making someone feel special is enough to make you feel good. Giving gift feels as good as receiving gifts! It brings a real smile on the recipient's face and gives you a feeling of self-gratification. Thankfully, there are many gifts that are thoughtful but won’t cost much. So here are some of the most popular gifts, perfect to wish a new year.

1. The Perfect Gift for a Reader on your List

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For an avid reader, there can’t be any better gift than a set of good books! Books are great to gift as they not only educate you but they also refresh and relax you. They stretch your imagination and allow you to dream! Thus, even if you don’t know the person's interest very well, don't be afraid to give a book. Just explore some books, read the reviews and then trust your instinct. You will surely make the right choice.

2. Coffee Mugs are more than Just Mugs

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Whether someone is a coffee fanatic or not, gifting mugs have always been very popular. Wonder why? Because no matter how you like your caffeine, having a perfect mug can make all the difference. The handle design, size, and thickness of the mug decide whether one will use it every day or will place it on a shelf. So, create a perfect coffee moment for that special one in your life.


3. Scrapbooks to Rekindle the Priceless Moments



Scrapbooks are not for everyone. However, if you have that one friend or family member who wanted to have a scrapbook but don’t have the time to make. The New year can be the perfect time to astound them with a scrapbook. After all, the best gifts are one that always contains part of yourself.

4. Fabulous and Inexpensive Homemade Gifts

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Who wouldn’t love to receive homemade gifts? There’s something extra special about homemade gifts. Be it a cake, dress, painting or anything, they can touch anyone. So took some time off, think a bit and make a great gift to wish the new year differently.

5. A Designer Mobile Back Cover

mobile cover


Gone are the days when mobile covers were just used to protect the mobile. Today, they allow you to display your personality. From popular quotes to photographs, there are diverse types of phone cover that can be gifted. A personalized designer mobile cover can be perfect to start off the year in full style.

6. Selfie Sticker: Seize the Moment

 selife sticker



For those social media addict who can’t keep their phone away from grabbing a click, selfie sticks are the best gift. Selfie sticks are one of fastest growing trends worldwide. And for a lover of selfies, these sticks are perfect to capture all those candid shots of yourself more clearly.

7. A New Year Special Photo Collage Gift



As the new year is approaching steadily, everyone started surfing the internet for a distinctive new year gift idea. However, if you still can’t figure out anything, don’t worry!! There is no gift more special and unique than a photo collage. So this new year send your greetings to your loved ones with a special college and cherish the beautiful moments of the past year.

8. A Cute Card with a Beautiful Message

new year card


Cards are always special! Be it a birthday, anniversary, or any success party, cards perfectly articulate the sentiments. So how about sending a handmade card that actually made by the wonderful school kids? Yes, Ferns N petals have come up with a wonderful idea of making this new year special. These cards are made with recycled paper and are eco-friendly. Further, they even carry the name of the wonderful junior artist. Also, some percentage of money from the value of the card will be donated to the underprivileged children. So be part of this beautiful chain and express your emotions through a lovely card.

9. Evergreen Wrist Watches

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If you still not been able to figure out what to gift, have you thought about gifting a watch? Watches contain a symbolic meaning and that can be treasured forever. There can be nothing more beautiful than buying a designer watch for a loved one.

10. Stylish Bags to Start the New Year with a full Swing

new year bags


Bags are for everyone! With small, medium and large size, varied designs and styles, there are literally many options to browse. Explore the options, choose a perfect bag for that special person and greet the new year in full style! So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your loved ones with these exciting gifts and welcome the new year with endless happiness and joy


11. New Year Bamboo Plant

It's that time of the year when everybody needs luck and love for the next year. If you are planning for a meaning full gift, the Bamboo Plant is the most meaningful gift one can give, and one can even get.

The Bamboo Plant indicates luck and can be kept anywhere in the house. You can give the small bamboo plant to your special one as a piece of luck for 2020!!! 

12. Start 2020 With A Roller Pen For Writing

If your loved one has an exam, an important meeting or he/she loves the pen. Then your New Year Gift Idea should be a Roller Pen. It will be the best gift one can get. If your loved ones love the pen collection, then add one more beautiful pen in their collection.

It will also be very useful as one the very first day of 2020 your love will get to write with the Roller Pen you gifted on New Year!!

13. Photoframe With Memories

I am sure you might have very good memories with your special one in 2019, and you must have a lot of photo collection with the loved ones. So why not gather all the special moment together and give it on New Years.

You have to buy the Photoframe for the market or Online and stick the best memory photograph of your with your someone special and give it as a memory of 2019 to make many more in 2020 and many more years to come. The best Idea and yet useful as it can be kept in the room, drawing an apartment or anywhere.


14. Happy New Year Chocolate Box

Let's do some muh meetha with a chocolate box which can be customised and you can make it look much more special. This New Year gifts you some special a box full of Chocolates, Memories, and Wishes. 

Yes!!! You heard it right make it everything by yourself be chocolates, boxes, and more. Make a colourfull box with some of the pictures and blessings, and messages and Chocolates. 

Pack them up and give to your someone special I am sure the person would love your idea and appreciate your eforts.


15. New Year Gift Hamper

Planning a gift idea is always similar to nothing new init but to make it a new one is still a good idea. Like a gift hamper which is a trendy gift hamper but if you think of it making it very differently then it is New Year's New Idea.

You can gift a gift hamper to your special someone with a bits o changes like making a basket or something for a hamper by yourself and put 20 things in it only. Not less not more as we are welcoming 2020 so keep 20 most favourite things of your special someone. Be it clothes, shoes, sandals, accessories, and more.

With each gift, add some of your memory related to it!!! 


16. Bottle Lamp To Light Up New Year

Bottle Lamp a unique and little different idea to gift your loved ones as it can be used a night lamp and also for decoration. You can either purchase it from the market, or you can get it at your home. The choice is all yours.

It is a very different idea in which you do multiple planning to decorate it make it customised. 


17. Mouse Pad

If you someone special is a workaholic and most of its time go on Laptop or Computer, then this is a gift for you to give this New Year as it will remind your someone special of you more.

As the mouse pad will have a lot of memories of you and your someone special with pictures and more. The Mouse Pads are easily available online you don't have to put a lot of efforts as these days everything is online. 

You will find the apps or site where you can customise the Mouse Pad and purchase it!!


18. Gift Card

The most trendy gift these days is the Gift Card which you can gift it to your special someone this New Year. The Gift Cards nowadays are available in many brands, be it a shopping git card, Fasttrack Gift Card, BookMyShow Gift Card, and many more.

So, now the choice is yours if your loved one loves shopping or buying gadgets or anything which he/she likes the most gift them that particular gift card. 

It is easy too as you can purchase the gift card online only!!


19. New Year Customised Calendar

New Year with New times and dates and making of new memories. But why to forget the old memories you have to spend with your special someone. So to not to forget your old memory gift your someone special a calendar in which you add all the 12-month memories you have with a picture on it. 

Even if not that is a good idea to you then maybe your someone special love the cartoons or a fan of someone you can get that customised too. 


20. Panda Phone Holder

Panda Phone Holder a little different New Year Gift but worth it if your someone special is more a phone person. Who can watch TV serials, Series, Movie, and more on Mobile. If you watch everything on Mobile, then the Panda Holder is for you.

As it is usable anywhere and can keep your phone quickly and it is safe too. More of it is very cute and adorable gift can love as a New Year Gift!!


Here are the top 20 New Year Gift ideas for you for your loved ones. Plan your new year gift now and make your special someone a happy person with a surprise. All the mentioned gift are readily available and can be made easily at home.