Google Pay New Year offer - Collect 7 Stamps to Win Up to Rs. 2020

Collect 7 stamps and win up to Rs. 2020 with Google Pay New year offer.

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Hello readers, Google Pay has come with an exciting offer for the new year. Similar to Google Pay Diwali offer, this time you have to collect 7 stamps for a chance to earn up to Rs. 2020. The game has started, collect the stamps to get G-pay reward.

So get ready for more fun as Google Pay New Year offer is here. Start your new year with great rewards. As you get assured reward on collecting all the stamps to complete the cake.

What is Google Pay New Year Offer?

Google Pay has come with a new offer to welcome 2020. You need to complete simple tasks such as money transfer, recharge, bill payment etc. For each transaction, you will get a stamp. You need to collect 7 stamps to complete the cake and unlock the reward. 

You will earn Rs. 202 - Rs. 2020 on collecting all the stamps on Google Pay App. 

First of all upgrade to the latest version of Google Pay app to see the offer. Complete details of the contest are out.

How to Collect Google Pay Stamps for 2020 Offer?

Toffee Stamp - Make a Bill Payment
DJ Stamp - Do a mobile recharge
Pizza Stamp - Invite a Friend with your referral code

Collect the stamps for the first transaction in the given category. All the other stamps will be variably distributed for different collection methods.

Google Pay Stamp Collection Methods

For each category, you can win only a given number of stamps per day. There is also a minimum transaction for each method. Start collecting Google Pay stamps now.

For recharge minimum transaction should be Rs. 98. While a bill payment of minimum Rs. 300 will get you a stamp. You can also send RS. 98 or more to win a stamp by money transfer on Google Pay. 

You can gift or request stamps from friends. Also, use the 2020 scanner to collect stamps and win up to Rs. 2020. 

Get rewards for collecting each layer of cake. 

How to Avail Google Pay New Year Offer?

  • Download Google Pay app from here

  • Scroll to the bottom

  • Click on the 2020 offer

  • Now, complete the tasks to unlock stamps

  • Get up to Rs. 2020 cashback on collecting all the stamps



Click Here to Download


The offer is simple, the 7 stamps will be in the form of cake as you will see in the offer page on Google Pay App. Once you have all the stamps, you will unlock the scratch card with a cashback of Rs. 202 to Rs. 2020.

In the Diwali Stamp offer on Google Pay, it was difficult to collect rangoli stamp, let us see what happens in the new year offer. The new year game starts on 23rd December. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for tricks.