15 Best Free Chatting Apps in India : For Android & IOS

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Want to be connected with your loved ones via online? If Yes, This is the right article for you.

Online Chatting apps have made it much easier to communicate. These apps allow users to communicate via text, voice and video chatting. 

Best Free Chatting Apps in India also have useful features such as file sharing, image editing etc. Privacy has also become a prime concern for users. Some users just want an Indian chatting app. 

Some of the critical features of chatting apps include privacy & multi-media experience. 

The best chatting apps combine all these features to make your messaging experience superior. 

If you are still thinking, Which chatting app is best? Or Is there an app better than WhatsApp? Then scroll down to check out the best chatting apps in India and compare the top features. The list includes many free and paid chatting apps. 

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Best Free Chatting Apps in India

List of Best Free Chatting Apps in India: Android & IOS

Here I have mentioned the list of Best Free Chatting Apps in India for Android and IOS; not only this, but I have also mentioned their individual ratings on Play Store for Android Users and App Store for IOS users.

Indian Chat App

Available On

Play Store / App Store Rating


Android / IOS

4.3 / 4.6


Android / IOS

4.1 / 4.1


Android / IOS

4.2 / 4.6


Android / IOS

4.3 / 3.3


Android / IOS

4.3 / 3.8


Android / IOS

4.1 / 4.5


Android / IOS

4.1 / 3.5


Android / IOS

4.5 / 4.5


Android / IOS

4.2 / 4.8

Troop Messenger

Android / IOS

4.3 / 4.3


Android / IOS

4.3 / 4.3







Namaste Bharat






For Android & IOS Users

1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a free messaging app available for smartphone users. It uses your phone's internet connection to let you send and receive messages, photos, videos, documents, and voice messages. Voice and video calling features are also available on Whatsapp. Whatsapp started as an Instant Messenger app but has evolved to offer voice and video calling features over time. The popular chatting app is owned by Facebook. It has over 200 million users in India. 

The messaging app works with your phone number and integrates with your phone's existing address book. You can also share your location, set custom wallpapers and broadcast messages. 

Key Highlights:

  • No Fees

  • Multimedia

  • Free calls

  • Whatsapp Web

  • No Username and Pins

2. Messenger

Messenger is developed by Facebook Inc. The all-in-one communication app has text, voice, video calling and group video chat features. The instant messaging service launched in August 2011. It replaced Facebook chat. Users don't need a Facebook account to use Messenger. You can access Messenger on your computer (Messenger.com) or using the mobile app for Android and iOS. 

The texting app can also send images and videos. It has lots of built-in emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Recently, Facebook introduced new privacy features in Messenger to add another layer of security. App lock uses fingerprint or face authentication to unlock the Messenger app. 

Key Highlights:

  • Get The Group Together With Rooms

  • Key Highlights:Free Video Calls To Stay Connected

  • Unlimited Free Text & Phone Calls

  • Record And Send Voice And Video Messages

  • Express Yourself With Stickers, Gifs, And Emojis

  • Turn Off The Lights In Dark Mode

3. Google Hangouts

Use hangouts for texting, voice and video calling, and group chats. You can also share photos, videos, emojis, stickers, GIFs, and maps. Hangouts is available on Android, iOS, and the web. The chats are synchronized across all devices. The app allows group chats for up to 150 people. 

Google Hangouts is a top chatting app for professional users. The app is built for teams to provide an integrated platform which makes communication efficient and convenient. No phone number is required. You can sign in with your Gmail account to start using Hangouts for text messages, video and voice calls. 

Key Highlights:

  • Group chats with up to 150 people.

  • Share messages, photos, videos, maps, emojis, stickers, and animated GIFs.

  • Free group video call with up to 10 contacts.

  • Keep in touch with contacts across Android, iOS, and the web

  • Sync chats across all your devices.

4. JioChat

JioChat is owned by Reliance Industries Ltd. It is considered the best Indian chatting app. JioChat is available in different languages. It allows users to send text messages, audio, and videos. The instant messaging app also keeps users updated with news, movies, and sports. The app also supports video conferencing, voice calls, stickers, and emoticons. JioChat app is available for Android, iOS, and JioPhone users. You can register using any mobile number. JioChat is available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Odia languages. 

 Key Highlights:

  • Free HD voice & video calls

  • Video conferencing

  • Send files, emoticons, pictures, videos, voice notes 

  •  Made in India stickers.

  •  Bite-sized video stories.

  • All major Indian languages

5. Telegram

Telegram is a fast and reliable chatting app. It promises to function even on poor internet connections. The app can be used to share large files and documents of any type. The popular chatting app comes with powerful photo and video editing tools. Secret chat messages are a popular feature of the app. Users can send self-destructing messages, photos, videos, and files. Telegram allows users to make large groups. You can create group chats for up to 200,000 members. It is a perfect app for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork. 

Recently, Telegram introduced a host of new features. While most of the features are available for all users, some are limited to premium members. The company has introduced a Premium subscription to provide users access to exclusive features. Telegram Premium susbcription costs Rs. 179 in India. However, users can continue to use the free version of the app. The premium susbcription is optional, and users can upgrade from the settings menu to unlock premium features.  

Key Highlights:

  • Create group chats for up to 200,000 members

  • Share large videos, documents of any type

  • Powerful photo and video editing tools

  • Secret Chat messages

  • All types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos, and even files

 6. Skype

Skype is owned by Microsoft. It comes with features such as text messaging, audio, and video chat. Skype is considered the best app for its design. It is also a popular choice for conducting interviews. Group chatting is also available on the app. You can read and reply to your phone's SMS messages on Skype. You can also send photos and videos. With the voice calling feature, you can call anyone in the world. Skype is mostly used for professional purposes. Over 12 million people use this app worldwide. Landline and mobile phone calls are paid services, and the user must buy credits to enjoy calling features. 

Key Highlights:

  • Create a group chat to plan a family reunion

  • Reply to your phone’s SMS messages

  • Send photos and videos with your family and friends

  • Make voice calls to anyone in the world on Skype

  • Skype is available on phones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

7. Line

Line allows users to enjoy free messaging and voice and video calls. You can add up to 200 people in group video calls. The app also allows users to create polls for quick decisions. Use filters and effects to make video calls more interesting.  It has got so many cool features. The app also gives you news, movies, and sports updates. You can also easily share photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, and locations. Choose from hundreds of free stickers to express yourself uniquely. Line is available for mobile, pc and Mac users. Your chats are synced automatically across all versions.

Key Highlights:

  • Share messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, and locations

  • Get connected to new apps

  • Store messages, photos, videos, and more

  • Auto-sync your device and PC

  • Browse hundreds of popular free stickers

  • share your daily moments with friends on Timeline

8. Viber

Viber is the choice for 1 billion users worldwide. Send free text messages and high-quality voice and video calls. The app is completely free. You can see your messages and calls directly from your desktop or tablet. The chats are synced to your computer and laptop. 

Viber also allows low-cost calls to landlines. Yes, you can non-Viber users on a mobile phone or landline with the low-cost international calling service. The group chat feature allows up to 250 members to talk and text together. The app uses end-to-end encryption to provide 100% privacy. The chatting apps also have a secret chat feature which lets users self-destruct messages. The self-destruct messages get automatically deleted from the recipient's phone. 

Key Highlights:

  • Start a Viber Community with Unlimited Members

  • Express Yourself with GIFs, and Viber Stickers

  • Self-Destruct Your Secret Chats

  • Group chat for up to 250 members

  • Make Free Audio and Video Calls

  • Fully Synced Desktop and Tablet Apps

9. Snapchat

Send a Snap in seconds. Use filters, lenses, bitmojis, and fun effects to express yourself. Snapchat opens right to the camera, so you can take a photo or video in seconds to share. You can also stay in touch with friends using live messaging. There are also group stories to share your day. You can video chat with up to 16 friends at once. New filters and lenses are added daily; you can create your own filters. You can also share your location or see where your friends hang out. 

There are many more interesting features, such as live stories and memories. With live stories, you can discover stories from the community nearby and across the world.  

Key Highlights:

  • Send a Snap in seconds.

  • Tap to take a photo, or press and hold for a video.

  • Add a Lens or Filter to your photo 

  • Video chat with up to 16 friends at once

  • Watch breaking news, original Shows, and Community Stories

  • Create Stories from your favourite memories

10. Troop Messenger