Xiaomi Partnership With Cashify- Mi Exchange Offer In India

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Xiaomi already has a good market value in India. Xiaomi continuously taking new steps to boost up the sale in the Indian market. Recently The company has done a partnership with Delhi based startup name Cashify.in which allows users to exchange their old phone with new Xiaomi Phone.

Under this programme, the user can visit Mi store and exchange their old phone with the new Xiaomi phone. In this partnership, Xiaomi is totally depending upon Cashify to determine the old Phone's value and to set an optimal value for the new Mi phone.

The resale value of your old mobile will be decided on Cashify app, and it will be based upon the questions that will be based upon the condition of your phone.You can not exchange more than one mobile for a single purchase.From my point of view, this partnership will greatly reduce the cost for customers who want to buy Mi phone.So let's have a look how it works.

Exchange Process:-

  • Carry your old mobile to the nearest Mi store. Your phone will be inspected over there and based on the present condition of your device Cashify team will unlock the market price for your phone. If you agree to sell your phone at that price then, that decided amount will be adjusted against the price of your new Mi phone.
  • If you are too busy to go to the Mi store then you can simply schedule a pick up of your old mobile, but in this case, you have to pay the full price of your phone at Mi home store and the price of your old phone will be given to you at the time of pick up.



So these are two processes through which you can get rid of your old phone and get brand new Xiaomi phone at low price. After The offline sale of Mi Mobiles, this is the second strategy to enhance the sale of Mi phones in India and I Think it will be a booster for Xiaomi's sale in India.But like other exchange offers, This Partnership program also has some terms and conditions to exchange your mobile with the brand new phone.

Terms And Conditions

  • The device that you want to exchange should be in Portfolio of Cashify.
  • The user can exchange only one device at a time.
  • The resale value of your old device cannot be negotiated as it is decided by Cashify's app.
  • Once the exchange has been made there will not be any change in the deal.
  • Customer will get an e-receipt for the sale of your old device.


NOTE-  For any query, you can email at support@cashify.in