Vodafone Dongle Prepaid Plans (Updated 2021)

Are you looking for Vodafone net plans? Here check out the Vodafone Dongle Prepaid plans.

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Vodafone Dongle Prepaid Plans (Updated 2021)

Vodafone is one of the known and big organizations in India as a telecommunication company with headquarters in London. Vodafone Dongle prepaid plans are in high demand these days as the whole world is moving towards digitalization. One of the significant reasons this time is due to this pandemic COVID 19. Vodafone recently merged with Idea cellular company, and the company name changed to Vodafone Idea. 

 Vodafone mainly operates in Asia, Africa, and Oceania. If you are a very first-time user of Vodafone, Then you need to install the Vodafone Mobile Broadband Software. Vodafone is also supplying its internet services to other telecom competitors. They have currently operated in more than 22 countries and partner with more than 42 mobile networks.  By clicking on the given link below, you will get the tricks to get free internet from Vodafone. https://freekaamaal.com/mobile-recharge-offers/vodafone-free-internet-tricks

If you are looking for the best Vodafone Dongle prepaid plans information, then you are in the right place. Here you will get all information for the Vodafone Dongle prepaid plan details. 


Note: Now Vodafone has changed their official Name to VI Vodafone Idea. 

Vodafone WiFi Dongle Prepaid Plans 

Here is the list of the Vodafone WiFi dongle Prepaid plans for all their customers. Check them all. 

Dongle Plan Name

Recharge Price


Vodafone Dongle Plans Rs. 450 4G Data Pack


1 month

Vodafone Dongle Plans Rs. 650 4G Data Pack


1 month

Vodafone Dongle Plans Rs. 999 4G Data Pack


1 month

Vodafone Dongle Prepaid Plans

1. Vodafone Dongle Plans Rs. 450 4G Data Pack


This Vodafone dongle plan for prepaid customers is amazing if the usage is limited, as you will get 6GB 4G/3G data every month in Rs.450. Even after the consumption of 6GB, you can use the data with limited speed, or you can recharge it as per the data Pay go rate. They also have the capping option, as you need to pay 500 for further standard speed internet with no additional charges. 

2. Vodafone Dongle Plans Rs. 650 4G Data Pack

This Vodafone dongle prepaid plan of Rs. 650 offers 10GB 4G/3G  data for one month. After the usage of 10 GB speed of the internet will be reduced or you can use the data from another pack or plan, and you will be charged as per the data pay go rate. You’re normal out of package usage will be capped by Rs.500, after which you move to slow internet speed without any extra charges. 


3. Vodafone Dongle Plans Rs. 999 4G Data Pack

This Vodafone 4g dongle prepaid plan is for those who have regular usage of the internet for official or personal use. In this data pack, you have 20GB 4G/3G internet every month at Rs.999, which is quite enough for one person usage.  If the 20 GB data consumed, you can use the data from another pack or data plan or on the pay-go rate. Rs.500 will cap your usage of out of data packs, and after which your data speed will be slowed down with no other charges. 

Vodafone Prepaid Dongle plans for Regional 

Here are some regional prepaid dongle 1 GB plans. Check the information. 


Vodafone Dongle Plan Name

Plan details


Tamil Nadu

Vodafone Data Plan Data Plan 450

3G/4G Data: 2 GB, extra @Rs.0.5/1.0MB for 30 days.


Delhi NCR

Vodafone Data Plan Data Plan 450

3G/4G Data: 2 GB, extra @Rs.0.5/1.0MB for 30 days.



Vodafone Data Plan Data Plan 450

3G/4G Data: 2 GB, extra @Rs.0.5/1.0MB for 30 days.



Vodafone Data Plan Data Plan 450

3G/4G Data: 2 GB, extra @Rs.0.5/1.0MB for 30 days.




Vodafone Dongle plans for Prepaid on Monthly, half-yearly, and Yearly Usage Plans. 

Here are some Vodafone dongle prepaid plans for monthly, half-yearly, or yearly base usage. You can simply do a recharge for your dongle for a year as per the usage of data. 

Vodafone Dongle Plan Name

Vodafone Dongle Plan Details

Vodafone Dongle Price


Vodafone Dongle Monthly Plan

3 GB @4G/3G/2G speed. Post 3 GB you will be charged 4p/10kb.

Rs. 99

One Month

Vodafone Dongle Three Months Plan

6 GB @4G/3G/2G speed. Post 6 GB you will be charged 4p/10kb.

Rs 299

3 Months

Vodafone Dongle Half Yearly Plan

6 GB @4G/3G/2G speed. Post 6 GB you will be charged 4p/10kb.

Rs 499

6 Months

Vodafone Dongle Yearly Plan

10GB @3G/4G speed. Post 10GB you will be charged 4p/10kb.

Rs. 997

One Year

These Vodafone prepaid internet plans for dongle are the best plan for data usage. However, every state has its dongle plans as per Vodafone. We have shared the standard plans for the dongle prepaid data. All of the above mentioned Vodafone 3g/4g dongle prepaid recharge plans are the updated plan as per the company. 

Vodafone Dongle Prepaid Plans

What is Vodafone Prepaid Dongle, and What is the Price?

The Vodafone Prepaid dongle is a device that is set into the routers DNS server of the sim card provider connected to its dongle. The dongle detects the 3g/4g signal that is very powerful for smooth internet usage. The Vodafone dongle K3800 3G dongle has the capability to download up to 14.4Mbps. This device also supports Mac, OS, Linux, Microsoft Windows 8, 10, and many more. 

The price of Vodafone Idea dongle, which is compatible with postpaid and prepaid, is Rs. 3499 and as per the offer is going on, you can get this Vodafone Idea dongle in Rs. 1664. 

  •  This dongle is slim, compact, and has a stylish design. 

  • It can give the speed up to 150mbps.

  • It also has micro SD card storage support up to 32 GB.

  •  This is a plug and play device. 


Vodafone Idea Brings Data Rollover 

Now Vodafone Idea brings the data rollover features for their prepaid customers and it is one of the major advantages for the customers. Vi is now the only operator which are offering this kind of benefit to their prepaid customers. 

This feature drops when Vodafone Idea is losing their subscribers to its rivals at a steady rate. Currently, Airtel and Jio offer the data rollover service to their postpaid customers. 


This is complete information for the Vodafone dongle prepaid plan and device. We have shared the complete prepaid dongle plans along with their price and validity. It is suitable for one PC or Laptop. A single user may get enough speed and internet data as per the prepaid plans given above. You can also check the Vodafone offers by clicking this link https://freekaamaal.com/vodafone/how-to-check-vodafone-offers

Questions We Have 

Q. How do I recharge my Vodafone dongle?

Go to the option Top-up now and confirm your Vodafone prepaid dongle number, choose the data pack you want, and pay for it. 

Q. How do I get a Vodafone dongle?

Vodafone has multiple stores and mini-stores in almost every state. You can visit the nearby Vodafone store and get all the information along with dongle. 

Q. Is Vodafone dongle right?

As long as you are working on one desktop or laptop, this Voadone dongle comes with minimal fuss. This is the best option today for single use. 

Q. What is the best Vodafone Dongle prepaid plan?

All of the plans are best according to the usage of the customer. Choose the best plan according to your usage. 

Q.  Is dongle faster than the mobile Internet?

USB dongles are designed to be used with laptops and computers, and the speed is faster than mobiles.