How to Block BSNL SIM Card in Minutes: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Did you lose your phone with a BSNL sim card in it?

Since your contact number is your source of connection with your loved ones and also your banking tool, it becomes very risky once you lose it.

However, now, you do not need to worry more as in this article, I will tell you How to Block BSNL SIM Card easily to save all of your data from being stolen or damaged.

Customers who have lost their phone with a BSNL SIM card can get it blocked either through email, customer care number, or by visiting the nearest BSNL CSC. 

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How to Block BSNL SIM Card in Minutes

How To Block BSNL Sim In Minutes: 4 Different Ways

BSNL stands for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, which is considered the oldest and most trusted network provider in India. This network provides an extensive range of plans depending upon the various needs of the customers to give a seamless communication and affordable calls and texts. During different situations like your sim card being damaged, malfunctioning your sim card or your sim card being lost, you must know how to block BSNL sim. The step of blocking your BSNL sim is essential to ensure the safety and security of your data. Therefore, if you want to learn how to block BSNL sim using 4 different methods, then stick to this article until the end, as I have discussed each way in complete detail. 

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1. How To Block BSNL Sim Through An Email?

Blocking a BSNL sim through email lets you conveniently block your sim card, providing the security of your data because it is worth noting that BSNL does not provide a SIM blocking facility online. Moreover, sending an email is the best choice, where you only have to write your concern and attach the required documents, after which the BSNL sim will be blocked. Follow the steps below to block your BSNL SIM through email. 

  • Open your email and compose a new mail

  • Write [email protected] in the recipient field

  • Type BSNL Sim Block Request in the subject line

  • Write all the details like your name, DOB, address proof, last recharge and the reason behind blocking your BSNL sim in the body of the mail.

  • Attach all the required documents essential for identity and address verification.

  • Go through the email once again to avoid any mistakes and click on send

2. How To Block BSNL Sim Through Customer Care?

This is the most convenient way to get your SIM blocked if it is BSNL. You just have to dial the customer care number and answer a few verification questions to make your BSNL SIM blocked. Follow the steps given below to do so.

  • Open your phone dialer

  • Connect to the BSNL customer care number - 1503

  • Follow the instructions provided by an automated system and keep pressing the number that is appropriate for the BSNL Sim Block

  • Tell all the details that the BSNL customer care asks you for, like your Name, DOB, Address and more

  • The process of blocking the BSNL Number will be initiated just after you provide all the details

3. How To Block BSNL Sim Through The Customer Service Center (CSC)? 

If you like to do things in person instead of calling or going online, you can opt for this way. You can go to a BSNL Customer Service Centre and get your sim blocked instantly in person. Follow the steps below to Block BSNL SIM through The Customer Service Center.

  • Go to your nearest BSNL CSC or retailer

  • Take all the required documents that you were provided while you purchased the sim

  • Request the BSNL centre operator to block your sim

  • Provide the details they ask for, like your name, DOB, address, last five calls and more

  • Submit the required ID proofs

  • After that, your sim will be blocked, and you can immediately apply for a duplicate BSNL sim.

4. How To Block BSNL Sim From Another Number?

BSNL offers its customers all the assistance they need in the most urgent situations. Knowing the basic things that one may need to perform during an emergency is essential. If you have another number and want to block your BSNL number, follow the steps given below.

  • Open the dial pad on your phone

  • Dial 1800-345-1500

  • Go through the instructions provided by the automated system and click the numbers that are suitable for your circumstances

  • Provide all the details that are required

  • After following these steps, your BSNL number will be blocked as soon as possible

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How To Get BSNL Replacement Sim?

After requesting BSNL to block your sim, your sim card will be temporarily deactivated for several days before blocking the number entirely by the telco. The number of days it will remain deactivated will be mentioned in the SMS you receive after submitting your request to block the BSNL sim card. So, you will have to apply for your BSNL sim card replacement within that time period, otherwise, it won’t be possible to get the same number. Follow the steps given below to apply for a BSNL Replacement SIM or a duplicate number.

  • Go to your nearest BSNL CSC or retailer

  • Take your address proof and ID with you

  • Apply for the replacement of the sim at CSC

  • Provide all the preferred details like SMS, email or receipt to show that your BSNL sim card has been blocked

  • After that, your BSNL number will be unblocked, and you will be provided with a new SIM card

  • Insert that provided SIM card in your mobile and complete the televerification process.


It's important to be in charge of your SIM card. It is easy to block a SIM card for BSNL by email, calling the customer care number, or going to the customer service centre. Recall that you can discover how to block BSNL SIM by utilising any of the techniques listed above. However, since the company does not currently offer SMS service, you are unable to learn how to block BSNL SIM through SMS. Remember to apply for a replacement SIM card as soon as possible in order to maintain your ability to carry out your daily responsibilities. Even in the most unexpected circumstances, BSNL's dedication to customer service guarantees that all of your communication needs are satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I close my BSNL mobile number?

A. Fill out an application and deliver it to the BSNL office that is closest to you if you wish to close your number temporarily. Additionally, you must provide a photostat copy of any form of identification—such as a voter card, driver's license, or Adhar card—along with your application to the nearest BSNL office if you wish it to be permanently closed.

Q. Can we cut BSNL SIM?

A. Although very old cards cannot, almost all SIM cards can be cut into nano SIMs. Simply go to a BSN office, request that a new SIM card be issued for the same number, and hand them the new card. They will transfer it to a simulation that has already been machine-cut, allowing you to adjust it precisely.

Q. Can we activate the deactivated BSNL SIM?

A. You must go to the closest BSNL store or customer service centre to reactivate your mobile number. Along with submitting a reactivation form, you'll need to provide identification and proof of address. You should be able to resume using your BSNL number once your request has been processed and reactivated.

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