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A great number of people shop online these days but aren’t aware that they can save some extra money by knowing some of the tips for smart buying. We have collaborated a list of top 10 online shopping tips to save money for you to save money.

Do you ever wonder how people get stuff for cheap online? Or how come your friends get great deals while you don’t have the same luxury?

Trust me, it is no magic and to be specific, fate has got nothing to do with it. All you need to do is just be a smart buyer. Follow some tips and you’ll be availing the best deals and saving a hell lot of money in the process.

1.Online Price Comparison

What is your strategy when you go out in the market to buy something, you check on multiple stores for the best prices available. My question to you, why not do the same with online stores.

Suppose you like a t-shirt of a certain brand on a particular website, It is quite possible to find the same t-shirt of the same brand with lower prices. Same goes for everything be it clothing, electronics or even your groceries.

If not the lowest there will be deals that will eventually get you lower prices on products or number, end of the day comparison is the best strategy. You can also look for price comparison websites for comparing your favorite products. In case you’re a techie there is the various extension that you can add to your browser for price comparisons.


2. Watch for deals on the Social Media

A lot of online stores are shifting to social media for marketing since it is the best free medium available. A lot of online stores posts there best deals on social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

You can always like the official page of the online stores you use to shop. All these website posts there best deals on these social media websites. You can always be on a lookout for those deals posted by them. You can also bookmark your favorite pages and check them regularly for your kind of deals to shop.

Note: You can also follow our page on Facebook and Instagram for deals and offers.


3.Purchase During Online Sales

You hear about online sales but never tried it. Trust me, this is where you are not saving money. If you have been planning to buy something like a smartphone, microwave or maybe new clothes for your wardrobe, wait for a sale to happen. During these sales, everything being sold on these websites comes with great discounts and offers.

Nowadays a new concept has came known as Flash Sales. You can get some of the products not for bucks but for pennies. Recently, a friend of mine ordered the MI headphones for just Re.1, it is unimaginable but it's true. These flash sales are often done for promotional purpose so if you have a quick finger you can try to get you something for almost nothing.

Also, there are sales like Big Billion days, Amazon Summer Sales, Large Appliances sale on Snapdeal etc. where you get great discounts on shopping items.


  • In case if you aren’t able to get news about online sales, you can regularly visit News & Article segment for all that information.
  • You can also visit social media handle of other e-commerce sites like and

4.Discount Coupons

We as Indians always feel entitled to discounts, don’t you think so. After a complete session of negotiation the shopkeeper finally agrees to give the discount but in online shopping, you don’t negotiate for the discount, you avail it. You can search for discount coupons online, these coupons can help you get something very expensive for very cheap.

Sometimes, the discount offered can be up to 80%, 90%, but where can we find these discounts coupons, that is where our website comes in. You can avail great discounts and offers on our website.

Note: In general case you can only use one coupon at a time but using a discount coupon website you can even use two.

5.Use Subscriptions

You watch TV, You shop online, You purchase endless items like magazines and books on Internet, then why not get the subscription. We all watch TV but inspite of paying the bill on the monthly basis we can get a yearly subscription. Yearly subscriptions are mostly cheaper than the monthly ones.

Talking about shopping online, we all are aware of shipping charges but in case if you’re a true shopaholic who purchases a lot of things online, it’s beneficial for you to buy the subscription for free shipping. Amazon offers you free shipping along with fast delivery known as Prime Membership. The Prime members get a lot of other features with the subscription like Prime videos, Prime Music etc.



Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon offers you free shipping along with fast delivery known as Prime Membership. The Prime members gets a lot of other features with the subscription like Prime videos, Prime Music etc.

Flipkart First Subscription

You can also avail Flipkart first subscription by paying an annual fee of Rs.500 and get all of your deliveries for free.



6.Gift Cards

Whenever you shop online, You often get gift cards for purchasing products. Also, you get points on shopping on some websites which can be redeemed as gift cards. These gift cards can be used to purchase any item on that particular website.

Also, some of the gift cards that you purchase online for a price offer you shopping of higher amount than the actual price of the card.


7. Look For Cashback Online

Discounts coupons are not the only way of saving money, Some websites offer cashback too. You should always be on a lookout for cashback. A great number of websites offer cash back on various things like paying your bills, shopping for clothes and accessories, buying electronics etc. Paytm is known for giving cash back on a large range of products. You can also visit our website for latest cashback offers and discount. 

8. No Cost EMI

This is the best if you are willing to purchase something on EMI. A lot of websites like,, etc. offers no-cost EMI on their products.

No cost EMI means that you will be paying a monthly installment but there won’t be any additional interest incurred upon you. It means that you will be paying the actual amount and not the interest.


9. Free Shipping

There can be many ways of availing free shipping but the best and the most ethical way would be to fulfill the minimum amount. Some website only offers free shipping on a minimum purchase.

Although if you don’t know what to buy then buy things that you will eventually end up buying groceries. By buying things that you will eventually buy, not only you can avail free shipping but also don’t have to go outside to specifically buy that item.



Additional Tip

  • In case you shop online a lot, you can avail yearly subscription for free shipping.
  • Amazon and Flipkart both offer you free delivery on paying a certain amount.

Note: The minimum amount to avail free shipping varies from one website to another.

  • In case of Amazon, the free shipping starts on the minimum order of Rs.599.

  • For Flipkart, the minimum amount of the order should be Rs.500.



10. Wait, If You Can

Patience is the key, You have a jacket in mind but it seems expensive so what can you do??? Simple, wait for its price to get lowered. A lot of products sold on the website have fluctuating prices which means, you can purchase an item for a lesser amount of money if you wait for the right time.

If you’re willing to buy clothes the best time to buy winter wear would be the summer and vice-versa. You can also add your favorite product in the cart and check for it time to time, whenever you feel you’re getting the best price, purchase it.



Additional Tips to Save Money on Online Shopping

  • Check for Flat Discounts: A lot of e-retailers offers the flat discount on categories, check for the discount in order to save money. Check the category on more than one website.

  • Pay using Credit/Debit card or E-Wallets: Instant cashback and discounts are offered using a particular banks card. You can also pay using e-wallets to avail cashback.

  • Deals for Readers: If you’re a bookworm then there is a good news ahead, Flipkart and Amazon offers discounts on books you might like. Also, a great number deals are posted where you get heavy discounts on Kindle books.

  • Buy Now Offers: Multiple deals are posted with buy now offers. Most of these buy now offers comes for products that you might already be looking for.

  • Price Alerts: You can set extensions like Price Tracker to set an alert for a particular product. Therefore, as soon as the price drops to suit your pocket, you can purchase it.

  • Use Incognito Mode: A lot of websites uses “Dynamic Pricing”. You must have seen that sometimes new customers get better pricing while the old one gets it slightly higher. The website fetches data and applies this strategy so use incognito to get the best price.



These are "top 10 online shopping tips to save money" that we think can help you end up saving money so if you’re still here with us then “Thank You !!!”

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