Patanjali Membership Fee, Benefits & More

Check out Patanjali loyalty card benefits. Know how to apply for Patanjali Swadeshi Samridhi card membership and more.

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Swadeshi Samridhi Loyalty card offers up to 7% additional benefit over loaded amount that can be used to purchase at Patanjali exclusive stores. The membership is open to all with a one-time registration fee of Rs 100. The card can be recharged online or at megastores, Chikitsalaya, and Arogya Kendra.

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Patanjali Membership

Patanjali loyalty card and Patanjali membership are the same, you apply for the card to avail of the membership. The registration charges of Rs 100 are non-refundable. The membership comes with many benefits including up to 10% cashback.

You can register for membership by submitting a registration form online. The process to become a Patanjali loyalty card member is simple. Check the steps below to complete the registration and become a member.

Patanjali Loyalty card

In the Patanjali membership form for the Loyalty card, you need to provide basic details like Name, Email ID, Pincode, Mobile Number, and City. After filling in these details click the submit button and pay Rs 100 to complete your card application.

You will receive an application number on your registered number. Next, you need to visit a Patanjali Megastore, Arogya Kendra, or Chikitsalaya with your unique application number. The annual fee of Patanjali samridhi card is Rs. 25. 

Don’t confuse the Patanjali Samridhi Loyalty card with Patanjali SIM card. The difference between the two is mentioned later in this post.

Membership Fee

Rs 100

First Top-up

Rs 500 or Above

Minimum Balance

Rs 100

Maximum Limit of Daily Purchase

Rs 9,999

Maximum Balance in Card

Rs 50,000

Note: For Patanjali Swadeshi Samridhi Card first recharge/top-up should be minimum of Rs 500.


How to Apply for Patanjali Loyalty Card Online

  • Fill Patanjali Loyalty Card Application Form Online

  • Pay Registration Charges of Rs 100

  • Get unique Application No through SMS

  • Visit Nearest Patanjali Megastore/Arogya Kendra/Chikitsalaya with you Application No.

  • Do the first recharge of Rs 500 or more

  • Your Swadeshi Samridhi card is Activated

  • Start Enjoying the benefits of the Patanjali Swadeshi Samridhi Card

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Patanjali Loyalty Card Recharge

For activation of the Patanjali loyalty card first recharge of Rs 500 is the minimum requirement. Patanjali Card recharge can be done both online as well as offline. For offline recharge of your card, visit Mega Stores, Chikitsalaya, or Arogya Kendra.

The online recharge is available through payment gateways. However, a customer may have to pay payment gateways charges for the online top-up of the card. The membership card offers upto 7% off on all Patanjali products along with accidental insurance of Rs 5 Lakh.

Usage of Patanjali Loyalty Card

  • The loyalty card is for buying products at Patanjali Megastore, Arogya Kendra, and Chikitsalaya.

  • The complete list of stores is available at

  • These Patanjali stores are equipped with POS machines to accept the loyalty card.

  • The money in the card will not be refunded.

  • For a single bill of Rs 5001 & above, an extra 3% discount will be provided.

  • Yoga teachers are eligible for an additional 3% discount on every purchase done with Patanjali Loyalty Card.

Benefits of Patanjali Membership Card

For the regular buyers of Patanjali products, the loyalty card is a chance to avail of some amazing benefits. Patanjali Membership Card offers cash back every time you buy Patanjali products from the authorized stores. These stores have POS of billing so you can make payments with your Samridhi Card and earn cashback.

  • Earn 5-10% Cashback: Once your Swadeshi Samidhi Card is activated use it to purchase Patanjali products Patanjali Megastore/Arogya Kendra/Chikitsalaya and earn cashback. You can save up to 10 per cent on your purchase by using the loyalty card.

  • Accidental Assistance: Among the many benefits of the Swadeshi Samidhi Card is accidental assistance. The maximum financial assistance for accidental death is Rs 5 lakhs. Patanjali is providing this benefit to all citizens of India on the completion of 71 years of freedom. Buy your loyalty card now to avail the benefit.

  • 100% Charity From Profit: Patanjali promises to use 100 per cent of the profit amount for charity. This is an indirect benefit as your purchases do something good for society.

Meanwhile, the Patanjali Sim card has also been in news. The Sim Card was launched in association with state-run telecom company BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited).


Difference Between Patanjali SIM Card & Samriddhi Card

Some users may confuse the Patanjali SIM card with Patanjali Samridhi Card but the two products are entirely different. The SIM card is offered by BSNL in association with Patanjali.

Even the telecom operator has revealed three plans at Rs 144, Rs 792, and Rs 1548. The packs are exclusive for members of the Patanjali Organization.

The Patanjali BSNL plan offers 2GB of data/day and free voice calls for a period of 30 to 365 days. If you are not a Patanjali member, you can register for Patanjali Samridhi Shopping card to avail of the SIM.

Apply for Patanjali Swadeshi Samridhi Card online during the offer duration (9 August - 20 August) to get Rs 50 cashback. This offer is applicable only on the order of the loyalty card online. It means an added benefit, you will get Rs 50 back from the Rs 100 you pay for the membership.

Once you activate the card with the first recharge of Rs 500, you can start using the card and avail yourself the unlimited benefits. Patanjali Ayurved offers products, cosmetics, home care, and personal care products. And with Patanjali Loyalty card membership customers get cashback on a wide range of products from different segments. 

You can also shop for Patanjali Products Online and grab the latest offers. Patanjali offers products across categories like beauty, personal care, food and more. Shop for all these products online and save money with Latest Patanjali Coupons.

Grab the offers while shopping online for maximum value for money. Get a discount on Patanjali soaps, shampoos, face washes, ghee, oil, etc.

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