How to Hack PUBG Lite in 2024? The Most Advanced Trick

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If playing the PUBG Lite version is hard, I have the solution. This article is all about how to hack PUBG Lite. By using the trick, I am hundred percent sure you're gonna win all the matches. 

In the book "Best Survival Action Game", PUBG Lite will be the first chapter. It only needs a few skills from gamers to win matches. Thanks to its advanced features, this Game is at new heights in the gaming world. 

Many of you are playing the lite version of this Game but still don't know how to hack PUBG Lite in 2024. Looking for such special tricks to make yourself an advanced player? All you need to do is just stick to this article as you get the information here.

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How to Hack PUBG Lite

How to Hack PUBG Lite? Step-by-Step Guide

I researched thoroughly on top gaming websites and found this excellent trick to hack PUBG Lite. If you are a PUBG Lite game freak, read the steps below. 

  • The first step is to download all these files: Virtual Global, Game Guardian, Script.Lua, Strange VPN, and PUBG Host VPN.

  • The next step is to run the Virtual Space app and click on the "+" sign. 

  • Now, add PUBG Lite and Game Guardian.

  • Your next step is to RUN pubg mobile and minimize it.

  • After this, open Game Guardian and click on Default. Just wait for the Installation.

  • Click on the Game Guardian Menu button. 

  • Search for the Select Memory range. Click on it!

  • The next step is to click on the Game Guardian Menu button and search for the Hide Game Guardian from the Game.

  • Now, checkmark all the options that are visible there. Tap on the Okay button!

  • Click on the Game Guardian icon>pubg mobile lite.

  • In the Game Guardian, tap on the search button.

  • Click on the Play button>Execute script. 

  • Now, select your script lua file and execute. 

You have the best method now! Those who are searching for how to hack PUBG Lite, make sure to share this hack with them. In addition to this, don't use all hacks the first time. I suggest using 2-3 hacks for the first time. It will surely help you. 

PUBG Lite Anti-Cheats Easy/Noob Bypass

  • Go to the PUBG Lite installation folder.

  • Now, run Launcher.exe.

  • Leave the launcher minimized, and don't click on the START button. 

  • Go to the "Client Folder".

  • The next step is to right click on the PUBGLite.exe.

  • Send to > desktop (create shortcut)

  • Now, go to the desktop and right-click on the newly created shortcut.

  • Tap on the Properties.

  • Now add this launch params at the end: litepclobby -LobbyUrl= -NOSPLASH -nothreadtimeout

  • You will see the Target like this: D:\Games\PUBGLite\Client\PUBGLite.exe litepclobby -LobbyUrl= -NOSPLASH -nothreadtimeout

  • Save it, and all done successfully! Launch the Shortcut now, and the Game will begin without Anti-Cheats.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Modded APK Features

Want to make this Game more exciting and enjoyable? Every gamer should be familiar with all its splendid features. Here is a complete list below-

  • The first feature is aimbot, which helps players shoot their targets with no difficulty. Use this remarkable feature to become the PUBG Lite game champion. 

  • The second most amazing feature is ESP, which lets players see their enemies' locations, weapons and other vital items on the map.

  • The benefit of the Mod menu is that it helps players customize the game settings that they want. Thus, it will be a walk in the park for players to play and win.

  • Do you know about Unlimited Battle Points? They are a valuable currency in-game for purchasing innumerable items, including features. 

The Bottom Line

PUBG Liter users can thank me later and start playing their Game. They now know how to hack PUBG Lite. It will be a no-brainer for players to play and give their best to win all the matches. I have shared the best method to hack, including PUBG Lite Anti-Cheats Easy/Noob Bypass and some superlative features of PUBG Lite. In case you have lots of questions to ask, do not hesitate to write in our comment section. I will surely help you. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How many active players are in PUBG Lite?

A1. There are around 300,000,000 monthly active users who play PUBG Lite on their mobiles.

Q2. Is PUBG Lite easy?

A2. PUBG Lite is a very simple game! All you need to do is just point-and-shoot to win all matches. 

Q3. Who is the developer of PUBG Lite?

A3. Lightspeed & Quantum is the developer of the PUBG Lite game.

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