How To Create A New ASIN In Amazon: Step-By-Step Guide

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Are you a new seller wondering how to create a new ASIN in Amazon? If so, I am here to help you out. 

Creating a new ASIN is one of the first tasks any Amazon seller faces. Amazon's product catalogue, with its staggering 353 million items, is a vast marketplace. ASIN numbers are key to navigating this vastness, helping buyers find the products they need with ease. 

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to learn about ASINs, including their importance, how to create a new ASIN on Amazon and the best ways to manage ASINs on Amazon.

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How To Create A New ASIN In Amazon?

What Is Amazon ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a special combination of 10 characters: alphabets, numbers, or combinations. ASINs are used by Amazon to organise and manage product listings on its website and to set one product apart from another. Amazon sellers use ASINs for a number of crucial reasons, such as:

  • Unique Product Identification: Thanks to ASINs, customers can easily locate and buy the product they're looking for, which helps differentiate similar products.

  • Product Listing Organisation: Customers can browse and compare products more easily by using ASINs to group similar products together under particular categories and subcategories. 

  • Inventory Management: In order to prevent running out of stock, ASINs assist sellers in monitoring the amount of inventory they have for each product.

  • Search Rankings: The Amazon search algorithm uses ASINs to determine a product's ranking in search results.

There are a few exceptions to this uniqueness, though. An ASIN, for example, is exclusive to that particular marketplace. This implies that different ASINs may be used for the same product on Amazon websites in the US and Germany. Additionally, the ASIN and ISBN (International Standard Book Number) are the same if you sell books on Amazon. 

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How To Create An ASIN In Amazon?

To put it simply, an ASIN is a single item's unique identification in Amazon's product catalogue. There are two methods to create an ASIN on Amazon:

  • Method 1: Create an ASIN that fits with an existing product

  • Method 2: Creating a new ASIN in Amazon for a new product

1. How To Create An ASIN That Already Exists On Amazon?

Make sure you have the Offer Details information available before creating an ASIN that matches an already-existing product listing. This information should include the product's condition, price, quantity, and shipping options. Then do the following actions:

  • From the Catalog drop-down menu, choose Add a Product.

  • In the "Find your products in Amazon's catalogue" section, look for the item you wish to sell. 

Note: If you look for a product identifier like an ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC, the results will be more precise.

  • After finding the item you wish to sell, select "Show variations" if relevant.

  • Decide on a condition.

  • Choose "Sell this Product."

  • In the given data fields, enter the details of your offer, and then click "Save."

Note: Sellers of handmade goods on Amazon are not eligible for this option.

2. How to Create a New Asin In Amazon For A New Product?

If you list a new product, Amazon creates a new product detail page to create an ASIN or new product listing. Before you begin, make sure you have a product identifier, offer information, product details and keywords, and search term information. Buyers will be able to see your offer in about fifteen minutes after you complete the steps below.

  • From the Catalog drop-down menu, choose Add a Product.

  • Choose "I'm adding a product that isn't available on Amazon."

  • Next, select a new product listing option from the list below. Either 1) Use the Search icon button to find the category of your product, or 2) Look through the Select a Product Category list to find the category that best fits the product you wish to sell, then click Select category. Choosing your category wisely can make it easier for customers to locate products.

  • In the "Offer" and "Vital Info" tabs, enter the necessary data.

  • Choose "Save changes" to finish the listing procedure. Anytime you want, you can change the details for your product listings.

Benefits OF ASIN On Amazon

I have explained all the benefits of Amazon ASIN below. So, if you are interested, you can check them out below. 

  • Unique Identification: Each product has a unique ASIN, which makes it simple to track and manage inventory across several locations.

  • Improved Search Results: Amazon's search algorithm uses ASINs to determine which products to show in search results and in what order. Product listings that include ASINs can increase platform visibility and sales.

  • Simplified Inventory Management: With ASINs, sellers can streamline the process and lower the chance of overselling or underselling by managing inventory across a variety of platforms and sales channels.

  • Standardisation: By guaranteeing that all sellers utilise the same format and removing any confusion or mistakes from product listings, ASINs offer a standardised method of identifying products on Amazon.

  • Global Reach: Due to the global recognition of ASINs by Amazon marketplaces, sellers can more easily broaden their customer base and market their goods abroad.

How Many ASINs Can I Create On Amazon?

An Amazon seller is able to have an unlimited number of ASINs. Sellers can create as many ASINs as necessary to list all of their products on the platform, provided that each ASIN represents a distinct and unique product. It's crucial to remember, though, that managing a lot of ASINs can get difficult, particularly if your product line is diverse. Organising your ASINs by placing related products under relevant categories will help to ensure efficient management and prevent confusion.

Making sure that each and every one of your ASINs complies with Amazon's rules and regulations is also crucial. Your account may be suspended for violating Amazon's policies, and in severe situations, legal action may result. Thus, in order to continue operating a profitable business on Amazon, it is critical to comprehend and abide by the company's policies.

Note: There is a weekly cap on the quantity of listings (offers and ASINs) that new sellers can create. Your capacity will rise together with an increase in sales. As a result, you should prioritise your listings strategically. Your ability to create new listings may be temporarily restricted if you are an experienced seller with a large number of new listings, and your listings will be evaluated.

What Are Duplicate ASINs?

Always compare your products to those that already exist in Amazon's catalogue before generating a new ASIN. If you don't, you risk having to create a new ASIN even though the product is already listed in Amazon's catalogue. Your ability to sell on Amazon may be impacted if you create duplicate ASINs, as your selling rights may be permanently revoked or suspended. The seller can fully benefit from the buyer interest and traffic that matching the product brings in for their product, as well as help buyers have a better customer service experience.

Best Practices for Managing ASINs on Amazon

There are three different ways of managing your ASINs on Amazon. To learn more about these ways, scroll down to the article. 

  • Organise ASINs To Make Management Easier: Organize similar goods into related categories to facilitate the management and updating of your listings.

  • Verify that ASIN Complies with Amazon Regulations: Avoid breaking Amazon's rules and regulations to prevent having your account suspended or facing legal action. 

  • Review and Update ASIN Data on a Regular Basis: To boost search engine rankings and make sure that buyers can quickly locate your products, make sure that the ASIN information is correct and up to date.

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Final Words

Successful sales depend heavily on Amazon ASIN. Customers can locate your products and sell them on Amazon more successfully if you have the right identifier. I hope that after going through this article you must have learned everything about how to create a new ASIN in Amazon. However, with a constantly expanding product selection, Amazon has developed into a fiercely competitive selling platform. One strategy to boost the chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box and prevent direct competition is to source new products and create brand-new ASINs. 

Questions You May Have

Q. Can I create my own ASIN on Amazon?

A. You list a new product, and Amazon creates a new product detail page to create an ASIN or new product listing. Make sure you have the product identifier, offer information, product details and keywords, and search term information before you begin.

Q. Can I sell the same ASIN on Amazon?

A. You can use the same ASIN to sell your product if one already exists. You share the same product page with other sellers who sell the same item by doing this. This group generally includes retailers and resellers.

Q. Can one product have multiple ASINs?

A. The ASIN of a product is typically the same across multiple marketplace listings. But occasionally, it's possible to see multiple ASINs listed. When sellers list the same product on multiple marketplaces using different UPC codes, duplicate ASINs are generated.

Q. What is the full form of ASIN on Amazon?

A. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Every ASIN is distinct from the others and is always linked to a specific product or set of products.

Q. How do I find my Amazon Asin?

A. An ASIN is another name for a product ID. On the Amazon retail website, the product detail page includes the ASIN for the item. The ASIN is easily located in the Product Details section of the product detail page. As an alternative, you can locate the ASIN in the product page's URL. 

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