10+ Best Couple Seat Theatres in Chennai (2024)

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In today's busy lives, it’s hard to spend quality time with your partner. However, there are some pretty amazing Couple Seat Theatres in Chennai where you can be lovey-dovey. 

Watching a movie, eating snacks and enjoying each other’s company is the perfect idea for a nice date, especially if you both love entertainment. 

In this article, I’m going to tell you about the 11 best couple seat theatres in Chennai where you can have a perfect date. Enjoy the nice ambience and the quiet with your partner.

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Couple Seat Theatres in Chennai

11 Best Couple Seat Theatres in Chennai

Check out the best couple seat theatres in Chennai, which offer a great vibe. All the theatres mentioned in this list are popular among the couples.  

1. Sangam Cinemas

Sangam Cinemas is the most popular couple seat theater in Chennai. It is India’s first multiplex with RGB Laser Projection to make your visual experience more appealing. The seats are super comfortable and you get to enjoy a nice ambience. Whenever we go outside, hygiene is a crucial issue, especially for females. However, you don’t have to worry about that as the washrooms are nice and clean. The members of the cleansing staff are also present there all the time. 

2. PVR SPI Escape 

PVR Escape is another couple seat theater in Chennai which is great for spending some quality time with your loved one. The seats are big in size and super comfortable. There is no partition is between, which makes it perfect for the couple whose love language is physical touch. However, due to its popularity among couples, you have to book movie tickets in advance if you don’t want your date to spoil last minute. 

3. Ganapathy Ram Theatre

If you are looking for a budget place to execute your special date, Ganapathy Ram theatre will be perfect for you. It’s affordable and offers a great ambience. You can also celebrate the birthday of your loved one in this theatre. The staff will help you organise everything. Even the snacks fit the budget, unlike the other theatres. So don’t let the money come between your love and plan the next date in Ganapathy Ram Theatre.

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4. PVR Sathyam Cinemas

PVR Sathyam is another budget-friendly couple-seat theater in Chennai. It offers a great ambience and an amazing cinematic experience. There are big and comfy sofas in place of seats in this theatre. You can also enjoy the movie with an elite balcony view for a memorable experience. Apart from a crystal-clear sound system and superior visuals, Sathyam Cinemas also offers a variety of food. 

5. PVR SPI Palazzo

Okay, let’s accept the fact that the dating phase seems incomplete without posting an aesthetic couple photo on Instagram. Guess what! I have found the most Insta-worthy theatre in Chennai for you. The whole theatre is a mix of modern and vintage in a good sense. You will have a great time enjoying the company of your loved one in beautiful surroundings.  

6. PVR Grand Galada

This couple-friendly theater literally stands by its name. It is among the largest multiplexes in the country, with a large number of seats and a spacious food court. You can easily park your vehicle in the parking lot and go on with your date without any worry. The snack prices are a bit high, but you cover that up with the unlimited popcorn and Coke refill offer. Amazing, right? The staff is friendly, and you’ll have one of the best experiences of life.

7. Jazz Cinemas LUXE

If you are looking for a memorable cinematic experience to make your regular date more memorable, book movie tickets at the Jazz Cinemas. The place has a nice ambience and a wide variety of food on the menu. If you and your partner are maintaining health goals, the theater also has healthy food items on the menu. 

8. Vettri Theatres

Here comes another couple seat theater in Chennai, which fits the budget. The seats are nice and comfy, and the overall atmosphere is also delightful. You can get the movie tickets at a very cheap price, so you won’t have to postpone your date due to budget issues. The theatre has a great sound system and crystal clear display for a decent 3-4 hour movie experience. 

9. VR Ampa SkyOne

If watching the latest movies and eating good food is part of your relationship goals, then you must visit VR Ampa for your next date. The couple-friendly seats are comfortable, and you’ll experience a nice overall ambience. The staff is cooperative and will try their best to make your experience more enjoyable. 

10. Ega Theatre

It is among the best couple seat theatres in Chennai to date. The ambience is nice and appealing. Ega theatre is best for couples who want to spend some quality time together. The space is neat and clean and the staff is also friendly. You can also buy from a variety of food options at a reasonable price. 

11. MM Theater

MM Theater is popular for its budget-friendly ticket prices and decent atmosphere. You can easily book the tickets online and plan your date without any worry. And if you want to take your date up a notch, then book the balcony tickets. It’s even more fantastic. The washrooms are clean, and the overall space is decent. 

Summing Up

There are many amazing Couple Seat Theatres in Chennai where you can go for your next date. Sangam Cinemas, PVR Grand Galade and PVR SPI Escape are some of the most popular couple-friendly theatres. You can spend some quality time with your loved one in a nice ambience. The atmosphere is these theatres in quite decent, and the food is also great. Last but not least, if you like this article, do share it with your friends. I would also like to know about your idea perfect date. Tell me in the comments section below.

Questions You May Have 

Q. Which seat in theatre is best for couples?

Ans. The corner seats are best for couples as they give extra privacy and little or no disturbance. 

Q. Which is the number one theatre in Chennai?

Ans. AGS Cinemas, Grand Galada and Sangam Cinemas are the top theatres in Chennai. 

Q. Which seat is the best seat in the cinema?

Ans. The back row seats and the middle back seats are the best ones. They offer optimal visual and sound experience.  

Q. What are couple seats?

Ans. Couple seats are those seats in the theatre which do not have an armrest in between. 

Q. What is Couple seat theatres in Chennai ticket price?

Ans. The average ticket price for a decent couple seat theatre in Chennai starts from around Rs.150.

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