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Buying refurbished products has certainly become more reliable. The number of sites out there selling refurbished products in India has gone up by many folds. The negative connotation attached to refurbished products has started to vanish. Top websites selling refurbished products are Olx, Quikr, etc. Recently, e-commerce majors like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal have also ventured into this category. You can buy everything from refurbished mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches to accessories.

Buy Refurbished Products in India

Buy unused, open box, surplus, overstock and refurbished products in India. The popular product categories include electronic gadgets, mobile phones, computer accessories, appliances, personal care products from well-known brands. Buying refurbished products has many advantages. First, of course, is you can save a considerable amount of money as you get branded goods at upto 50% off. Secondly, you are also saving the environment. The most popular category is mobile phones.


Refurbished iPhones

Starting at Rs 4,199

Snapdeal Refurbished

Mobile Phones

Up to 60% OFF


Refurbished Mobile Phones

Up to 70% OFF


Refurbished Laptops

Up to 55% OFF


Refurbished Furniture

Up to 60% OFF

1. Refurbished Mobiles

Refurbished mobile phones are checked for defects and repaired if necessary. They are subjected to diagnostic and quality assurance tests and reconditioned to have a new appearance. There may be minor marks or scratches which are mentioned by a seller in the description. It is a great way to get a branded product at a bargain price. They have been made to look new. Buy refurbished products at a bargain price.

2. Refurbished Appliances

Electronic appliances are a major category of refurbished products. You can find everything from televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, to air coolers in good condition. This is the reason consumers are turning to refurbished goods. You can cut the price by nearly 50 percent.  

3. Refurbished Furniture

Buying used furniture is also a great option in major cities. The options are also increasing as you can get the office or home furniture at a bargain price. For used furniture, you can visit sites like Amazon, Gozefo, etc. The huge difference in price is a reason for consumers to turn to refurbished products.

4. Refurbished Laptops

Just falling short of budget for your new laptop. Why not try a refurbished one. Websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, 2GUd, and Gozefo among others offer branded laptops at a bargain price. You can choose a brand and configuration of your choice and buy a laptop within your budget. No need to compromise on features with refurbished laptops India.

5. Other Refurbished Products

In the next 5-6 years, the market is expected to grow more than double. That is the reason we can see more and more websites catering to the market segment. You can buy refurbished computer accessories, tools, watches and more. Open box watches of well-known brands are also available online for men & women. You can get these fashionable watches at best prices. Check the Fastrack Watches for Men below Rs 1000.




Things to Consider When Buying Refurbished Products

  • Warranty: The main things to consider about refurbished products are quality, warranty, and price. Usually, you get a warranty of 3 months to 1 year. Every site has a different policy when it comes to refurbished products warranty. These policies may also vary with products. So, check product warranty before investing in refurbished products.
  • Product Condition: Another thing that needs to be considered is the condition of goods. Whether there is any visible damage to the product or not. These are generally products returned as unwanted or due to minor defects. Although such items are still in new condition but can not be sold as new and are sold as refurbished products at a reduced price.
  • Return Policy: When buying refurbished products, you need to check the return policy of the website. Most sites offer 15 days return of refurbished products. But 7 days return is a minimum to buy a used product for assurance. It is an important detail to check on the product page before going ahead with your purchase.




Best Websites to Buy Refurbished Products in India

There is a slight difference between platforms, for instance, there are sites which sell products directly from manufactures. There are also websites selling second products. OLX and Quickr are the market leaders in second-hand products while other companies offer open box, overstock and refurbished products. Refurbished or second-hand products are cheaper in comparison to open box. The condition of a product is mentioned up-front. The open box product includes all original accessories. The product is covered under warranty of 6 months to 1 year so buyers enjoy after sale services like a new phone.

Now, have a look at the best websites for refurbished products in India. On these websites, you can buy used mobiles phones, appliances, furniture and more. Apart from a wide variety of products, you also get a warranty and return. However, check the detailed description of each product before making a transaction.

1. Amazon Refurbished

When a product is returned with a minor defect, it is rectified by the manufacturer and sold as refurbished with warranty. A product could also be returned because it failed to meet the buyer's likings. Get minimum six months warranty on products with Amazon refurbished. Amazon in India has started a new category under its local finds program. You can purchase refurbished products across categories like mobiles, laptops, watches, personal care, appliances and accessories. These products are tested, rectified and repackages and then sold at discounted prices. No need to be hesitant to buy a refurbished item. The discount is a huge incentive to buy refurbished items. When you decide to buy refurbished goods choose from well-known websites which will have a much wider choice.


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2. Snapdeal Refurbished

Snapdeal has 6-month warranty on refurbished and open boxed products. You also get 7 days replacement with Snapdeal Refurbished. We found some good refurbished deals on laptops and mobile phones on Snapdeal. You can even buy refurbished products like laptops in monthly instalments. Apart from that refurbished tablets India brings offers on Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi tablets.


The most recent addition to the list of websites selling refurbished goods is 2GUD by Flipkart. eBay India has transformed into a refurbished goods only platform. The refurbished goods marketplace offers a wide catalogue of products across categories like mobiles, laptops, smart watches, tablets, and accessories. There is 3 to 12 months warranty on products and also 10 days return policy. With, Flipkart is promising to deliver 400+ categories of refurbished products very soon. HP is also exploring entry into the refurbished market to make available affordable personal computers in India.


The online marketplace for refurbished and pre-owned mobile phones. You can opt to buy one year warranty on refurbished mobile phones for anything around Rs 500 to Rs 700. The company also offers post-purchase repair services. You can find all leading smartphone brands including refurbished Samsung mobiles, xiaomi, Apple, Nokia, etc. Apart from smartphones, you get used tablets, accessories, and watches on the website.


Looking for used furniture? Check Although the website is primarily a retailer of refurbished furniture. But you can also find refurbished stuff across categories like Smart TVs, Refrigerators, Cameras, laptops, and appliances. And in each category, you get plenty of choices to take care of your budget. You can choose to buy factory seconds, gently used or well-used products. Get 6 months warranty with doorstep service for manufacturing defects. And a free 7 day return. However, the return policy may vary as per the category. One more option that we found was customers can visit Zefo stores before buying a product. Apart from that, you can choose from rentals as well.

Looking to buy your dream iPhone? Check refurbished iPhones for sale to get the lowest price. Apart from the up to 50 per cent off discounts on top brands, you can also grab extra savings with coupons. For example, Gozefo is offering 5% extra off for Paytm users. You can grab similar offers on other websites as well to buy refurbished products in India at the best prices. Keep checking for updates as we add to the list of best websites for refurbished websites in India.

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