10 Best Underarm Whitening Cream In India - For Whiter Underarms

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India witnesses summers for more than half of the year and feels the heat burning the skin and holiday spirit. But summers do bring opportunities to take out some airy clothes that are beautiful and light. Among them, the most popular ones are sleeveless. But many people shy away from wearing them due to patchy, dark underarms. 

So here we have understood your problem and have curated a list of the best underarm whitening cream in India that you must try for whiter underarms. Then it will be easy for you to choose which sleeveless you will wear for which party.

Also, cleaner skin is healthy and makes you look good. You can choose any one of the listed creams for a cleaner and whiter underarm and other intimate areas to make your skin patch-free and cleaner.

You can also choose some best acne-scar removal creams to have cleaner, spotless face and neck. Acne scar removal creams and underarm whitening creams can ensure spotless skin all over the body. Read on to know more about some of the best whitening creams for underarm in India.

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Creams To Whiten Underarms

Special creams that help lighten the dark areas like armpits and intimate area skin are in demand these days, especially in summers. People are hitting the beach and planning trips. They need to wear airy clothes that require them to have clean underarms.

The best whitening cream underarms in India are non-harsh on the skin but at the same time provide all the necessary ace and help that your skin has been asking for to get rid of the dark, stubborn patches. The sensitive skin areas like the skin of underarms and bikini lines tend to get dark with harsh chemicals and lack of care.

All the underarm whitening best creams work, especially on this tight and dark skin, to provide the solutions to your dark patches with great sensitivity and care.

So in case, you have been wondering for a long time, which is the best underarm whitening cream? The answer is in this article for you. We have created a list of the best creams for underarms or armpits to make your skin be patchless and shine spotless. Refer to the article the next time you wish to go shopping.

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10 Best Dark Underarm Whitening Cream

Underarm Whitening Cream



RE' EQUIL Unveil Underarm Cream



Namyaa Intimate Lightening 



Qraa Advanced Lacto Dark Underarm Whitening Cream



EXPOSED Whitening & Lightening Cream



Akio Naturals Underarms Skin Brightening 



Sanctus Underarm Whitening Cream



INTIMIFY Underarm Whitening Cream



Nuerma Science Advanced Underarm Whitening Cream



DEAUX Intense Glowing Cream



Tjori Essentials Underarms Skin Brightening Cream



Note- The prices of the products are at the MRP. You can get them at a lower price as per the offers and discounts offered by the sellers and the website.


1. RE' EQUIL Unveil Underarm Cream

All those wondering what to use for dark underarms now have an answer in RE' EQUIL Unveil Underarm Cream. It is one of the best whitening cream for underarm and bikini line in India. It is one solution for scaly and rough skin and restores the moisture of the affected parts.

It contains natural extracts like Daisy Flower and Mucor Miehei, Madecassoside, Physalis angulata that restores the skin's moisture and prevents dryness. It lightens the armpits and makes the skin tone even and smooth. The cream exfoliates dead skin and removes the roughness and dryness of all the sensitive areas. It also keeps the area refreshed by controlling excessive perspiration. 

Both men and women can use it on their skin.

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2. Namyaa Intimate Lightening 

When you decide to ear sleeveless dress and tops you often re consider your choices due to patchy and scaly armpits . the Namyaa Intimate Lightening cream helps you decide on going for a nice sleeveless dress as it helps in lightening the dark skin with no harsh metals, chemicals and hydroquinone.

With natural extracts like Liquorice Extract, Mulberry Extract, Shea Butter, Carrot Oil this cream is an ideal partner of your underarm skin and proves to be the best underarm whitening cream for female in india

It has no side effects and is free from parabens, sulphates and other toxic chemicals.

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3. Qraa Advanced Lacto Dark Underarm Whitening Cream


Qraa underarm cream helps you get rid of dark underarm skin and makes your skin less patchy. It exfoliates the dead skin from the top layer of the skin and removes the damaged, flaky skins. It has no side effects and is flawless on the skin.

It has anti-ageing benefits and moisturises the skin to provide complete nourishment to the sensitive parts of the skin. It has no parabens and colourants that are harmful to the skin. It has the goodness of Liquorice extracts, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Extracts etc., that helps keep the skin well mixtures and removes the dark patches with time.

You can feel visible changes after ten days of continuous usage.

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4. EXPOSED Whitening & Lightening Cream


Underarms and intimate areas have dark patches, and the skin tends to get saggy and scaly. So it requires more attention. The Exposed Whitening & Lightening Cream lightens and tightens the sensitive skin and removes the dark spots and rashes to keep the skin nourished and soft. The cream helps in rejuvenating the armpit skin. It contains cucumber, aloe vera, lemon, tulsi, coconut oil, olive oil,  sunflower oil and rosewater that are good for skin nourishment and maintenance. 

The skin is natural and is safe, mild and suitable for sensitive skin. The cream lightens the dark patches and gives a smooth finish glow.

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5. Akio Naturals Underarms Skin Brightening 


Akio Naturals Underarms Skin Brightening has an excellent ingredient product that is enriched with niacinamide - Vitamin B3, Vitamin E and Papaya extracts. It helps rejuvenate the skin and leave a glowing tone. It has the goodness of Ayurveda and natural extracts for whitening the underarm skin.

It is one of India's best underarm whitening creams that helps exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin, dark p[atches, spots, and blackheads with natural ingredients like lemon, honey, manjishtha etc. it deeply nourishes the skin.

It is natural and free from parabens and other toxicities.

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6. Sanctus Underarm Whitening Cream

Sanctus Underarm Whitening Cream is an effective cream for dark spots and patches. It helps remove odour, maintain skin tone and hygiene. It contains Alpha arbutin, Indian rosewood oil, Liquorice extracts, Kojic Dipalmitate extracts that helps in nourishing the skin and keeping it well hydrated.

Men need extra care for their hard skin. This cream is one of the best underarm whitening cream for males. It helps in reduction in melanin deposits, dark tone and rough skin.

The cream maintains the pH level, intimate skin and keeps the sensitive skin soft and supple.

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7. INTIMIFY Underarm Whitening Cream


Intimify Underarm Whitening Cream is an effective medical cream for dark underarms. The cream has natural extracts of Coconut Oil, Mulethi, Aloe vera, Green Tea, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Lemon, Vitamin E. These natural extracts help reduce inflammation and keep skin hydrated. 

The natural minerals help to remove dark skin tone, ensuring glowy and younger-looking skin.

It helps lighten dark patches and keep the legs, knee, elbow, and other rough skin areas smooth and soft. It has anti-ageing properties that nourish the skin and keeps it young for long.

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8. Nuerma Science Advanced Underarm Whitening Cream

Nuerma Science Underarm Whitening Cream is enriched with Lactic Acid help in clearing Warts, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, dark spots and skin pigmentation and brighten the skin tone.

The lactic acid helps lighten the skin tone and dark patches and remove the rashes, years old and stubborn. It helps keep the underarms brightened and only gives positive results in 15 days.

It is suitable for sensitive parts and reduces pigmentation to give a brighter tone to the skin. You can use it regularly for visible results.

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9.DEAUX Intense Glowing Cream

Dark underarms give a bad impression as if you do not care for the skin much. Also, they lower the self-confidence you need to wear without sleeves and flaunt them.

Deaux intense glowing cream corrects dark spots and lightens skin pigmentation. It can be used underarm for a brighter skin tone and smooth, rash-free skin. Not only underarm, but the cream can also help in lightening other dark patched areas like- knees, elbows, areola, nipple, neck and other private areas/intimate parts.

It contains natural ingredients like- lime, Vitamin C, Lime Pearl Extract,

Sepicalm, etc., that helps in keeping the skin safe and the colour non-patchy. The cream is gentle and not greasy. It does not irritate the skin and is suitable for sensitive parts. It has soothing moisture that has no chemicals and is all-natural.,

It restores the natural moisture and repairs the skin for youthful radiance. It has a lemony scent and can be used by both men and women.

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10.Tjori Essentials Underarms Skin Brightening Cream

Dark spots are annoying as it makes your natural glow fade away. In Summers, you love to wear what you wish to flaunt. You love bright colours and different patterns to adorn your physique, regardless of your body and skin type.

The cream is smooth and helps in skin clarification. It is enriched with Vitamin E and skin whitening ingredients.

It consists of Aqua, Fuller Earth, Kaolin Clay, Lemon Juice, Glycerin, Papaya Extracts, Orange and Preservative Base, all proven to have positive results on the skin.

They purify the skin and keep it clean and detoxified. The natural ingredients ensure gentle care and no chemical effects. The ingredients are antioxidants and have antifungal properties to lighten skin tone and keep it smooth and shining.

The cream is smooth, silky and gentle on the skin and has no irritation. It can be used on any type of skin- dry, oily neutral to lighten the tone of patchy dark spots.

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So these were some of the best underarms whitening creams that give effective and visible results. 

Tips For Whiter Underarms

Whiter underarms are a dream for all the girls, and now even boys wish for spotless skin. You can easily have smooth and spotless skin if you follow a regular beauty regime. Though with a fast lifestyle, it gets difficult day by day to take proper care of your skin. 

Apart from using the underarm best whitening cream, you can follow some tips to prevent your skin from having darker intimate areas and armpits. Some tips are:

  • Use Good Quality Deodorants Sprays

Deo sprays are one of the products that come in direct contact with your underarms. So it is essential to know what you are using on your armpits. Look closely for the ingredients of your deos. Avoid alcohol-based deos. Deos of not from reliable brands may have some elements that are not good for the skin and make skin darker. So always choose a good quality deo spray for whiter armpits.

  • Exfoliate The Skin Regularly

Exfoliating the dead skin and removing it regularly is an excellent way to get rid of dark dead skin that layers on the top of the armpit skin. You can periodically scrub your underarms with natural variants of exfoliators or unique scrubs that may help the skin get rid of unwanted dead skin. Use an exfoliant with caution as the skin under the rams is sensitive and may not get burnt, cut or damaged.

  • Avoid Shaving

Avoid using any razor or shaver on the sensitive skin of the armpits. Soft skin with regular use of razors tends to get dark and hard. Moisturising the underarms is necessary. Razors often take away the moisture of the skin alongside the unwanted hair. So the armpits get darker with time. Also, having it is not suitable for hair removal as well. The hair tends to grow back more often and more hard. So avoiding shaving underarms is not at all a losing situation.

  • Pay Attention To Skin Infections

Do not avoid skin infections, especially on the sensitive parts of the body. Itching, rashes and other skin irritations should not be overlooked as they may cause severe damage to the skin in the long run. Itching causes the skin to darken and may leave permanent patches. For lighter underarms, keep your skin clean and take proper care of the skin to keep it away from any skin-damaging infections.

  • Use An Underarm Whitening Cream

You can always use an underarm whitening cream for both males and females. This will leave your skin soft and moisturised for a long time and do not cause any other skin infection that may darken the armpits. 

Choose the cream with great caution and only choose the safe one on the skin that provides maximum benefits to the skin.

So you can avoid dark underarms by following these simple tips.

You read about all the best underarm and inner thigh whitening cream in the article. You Can choose anyone with a lighter skin tone in the intimate parts of your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which cream is best for underarm whitening?

A.There are various creams available in the market to whiten your underarmsNow summers are approaching speedily, and you wish to wear your sleeveless. Some of the best creams to brighten your underarms are-RE' EQUIL Unveil Underarm Cream, Namyaa Intimate Lightening, Qraa Advanced Lacto Dark Underarm Whitening Cream, etc.

Q.What is the fastest way to whiten underarms?

A.Underarm whitening is a slow process and requires patience and time. You can adopt some home remedies to understand your skin needs better. You can use citric juices, baking soda, curd etc., to lighten the underarms. If you wish to use any cream, you can choose anyone from the list above.

Q.What are the best underarm whitening products?

A.You can choose any type of product- natural, home remedies or creams to whiten your underarms. To select some of the best underarms whitening creams, refer to the article. All the listed creams help lighten the underarms.


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