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It is essential to check the essentials elements available in water; TDS meter is the best equipment to check the natural ingredients. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids in Water. It is a unit to measure the dissolved solids in water. Let's check out the best TDS meter in India. 


The essential natural elements in the water are essential for humans. The primary source of water is rain, river, and most of them from drilling the ground. Water contains some minerals and metal as well, which can change the PH level of the water. It is very important to check the TDS level as to whether the water is good for drinking or not. Here is the Best Digital TDS meter in India 2022 to use.

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8 Best TDS Meter in India


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Best TDS Meter Brand in India 

Check out the best TDS brand in India with their price and buy link given in the table. 

Best Water TDS Meter in India



Buy Link

Digital LCD TDS Meter Waterfilter Tester



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HM Digital Pocket TDS Meter Water Tester



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KONVIO NEER Imported Digital LCD TDS Meter



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FLEMCO Digital LCD TDS Meter



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GLUN Pre- Digital LCD TDS Meter Tester



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Hi-Tech Tds Meter for ro Water Testing Meter



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ELOUGH Pre-Calibrated Pen Type Digital LCD TDS Meter



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IONIX Imported TDS Meter



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NEXQUA TDS Digital Ph Meter - 1L 3.9/5 989 Buy Now
Uniavo 3 in 1 TDS Meter 4/5 799 Buy Now
WELLON Digital LCD TDS Meter 3.8/5 599 Buy Now




Best TDS Meter Reviews & Buying Guide 

Get the complete review of Best TDS Meter for drinking water herewith is brand information, pros, and cons. 


1. Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter Water Filter

It is a high-class digital product that satisfies all customers needs. It can be used for domestic and commercial purposes to find out the quality of the water. If you are looking for a new brand TDS meter, this is the right brand to choose as it comes at an affordable price. 

It also comes with a temperature sensor that is another plus point of this one. This is one of the best TDS quality meters in India.  It also offers digital reading and helps in the desired temperature. 

This product’s rating is 4.1/5  on Amazon 


  • It comes with superb quality and a water-resistant body. 

  • It helps you expose most of the water purifier companies’ lies and allows you to assess performance. 

  • This item can be used in water purifiers, filters, food, drink quality monitoring, pools, spas, Aquariums, and hydroponic. 

  • One of the best TDS pens can be used for personal and commercial use.

  • It is a low-maintenance product. 


  • Provides accurate reading. 

  • Temperature reporting 

  • One of the high-quality TDS meters. 


  • Expensive compared to other meters. 


2. HM Digital Pocket TDS Meter Water Tester

This and another HM digital TDS-3 pocket TDS water Tester made to facilitate water quality testing. It comes with microprocessor technology that ensures accurate results and one of the ideal products for commercial usage. 


This product comes with a hold function and built-in digital thermometer for temperature measurement. It is one of the user-friendly equipment and the best TDS meter for drinking water in India. 

This product’s rating is 4.1/5  on Amazon 


  • It comes with a warranty.

  • This one comes with a leather pouch for keeping it safe. 

  • Show quick results as compared to others. 

  • This item can be used in water purifiers and filters, food (vegetable, fruits) drink quality monitoring, pools, spas, aquariums, and hydroponic

  • It is highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology.

  • This tool is made with super quality equipment. 


  • Gives instant reading. 

  • Very easy to operate. 


  • Not a durable product.

  • An average quality product. 


3. KONVIO NEER Imported Digital LCD TDS Meter

It is very important to take care of your family, and it starts by testing the water, as we are gonna consume it daily. Thia Konvio Neer imported Digital LCD TDS meter is the ideal for all water purification applications including the water filters. You can check that the water filter is doing a good job or needs a service. 


This TDS meter in India is best for home use as it shows results quickly. You can check drinking water, water filtration & purification, hydroponic to test nutrients and more from it. You simply need to press and hold the button to view the reading out of the water. 

The rating of this product is 4.2/5  on Amazon. 


  • It comes with inbuilt digital LCD with proper graphics to symbolise every measured value. 

  • One of the reliable TDS meters in India that can be perfectly applied to the RO membrane system. 

  • This TDS meter comes with an Auto-off function which turns it off after 10 minutes of inactivity. 

  • It is one of the multipurpose products. 

  • Press the hold button to view the reading out of the water.

  • Turn off the meter, wipe and dry the electrode off before inserting it back into the protective cover


  • Can also check the TDS level of water purifiers. 

  • Provides highly efficient and accurate products. 


  • Comes with Chinese PCB as a less durable product. 


4. FLEMCO Digital LCD TDS Meter

This is one of the cheap and affordable TDS meters we have on our list. It will fulfill all of your requirements as it comes with a built-in thermometer to measure the water temperature. This TDS meter has a large display as compared to others for more convenience. It has a shallow quality of plastic build, but the overall product is good to go. 


If you are looking for a long-term product, then this is the right to choose and invest your money in it instead of selecting other options. This TDS meter will shut down after 10 minutes of non-usage as it has an auto shut-off function. 

The rating of this product is 3.9/5 on Amazon. 


  • It comes with a competitive and affordable price with all basic features. 

  • An auto shut-off feature that helps to save battery. 

  • High efficiency and accuracy due to its advanced microprocessor. 

  • Wide pH range from 3.0~10 For most clear liquid.

  • Best for commercial, agricultural, and other uses. 


  • Comes with a large and easy to read LCD screen. 

  • Waterproof and high accuracy product. 


  • Built quality is low as compared to others. 


5. GLUN Pre- Digital LCD TDS Meter

It is one of the stylish TDS meters we have on our list. It looks like a highlighter and the range of this TDS meter is from 0 to 990 ppm. With all necessary features, it also comes with standard bulti quality, making it the best TDS meter for drinking water in India.  

As per the recommendation mentioned, you should not need to put this meter in water more than 4 inches as it can easily measure the accurate TDS level of water by p[utting in it by only 1 inch. It is one of the ideal products for home use in India. 

The rating of this product is 3.9/5 on Amazon. 


  • The LED screen has good quality and excellent contrast. 

  • An ideal product for multipurpose use. 


  • Comes in a highlighter style look

  • Has a length of 13.6 cm which makes it compact. 


  • Has no temperature measurement system. 


6. Hi-Tech Tds Meter for RO Water Testing

This Hi-Tech TDS meter comes with basic and advanced features, and we will recommend you to buy it. This meter can fulfil all your requirements regarding the water purity check. This TDS meter is built with good quality along with a good LED screen and display. Their LCD has a high contrast level as compared to others. 


It is one of the Best Digital LCD TDS meter water filters for measuring the TDS auto-off feature; this feature is very beneficial for battery life. With this TDS meter’s help, you can quickly check the TDS over in the water like pool water, filtered water, Spa water, or even food drinks. 

The rating of this product is 3.9/5 on Amazon. 


  • It is one of the multipurpose TDS meters in our list and can measure any kind of water TDS levels. 

  • It comes with highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology. 


  • Measures all water TDS levels. 

  • Comes in a real oriented package. 


  • None. 


7. ELOUGH Pre-Calibrated Pen Type Digital LCD TDS Meter

This is another pen style TDS meter in the list, but this one is the cheapest TDS meter in our list. It comes with a nice colour combination which is black and white. The built quality is so regular, and you can expect for long-lasting use for this meter. 

It can indicate the TDS level between 0 to 990 ppm that is enough for regular home use. 


There is no need to dip more than 1 inch in the water as recommended by the company. The design of this meter also supports the high portability of this meter. You can easily carry this TDS meter in your pocket or purse. 

The rating of this product is 4/5 on Amazon. 


  • Comes with a very affordable price range. 

  • One of the best TDS meters to check the inorganic salts and organic matter in the liquid. 


  • Comes in a compact size that makes it easy to carry.


  • Do not expect durability under this price range.


8. IONIX Imported TDS Meter

Ionix Imported TDS meter can test the massive amount of water in one time. We can say this; It can test nearly 12000 litres of water in one time.  It is one of the best TDS meters under this price in India. 

This meter also provides the feature to test the PH level as it is essential to check PH level as it comes with 20 PH testing strips which are a necessary factor for human health. The design of this product is compact and elegant, and the brand is offering a guarantee that you will not get any issues regarding its model. 

The rating of this product is 4/5 on Amazon. 


  • The capability of this TDS meter is up to 12000 litres at one time which is quite impressive. 

  • , you will also get 20 PH strips with the TDS meters to set the PH level of the targeted water. 


  • Comes in a waterproof imported carry box. 

  • Very easy to use as comes in a pen-type shape. 


  • None


9. NEXQUA TDS Digital Ph Meter - 1L

Nexqua is one of the known and trusted brands for TDS Meter in India as it provides accurate measurement of PPM. it is made with high-quality material and it is used for  testing the water quality of the RO purifier when needed. 

A healthy metabolism starts with a healthy glass of water and this brand provides TDS Meter for different water checks. Like Aquarium and reef tanks, pools and spas,  and food and beverages. It is one of the best quality TDS meters we have on our list. 


  • It is made with high-quality material for a better life. 

  • The display screen starts flashing 6.86.


  • A portable device that is easy to carry. 


  • None 


10. Uniavo 3 in 1 TDS Meter

It is one of the best TDS Meters for drinking water in India in 2022 here and it is a tool that works temperature checker, water testing tool and one of the best combos for testing water and temperature checking. 


All you need to do is dip the same 1 inch in the water and instantly you will get the reading. It is compact in size and acts as the perfect water purifying tester. 


  •  It is a 3 in 1 TDS, EC, and Temperature meter. 

  • Uniavo 3 in TDS Meter is one of the best quality products. 

  • It comes with a big Backlit LCD for easy reading. 


  • It comes with a 1-year warranty. 

  • It offers the best quality and healthy water to drink.


  • Not yet. 


11. WELLON Digital LCD TDS Meter

It is another digital TDS Meter tester to check the quality of the water and the item can be used in the water purifiers and filters, food and the drinking quality of the monitoring pools, spas, aquariums. 


This Wellon Digital LCD TDS meter comes with a carrying case and it is recommended to keep this meter away from direct contact with the sun. 


  • Once the meter is on, the temperature function can be used at any time, in or out of the liquid. You can press the TEMP button.

  • It comes with a pH chart for better understanding. 


  • Best for all types of water testing. 

  • a Built-in digital thermometer for temperature measurement


  • Working slowly as compared to others. 

What Is TDS Meter? 


It is a kind of too;l that indicates the number of dissolved solids in the water. This product measures the concentration increased by the presence of ionised solids like minerals and salts. 

This tool looks like a thermometer and has a digital scream to express the reading, which helps you stabilise and save the levels. The on-off power features help to save more power to extend battery life. These TDS meter also identify that the water filters

 are working effectively or need any kind of replacement. 


These TDS Meters are easily available and affordable too. Grab one to extend your filter and purifier life. 


How Much TDS Water is Good for Health?

As per the Environmental Protection Agency, the permissible levels of TDS concentration are 500 PPM. 

As per the WHO, a TDS of above 1200mg/liter is undrinkable, and 300mg/liter TDS is recommendable. It is very important to check the concentration of your water before consumption. Buy TDS meter in India 2022


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best TDS meter in India For drinking water in 2022

  • Technology- one of the recent changes as per technology is a microprocessor. It ensures that the users get accurate and reliable results. Most of the meters use electrical conductivity measurement, which assesses the presence of electrolytes. It becomes very crucial to choose advanced technology as it employs several principles and conversations to ensure accuracy. 

  • Battery Saving Feature-  The batteries play a major role in this tool life. Continuous running of the product will exhaust its battery life that leads to buying another meter for use. You can choose the TDS meter, which comes with battery-saving features and shut down automatically. 

  • Cost-another major thing to check is the price tag, as the product is budget-friendly or not. A high-priced product does not mean a high-quality product. The majority of the medium-produced products work well. 


Some Major Benefits of Using TDS Meter

You need to understand that there are some benefits of using the TDS meter.


Money Saver-  it is very important to check the actual quality of the water you are using. The purifiers in India come in a wide range of prices with a low and high budget. If the water quality in your house is below 500 ppm, then a less powerful purifier will be enough for you. But if the quality is more than 1000ppm, you have a powerful water purifier of a higher price, and here the TDS meter plays a vital role in checking the ppm of water. 

Time Saver-  municipality offices do provide you with the facility of testing the quality of water. But everybody knows how long the whole process can take in return. Moreover, the question of the authenticity of those results always remains there. So, a TDS meter at home can save all the time.  

Portable-  if you are very particular about the water you are drinking, then these digital meters will be your most trustworthy tool. They come in a very compact size, and you can take it with you anywhere you want. 

This is all about India’s best TDS meter, and these 8 brands are the best one to choose. It is important to ensure that the water you are drinking is safe for you and your family. TDS Meter would be very effective in ensuring this, and it is also important to choose the right one. 


I hope this information will help you to choose the best TDS meter and  Buy a TDS meter in India 2022




Question You May Have 


Q. Is the TDS meter accurate?

Yes, they are accurate in the measuring, and there is less change of uncertainty, but you need to choose the best quality product too. 

Q. Which is the best TDS Meter in India 2022?

All mentioned above are the best brands, but HM digital is one of India’s trusted brands. 

Q. What is the best TDS level for drinking water in India?

According to the Bureau Of Indian Standards, the upper limit of TDS in water is 550 ppm, and the TDS level recommended by WHO is 300ppm.  

Q. How Accurate are TDS Meters?

A typical TDS meter is accurate to plus/minus 2 percent. With a ppm of 1000, you can find out the accuracy by multiplying 1000 with 0.2. It means the results are typically different from +/- 20 ppm.


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