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A lot of people have to send their documents internationally or any gift to their relatives during festivals. Although, you can also be a company looking forward to knowing about services that can help you out with your consignments.

Whatsoever your case may be sending your shipment on time and with care is the first priority.

Although, if you are in search of a service like this then we have listed some of the best that operate in India.

All the services that are mentioned are some of the best International Courier Service from India to the USA, UK, Canada, and many other countries.

Therefore, let's take a look at some of the Best International Courier Service in India that can help you with your deliveries.


  • The Courier Charges from India to the USA per Kg or any other country will depend on the type and the service you are availing.

  • The charges for the express services are usually higher.

1. Aramex

Aramex is a Dubai based company which was founded by Fina Ghandour and Bill Kingson in 1982. The company offers a wide range of courier solutions with services to cater to your delivery needs.

It has a really big team that handles all its operations and works efficiently to get your shipment at the time. You have express services to get your shipment if you want to get it delivered fast.

Although, the service is best for sending big consignment. In order to reach the reach the website click here.





  • Express Service: Aramex Delivery unlimited offers you a wide range of delivery options. With the express delivery, you can get your delivery as early as possible. With this, you are getting options like online real-time tracking, Delivery proof, Customs Clearance, and much more.

  • Freight Services: You are getting freight options from both Land, Ocean, and Air. Using this service you can make a delivery in bulk without any hassle.

  • Check Shipping Rates: You can easily check your delivery charges on the website before making any initiation.



2. FedEx

It is among the topmost name in the industry and has been operating worldwide. It is the best courier services in India for International deliveries.

The company is an established one and has left its benchmark. From parcels, Documents, large consignments of anything, the service will deliver anything for you.

You can check the rates that will be incurred upon your package. The service provides you great tariff with best in class service. In order to reach the website click here.




  • Rate & Transit Time: Get the rates beforehand and the time your package will take to reach the destination.

  • Track: Once you have dispatched the order from the Source then you can track it using the tracking number or the reference. You can also obtain a proof of the delivery.

  • Shipping: You can send multiple packages of more than 68 kgs or you can send just one which is up to 68 kgs with FedEx.



3. DHL

DHL is a Germany based company with its parent company Deutsche Post. The company started in the year 1969 and is among the pioneers in its industry with world-class delivery service.

You can be an individual who is thinking of sending a parcel or document or someone with a big e-commerce site. In fact, even you are a big company with DHL you don’t have to worry about delivery.

In case if you have really large consignment then the service provides you freight services for it. In order to reach the website click here.




  • DHL Express Services: DHL gets you the option of delivery for any size of the package be it small, medium, large or extra large.

  • Parcel & E-commerce: You can easily send a parcel to the destination you want. Also, in case if you have an e-commerce website then DHL will sort you out.

  • Freight Transportation: Send your shipment in bulk without any hassle. They have solutions for any kind of shipment and can do it through all the three ways  Air, Land, or Ocean.

  • Mail: Get easy postal service all around the globe without any issues.




DTDC is our very own Indian company with its headquarter in Bangalore, Karnataka. With DTDC everything is very convenient. In case if you wish to send anything via DTDC then it is available in every decent city with a large connectivity to different places.

The service can deliver parcels, big shipments, and a lot more on time.

It is widely used many e-commerce websites that are operating in India, therefore, you can judge the dependability of the service by that. In order to reach the website click here.




  • Domestic Services: They Offer two services in the domestic segment DTDC Lite, and DTDC VAS. With the DTDC Lite, you can deliver small parcels as well as Documents on a domestic Level. The DTDC value-added services can be used for transporting bigger vehicles, dedicated manpower, and a lot more.

  • International Services: Send your cargos and parcel internationally on time by using the different services provided by DTDC. As per the customer’s requirement the services can be divided into two segments: Express Services and Cargo Services. There are also various customised services like Student Services, Excess Baggage, Imports Express, and International Cash on Delivery.

  • Premium Express: Get a wide range of premium services like DTDC Plus, DTDC Blue, Prime Time Plus, and Premium Express Cargo.

  • Priority Services: In case if your delivery is on priority then they can do the delivery for you. The clientele in this sorts includes corporate clients, multi-nationals, financial institutes, and other banking and insurance companies.



5. TNT

TNT is a subsidiary of FedEx and in India, it only does international deliveries. The company has its root fully grown in over 61 countries and it make deliveries to almost 200 countries.

The service rates and time beforehand and gives you the convenience to deliver your product on time. In case if you are an e-commerce website that delivers product internationally then this service will really come in handy. In order to reach the website click here.




  • Rates & Times: Check your rates and timings beforehand by entering the source, destination, and dimensions.

  • Track & Trace: Now track your order once it has been dispatched and trace it every point of delivery.

  • MyTNT 2: If you an online business then this is the service for you with customized rates, services, and convenience.

  • Export From India: Get your shipments from over 200 countries without any difficulty.

  • Export to India: Now book your shipments to other countries and receive shipments from them.



So these are some of the best international courier services in India that you can use to get your shipment delivered. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Although, thank you for reading this article till the end.

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