13 Best Indoor Plants In India With Benefits

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Are you someone who likes greenery at your home? But not sure which all indoor plants are easiest to grow in the Indian climate.

No worries! Read this article and learn about a list of the 13 Best Indoor Plants In India to brighten up your interior.

But … that's not the indoor plant's only benefit!

Indoor plants are also known to purify stale air and poisonous gasses, keeping the atmosphere of the home fresh and pure. Indoor plants are one of the best ways to decorate and purify the space of the home. 

Indoor plants can be grown easily at room temperature and climate, giving a touch of nature inside the home. However, every plant has its own characteristics and needs.

Let's check out a list of 13 Best Indoor Plants For Homes In India that can adapt to the varied atmosphere of the Indian region.

Don't forget to read the plant description that will help you grow your chosen plant.


13 Best Indoor Plants for Indian Climate

Read out to know which indoor plant is good for the home. Detailed plant features are given following the list.

Name of plants


Ideal For 

Snake plant (Sansevieria Golden Hahnii)


To filter indoor air

Aloe Vera Plant


To treat sunburn

Lucky bamboo plant ( Dracaena braunii)


To bring good luck and prosperity to the place where it is grown

Money Plant


To Bring positivity, prosperity and good luck to the area.

Peace Lily


To neutralize toxic gasses like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde

Dracaena Reflexa Plant Song of India


To cure malaria symptoms, poisoning and diarrhea

Unique garden Ivy Plant 


T0 reduce the effect of  cough, asthma, allergies, and bronchitis

Trothic Anthurium Plant  


To purify the air



To add a pop of color

EVY Fern Plant


To improve the atmosphere of a room with lower light

UGAOO Spider Indoor Live Plant - Medium


To absorb various kinds of toxic gasses

Weeping Fig


To purify the air around you

Plant Baby rubber plant


To add decoration to the house

1. Snake plant (Sansevieria Golden Hahnii)

Snake plants are easy to handle as they require minimum care. They are known for air purification qualities and removing toxins. They are considered as one of those plants that reduce carbon dioxide at night. Considered as the best air purifying indoor plant in India.

There are different varieties of snake plants available. Some of them are Silver queen, Black gold extreme, Laurentii, Black coral, Congo, seafoam.  It is one of the Best Indoor Plants for Indian Climate.


  • Easy to maintain

  • Flourish under room temperature

  • Survive dry, poor soil conditions

  • Not require much care

  • Act as an air purifier


2. Aloe Vera Plant  


The other name of the aloe vera plant is the miracle plant. The reason to say this is its medicinal properties and ability to rejuvenate and soothe the human body. The maintenance of this plant is very less as its leaves are thick and fleshy and contain water for a long time.

Aloe vera can adjust easily inside the home. It is resistant to most insect pests and works as a remedy for cuts, bruises, and skin ailments.


  • Has medicinal properties

  • Used for cuts and other skin ailments

  • One of the best indoor plants

  • Easy to grow at room temperature


3. Lucky Bamboo Plant 


Are you looking for plants that are good for your home according to Vastu? Then your search ends here with Lucky Bamboo Plants. They are available everywhere in India. They can be seen in the home and office since they are considered to be lucky. Known for bringing happiness and prosperity to a place where it is kept. The height of these plants is between 2-3 feet. They come in different varieties like Chinese water bamboo, Friendship bamboo, Sander’s dracaena, ribbon dracaena, lucky bamboo.


  • Considered to be lucky

  • Brings prosperity and happiness

  • Come in different variety

  • Suitable for both home and office


4. Money Plant

Money plants don't need an introduction due to their popularity. You can find money plants in every nature lover’s home. If someone is closer to nature then a money plant is available in one’s home. 

It is known to improve air quality and maintain freshness. In addition to this, it is believed to bring prosperity to home and office. 


  • Easy to grow

  • Require low maintenance

  • Can survive in all kinds of weather

  • Produce harmonious environment


5. Peace Lily Plant

This indoor plant enhances the air quality. The requirement of sun and water is minimum for this plant to grow. It can easily adapt to low-level watering. Its hooded flowers are appealing and beautiful.


  • Require less water and sun

  • Produce beautiful flower

  • Adaptable to less water situation

  • Easy to grow 


6. Dracaena Reflexa Plant Song of India

The ideal place to keep this plant is on a side table or the mantel. This is a slow-growing plant. It keeps the atmosphere of home bright with its green, lime, and lime-colored leaves. It is one of the popular plants in India and is also known as the “song of India”.


  • Attractive look

  • Easily adaptable to the Indian environment

  • Very popular

  • Need low maintenance

  • Used for home decor


7. Unique garden Ivy Plant 

This indoor plant is best for hanging purposes. It can add pleasing energy to any room in the house. The maintenance of this plant is very low and requires low light, dry air with minimum watering. Known as the best purifier and popular due to its attractive look.


  • Considered ornament plant

  • Air-purifier

  • Easy to maintain

  • Require less water and sun

  • Easily adjustable to any situation


8. Trothic Anthurium Plant 

This plant produces flowers throughout the year and adds value to your home decor. It is available in different varieties and colors. Maintaining them is quite easier as it does not require regular watering. Indirect sunlight is enough for this plant to survive and grow. 


  • Require less watering

  • The indirect sun is enough

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy to grow

  • Good looking plant


9. ExoticRare MONSTERA

Most millennials love this plant because of its shredded leaf and height. You can place it in the living room as it is the answer to which plant is best for the living room. It can be easily cured and needs less attention. It can survive even if you water once a week. 

Regular pruning is required as it grows at a very fast pace.


  • Perfect for living room

  • Has shredded leaf

  • Good height

  • Low attention required


10. Ferns EVY Fern Plant

EVY Fern Plant Price in India - Buy EVY Fern Plant online at Flipkart.com

Ferns can survive in humidity and low-light conditions. They are air purifiers and produce a refreshing effect on the room. You can keep it in the kitchen or bathroom due to its air-purifying quality.


  • Air-purifier

  • Perfect for kitchen or bathroom

  • Attractive in look

  • Can survive in humidity and low light


11. Spider Plant

Spider plants are known for their long and slender leaves. The leaves have white and green stripes on them. The appropriate temperature for this plant to grow is between 55 and 80 degrees celsius. This is one of the best indoor plants for those who search for plants that improve air quality. 


  • A great indoor houseplant

  • Improves the quality of air

  • One of the most beautiful indoor plants

  • Eliminate xylene and formaldehyde from the atmosphere


12. Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig consists of several slender branches bending out from the gray trunk. This plant can survive with little light. It is also important to understand that bright and indirect sunlight is required for the plant to flourish. This plant also has the property to clear away xylene and cleans the air of homes.


  • Clears away xylene

  • Helpful in Improving the quality of air

  • Consistent soil moisture is required

  • Known for its beautiful slander leaves


13. Baby Rubber plant

The Baby Rubber plant is one of the most beautiful indoor plants. It has lance-shaped leaves. If you like hanging plants then it can be a great addition to hanging baskets. You will also see the varied leaves depending upon the surrounding environment. Its leaves are eye-catching and elegant. 


  • Plain green or even striped leaves 

  • In addition to hanging baskets

  • Produce oval leaves

  • Known for railing growth habit


What Are the Benefits Of Indoor Plants?

Indoor plants are one of the best ways to add beauty and comfort to your home. Because they not only work as air purifiers but also enhance the mood of the people living around them. 

There is no space in the home where plants can not survive. All you need to do is to ensure that you choose the right kind of plants considering the atmosphere of your place.

Indoor plants do not require much care; they just need little light and water. As a result, you will get the beautiful environment of your home. 

Studies have also shown that plants keep the person happier and healthier. They affect both the mental and physical aspects of human beings positively. 

Here are some of the key benefits that you should consider:

Key Benefits

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve performance and focus
  • Boost confidence
  • Improve air quality

What Kinds of plants should you not grow in India?

India has a tropical climate that is not very suitable for all types of plants. There are some of the plants that should not be grown in India like English roses, Tulips, Iris, and Peonies

Why Should You Have Plants Around You?

Plants around you are known to have several psychological benefits. They decrease stress and anxiety if you spend some time taking care of them.

It is advised to spend time with your plants while watering them. Watering is the right time to admire the beauty of plants and feel the touch of it that will make you feel better.

Tips To Take Care Of Indoor Plants 

Indoor plants are considered to be an essential part of home. As they keep the air refreshing and purify the stale air.

Indoor Plants also have mood-boosting qualities that help to brighten up the space. the best thing about the Indoor plants is that they do not require much care and can survive in low light and less water.

Here are a few crucial thing that you should know while taking care of your plants:

  • Plants are exposed to the sun once a week. 

  • Watering them in 1 or 2 days will be enough.

  • However, every plant has its own characteristics 

  • Always ensure to check out the properties of plants before buying it. 


So, it was all about the Best Indoor Plants in India that are easy to grow and sustain in the Indian atmosphere. Different kinds of indoor plants have been discussed in detail. Indoor plants are known to create a positive environment and healthy atmosphere. Along with this, they purify air and keep the air refreshing throughout the day. Some plants are considered to be lucky and create positive energy around the area. If you spend some time with plants, it will help you to reduce stress and anxiety. Consider spending time with plants while watering them and you will feel light and psychologically fit. Having plants at home or office can give a touch of nature and help to keep the mood uplifted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Which plant is best for home indoor?

A. There are lots of indoor plants available in the market. We have listed out some of the most popular plants that require low maintenance. 

Q.Which indoor plant is good for home as per Vastu?

Many indoor plants are beautiful and appealing. But it is all about personal preferences. So you can choose from the above mentioned list.

Q.What is the healthiest indoor plant?

A. We have  provided you with top 13 indoor plants that are considered to be the healthiest indoor plants.   You can check out the list of the plants above in the article. 

Q.Which indoor plant is lucky for home in India?

A. Plants that are air purifiers and reduce carbon dioxide. Besides, they add color to the place they are kept in. Just check out the list mentioned above to choose the right one as per your requirement.



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