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Are you someone who love musical instruments and looking for some of the Best Guitar Brands in India? Well, now your search ends here, as I have researched the market and curated a list of 17 best guitar brands in India 2023 to make it easier for you to choose from the top guitar brands available in the country.

Guitar brands that are enlisted in this article are selected based on their popularity and positioning on the online shopping site Amazon. Worry not if you are thinking about your budget, because I have also mentioned some budget-friendly guitar brands in this article.

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Also, if you are new and do not know how to buy guitar, I have provided some pips for buying guitars at the end of this article.

Best Guitar Brands in India

List of 17 Best Guitar Brands in India 2023

Here is the list of 17 best guitar brands in India, along with their price range in Indian rupees. Note that the guitar brands enlisted and mentioned throughout the article are selected based on their popularity and the brands’ positioning on Amazon.


Online Price Range, in INR


1,999 Onwards


3,899 Onwards


7,200 Onwards


7,400 Onwards


7,999 Onwards


9,394 Onwards


12,900 Onwards


41,166 Onwards


11,500 Onwards


32,850 Onwards



Oscar Schmidt

32,668 Onwards


49,316 Onwards


6,900 Onwards


16,692 Onwards


8,153 Onwards


20,990 Onwards

Review of 17 Best Guitar Brands in India

Here, I have provided review of each enlisted guitar brands in India, along with what do I like about them  and their online price range. Read all the reviews as it will help you make the right purchase decision.

1. Juarez

Juarez has a wide range of high-quality guitars available. Guitars and all the musical instruments bu this brand are built to meet your relevant needs. Top-notch materials in the guitars provide them with long-lasting durability, making the Jurez one of the best-selling guitar brands in India.

Additionally, buyers also get numerous options like sizes, woods, finishes, etc. to choose from.

So, you can go with the Juarez brand if you want cost-effective yet quality musical instruments.

What do I Like About Juarez?

  • Perfect for beginner musicians

  • Affordable and good quality guitars

  • One-year warranty

2. Kadence

This is an Indian brand which has made its way up to the top because of its fantastic sound quality. It is perhaps the most promising amongst all the best brands for guitar in India, as its products have a very soothing sound with a bright tone. 

Why Do We Like Kadence

  • Kadence is an Indian guitar brand that is very popular

  • It is considered as one of the Top 10 Indian Guitar Makers.

  • It produces fantastic sounds that have made it a popular brand

  • Kadence is slowly emerging as an excellent brand for guitars

3. Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the most revered guitar brands by professionals. They produce some of the best and most durable electric guitars. Their acoustic guitars are also prevalent amongst beginners and professionals alike. Yamaha is considered to be one of the best guitar brands in India, and the world has been known to make some of the best products trusted by many famous musicians.

Why Do We Like Yamaha

  • It is considered as one of the top-rated brands in the list of the Top 5 Best Guitar Brands in India and the world by many critics.

  • Yamaha Guitars are some of the most top-quality guitars.

  • They are light and sturdy with a great finish

  • The guitars from Yamaha are known for their amazing sound quality.

4. Fender

Fender is an iconic brand and has been producing some of the most top quality guitars all around the world. Many famous musicians have been using Fender for a very long time. It is perhaps the most trusted guitar brands. In this brand, guitars produce a much brighter tone and are accompanied by single coil pickups instead of the usual humbuckers. The guitars have a scale length of 25.5 inches.

Why Do We Like Fender

  • Fender is a favourite among many celebrities and musicians

  • It is one of the most popular and iconic guitar brands in the world.

  • It is especially popular for its tone and great sound.

  • Fender is one of the best guitar brands in India and the world.

5. Vault

It is such a brand that gives its customers 100% satisfaction with its excellent customer service and a wide range of quality rich guitars, including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, etc.

Vault Guitars are said to be one of the most preferred ones for professional musicians internationally.

What do I Like About  Vault?

  • Craftmanship of guitars

  • All of the Vaiult Guitars come with a three-year guarantee

  • Very reasonable price of guitars

  • Top-notch products

6. Cort

Cort is a South Koran brand that was established in the year 1973. It delivers some high-quality models which are beautifully designed and produce a great sound. This is a trendy electric guitar brand and those looking to grab onto premium guitars, then make sure to check out Cort.

What Do We Like About Cort?

  • It originated from the country of South Korea.

  • The brand makes guitars with great sound quality.

  • It is very popular for its electric guitars.

  • Cort is one of the best Guitar Brands in India.

7. Epiphone

This is a budget-friendly sub-brand of Gibson guitars. Although its products do not have the same sound quality as some of the higher-end brands, it is still quite good and is very popular amongst users because of its affordable prices. So if you are looking for a guitar in the budget range with almost the same quality as the more prominent brands, then check out Epiphone.

What Do We Like About Epiphone?

  • This brand is widely known for its affordable pricing that makes it very popular.

  • It is a guitar brand that does have great sound quality even at lower prices.

  • The brand is a preferable choice for budget guitar enthusiasts.

  • It is great to use and very trendy guitar brand.

8. Gibson

It is an American brand which is very popular all throughout the world. It is basically known for its sound quality. Gibson guitars have shorter scale length, hence, producing a warm and smooth sound. This is a trademark quality of Gibson and the reason for its immense popularity among professional musicians, making it a top contender in the best brands for guitar in India.

Why Do We Like Gibson

  • Gibson is perhaps one of the Top Guitar Brands in the whole world.

  • Its guitars are preferred by many professionals and musicians in India 

  • The guitar designs that it brings forward are some of the most unique

  • Gibson guitars produce a great sound that makes one’s experience better.

9. Donner

Donner guitars are loaded with premium quality hardware which is a great feel and gives easy upper fret access due to its great cutaway. The neck is very smooth, making it perfect for playing. It is imported from the US and is made with precision and care. 

Why Do We Like Donner

  • Donner is one of the most premium guitar brands.

  • They are meticulously prepared to provide the most sturdy and good quality builds.

  • This is a very popular American guitar brand.

  • The guitars from Donner have a very smooth and sleek finish.

10. Martin

It was established in the year 1833 by Christian Fredrick Martin as CF Martin and Company. It is especially famous for its steel strings and its flat top guitars. Top-quality tonewood is used in these guitars, and they are available in sizes of 12 and 15 string styled guitars. With the superior quality sound that these guitars produce, there is little doubt that Martin guitars are one of the best brands for guitar in India.

What Do We Like About Martin?

  • It is a brand that makes some of the most high quality guitars.

  • The sounds from this guitar are really amazing.

  • It is one of the most popular guitar brands in the world.

  • The guitars are of superior quality. 

11. Seagull

Seagull guitars are known for their great tones and smooth playability. Seagull guitars are manufactured in Canada and are very durable. They are made with great care and precision. They offer excellent stability and are easier to tune. It is very classy and looks really good with its exceptional finish. 

What Do We Like About Seagull?

  • The brand is popular for its amazing tones and sounds.

  • It is manufactured in Canada. 

  • They are very durable and easy to maintain.

  • It is a brand that produces some of the most good looking guitars.

12. Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt products are designed for more effortless playability and precision. They usually have a high gloss finish with amazing aesthetics. Its fretboard is specially designed for easy use, stability and pressure-free chords. They also come in a variety of colours. This is an excellent choice for those looking for best guitar brands in India for beginners. 

What Do We Like About Oscar Schmidt?

  • It is a brand which focuses on precision and perfection.

  • The brand is popular for its amazing design and finish.

  • It is specially designed for easy use and handling

  • They also come is a number of different colours. 

13. Taylor

Taylor Guitars is a California based American Guitar manufacturing company. It is one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the United States of America. Taylor specializes in making semi-hollow electric and acoustic guitars. These guitars are very easy to carry around and produce brilliant sounds on high-end frequencies. 

What Do We Like About Taylor?

  • This brand is one of the biggest guitar brands in the world.

  • It specializes in acoustic and semi-hollow guitars.

  • They are easy to carry around.

  • It is known for the brilliant sound it produces. 

14. Ibanez

Ibanez is a Japanese guitar manufacturer and is rightly considered among the top guitar brands in India. It was the first to launch the 7 string guitar are known for their innovative techniques. This brand is backed by many famous professional musicians and has some of the best guitars of the industry in its lineup. 

What Do We Like About Ibanez?

  • It is a very popular brand for guitar all over the world.

  • This brand is Japanese in origin.

  • It launched the 7 string guitar into the industry.

  • The brand is very innovative and famous among musicians.

15. Jackson

This is a US-based guitar company that makes electric guitars and electric bass guitars. They are known for their pointed headstock and are popular among rock music enthusiasts. It has a sleek design and provides excellent sound quality. 

What Do We Like About Jackson?

  • This is an American guitar brand.

  • It is widely known for its electric guitars all over the world.

  • The brand makes guitars with superior sound quality.

  • It has great design and appearance. 

16. Ovation

Ovation is based in the USA and was started by Charles Kaman. It is known for making steel-string and nylon-string acoustic guitars. Their electric guitars are suitable for studio recording and for stage performances as well. This is a high-end guitar brand and is one of the top acoustic guitar brands in India.

What Do We Like About Ovation?

  • It is one of the best Acoustic Guitars in India and the world. 

  • They are great for professional use.

  • It is a premium guitar brand.

  • The brand is known for its top-notch products that is preferred by many professionals

17. ESP

This is a trendy Japanese brand for electric guitars and is known to make some of the best looking guitars in the world. The custom made guitars from ESP have a huge fan following the world over. Not only are they good looking, but they are also very durable and long-lasting. ESP guitars are very high performance and are used by some of the most famous musicians in the world. 

What Do We Like About ESP?

  • The brand is considered to be one of the best electric guitar brands in the world.

  • Its products are durable and long lasting.

  • The brand began in Japan and is now known worldwide.

  • The guitars of this brand are considered very high performance. 

Types of Guitar

When setting out to purchase a guitar for yourself, one needs to be sure of the Best Indian Guitar Makers, where one can purchase musical instruments and also the type of guitar the is needed. This is very important as the type of guitar determines where and how ti can be used. Each type has its own features and uses which makes it suitable for a particular requirement or need. 

In case you are thinking about the different varieties of guitars available, then let us tell you that there are five types of guitars that are available in the market. Each guitar has its own specifications which are useful in understanding where it can be used. The different types of guitars are.

1. Acoustic Guitar

2. Electro-Acoustic Guitar

3. Semi-Acoustic Guitar

4. Electric Guitar

5. Bass Guitar

Let us look at each of them closely in order to understand what they are all about.

Acoustic Guitars

The Acoustic Guitar have hollow bodies that help in amplifying the sounds of the strings. Most of the acoustic guitar bodies are made of wood, which have six strings usually and are made in such a way to look appealing.

In India, many brands make the best Acoustic Guitars in India For Beginners that can be used to start learning about guitars and how to play it.

The acoustic guitars are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. A few of them are available in symmetric shape while others employ a cut-away style that gives a bit more area for the arm to access the higher fret.

Electro-Acoustic Guitar

This type of guitar is actually similar to acoustic guitars but the only difference is that these guitars contain a pickup that is used to connect the amplifier. This allows the guitar sound to be played louder and clearer with the help of an amplifier. Using this feature, you can switch into any supporting amplifier or speaker. 

This is a good option for playing live in concerts and events, as you can do away with mics which earlier had to be placed in front of the guitar to make it audible. 

Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Semi-Acoustic guitars are somewhere in the middle between Acoustic and Electric guitars. They combine the properties of both these types into one making ti a great guitar for specific purposes. These guitars are thin, with a  compact body and are also hollow like acoustic guitars. 

However, they do not make louder sounds when they are unplugged just like acoustic because of their lean body. In case you want a fully Acoustic guitar or Electric guitar then you should avoid this one for yourself. 

Electric Guitar

Electric guitars are made from solid bodies that give out very low sound as compared to the other types of guitars available. This one needs to be connected to an amplifier or speaker to allow the sound to be heard. 

The biggest benefit this one has is that you can control the sound that it produces by altering the volume and also changing the output style according to the needs and requirements. 

Bass Guitars

The last and final type of guitar is the Bass Guitar. It produces some of the most powerful sounds among any other guitar type. It makes deep and thick sounds and comes with four strings. They have very strong and solid bodies and are available in many different variants. 

Now that you have got an idea of the best Acoustic Guitars and Guitar Brands in India, you can also explore the best brands that we will review in the upcoming sections. This will help you in making an informed choice to buy your next guitar from among the Best Guitar Brands In India. 

Tips For Buying Guitars

If you are not clear how to select the right guitars for yourselves then here are some important steps that can help you figure out which guitar to purchase. Selection and purchase of guitar is not an easy task and you would find it hard to choose one if you do not consider the factors given below. 

  • Check your budget before selecting the guitar.

  • Decide which type of music you want to pursue and opt for acoustic, electric or other types of guitars accordingly.

  • Select the guitar according to your height 

So this was all about the best guitar brands in India, their products, features and other details. If you are looking for more such articles, news and updates, then keep following our site for more information. 


So, this was all about the best guitar brands in India. We talked and learned about the 17 best guitar brands in India 2023 along with their price range. And I also shared what did I like about each brands. Hope this was an informative read for you. Share this article with the ones who you thinki are interested in musical instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which brand is best for guitar?

A. Ibanez, Fender, and Gibson are some of the best brands for guitar.

Q. Which guitar is best for beginners in India?

A. Brands like Yamaha, Epiphone, Gibson and others are known to be the best guitar brands for beginners in India.

Q. Which guitar is best for first time?

A. If you are new in guitar playing, you should start with classical guitars as they are easy to play and cost-effective in comparison to other types of guitar.  

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