16 Best Educational Websites in India For Amazing Online Learning

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Best Educational Websites in India

In the era of social distancing, education has to carry on. And for that, there are many online websites offering coaching, seminars, study materials and much more to individuals looking for educational opportunities. The best educational websites provide a myriad of opportunities and courses, which can be utilized by individuals yearning to study.

Many platforms are giving out offers and discounts for students, like the Udemy Online Courses. Similarly, there are many online websites which provide education either free of charge or at affordable prices. 

Here in this article, we will have a closer look at the top educational platforms along with the features they have to offer for its users. 

List of the Top Educational Sites 2022


Education Websites in India


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Khan Academy

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Open Culture

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CA Club India

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Ted Ed

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Enchanted Learning

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If you are looking for good quality education through online courses, diplomas, competitive exams, coaching or even career guidance, then many great platforms will help you succeed in fulfilling your dreams.

To know more about these great websites for educational opportunities, check out the list we have curated so that you can continue the journey of learning that you have undertaken. Also, know more about the Best Survey Websites In India then click on the link which is being provided to you.

Best Indian Educational Websites Review

In this article, we are going to check out the top online education websites for students in India. We will look at their features and benefits and also what they have to offer to all the students and those looking for online learning. These websites are very useful, given the fact that learning can be done from home or any other location if one does not have the means to travel or find a good educational centre or institution for themselves. 

These free educational websites offer a variety of courses for people of all ages. You might be looking for a part-time course or a full-time course. No matter what, you can find good quality courses and educational content on these websites that we have mentioned. Once you check them out, you will be able to see which one is the best for you and select that one for your learning. 

Let us now check out the review of the best educations websites in India.

1. BYJU’s

It is India’s most popular educational website and app that is being used by millions of students to study and learn various topics and courses. It is a very diverse platform where you can explore topics related to school and college-level learning. 

You can also use it for undertaking courses or coaching for various competitive exams. It is available on its website or mobile app. It has paid as well as free of cost content available on its platform.

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • Science and Technology

  • GRE Study Materials

  • School Classroom Learning

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2. Udemy

Udemy is another very popular educational website where you can study for various topics and also undertake courses. Here, you can learn a lot by taking online courses on different subjects or topics of your choice. 

You can make use of the courses available on the platform, which are both paid and free.

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • Free Linux Course for Absolute Beginners

  • Front-End Development Course

  • Advertisement Designing Course

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3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a very popular online learning platform where you can get to learn about many different things. They make use of videos, blogs, articles and other study materials which are available to its users free of charge. 

It is an excellent platform for studying, and it also is one of the best educational websites in the world. It has no ads or other interruptions while you go through their website.

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • Arithmetic

  • Science and Technology

  • Computing

  • Economics and Finance

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4. Coursera

Coursera is another popular platform for students to study different courses that they prefer from the comfort of their homes. It has many various topics and subjects to offer which you can make use of by visiting their website.

It is similar to other educational websites and effortless to navigate and use.

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • English For Career Development

  • Machine Learning

  • Social Psychology

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5. edX

edX is an educational website that contains interactive free courses specially designed for students to learn over the internet. It has many courses from professors and educators from famous global universities like MIT, Harvard, Boston University, Kyoto University and others. 

You can check out all these contents and much more by visiting their website.

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • Computer Science By Harvard University

  • Artificial intelligence By Columbia University

  • Happiness Course By UC Berkeley

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6. Open Culture

Open Culture offers its users a vast array of courses free of charge. These courses are from educators and professors of top-rated Ivy League universities like Oxford, Stanford, UCLA and Columbia University.

It is easy to understand and also covers a wide range of topics from science, commerce, economics, arts and more.

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • Art & History

  • Astronomy

  • Biology

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7. Aglasem

Aglasem is a guidance portal for students which offers them counselling, advice along with notes, study materials and more. It covers subjects related to ICSE and CBSE as well as graduate and other college-level study materials. 

You can also make use of this website if you are looking for guidance and notes for state or national competitive examinations. 

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • NCERT Solutions

  • Class Notes

  • Exam News and Information

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8. CA Club India

The CA Club is a specialized platform for students looking for training and coaching facilities for subjects related to commerce, accounts and finances. If you are looking for guidance in CA or CS, then you can check out this online educational platform. 

It also has many useful articles and also supports interactive platforms for students to address their doubts and queries with experts.

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • Articles on Trending Topics

  • News and Updates

  • Discussion Forums

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9. Unacademy

Unacademy is a top-rated educational platform in India. It has many educators on board who are very popular experts in their fields of study. You can find various free, paid and even live sessions on a wide variety of topics.

You can join Unacademy by logging on to their website or mobile app to access their content.

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • Live Sessions with Legends on Unacademy

  • Economics Classes for UPSC Exam

  • Aptitude Learning for SSC and Bank Exams

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10. Meritnation

Meritnantion is specially designed for students from Classes I to XII. Here they can find textbook solutions, videos and tutorials for different topics and subjects. It also supports live classes for its students and also has features that help students in their homework.

It is excellent for clearing doubts and queries, and you can download its mobile application for Android and iOS. 

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • Free Live Classes

  • Live Quizzes and Polls

  • Free Study Materials

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11. Pagalguy

Pagalguy is a very popular platform for individuals looking for online resources, study materials and more on entrance exams, competitive exams, courses etc. You can check out their website for MBA, Engineering, Banking, SSC and UPSC related courses and materials.

They have their mobile app named Prepthon, which can be of good use as well.

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • UPSC Info and Notifications

  • Bank PO Exam Information

  • Engineering Info groups

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12. w3schools.com

If you want to learn and practice web designing, there is an excellent opportunity with w3schools. On this website, discover your preferred coding languages for web design. They have a lot of options for individuals looking to get the best.

You can visit their website and select your preferences to start learning immediately.

Some of the features available are free of charge:

  • Learn HTML

  • Learn Bootstrap

  • Learn Javascript

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13. Ted-Ed

One of the world's most popular educational and motivational platforms is Ted-Ed. You can learn from articles, videos, blogs, webinars, and more on Ted-Ed. They cover a wide variety of topics, from ancient history to modern science and from health to economics; you will find everything on Ted-Ed.

Its contents are available free of cost, and you can learn directly from the most prominent minds in the world. 

Some of the features available are free of charge:

  • Arts

  • Business & Economics

  • Technology

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14. Indiabix.com

If you are looking to improve your quantitative and aptitude skills, then you can check out Indiabix.com where you can study and improve your skills. You can study Verbal Ability, Reasoning and also get Interview tips here. 

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • General Aptitude 

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Current Affairs & GK

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15. Enchanted Learning

The Enchanted Learning website is designed for children to improve their abilities and skills. It covers a variety of subjects like astronomy, explorers, geography and much more. It also has games to keep children entertained as well.

You can visit their website and start using the platform to help develop the learning skills of your children. 

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • Science

  • English

  • Art & Crafts

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16. Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games is a website that offers a variety of free multiplication games for kids. The website is designed to help children learn and practice their times tables in a fun and interactive way. The games on the website are designed to be engaging and entertaining, making it easy for kids to stay focused while they learn.

Some of the features available free of charge:

  • Compete against each other in multiplayer games
  • Wide variety of different free games
  • No login or registration

So this was all about the top educational websites in India and their features and other details. If you are interested in learning and studying more, then you can visit their websites and start the amazing journey of learning today. For more such news, articles and blogs, keep following our website for regular updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are educational sites?

A. Educational Sites are platforms on the internet where you can learn and study different topics or undertake professional courses. 

Q. Which online learning platform is best?

A. There are many popular educational websites online which offer great courses and study materials. You can check the list above for more information. 

Q. Why are educational websites important?

A. Educational websites are important because they allow users to study online in the comfort of their homes. They need not enroll or attend classes elsewhere, making it a great opportunity to study easily. 

Q. What is the purpose of educational websites?

A. Educational websites function intending to provide education and learning to as many people as possible without having to attend any classes at any institution.

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