11 Best Brush Cutter In India - The Prices, Types And More

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You need to clear your fields and gardens from the unwanted grass, weeds, and small shrubs to get a clean place for different purposes. For this, you need a garden agriculture tool to aid you in the process. Brush cutters come in handy for this purpose. They help clear the field from the corner most and challenging spots to have a cleaner space that can be useful for various activities like mini picnics, lunch, playing area for kids, and more. The best brush cutter in India helps achieve this in a more effortless and user-friendly way. They are safe to use and are handy for portable purposes.One should surely keep them as an option to clear their fields and garden areas regularly.

Brush cutters are a long-term investment as they are purchased, and if well kept and well maintained, they stay with you for long. So it is advisable to make a correct and well-informed choice initially only so that you do not regret your purchase later. 

This article helps you choose the best brush cutter for your lawns and fields so that you can make a wise decision.

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Best brush Cutter in India

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What Are Brush Cutters?

Brush Cutters are the garden or agricultural tool that helps clean the garden, field, or area from the unwanted weeds, shoots, shrubs, grass, and other unwanted plants and small trees growing on the land.

If you have a big lean in front of your house, you often find wild shrubs growing in large parts of your lawn, which ruins the beauty and makes it difficult for you to use the area for any purpose. For this, you need to have a regular maintenance activity run down your lawn or garden frequently. Grass cutting and trimming could either be done by a Gardner or yourself. So, in these cases, it is more feasible and advisable to own a brush cutter that will help you clean up your front yard as well as the backyard. You can even grow vegetation and decorative plants instead of unwanted garden shrubs. 

So you require a good quality, high-performing brush cutter to help you achieve the same.

Today, we will discuss some of the efficient brush-cutting trimmers and the best brush cutter brands in India for regular and daily usage.

Let's see for yourself which one to choose.

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Top 11 Brush Cutters In India 

Brush Cutter



XOOMER Brush Cutter 



Turner Tools Brush Grass Cutter



Balwaan Brush Cutter



Smarter KN Tools Brush Cutter



Agrobotics Brush Cutter



Sauran Trolley Brush Cutter



Green Leaf Bajaj Brush Cutter



Boston Brush Cutter



PRITHVI Power Brush Cutter



Shakti Technology Brush Cutter



Aimex Heavy Duty Petrol Brush Cutter



Note- The prices are at MRP.


1.XOOMER Brush Cutter 


Xoomer brush cutter is powerful in its range with a two-stroke engine power. This cutter comes with all the required and essential attachments- tool kit, trimmer attachment, round blade, one three-faced blade, one paddy attachment, and others. It has low noise and emits less. 

It has a durable 43cc engine and has a capacity with a 1 litre fuel capacity. This cutter is simple to use, easy to start, and highly durable. It is one of the top brush cutter in India.

Its dimensions are ‎ 20 x 15 x 5 Cm and weighs 20kg.

Type Of Engine Stroke

This cutter has a two-stroke brush butter that utilizes a mix of 40ml 2T oil per litre of petrol.

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2.Turner Tools Brush Grass Cutter


Turner tools cutter for grass and lawns is 1650w powered with a displacement of 51.7 cc. It has a two-stroke air-cooled engine with a fuel capacity of 1.2 litres. The diameter of its pipe is 28mm, and the ratio of fuel mixing is 1:25. It is a side-attached grass cutter and can also be used for crop harvesting.

It is a lightweight, easy-to-start agriculture tool that emits less and is low in noise. The cutter has a durable gear head and aluminum post to guarantee a smooth and effortless performance, and it is highly durable.

Its dimensions are 2.44 x 3.05 x 2.44 mt and weigh 9 Kg. The cutter includes a 52cc engine, tool kit, rod, trimmer, and 37 blades with a belt.

Type Of Engine Stroke

It is a Two-Stroke Brush cutter with a power of 1650W.

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3.Balwaan Brush Cutter

Balwaan machine trimmer is a powerful garden tool in a high brush cutter price range. The cutter comes with a specially designed bike handle for easy movement and high performance. It is one of a kind with an hour meter and heavy-duty rod. This cutter has a four-stroke engine with high power to clear weeds and fields from unwanted shoots and shrubs.

The cutter comes with on/off fingertip throttle control, with a 70-80 ml oil tank capacity.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 700-800ml litres. It has an 80T 2T blade and tap-and-go features.

Its dimensions are 182.9 x 63.5 x 33 Cm and weigh 13 Kg.

Type Of Engine Stroke

The cutter has a four-stroke engine that is less emitting and fuel-efficient.

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4.Smarter KN Tools Brush Cutter

The Smarter KN tools brushy cutter is a highly efficient two-stroke engine cutter. The cutter is powered by a 52cc engine with 2.5 HP. the fuel tank capacity is 1.2 litres. The cutter has 8000 RPM, and the mileage of the cutter is 1 litre in 45 mins.

The engine's power is 1900 W and is best for efficiently trimming and clearing the field. It comes with a paddy guard, a safety kit, and two blades. The brush cutter machine price of Smarter KN tools in this category is affordable, with all the attachments in one place.

The dimension of this cutter is 30 x 30 x 109 Cm and weighs 7 Kg.

Type Of Engine Stroke

The cutter has a Two-Stroke engine with high power and excellent reliability.

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5.Agrobotics Brush Cutter

The Agrobotics brush cutter has an excellent choice in its range to offer to its loyal customers. This cutter is a two-stroke engine cutter with BC-52 OHC. It is a light in weight and superior in quality. This is one of its kind with a self-cleaning feature and compensator. It is one of the best electric brush cutters in India.

A four-point anti-vibration system helps more significant operation, comfort, and safety. It has a long-life filter system, and it comes with a full harness for less fatigue and a safety kit and tool kit.

Its dimensions are 66 x 11 x 11 Centimeters and weigh 8 kg

Type Of Engine Stroke

This cutter has a Two-Stroke engine with BC-52 OHC.

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6.Sauran Trolley Brush Cutter


The Sauran trolley brush cuter has bicycled handle with humanised buttons. It has easy-to-use features and increased inflatable walking wheels, and the training wheels are retractable. This comes with a high transmission gearbox and has an anti-sputter with the baffle.

The engine is a 52cc, two stroke. It is a grass cutter that cleans the land entirely and provides complete safety.

Type Of Engine Stroke

The engine is two-stroke and highly durable.

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7.Green Leaf Bajaj Brush Cutter

The Green leaf bajaj brush cutter is one of the cheap and best brush cutters in India. It is a four-stroke engine with a 35cc engine. It has extra power torque with 80t, 3T blades. It has a tap and go feature or a nylon rope. It is best suited for gardening, lawn grass trimming. It is ideal for home use and is affordable when on discount.

Its dimensions are 182.88 x 63.5 x 33.02 cm.

Type Of Engine Stroke

It is a four Stroke Brushcutter with high power and durability.

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8.Boston Brush Cutter


The Boston brush cutter comes with a four-stroke engine and has a displacement pf 31cc- BC139F. A heavy-duty cutter is best for large backyard areas and front yard spaces. It comes with attachments like 3 point blades, safety gear, tool kit, safety belt, etc.

The dimensions of the brush cutter are 50 x 30 x 21 cm and weigh 80 Kilograms. It is heavy machinery and requires great care and upkeep.

It is one of the best 4 stroke brush cutter in India for heavy-duty performance.

Type Of Engine Stroke

It is a Four Stroke brush cutter with heavy-duty performance for better agricultural harvesting and farming.

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9.PRITHVI Power Brush Cutter


The Prithvi heavy-duty brush cutter is one of the best backpack brush cutter in India. It is handy and easy to use. It is a backpack brush cutter with a powerful four-stroke engine, rod, paddy harvester, three blades, tool kit, safety kit, and belt.

It has a 35vv engine with fuel consumption of 350-500ml per hour. The capacity of engine oil is 80ml.

The dimensions are 182 x 30 x 30 Cm and weigh 11 kg.

Type Of EngineStroke

It is a four-stroke engine with efficient fuel consumption.

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10.Shakti Technology Brush Cutter

The brush cutter by Shakti is a powerful cutter with a four-stroke engine and a power of 1100W. Its displacement is 37.7CC with a speed of 9000 RPM.

The capacity of its fuel tank is 630Ml and is easy to start. It is easy to carry and use. The handles of the cutter are detachable and have a soft grip. It is highly portable to use and easy to carry. 

The nylon trimmer head enables easy movement and extended continuous usage. It can trim large bushes too. It can help get rid of irregular and unwanted weeds and small shoots.

The design is shockproof to handle any accident. It has a 40T TCT blade and comes with a tool kit, paddy guard, goggles, hand gloves and nylon trimmer.

Type Of Engine Stroke

It is a four-stroke engine with a speed of 9K RPM.

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11.Aimex Heavy Duty Petrol Brush Cutter

Aimex has this excellent brush cutter with a two-stroke engine and a power of 1650W.

The fuel capacity is 1.2 l. It comes with a rod, tool kit, nylon trimmer, 3t blade, belt. The cutter is best for crop harvesting, grass cutting and weed removal. It is easy to start and makes less noise. It also emits less. It has a durable gear head for perfect balance and an aluminium post for better performance,

Type Of Engine Stroke

It has a Two-stroke air-cooled engine.

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How To Take Care Of Brush Cutters?

Maintaining the brush cutter engine is highly important as it is the main component of the machine that makes the brush cutter work. The engine of the brush cutter is either two strokes or four strokes; the difference between both types of engines decades is the cost and fuel emission of the engine. It also affects the performance of the cutter.

To maintain the engine of the brush cutter, keep the following points in mind:

  • Clean The Air Filter

It is essential to check and clean the air filter immediately after use. The brush cutter involves cutting wet as well as dry bushes and weeds that get stuck on the blades and the machine of the cutter. It is important to clear the air vent always after usage. You can disassemble the device and tap it on a hard surface to get rid of the residual waste. Repeating this drill after every 8-10 hours of brush cutting is essential for the smooth functioning of the brush cutter.

  • Clean The Fuel Filter Frequently

The fuel filter helps the engine get the fuel for the functioning of the brush cutter and makes better fuel emissions. You need to extract the fuel filter from the tank once or twice a month and clean it. You can also change it if damaged. So checking is important to know if it is in working condition. you can choose to replace it every year or after 150-170 hours of usage. It is recommended for better and consistent performance

  • Clean The Engine Cylinder Fins

Cleaning the engine's fins is also important for the better life and functioning of the brush cutter. The fins need to be cleaned for better ventilation. If the fins are greased or dirty, they will stop doing their work. So to have a never-ending cleaning service by your expensive brush cutter, it is advisable to check the engine fins more often and get them cleaned by its cleaner periodically or at least once in one and a half months.

  • Check The Level Of Grease

It is important to check the grease level in the engine's bevel drive. It helps in making the cutting attachments function. You should check the labels of grease, and after every 30 hours, you should remove the screw of the cutter on the end section and keep the level of grease up to 10g for smooth functioning of the brush cutter and avoid any damage.

  • Clean The Spark Plug

It is important to clean the engine's spark plug as it may cause damage to the brush cutter. Clean it with a dry cloth and clear all the dirty and residual elements gaps. If it is damaged, replace it, or otherwise, you can replace it every year. You should buy it from the authorised dealer only and follow all the manual's caring instructions.

  • Replace The Filter

You can also replace the filter after long term usage. You can replace the damaged filters after a considerable time. You can replace them every year for consistent performance. You can also choose to change them after 120-150 hours of their working life. You can replace air as well as fuel filters after the stipulated [period top never have a low performing expensive machinery with you.

Brush cutters are bought to serve a serious purpose- to get rid of unwanted grass bush, and weeds. It is an expensive machine, so you should tackle proper care of it. Follow the above attend instructions for a long-lasting brush cutter.

So, different brush cutters are available for cleaner and greener lawns and yards. The brush cutters are divided into various categories, and we will discuss each type briefly here.

Types Of Brush Cutters

Brush cutters are an essential part of garden maintenance and upkeep. Those having large garden areas essentially require a brush cutter in their homes. These brush cutters, too, need frequent maintenance. All the best grass cutter in India, are among these types only. Different types of brush cutters are differentiated according to various parameters, and these are discussed below.

  • According To Power

Brush cutters can be operated by the use of different sources of power. Different types of brush cutters use different power sources. It also varies according to the end and usage. The types of powers can be divided into three kinds.

Gas/Fuel/Diesel - Some brush cutters use gases, fuels- petrol and diesel to make them start working. They need frequent replenishment of the fuel, and if not used for more than 30 days, need a fuel replacement too. These can be used where more power is required to cut the grass or clear the field.

Battery Powered - Some brush cutters are operated with the help of batteries. They are more portable but less powered as they require frequent or periodic battery replacements. They can be used for far and spread areas that need cordless access and portable usability.

Electric - These types of Brush Cutters use wired cords for the power supply. They have a high power supply and can work for hours, but they cannot be moved to far and wide areas, as they need continuous power supplies..

  • According To Stroke

Brush cutters are differentiated on the basis of strokes too.

Four Stroke - Four-stroke engine brush cutters require competition of full four strokes for working. They are better in terms of emission, fuel consumption and are quieter. They are more expensive than the two-stroke engine cutters.

Two Stroke - two-stroke engine brush cutter requires the completion of two full strokes. They are more powered and with better compression and combustion than four-stroke

  • According To Make, Usage, Handle

Brush cutters are also differentiated according to their make and handles. There are different types of brush cutters depending on the usage and make.

Backpack Brushcutters -  their equipment is on the back as a backpack, and the cutter is moved to cut the grass and clean the lawns.

Hand-Held Brush Cutters - These are small and help cut small shoots and shrubs. They are highly portable.

Big Handled Brush Cutters -  These have big handles, sometimes in a bicycle handle or loop shape. These are used to clear wider space. They are powerful and can be used for various types of land clearing.


Brush Cutters are highly efficient and needed as a garden tool. If you have ample space for a garden or backyard, you must have one. You can make use of it to clear your large area full of grass and weeds. This article has discussed the top brands of brush cutters, their types, and their different prices to help you make an informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best brush cutter?

A.Depending on your usage and requirements, the type of brush cutter that will work for you will vary. There are a variety of different brush cutters available. You can choose any one of its kind according to your needs.

Q. What is the price of a brush cutter machine?

A.In the article above, we have mentioned different brush cutters, their brands, and their types. All have different prices. You can refer to the article to know the cost of the brush cutter of your choice.

Q. Are brush cutters worth it?

A.Yes, if you have a big lawn, backyard, or front yard, and you love to grow your vegetation and plants, then a good quality brush cutter is a must for you. It would help if you bought a good brush cutter for yourself for regular usage.

Q. Which is the best brush cutter in India?

A. In India, you have many options to choose from. Balwaan Brush Cutter, Agrobotics Brush Cutter, Smarter KN Tools Brush Cutter, etc.

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