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Would you like your home to be a smart one ? or do you often forget your shopping list or setting the alarm for the next day. If yes, we surely have an answer to your problems. We give you the range of Amazon Echo devices which is a smart solution to all your organizing problem. Amazon Echo Devices are a range of smart speakers that are based on Alexa.

It takes the human and machine interaction to a whole new level, from playing your favorite tracks to doing things like booking a cab, all of this can be done hands-free, just by using voice commands.Before knowing anything more about Amazon Echo Devices in India, let's know what exactly Alexa is.

What is Amazon Alexa?

If you know anything about Google Assistant or Apple SIRI then you might have an idea what it actually is. Alexa is your personal assistant although you don’t have to pay her. Alexa is an online virtual cloud-based assistant which runs on the concept of Artificial Intelligence using Machine Learning. In easy language, it can do anything that you ask her, what your smartphone can do and much more. Alexa is Amazon’s answer to all the company who are working in the field of smart devices or IOT(Internet of Things) devices. Also, it works great with Amazon Echo Devices, if your home isn’t smart reading this article might be the first step to it.

What are Amazon Echo Devices?

Amazon Echo devices are a range of smart speaker by Amazon. They can take your calls, make your calls, play music, set reminders & alarms and much more. There are basically four variants of Amazon Echo devices. The name of the four variants is Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Plus, and Amazon Echo Spot. Although, they may be smart  the brain behind their smartness is Alexa.



Steps to Buy your Favorite Amazon Echo Device

  • In order to make the purchase, Click on the link here.

  • Now, Select your favorite Amazon Echo device from the list provided.

  • Now click on the buy now button to continue the process further.

  • Log in to your Amazon account using your Amazon ID and Password.

  • Now enter or select the delivery address, you want to get it delivered.

  • Now choose the Payment method of your choice.

  • Congratulations !!! You have successfully ordered your Amazon Echo Device.



NOTE:  Amazon Echo devices are Amazon exclusive so you can get great Amazon Echo deals on purchase of the device.

Price to Buy Amazon Echo Dot in India

Amazon Echo Dot is the most basic variant in the list of Amazon Echo Devices in India. Although, the device has all the functionality that you expect from an Amazon Echo Device. The only thing that lacks in the device are a speaker, in spite of them it comes with tweeters but you can connect it to an external speaker using the AUX. The Amazon Echo Dot device was earlier sold at Rs.4,499 but now you can purchase it for Rs.4,099. Hurry up !!! It is a limited time offer.


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Amazon Echo Price in India

This is the second installment in the list of Alexa Amazon Echo devices. NDTV quoted,”This is the future, Right Here !!!”. It comes with speakers and tweeters to give you an overall great experience, plus you got Alexa on top of it. The price of the Amazon Echo has currently dropped and Amazon Echo is coming at the best price of Rs.8999/- so hurry up !!! before you miss a great deal.


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Amazon Echo Plus Price in India

This is the most expensive product in the range of Amazon Echo Devices. The product will cost you Rs.14,999 on Amazon. You can also purchase the device using EMI. The device comes with better tweeters than its predecessors and has got a built-in smart home hub. The speakers used are really good as they are a combination of both Woofer and Tweeter.It is a must have if you’re looking forward to a complete experience.


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Price to Buy Amazon Echo Spot in India

This is the most unconventional one in the list, all of the above are smart speakers in some sense but it has also got a screen. It means that you can even make a hands-free video call to anything very easily. The screen provided on the device is of good quality which supports touch so that you can scroll through the device easily.It comes with a stand and can be a great addition to your home. The product is being sold at a price of Rs.12,999


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Amazon Echo Devices - Key Features

  • Easy To Use: Just plug-in your Amazon Echo device and connect it using Alexa app on your phone and you’re good to go.

  • Alexa: It is the brain behind the Smart Speaker. Amazon echo devices are just speakers with a microphone without Alexa.

  • Use in Any Room: It is very Portable and can be placed anywhere inside your home. Use them in the drawing room and it perfectly set the mood or in the bedroom where you can use it as an alarm clock.

  • Voice Control: You can question anything from any of your Amazon Echo devices, all you need to say is “Alexa” to wake her up.

  • Play Music Everywhere: You can connect all your Amazon Echo Devices to your wifi and play same on each of the device placed in a different location by saying,”Alexa, Play Music Everywhere”.

  • Hands- free Calling and Messaging: Just wake up your Amazon Echo device and call & Message anyone hands-free.

  • Far-Field Voice Recognition: It has got 360-degree microphones mounted on the device so it will listen to you even in noisy condition.

  • Smart Home: Use your Amazon Echo device and control smart switches and plug points just by your voice.

  • Skills: Your Amazon Echo device has many skills like booking an Ola cab, Booking a pedicure from Urbanclap, or order your supplies from Amazon. Developers are working to develop many new skills every day.

  • Compatible with Prime: The device supports prime services to make an order, or listen to your favorite song on Prime Music.

Comparison of Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Plus, and Amazon Echo Spot

All of the device offered in the range of Amazon Echo Devices in India are practically the same if talking about the USP of the device. Although, there are minor differences that are major in their own particular segment for e.g. speakers, so below is the comparison of all the four speakers together:

Product Name
Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Plus
Amazon Echo Spot

Device Size

148 x 88 x 88 mm

32 x 84 x 84 mm

235 x 84 x 84 mm

104 x 96 x 91 mm

Dual Speakers





Video Calls





Streaming Wifi Music





External Speaker Connectivity





Alexa Calling





Smart Home Compatible





Built-in Hub





Speaker Size

2.5” Woofer, 0.6” Tweeter

0.6’’ Tweeter

2.5” Woofer, 0.8” Tweeter

1.4” Speaker

Screen Size





Device Weight

821 gm

163 gm

954 gm

419 gm



Amazon Echo Dot Review

The Amazon devices are based on Alexa. Alexa is a smart application by Amazon which acts as a personal assistant. Since the main functionality of the device comes because of Alexa, we decided on reviewing Amazon Echo Dot. According to us, this Amazon Echo Dot is the best buy because it gives you all the functionality that any other Amazon Echo device might give. It lacks great speakers like it's elders in the list. Although, if you wish to connect it to your external speaker, it has an Aux Out.

Amazon has 360-degree microphone built around the device so it can listen to what you say even if it’s noisy. The device works as a personal assistant taking reminders, setting alarms, playing music, making call hands-free etc. It is the answer to all your unorganized life, all you have to say is “Alexa” to wake her up. It is a great device if you’re looking for a smart home solution. Control your smart switches and plug points by just making simple commands. You can book a cab, order meals from zomato, shop for supplies on Amazon etc. by just using voice commands

Amazon Echo Dot is an amazing device and Works Effortlessly, also, it's growing on a daily basis because it learns from it. Therefore, if you’re looking for a personal organizer, a music player, an alarm clock and much more than this is the device for you.



Top 10 things that your Amazon Echo Devices can do

  • Play Any Genre: Just say, “Alexa, Play Bollywood Top Hits” and your Amazon Echo device will do so.

  • Set Reminders: You can set reminders on your Amazon Echo device on the go and organize your work properly.

  • Set Alarms: Set your alarms just by saying, “Alexa, Wake me up at 6:00 AM” or any other time you wish for.

  • Manage Shopping Cart: Do you struggle in making your shopping list, remembering one thing at a time. Just say,”Alexa, Add potatoes to Shopping list” and manage your shopping cart.

  • Equalizer: Set your treble and bass for the music playing by using the voice command.

  • Multi-Room Audio: Adjust the setting on your Amazon on your device be it your living room or bedroom.

  • Aux Out: Your Amazon device comes with an Aux out to connect it to an external speaker and rock your party.

  • In-App Assistance: Get full in-app assistance for your Amazon Echo device by installing the Alexa App on your mobile. Get access to all your reminders, Alarms, Shopping list, playlist etc using the application.

  • Tell a Joke: Ask Alexa to tell you a joke and get surprised yourself.

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