11 Best Mosquito Net In India: Foldable And Washable

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Do you also get irritated while sleeping due to annoying mosquitoes and bugs? If yes, then this article will be really beneficial for you.

Now use a mosquito net to keep the irritating insects at a distance. They are available in various sizes and styles to fit multiple bed types. 

In this article, we will tell you about the 11 best mosquito nets in India, their price range, suitability, reasons for opting for them, and much more. 

Traditional mosquito nets require support by being tied to nails hammered into the walls. Today, you can buy a mosquito net with a built-in support system that instantly opens when you set it down where you wish to use it.

Additionally, if you want to know about good coil brands, read our article on Best Mosquito Coil Brands in India.

Best Mosquito Net In India

List Of Best Mosquito Net In India

Here we have shortlisted the 11 best mosquito nets for beds in India, along with their price and suitability. Additionally, we have also provided detailed information regarding each of these mosquito nets below the table. So, to know more in detail, read this article till the end. 

Name Of Mosquito Net


Suitable For

Gesto Polycotton Mosquito Net

Rs. 355

Single Bed

Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net

Rs. 499

Double Bed

The 8 Sense Mosquito Net

Rs. 770

Double Bed

Mr Right Mosquito Net

Rs. 799

Double Bed

Good Knight Mosquito Net

Rs. 899

Double Bed

Classic Mosquito Net

Rs. 899

Double Bed

Amazing Hind Mosquito Net

Rs. 949

Single Bed

Verdioz Mosquito Net

Rs. 989

Double Bed

Creative Textiles Polyester Mosquito Net

Rs. 990

Double bed 

Dabur Odomos Foldable Mosquito Net

Rs. 1,050

Double Bed

Healthy Sleeping Polyester Mosquito Net

Rs. 1,186

Double bed

Review Of Foldable Mosquito Net In India

Here, we have reviewed each of these best mosquito nets in detail. Check out the article till the end for more info. 

1. Gesto Polycotton Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 355

This rectangular mosquito net has the most considerable enclosed volume of any net style and is exceptionally spacious. This double bed netting against mosquitoes promotes better airflow and a cooler sleeping environment. Thanks to this mosquito mesh net, you won't be bothered by bugs while you sleep. It can fit over both a double bed and a king-size bed. Installing the mosquito net is incredibly simple. Simply drill holes in the ceiling, insert the hooks and screws, and hang the canopy in the corner of a four-poster bed. 

This mosquito net gives you enough headroom to feel comfortable while keeping the insects away. This mosquito netting has two covering openings for entry convenience and offers a luxurious inside. The mosquito net can prevent children from falling under the bed. Bed netting is perfect for indoor and outdoor settings, including at home, travelling or camping, and other special occasions.

Reasons To Opt For Gesto Polycotton Mosquito Net

  • Provides dustproof top

  • Fine 256 mesh for more excellent protection

  • Foldable Insect netting, easy to carry for camping and travelling

  • Provides  tieback in four corners and is easy to assemble

2. Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 499

You can avoid mosquito and pest bites using the distinctive, fashionable, and hassle-free Styles Closet mosquito net. Styles Closet also provides a Mosquito net for baby in India. Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net protects loved ones from deadly diseases like malaria, filaria, and dengue. It is made of thin, transparent mesh fabric. The mesh is woven loosely enough not to obstruct ventilation while sufficiently tight to keep insects out. This mosquito net for a double bed is simple to fold, portable, and provides a comfortable sleeping environment.

Reasons To Opt For Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net

  • Storage Bag Included & comes with patches to cover the future accidental holes in the mosquito net

  • Pops up in an Instant and Automatically, Can be folded in less than 30 Seconds.

  • Easily Washable 

  • Self-Supporting

  • Easily accommodate bed for King size, Super King size bed

3. The 8 Sense Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 770

The 8 Sense Mosquito Net for Double Bed, King Size Foldable Machardani has 30GSM Net Corrosion Resistant, making it lightweight and suitable for both Bedroom & Camping Trips. This one of the best mosquito nets in India pops up swiftly and automatically, and it is simple to set up. The net is generously sized and can readily suit any bed size, including a king, super king, queen, and single beds. Oversized zippers on the net allow for simple entry and departure. The mosquito net is made of a soft fabric with tiny holes that keeps out other insects and mosquitoes while allowing air to flow through for a warm and restful night's sleep. The mosquito net includes two holders. It can be used to hold a water bottle or a smartphone.

Reasons To Opt For The 8 Sense Mosquito Net

  • Double door with two-way zipper

  • No installation needed

  • Portable

  • Breathable

  • Contains mobile holder

4. Mr Right Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 779

Strong 30GSM polyester thread and anti-corrosion wires are used to construct Mr Right Mosquito Nets. King, Queen, and Single beds are the three available sizes. They quickly pop open when you place the nets on the bed or any desired location. It can also be folded quickly in a few simple steps within 30 seconds. The mosquito net is densely woven to keep out insects while allowing for adequate airflow. It has runners on both the inside and outside of the net, a giant zip, and a U-shaped entry and exit on two of the net's sides. The mosquito net is supplied with a storage bag that fits almost everywhere and makes carrying it simple.

Reasons To Opt For Mr Right Mosquito Net

  • Provides entry and exit zippers on both sides

  • Made up of high-quality mesh fabric

  • Foldable Pop-Up mosquito net requires no installation

  • Includes a storage bag

5. Good Knight Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 899

Good Knight Mosquito Net is made up of a high-quality PVC-coated steel frame which is highly durable, washable, corrosion-resistant, and self-supporting. It is one of the best mosquito net brands in India. Its durable polyester net is manufactured with a strong 50 denier net, 30 GSM, and optimum-size holes for good air circulation. Its design provides provision to keep the doors open on both sides when unused. It has extra net fabric that wraps beneath the mattress for a complete seal. This mosquito net is convenient to fold and store in the bag provided along with it.  

Reasons To Opt For Good Knight Mosquito Net

  • Multi-Thread overlocked double-stitched lining.

  • Pockets to hold mobiles and spectacles

  • Superior quality double-sided zipper

6. Classic Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 899

Classic mosquito net comprises 30 GSM nets on self-supporting, PVC-coated, anti-corrosion steel frames. The mesh's holes are both big enough to allow for necessary airflow and small enough to keep insects at bay. It opens quickly to cover a sleeping bag or a bed and folds quickly—in only 30 seconds. For more excellent protection, the net can be tucked inside the beds. A storage bag is also included with the Classic mosquito net so you can retain it after carrying it about and folding it. It comes in various colours and sizes, including Queen, King, and single bed sizes.

Reasons To Opt For Classic Mosquito Net

  • Corrosion-resistant and washable

  • High durability

  • Available in multiple sizes

  • Made up of superior quality

7. Amazing Hind Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 949

The ideal mosquito net for one person is this canopy-shaped cover from AmazingHind. Its base is constructed of cloth to provide comfort while sleeping and reasonable protection against insects. This mosquito net is ideal for regular travellers and can be placed over stationary and foldable mattresses. Also, it saves space and is portable, fitting neatly into a bag. This mosquito net single bed has a big zipper gate on one side for easy entry and exit. This mosquito net is self-supporting, corrosion-resistant, and can be washed without nails.

Reasons To Opt For Amazing Hind Mosquito Net

  • Lightweight and designed with quality material

  • Easily washable and does not rip easily

  • Made from spring steel technology frames coated with PVC

  • Highly durable and long-lasting

8. Verdioz Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 989

The defining feature of the Verdioz mosquito net is the colonial net's high-quality net fabric, which is fashionable and attractive. The net can be quickly mounted on the bed and removed when necessary. The sturdy net is portable and comes with a bag that makes travelling around effortless. Inside, there are zippers that allow for easy mobility of people. Also, the net has extra fabric underneath that may be tucked under the bed for added safety. Due to its lightweight and effortless installation, the Verdioz mosquito net is simple to use. The net may be degraded and placed inside its bag with the same ease.

Reasons To Opt For Verdioz Mosquito Net

  • Double doors and double zippers

  • Elastics on all 4 corners

  • 9 inches of extra cloth at the bottom on all 4 sides for additional protection

  • Comes with Saviours to cover future accidental holes in the net

  • High quality with rich colour net fabric is used

9. Creative Textiles Polyester Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 990

It is a hanging mosquito net manufactured to prevent mosquito bites so you can sleep soundly. Creative textiles also provide mosquito nets for windows in India. The weight of this tiny mosquito net is deficient. The net is bendable and is simple to fold into an umbrella shape. This hanging mosquito net is lightweight and portable, so you can easily carry it around while protecting your child. A complimentary hanging kit (Hook, Fastener, Ribbon) is also offered with the mosquito net. The grace and beauty they provide to your home's decor is an old-world charm that hanging mosquito nets possess. This hanging mosquito net can be used whenever necessary and is designed to be conveniently hung on the sides of the bed.

Reasons To Opt For Creative Textiles Polyester Mosquito Net

  • Provides a shield against deadly mosquitos

  • Easy to use and maintain

  • Provide a blissful night's sleep

  • Portable and can be conveniently carried around

10. Dabur Odomos Foldable Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 1050

Dabur Odomos offer high-quality, foldable mosquito nets in various sizes and hues. Considering that the frame is constructed of PVC-coated steel that resists corrosion and is made of tightly woven, 30 GSM polyester net. It is machine washable. Long-lasting, double-stitched zipper liners are used at the entry locations. It has compartments for keeping small belongings, such as chargers, glasses, and cell phones. After usage, it may be quickly folded back and placed in the provided storage bag. 

Reasons To Opt For Dabur Odomos Foldable Mosquito Net

  • Secured double-stiched lining

  • Provides pockets for placing mobile, spectacles, etc. 

  • Sturdy and portable design

  • Offers bag for easy storage

  • Complete protection with end-to-end bed wrap

11. Healthy Sleeping Polyester Mosquito Net

Price: Rs. 1186

Another excellent option on the list that guarantees restful sleep with maximum mosquito protection is the Healthy Sleeping Polyester Mosquito Net. It is made of polyester fabric, is machine washable, and fits snugly on the bed, providing ample room for sleeping and excellent ventilation. The thin mesh of the mosquito net offers a great defense against bugs and mosquito bites. This lightweight mosquito net can be quickly folded back for transport and comes with a storage bag. It is effortless to enter and exit the net with a two-way zip. It Includes additional fabric on the bottom for enhanced mosquito defense. 

Reasons To Opt For Healthy Sleeping Polyester Mosquito Net

  • Highly durable

  • Easily folded and opened

  • WNaterproof net 

  • Excellent defense


This was all about Best Mosquito Net In India. I hope you have received all the details regarding this title after going through the article. We have provided you with every minor detail. However, if you still have any queries, please drop them down in our comment section, and we will try our best to resolve them as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best mosquito net in India?

A. In the article, we have provided several options for the best mosquito net in India. To know more about them in detail, read the section List Of Best Mosquito Net In India

Q. Which type of mosquito net is best?

A. The netting needs to be made of stiff cotton or synthetic thread to allow for airflow. You can notice mosquitoes against the background of a white net. Netting with 285 holes per square inch is best because it is very breathable but will keep out even the tiniest mosquito.

Q. Which mosquito net is best, cotton or nylon?

A. The best and most popular type of mosquito net is polyester netting. More durable than cotton or any other material, it is also lightweight. The polyester mosquito net is lighter and easy to transport.


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