How to Order Groceries on Whatsapp With JioMart?

Order groceries and daily essentials using Whatsapp with JioMart. Jio online Grocery store launched in select cities.

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Order groceries and other essentials on Whatsapp. JioMart has gone live in some areas of Mumbai. Jio’s grocery service was in the news for some time. Now, the service is available via Whatsapp. JioMart is available in Kalyan, Thane, and Navi Mumbai. Can JioMart help you order daily essentials while maintaining social distancing?

The entry of Reliance Jio in e-commerce is long-awaited. With its new venture, the Mukesh Ambani led company is all set to compete against Amazon. So if you are in one of the cities and want to order from JioMart. Here is the step by step procedure to order groceries on Whataspp using JioMart. 

JioMart Launch on Whatsapp

Jio Mart is available via Whatsapp. The company is expected to roll out a dedicated app for Android and iOS. The launch comes days after Facebook purchased shares in Reliance Jio. Recently, the social media giant Facebook signed a 5.7 billion deal with Reliance Jio. The service is expected to expand to other cities across the country soon.

JioMart will allow the customers to plan orders for groceries through Whatsapp. Reliance has collaborated with small scale businesses and Kirana stores. Customers can order from over 50,000 products including groceries and essentials.JioMart is an online to offline business platform that allows users to place orders online and pay the store. 

In order to place an order on JioMart, users will first have to save the WhatsApp business number allotted to JioMart which is 88500 08000.



How to Order Groceries on JioMart?

  • Save JioMart Whatsapp Business number 88500 08000

  • Type Hi on Whatsapp and Send

  • JioMart will send a link in response

  • Access the link within 30 minutes

  • Visit JioMart’s page ane enter details such as name, mobile number, area, locality, and the rest of the address

  • You will be redirected to the catalogue of products.

  • Select the items that are required.

  • JioMart will share the list of things with the local Kirana on WhatsApp. 

  • Once the items are packed and billed, you will receive an alert with the store details. 

  • Customer will have to go to the local store mentioned to pick up the goods. 



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JioMart Payment Modes

At this time, the online mode of payment available is cash. Whatapp is yet to receive approval for a nationwide rollout of its payment service. The mobile payment service of Whatsapp is expected to roll out soon for all users. 

Earlier, the grocery service of Jio had launched a welcome offer. Under the welcome offer, users can register for JioMart and receive benefits worth up to Rs. 3,000 on the launch of the service. The launch of JioMart comes at a time when people are searching for different methods to get groceries and other essentials. JioMart can help users get the essentials while maintaining social distancing.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsApp Number of JioMart?

The Whatsapp number allotted to JioMart is 88500 08000. 

How to pay for groceries on JioMart?

Order cash payment is available at this time. Other modes of payment are expected to be rolled ot soon.