Jio Postpaid Plus Launch, Price, Benefits, and Features

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Jio Postpaid Plus

Reliance Jio Postpaid Plus is basically a premium service for Jio customers who want a personalized experience. 

In the 42nd Reliance AGM event, A lot of announcement happened where Mukesh Ambani talked about Jio's fiber services, including the broadband service, the set-top box and landline connection.

But one thing that drew a lot of attention was the new service for Jio users.

Yes, until now, we have seen several Jio prepaid services. This time it is attempting to penetrate more subscribers by introducing its postpaid service calling it ‘Jio Postpaid Plus’.

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What is Jio Postpaid Plus?

Jio postpaid plus is the extended version of Jio Postpaid Plan. In the recent event by reliance Jio, Postpaid plus is introduced as a new service plan for Jio Fibre users. 

Under this plan, if you want to buy a new Jio mobile connection or switch your existing mobile connection to Jio, then you will get priority service at your doorstep to set-up your SIM card and activate the connection.

Jio Postpaid Plus Benefits and More


If you are wondering that Jio has already launched their postpaid services with one single plan, then what is the need for the postpaid plus plan?

Let me tell you the reasons.

As the Ambani, itself didn’t reveal about all the plans and services but in short, what they offered is worth taking note.

So, the key details that make Jio Postpaid Plus different from what's already existing can be seen in the benefits mentioned below:

  • Under the postpaid Plus plan, Jio personnel will come to your place for porting your existing service to Jio's postpaid service. In short, you do not need to go to shops and agents for your sim setup anymore.

  • With Postpaid Plus, you will able to share data with the family members as and when required.

  • With Jio Postpaid Plus will also get seamless connectivity between all your devices. Implies, whether you are using Jio's service on your phone or JioFiber broadband in your home, the connectivity process is going to be smooth and seamless. 

  • With Postpaid Plus, subscribers will be able to get preferential rates while upgrading phones. 

  • Postpaid Plus could be unifying all the bills under one. Jio says all your home solutions will be in your phone, which hints that your mobile bill, TV bill and a broadband bill will come under one bill as a package.

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Who will be eligible for Jio Postpaid Plus

Jio Postpaid Plus will be available for all JioFiber consumers desiring for a platinum-grade service and product experience. 

Subscribers using JioFiber services will be eligible for the Jio Postpaid Plus service.

When will Jio Postpaid Plus be started

Postpaid Plus service will be available from 5 Sep 2019, as mentioned in the AGM event. 

You will have all the tariffs on Jio's website and the MyJio app.

You can see the glimpse of the announcement in this tweet by Reliance Jio


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— Reliance Jio (@reliancejio) August 12, 2019


Why Jio Postpaid

  • To get all your postpaid services such as Voice, Internet, SMS, International calling will be pre-activated.

  • To get an unlimited plan - no high overages, bill shocks, unpredictable bills!

  • To Opt for auto-pay and stop worrying for life (never face barring/billing issues) - zero-click payment monthly.

  • To Check your bill in real-time and also get in your inbox at the end of the month.

  • To get a service that never stops! Anywhere in the world.


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So, these were all about Jio Postpaid plus announcement. Hope, you find this article helpful. Enjoy India’s first zero-touch service experience.