Jio Phone 3 Booking: Online and Offline Methods

Jio Phone 3 to launch very soon. The Booking of Jio Phone 3 will be made available online and offline.

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Reliance Jio has so far launched two feature phones in the market. Now, the company is soon expected to launch Jio Phone 3. With the launch, Jio Phone 3 booking will be made available both online as well as offline. 

There are a lot of expectations from Jio Phone 3. The first feature phone of the company got a very good response. In fact, Jio Phone 1 is the leading feature phone in the market.

It has overtaken all other companies. But to be honest Jio Phone 2 has not got a very good response. The company is all set to come with a more advanced Jio Phone 3. 

In case you are interested in buying the upcoming mobile phone of Jio. You should know about the booking method to get the much-awaited phone before millions of people who are eagerly waiting for the launch. 

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As we know both Jio Phone 1 and Jio Phone 2 were sold out in a matter of a few minutes on the booking date. And the people had to wait for some time because the demand was so high. So the information mentioned here can be of great use to book Jio Phone 3. 

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Jio Phone 3 Booking Methods

If we speak about the methods for booking Jio Phone 2. Similar to early versions that the company launched the booking will be made available via offline and online modes. Once the booking is open, you can opt for any method of choice and book Jio Phone 3 in some simple steps. Before we move on the different booking methods, let us take a look at expected specifications of Jio Phone 3.

Jio Phone 3 Specifications

Jio Phone 3 


Quad Core, 1.4 GHzMediaTek


5 inches (12.7 cm)294 PPI, IPS LCD

Rear Camera

5 MP

Front Camera

2 MP


2800 mAh


Rs. 4500

Jio Phone 3 Booking Online

There will be mainly two methods of booking Jio Phone 3 online. You can choose to book from the official website of Jio that is In addition to that, you can also book Jio Phone 3 from MyJio App on your smartphone. 

Fill in a form to register for the Jio Phone 3. After filling up the form click on the submit button to successfully pre-book the phone. Once you have successfully done the Jio Phone 3 booking online, the expected delivery date will be provided.  Make sure to book only from the official website, don’t visit any other website for booking. 


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Jio Phone 3 Booking Offline

Reliance Jio will also make booking available via offline mode. Directly go to the authorised stores to book the phone. 

There is not much difference between the two methods. 

While in the online mode you need to submit the details via the website. In the offline mode, you need to provide the registration details at the store.

For offline booking, visit only an authorised store. Be aware of frauds that are after your hard-earned money. While doing booking at an offline store, you need to be more careful of suspicious behaviour.

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How to Order Jio Phone 3 Online on Booking Date

  • Go to on pre-booking date

  • Click on the Jio Phone 3 Banner.

  • Click “Buy Now” button.

  • Enter your address

  • Pay the amount using Net Banking, Debit card, or wallet

  • You will receive a confirmation message from Jio

  • Another message will be sent providing and date of delivery


Update: The delay in the announcement of Jio Phone 3 could be because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the delay, the launch of Jio Phone 3 may be pushed to the end of 2020. We also expect Reliance Jio to come up with a new product soon. 

Jio Phone 3 Booking Date

The booking date for Jio Phone 3 is not announced but a date is expected to be revealed soon. First, the company will come with the launch date on which all the details about the phone will be made available. 

And at the launch date, a pre-booking date will also be announced. You can book the phone on the given date. 

Reliance Jio Phone 3 Delivery Date 

An announcement related to launch and booking date was expected on Republic day 2020. But there has been no announcement so far. If you remember, Jio Phone 1 was made available around Independence Day in 2016. While the Jio Phone 2 announcement was made in 2018. 

The delivery of both phones was made around Diwali so this time if the announcement is done in September you can expect the delivery in November. 

Jio Phone 3 Booking Link 

Since the phone is not launched yet we cannot provide a booking link at this time. But as soon as Jio Phone 3 booking date is announced we will update the post with the booking link. 

Once the link becomes available you can directly visit the page and book your Jio Phone 3 before everyone else. 

Jio phone 3 booking Amazon

At a later stage, Jio Phone 3 will be made available on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm. After the phone is officially launched, you can expect Jio Phone 3 to become available on e-commerce platforms in 2-3 months. 

Jio Phone 1 is available on leading e-commerce stores. But if you don't want to wait for the phone then you need to visit the official website for booking. There is also a possibility that Jio may directly launch its next phone at an e-commerce store with a flash sale.

Jio Phone 3 mobile price

As we know Reliance Jio made available Jio Phone 1 at a subsidised price. The phone was launched at Rs. 1500 that too is refundable. Similarly, Jio Phone 2 was made available at a much cheaper price than the market place. 

Now, the company is ready with Jio Phone 3. The rumours suggest that the latest phone of Jio will come with many advanced features such as touch screen, dual cameras, and more. 

If the company decides to provide such high-end features than the price will also go up. Reportedly, Jio Phone 3 will be a smartphone and the price will be around Rs. 4,500. 

Even at this price point, it will be great value for money as smartphones with similar features are available at a price of Rs.  9,000 to Rs. 10,000 in the market. On top of that Reliance Jio is definitely going to provide additional benefits to buyers of Jio Phone 3. 


Is Jio phone 3 5g?

Some reports suggest that Reliance Jio may come with a 5G phone soon. But to be honest we don’t think so. The technology is still one or two years away from now. We expect Jio to come with a 4G based headset. However, there is no confirmation.

The company may surprise users by launching an affordable 5G device. The likes of Xiaomi, Asus and Realme have already launched 5G Phones in India. 

Reliance Jio may pull a huge surprise by launching a 5G phone. The chances for that to happen are very less.

Jio Phone 3 Features 

With the launch of Jio Phone 3, we could see many major upgrades. Jio Phone 3 is likely to get more powerful hardware This time the company may bring its new mobile with Android operating system. Rumours also suggest that the screen will be large as well. In addition to that, Jio Phone 3 will come with a massive battery. We can also expect good camera performance from the upcoming device.

If the device is affordable it may come with Android Go-based operating system with a full touchscreen display. Android Go is the entry-level operating system of Google. The OS was introduced by Google for budget segment phones. It promises complete Android experience on a budget.

Jio Phone 3 is likely to come with a better selfie camera. Android OS is a positive addition to Jio Phone that brings lots of apps and games to the device. Here are some of the expected specifications of Jio Phone 3

  • 2GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage

  • Expandable memory with microSD card

  • Android GO

Jio Phone 3 Welcome offer

Reliance Jio is likely to come with a welcome offer with the launch of Jio Phone 3. The company introduced this concept with the launch of Its 4G services.With the launch offer, Jio Phone 3 will be available at a discount price for a limited period. 

Customers will also get additional benefits such as free data, voice calls, SMS and more. The company may also provide cashback on Jio Phone 3 similar to its first feature. But we have to wait for an announcement from Jio. The device will surely come with many surprises.

Jio Phone 3 Recharge Plans

Reliance Jio is expected to announce new plans for its Jio Phone 3 as well. At the same time, we think the existing Jio Phone Recharge plans will also work on the device. In case the company comes with a smartphone then it is likely that the normal plans will be available for the users.  The recharge plans for Jio phones are also very special. They help users stay connected on a budget. 


Jio Phone 3 Recharge Plans List

Jio Phone 3 Recharge Plan
IUC Minutes

Rs. 75


28 Days

500 minutes

Rs. 99


28 Days


Rs. 125


28 Days

500 minutes

Rs. 153


28 Days


Rs. 155


28 Days

500 minutes

Rs. 185


28 Days

500 minutes


Although an announcement related to Jio Phone 3 was expected in AGM of RIL in 2020. The launch is delayed now, people are eagerly waiting for an announcement. Jio Phone 3 is expected to make a lot of news in 2020, as the company is all set to come with a much improved offering this time around. 

Frequently Asked Questions


When Jio 3 Phone will Launch?

The phone was expected to launch in 2019. Now, an announcement is expected from Reliance Jio soon. People are waiting for the next version of Jio Phone.

How Can I book My Jio Phone Online?

Jio Phone online booking is available on as well as MyJio app. You get to book the phone in a few simple steps. The booking date, price, and features will be announced soon. 

How do I order a Jio Phone?

There are mainly three methods to order a Jio Phone. You can order from the official website of Jio. The first version of the feature phone is also available on Amazon and Flipkart. So you can choose any method of your choice. 

What is the RAM of Jio phone 3?
Jio Phone 3 is expected to come with 2GB RAM coupled with 1.4GHz processor.

What is the cost of Jio Phone 3?
Jio Phone 3 will cost around Rs. 4,500. The entry-level smartphone from Jio will come with 5-inch HD screen and Android Go OS.